Stephanie Adams: Former Playmate and Young Son Plunge to Their Deaths

According to reports, early Friday morning, a 47-year-old woman and a 7-year-old boy were found dead after an apparent jump from a Manhattan building.

This is a grim story, no matter what transpired before they plummeted to their deaths below.

And now multiple news outlets believe that they have identified the woman as a former Playboy centerfold model.

Stephanie Adams pic

First, what we know with relative certainty.

According to Lieutenant John Grimpel, a 47-year-old woman appears to have jumped from the 25th floor of the Gotham Hotel in Manhattan.

Police indicate that this occurred at around 8:15 AM on Friday morning.

Reports say that the two bodies were found on the second-floor landing of the Gotham Hotel’s courtyard.

Police were not initially willing to confirm or deny the identities of the deceased, for obvious reasons.

One, identifying them may have been challenging if normal identifiers were not available.

Two, as is always important, police needed to notify the family.

There’s no good way to learn that you have lost a loved one, but learning from the news would have to be one of the worst.

Multiple media outlets, including The New York Post and NBC News 4, are reporting that this woman was Stephanie Adams.

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Stephanie Adams was a former Playboy model.

In fact, she was the November centerfold in 1992.

Which would make the 7-year-old boy Vincent, her son.

She shared Vincent with her estranged husband, Charles Nicolai, the owner of of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness.

Staff at that practice have declined to comment.

Stephanie Adams Family

Reports say that Stephanie and Nicolai were engaged in a fierce court battle over custody of their son.

Things were allegedly so contentious between them that handovers of Vincent took place at a NYPD precinct, allegedly to “prevent violence” from occurring.

Stephanie filed for divorce from Nicolai in 2017, and she was currently seeking child support from him.

As is often the case during divorces, she owed money to her attorneys.

Adding to this, The New York Post reports that Stephanie had become distraught because she would not be able to take her son on a trip to Europe over the summer.

She and her estranged husband fought over this and, ultimately, a judge sided with Nicolai — and ordered Stephanie to surrender Vincent’s passport.

Stephanie Adams, who claims to be a descendant of John Quincy Adams and who entered the modeling profession at age 16, had a history of both civil rights advocacy and of troubled lawsuits.

But none of this explains what could have led her and her son to plunge to their tragic and premature deaths on Friday morning.

Our sympathies go out to their loved ones as they struggle with this loss.

We hope that investigators are able to provide answers.


Brad Pitt: “Devastated” By Deaths of Chris Cornell, Brad Grey

It’s been a rough year for Brad Pitt. 

The actor admits that in the wake of his high-profile divorce from Angelina Jolie, he fell into a deep depression, and began self-medicating heavily.

After seeking treatment, Pitt recently revealed that he’s sober and working again but just days after assuring fans that he’s back on his feet, the beloved screen icon was struck by a pair of devastating blows.

Two major figures in the world of entertainment passed away in the past week, and while one was much a more recognized name than the other, both were close friends of Pitt’s, who is reportedly devastated by their loss.

The first was producer Brad Grey, a former business partner of Brad’s, who passed on Monday at he age of 59.

As Pitt was reportedly still reeling from the loss of a man he considered one of his closest friends, he got news that Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell had been found dead in a Detroit hotel room. 

Pitt has spoken at length about what a huge fan he is of Cornell’s music:

“I’m a big Chris Cornell addict, anything he does,” Brad told Cinema Confidential magazine when asked about his favorite music.

More importantly, however, Cornell and Pitt were friends.

Their kids attended one another’s birthday parties, and Pitt joined Cornell on stage during a benefit concert in January.

“I get to introduce a very, very good friend of mine and someone I’ve known for quite a while, and I’m a huge fan of, Mr. Chris Cornell,” Pitt told the crowd.

The back-to-back deaths of two of his best friends has reportedly shaken Pitt to his core.

“He is devastated and in shock,” a source tells E! News.

“He is trying to process the loss of two great friends. This has hit him very hard.”

In the case of Grey, Pitt was reportedly one of a select view who was aware of the Paramount mogul’s illness.

The knowledge of his friend’s health issues, reportedly did little to soften the blow for Brad:

“With Brad Grey, Brad Pitt was one of the few people who knew he was sick. Grey was told he had a few weeks to live, but he didn’t even get that long. He was gone way too soon,” says one insider.

Sources say Brad will continue to use therapy and the emotional he gained in rehab to get through this extraordinarily difficult time.


13 Biggest Celebrity Stories of 2016: Deaths, Breakups & the Donald!

2016. At this point, we don't even need to make a joke here, right?

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For the celebrity world, the year was one long series of unfortunate events, both minor (See: the Brangelina split) and staggeringly major (See: the incredible number of celebrity deaths that shook the entertainment world to its foundations).

This may have been the year a reality TV host became the leader of the free world, but that certainly wasn't the only celeb story that had our jaws on the floor.

Check out the gallery below for the most shocking (and baffling) Hollywood events from 12 months that will live in infamy:

1. A Year of Tragedy

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2. Taylor Swift Drops Calvin Harris For Tom Hiddleston

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Taylor Swift has material for her next 17 albums after this year. The singer made tabloid headlines when she dumped Calvin Harris for Tom Hiddleston … whom she proceeded to date for about 4 seconds.

3. Miley & Liam: Together Again!

Miley cyrus and liam hemsworth on christmas
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4. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: One Ugly Divorce

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5. Beyonce Hints at Marital Trouble With Lemonade

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6. Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint

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