Ariana Grande: Read Her Heartbreaking Statement About Mac Miller’s Death

Hope you’re prepared to get in a good cry right now.

Because if you continue reading, trust us, it’s coming.

As you surely know by now, rapper Mac Miller passed away last week.

He was only 26 years old.

We still don’t have too many details about what happened, but here’s what we do know:

Mac was found dead in his home last Friday around noon, and when emergency responders arrived on the scene after receiving a 911 call, they saw that he’d been dead for several hours.

There’s no official cause of death yet, but the assumption is that he died of an overdose, considering the fact that he’s been dealing with addiction for several years.

Toxicology reports take a while, so it will likely be several more weeks before we learn what happened to him.

The night before his body was found, he’d been hosting a party in his home, and it sounds like the party got a bit out of hand.

Witnesses even claimed that several of his guests were there until Friday morning, when they rushed out of the house just before police arrived.

Because of this, some people are suspicious that something more than an overdose happened that night, but police aren’t investigating.

On a different note, another thing we know about his death is that as awful and implausible as it sounds, many of Mac’s fans are blaming Ariana Grande.

Ariana and Mac dated for a couple of years before breaking up in May, and a few weeks after that, she was engaged to Pete Davidson.

The idea seems to be that she should have done more to help him with his problems, or that her quick engagement broke his heart and caused him to ramp up his drug use.

It’s silly, because it’s not Ariana couldn’t force him to give up drugs, and she’s not responsible for his choices, no matter what.

People were so cruel about this that she had to turn off comments on her Instagram, as if she wasn’t hurting enough.

Speaking of Instagram, she shared a sweet picture of Mac there last weekend, and although she didn’t say anything about his death, it was a lovely little tribute.

But now, in another post, she’s really opening up about what happened.

And it is rough.

This time, she posted a video of him, and while it’s a little hard to tell what’s happening, it’s still precious.

He’s talking with someone else about something when he notices Ariana filming him, and he laughs and says “Baby, stop!”

They start laughing together, and she says “it makes me so happy,” so he tells her “I’ll tell you the story as many times as you want.”

It’s sad enough to see him laughing and having a good time after knowing how things turn out for him, but things get even sadder once you read the caption she wrote to go along with the video.

“i adored you from the day i met you when i was nineteen and i always will,” she began.

“i can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. i really can’t wrap my head around it. we talked about this. so many times.”

“i’m so mad,” she continued. “i’m so sad i don’t know that to do. you were my dearest friend. for so long. above anything else.”

“i’m so sorry i couldn’t fix or take your pain away. i really wanted to.”

She finished by calling Mac “the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved.”

“i hope you’re okay now,” she told him. “rest.”

Mac’s funeral will take place sometime in the next few days in Pittsburgh, his hometown, and according to reports, she’ll be in attendance.

Here’s hoping she can get a little bit of closure from that, because it sounds like she’s really hurting right now.


Ariana Grande: Living a “Nightmare” Following Mac Miller Death

On Friday, the world learned of the passing of rapper Mac Miller, who died of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26.

The outpouring of love for Miller and the support for his grieving family has been nonstop in the days since his untimely passing.

And today, two new developments serve as reminders of just how many lives Mac touched in his short time on earth and how keenly his loss is felt by those who loved him.

First, People magazine reported that Miller’s former girlfriend Ariana Grande is devastated by his death, to the point that she’s shown no interest in leaving the house, and loved ones have begun to fear that she’s neglecting her health.

“She completely broke down after she found out about Mac,” a source told People of Grande’s state.

“She can’t believe he isn’t here anymore. He was such a special person to her. She is very, very sad.”

The insider concluded:

“This is a nightmare for her.”

While few were as close with Mac as Ariana was, millions felt a kinship with the rapper, largely due to the confessional, soul-baring nature of his work.

Though he never achieved the mainstream superstardom so many felt he deserved, Miller remains an icon in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

And last night, the city paid tribute to Mac with a candlelight vigil in Frick Park Blue Slide a location made famous as the title of Miller’s debut album.

“We would like to bring the city together in full force for this legendary icon,” read a Facebook post about the event, which was hosted by Nightfall Records.

“Mac deserves to be sent off with an evening of celebrating his life, discussing his struggles, and remembering his stories; most importantly for his iconic work that brought joy into the lives of everybody who listened,” the post continued.

