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Paris Hilton Banksy Spoofed My Debut Album … And It’s Gonna Cost Ya $2K


Leave it to Banksy to take Paris Hilton‘s first album and turn it into a work of art so coveted, it’s fetching more than $ 2,000 on the auction block!!!

The street artist totally reimagined Paris’ self-titled 2006 album, complete with spoofed song titles and a topless Hilton on the cover, plus tons of not-so-subtle digs at Paris inside the CD booklet.

According to RR Auction, Banksy re-interpreted about 500 copies of “Paris” immediately after the album dropped, and placed his work in 48 record stores across the United Kingdom. Bids for the rare copy have already surpassed its $ 2k estimate!

With Bansky spoofing album art and track titles, he enlisted DJ Danger Mouse to remix the tunes … and, we gotta say, it still bumps.

Check out the gallery … we’re guessing Paris’ exposed breast on the cover will draw your eye, but the real fun is inside the booklet. Banksy depicts Paris in tons of different poses, next to captions mixing funny insults with social commentary. 

Here’s the original “Paris” cover from ’06, and as you can see, Banksy’s version is way more risque.  

The auction officially closes January 9 … good luck!!!

Cardi B Breastfeeding Kulture In Baby’s Music Vid Debut

Cardi B took “bring your daughter to work day” to a whole new level … by featuring Kulture in a not so traditional way in her brand new music video. 

The rapper goes topless in her vid for “Money” — which dropped Friday — to breastfeed her baby girl, Kulture. Because it’s Cardi, there’s also no shortage of her in lavish outfits, sexy dance moves … and shots of her ass.

Who knew she played piano?

As we’ve reported … Cardi’s been pretty stingy providing pics or vids of her daughter, but made a big reveal shortly after announcing her split with Offset.

Offset announced on his birthday he wanted Cardi back, and to spend Christmas together as a family. He also crashed her stage at Rolling Loud last weekend with $ 15,000 in roses … only to be rejected in front of a ton of people. 

Kulture was hidden from the world for a long time … but she’s definitely getting tons of attention now though.