“We are welcoming all artists to come and paint, create, draw, live tribute art for this event.”

On social media as well as in the physical world, many paying tribute to Miller say their intentions are twofold:

They wish to call attention to the music of an underappreciated talent, as well as to raise awareness of the struggles that led to Mac’s untimely passing, so that others might avoid the same fate.

We wish them luck in those endeavors, and our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the passing of Mac Miller.


Mac Miller: Medical Examiner Says Cause of Death Is a Mystery …

Last week, fans were stunned to learn that Mac Miller had passed away at the age of 26.

Though it was reported as an apparent drug overdose, police did not really find evidence of that when they searched the late rapper’s home.

And now his death certificate has come back … with no real answers for his fans and loved ones.

TMZ reports that the L.A. County medical examiner’s report has come back on Mac Miller, but it’s not giving people the closure that they seek.

Right now, Miller’s cause of death is “deferred.”

That means that the medical examiner is still unprepared to rule on his official cause of death.

Naturally, the office is awaiting the results of Miller’s toxicology panel. We imagine that they will leave no stone unturned as they test for substances.

Unfortunately, that may take a while. TMZ notes that toxicology results tend to take 4 to 6 weeks to come back.

So the world will have to wait until October, most likely, for confirmation of Miller’s cause of death and that much needed closure.

But issuing a death certificate before the toxicology results come back is no fool’s errand — it has a purpose.

TMZ notes that the release of this document means that Miller’s family can obtain the body and make plans to bury, cremate, or otherwise lay him to rest.

It also means that the medical examiner probably did not find anything suspicion during the examination — no odd fractures or ligature marks that might indicate that Miller’s death was merely staged to resemble an overdose.

While the toxicology results will hopefully bring the family a degree of closure, the certificate will allow them to honor his memory and his death.

As we mentioned, police searched Miller’s home, but did not find what you’d expect to see in the home of a man with a substance abuse problem.

Police found only a small amount of white powder, but did not find drugs, pill bottles, or drug paraphernalia.

Reaching the natural conclusion that Miller did not clean his house, then overdose, they came to believe that someone purged Miller’s home of all drugs before police had the chance to do a sweep.

It seems most likely that a well-intentioned friend of Miller’s hoped to avoid awkwardness or embarrassment for Miller’s family and memory.

But, in general, it’s best to let investigators see as much evidence as possible when someone has died.

Miller was last seen alive on the night of Thursday, Septeber 6. He had friends at his home.

He was scheduled for a video shoot on Friday, but was found unresponsive that day, resulting in a 9-1-1 call at around noon.

Emergency responders arrived, but pronounced him dead at the scene.

It is unclear exactly when he may have passed away, but so far, no one has come forward to claim that they saw him alive after Thursday night.

This is heartbreaking for his fans, his friends, and most of all, for his closest loved ones.

Unfortunately, some people had the sheer audacity to blame Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death.

These awful trolls claimed that if Ariana had simply continued to date him as some sort of human emotional support blanket, he would still be alive.

Ariana’s responsibility is to live her own life. She dated Miller for two years, but ultimately his substance abuse problems played a huge role in their breakup.

The fact that she moved on and found happiness with Pete Davidson does not in any way make her responsible for Miller’s death.

Miller wasn’t the victim of a breakup. He was the victim of addiction.


Ariana Grande: Did Her Own Reps Try to Keep Mac Miller’s Death a Secret?

As you’ve likely heard by now, rapper Mac Miller passed away on Friday after suffering what appeared to be an accidental drug overdose in his San Fernando Valley home.

Though he was an accomplished artist in his own right, Miller was likely best known in the mainstream for his two and a half year relationship with pop icon Ariana Grande.

Though Grande and Miller were reportedly not on speaking terms at the time of his death, sources close to the singer have revealed that Ariana was “shattered” by her ex’s untimely passing at the age of 26.

It wasn’t long after the rapper’s death that Grande paid tribute to Miller on Instagram.

But it seems she didn’t find out about her ex’s passing at the same time as the rest of the world.

Within minutes of TMZ reporting the news of Miller’s death, the story was picked up by media outlets over the world.

However, Grande was intentionally kept in the dark by her own staff.

How is such a thing possible in the smartphone era?

Well, it seems Ariana was busy promoting her acclaimed new album, Sweetener, and some of the people she trusts most made the conscious decision to keep Miller’s death under wraps so that she could focus on the task at hand.

At the time of Mac’s passing, Ariana was filming an interview for a BBC documentary about the making of Sweetener.

According to Radar Online, staff made the call to wait until filming was done for the day to tell her about Miller.

A source tells the site that they quickly regretted that decision as Grande “was understandably raging when she found out the news had been kept from her and gave everyone a dressing down when she’d finished crying.”

The insider goes on to describe a nightmarish scene right out of Black Mirror.

It seems that news quickly spread throughout the audience and the rest of the closed set, but Ari remained in the dark for hours:

“There was only a select number of fans allowed in for the filming of the BBC special, and a handful of TV bosses and publicists,” says the insider.

“Even though fans were told to turn off their phones for filming, many kept them on during the interview and knew about the news but none of them could interrupt to tell Ariana,” the sourcr adds.

“The people involved in the show also knew, but chose to let the cameras keep rolling as they didn’t want to disrupt a very expensive set-up since they knew Ariana would probably not want to carry on if she’d been told.”

Sadly, shortly after news of Miller’s death went public, Ariana was forced to disable comments on her Instagram page due to hateful trolls implicating her in ex-boyfriend’s passing.


Ariana Grande: Heartbroken, Leaning on Pete Davidson After Mac Miller’s Death

Just a couple of days ago, we heard the tragic news that rapper Mac Miller had passed away with all signs pointing to an overdose as the cause of death.

It’s obviously been extremely hard on the people close to him — he’d been dealing with addiction for a long time, and he was only 26 years old.

And despite the fact that they broke up back in May, Ariana Grande was still one of those people.

When the couple split, Ariana wrote a statement on Instagram calling Mac “one of my best friends in the whole world and favorite people on the planet.”

“I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us,” she continued.

She explained that she still loved him, but “unconditional love … is wanting the best for that person even if at the moment, it’s not you.”

She finished by telling him “I can’t wait to know and support you forever and I’m so proud of you!”

It was a very sweet thing for Ariana to do, and Mac was, in turn, publicly supportive of her quick engagement to Pete Davidson shortly after their breakup.

As of now, she hasn’t made a statement about his passing, but she did share a photo of him, presumably from their time together.

And according to a new report from Us Weekly, she’s “absolutely heartbroken” about what happened.

“Her entire family is in shock too,” a source claims. “They all grew close to Mac during his relationship with Ari.”

“He was a huge part of her life, and they always shared such a special bond. She wanted nothing but positivity in Mac’s life after they broke up.”

But even though Ariana was obviously a sweetheart about the breakup, and even though they were obviously on good terms, a lot of people can’t help but be awful.

Several people have had the nerve to blame her for Mac’s death, because that makes sense, right?

“Look I ain’t even even gon sugar coat it,” one of those people tweeted. “This is @ArianaGrande fault.”

“Mac Miller was really killed by a heartbreak,” another person speculated. “Ariana and Pete really took him there don’t @ me. Love powerful. Ariana really a dangerous woman holy f-ck.”

Some liked to put the blame on Ariana without directly putting the blame on her, like the person who wrote “I’m not saying that Ariana killed Mac, but the break up may have had a role in the death.”

“Ariana Grande is in NO way to blame for Mac Miller’s death but when someone leaves you and is immediately with a new person … ya that sh-t hurts,” another one of those tweets read.

And then there were the people who just got right to the point — one of those tweeted “It’s definitely Ariana Grande’s fault. F-ck that bitch.”

The hate continued on Instagram, and it go so bad that Ariana had to disable comments on her account altogether because of the plentiful “it’s your fault” comments.

Can you even imagine how rough that must have been?

But on the bright side, a source who spoke with Hollywood Life says that Pete is doing his best to be there for her during this insanely difficult time.

“Pete is amazing, he’s so solid, and he’s like, totally Ariana’s rock, her shoulder to cry on, support system, voice of reason, best friend, everything,” the insider claims.

“Pete knows grief, he’s been through unmentionable horror and loss himself, and it doesn’t frighten him — he’s a real stand-up guy.”

The source adds that “For all his goofy, comedian persona, he’s actually a super deep and sweet guy, he’s really empathetic, and he loves Ariana with every piece of his heart, all he wants to do is protect her as much as humanly possible.”

As for all the unwarranted blame she’s getting on social media, the source says that “It’s bad enough that Ariana is suffering the trauma of losing somebody she cared deeply about, but then to be blamed for his death is just despicable.”

“Pete is doing all he can to shield her from any poison and negativity.”

The source also points out that “Mac had a lot of demons that he was battling and he struggled with addiction issues throughout his whole life pretty much so to try and lay the blame at Ariana’s feet is truly appalling.”

“She’s just heartbroken.”

Hopefully it’s true that Pete is doing all he can to take care of Ariana right now — again, we can’t imagine what she must be feeling.

And for all the people that feel the need to place any sort of blame on her for Mac Miller’s death … no.

Just no.


Mac Miller Update: Family Releases Statement, Awful People Blame Ariana Grande for Rapper’s Death

As previously reported, tragedy has once again struck Hollywood.

Around noon on Friday, authorities, responding to a call from an unknown individual, arrived at the San Fernando Valley home of Mac Miller and found the rapper dead.

He was 26 years old.

As of this writing, the likely cause of death is a drug overdose.

The artist had been well known and respected across the music industry ever since his debut album in 2012… but he was perhaps better known of late for his long-term relationship with Ariana Grande.

This romance ended in May, with sources saying that Miller’s substance abuse issues played a significant role in Grande deciding it was time to part ways.

Just a week later, Miller was arrested for drunk driving.

Shortly afterward, in July, he an interview to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music in which he referred to himself as a “self-destructive depressed drug user.”

But he also assured fans at this time that he was doing okay and that he was “happy” for Grande, who he dated for two years.

Just over a month later, Miller is dead.

“Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26,” his family said in a statement provided to multiple outlets.

“He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers. Please respect our privacy. There are no further details as to the cause of his death at this time

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. Records added the following:

“Mac was a hugely gifted and inspiring artist, with a pioneering spirit and sense of humor that touched everyone he met.

“Mac’s death is a devastating loss and cuts short a life and a talent of huge potential, where the possibilities felt limitless.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department has confirmed that first responders were dispatched Friday after an 11:42 a.m. call about a medical complaint at a residence in Studio City, California.

They did not transport anyone from the scene, making it safe to assume that Miller had passed away before they arrived.

“I just wanna go on tour,” Miller Tweeted on Thursday. “The show is going to be special every night. I wish it started tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, while music heavyweights mourn Miller’s passing (“Great man. I loved him for real. Im completely broken. God bless him,” Tweeted Chance the Rapper), a handful of terrible trolls out there are blamng Grande for what has transpired.

They somehow think the singer is responsible for Miller’s addiction and for driving him to this fatal place due to their split.

In the wake of this tragedy and upon seeing what these awful people were writing on her Instagram page, Grande disabled Comments for a period of time.

grande diss

She appears to have now turned them back on.

And if she is checking, we sincerely hope she sees that the supporters out there far, far, FAR outweight the misguided haters.

“The amount of tweets blaming Ariana Grande for what happened to Mac Miller is disgusting, his addiction and lack of help is what drove this to happen, don’t point the finger and blame,” wrote on fan.

And another chimed in as follows:

“Just noticed Ariana Grande disabled comments on her Instagram account after a barrage of Mac Miller-related comments. Recognize the true problem here, rather than using someone else as a scapegoat & continuing the cycle.

All so sad & nauseating.”


Following Mller’s aforementioned crash and DUI arrest, someone on the Internet dared to blame Grande for the rapper’s fate.

She wasn’t having it.

“I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be,” clapped back the singer, adding:

“I have cared for him and tried to support his sobriety & prayed for his balance for years (and always will of course) but shaming / blaming women for a man’s inability to keep his s— together is a very major problem.”

That is oh so true.

And also so not the point right now.

A young man is dead at the age of 26.

It’s a tragedy.

This is especially the case when you consider what Miller said in a documentary a few years ago:

“I’d rather be the corny white rapper than the drugged-out mess who can’t even get out of his house. Overdosing is just not cool. You don’t go down in history because you overdose. You just die.”

May he rest in peace.