Mackenzie Standifer Debuts Baby Bump … But Is She Still With Ryan Edwards?!

It’s been two months since news of Ryan Edward’s arrest brought the Teen Mom OG star’s whole world crashing down.

Just one day after news that Ryan had been picked up for a probation violation came reports that he had once again been caught cheating on Mackenzie Standifer, his wife of one year, who is currently pregnant with his girlfriend.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Edwards’ ex, Maci Bookout, had filed for a restraining order after being threatened by Ryan.

Needless to say, all of this hasn’t made for a terribly tranquil pregnancy for poor Mackenzie.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Ryan’s beleaguered wife has decided to take a hiatus from social media.

But Mack didn’t just delete her account, like most social media stars who have had enough.

No, she wisely realized that an Instagram page with a six-figure following is valuable virtual real estate.

So she gifted the page to her friend, photographer Christian C. George.

And as a reward for not unfollowing him as soon as Mackenzie jumped ship, George offers up the occasional gem, such as the photo above.

That’s the first pic of Mackenzie’s baby bump, posted by George this afternoon.

“When Mack told me about how much her quality of life improved since letting go of social media a couple of months back I didn’t totally understand,” he captioned the pic.

“I see social media as a marketing tool and an additional stream of revenue for influencers. However, what price was she paying? Since I took over Mackenzie’s account- I expected people to unfollow (because after all they didn’t follow me- they followed her).”

George went on to say that he’s learned some lessons from walking a mile in Mackenzie’s shoes:

“What I didn’t expect was the trail of bullying to continue,” he wrote. “These are examples of the messages I’ve received:

“‘You’re f—ng ugly just like Mackenzie, your pictures suck and so do you, you’re trash, why did your ugly face show up on my timeline today.’

“It’s unfortunate that these types of cyber attacks actually exist. I’m choosing to find peace with Jesus, and thanking Him for His Amazing grace and truth!”

Then Christian encouraged you to “learn more about” him, but let’s be honest, that’s not what you came here for.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that Mackenzie is doing well (no word yet on whether she’s still with Ryan), and it’s kind of cool that she discovered such an innovative way to put her old IG account to good use.

Very savvy. Maybe she is the right person to replace Farrah Abraham, after all!

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the wildly bumpy road that brought Mackenzie to where she is today.


Jennifer Garner Fights With Ben Affleck in Public, Debuts New Boyfriend!

Rare is the Hollywood actor whose personal life is more dramatic than the roles he plays onscreen.

In the case of Ben Affleck, the gap is so wide that we wish he’d put this Batman nonsense to rest and focus on producing a livestreaming, 24-hour, Truman Show-esque documentary about his day-to-day existence.

Last week, Ben was in a motorcycle accident while rushing to meet his family at church.

(If that doesn’t sound like a superhero origin story, we don’t know what does.)

Now, it seems Jennifer Garner is deeply concerned about her ex’s safety and has strongly encouraged her ex to put the bike on blocks.

And by “strongly encouraged,” we mean she went off on him in front of the other soccer moms.

Yes, it seems the exes were watching their 5-year-old son Samuel on the field when Jen flipped on Ben seemingly out of nowhere.

“She doesn’t want her kids to grow up without a dad,” one insider tells Radar Online.

“Jen believes he’s being incredibly childish and selfish,” the source adds.

“She believes he needs to start acting more like a dad and less like a kid.”

The source adds that the battle of Jen vs. Ben was a mostly one-sided affair.

“Jen emptied out on Ben, and he seemed to be on the offensive,” the onlooker claims.

“She only seemed to calm down when Samuel got close to them.”

It seems part of the reason Garner was so upset is the fact she simply doesn’t approve of Affleck’s relationship with Lindsay Shookus, the SNL producer whom he’s been dating for over a year.

“Jen’s fed up with Ben’s behavior – especially since they agreed to divorce,” one insider tells Radar.

“She doesn’t like Lindsay and says she’s a bad influence on him.”

There’s no word on why Jen doesn’t approve of Lindsay, but it’s not hard to guess.

After all, shortly after Affleck and Shookus were spotted drinking together, he checked into rehab for the third time in a year.

Apparently, Garner recently went so far as to issue an ultimatum:

“She told him to clean up his act or stay away from the kids,” says the source.

But just because Jen doesn’t approve of Ben’s new girlfriend, that doesn’t mean she’s not ready to move on herself.

Radar recently published photos of Jen on what apears to be a date with an unidentified mystery man.

No one seems to have any information on who Jen’s new love interest is, but she certainly seems to be into him!

So these days, Ben and Jen have both moved on with someone new … but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be easing up on one another anytime soon.


Amber Portwood Debuts Baby Bump!

Even though Amber Portwood confirmed her pregnancy a while back, we actually saw her reveal that she’s expecting to her mom and cousin just this week, on the latest episode of Teen Mom OG.

But obviously, that episode was filmed months ago, and we haven’t really had a good real time view of Amber for a while.

Until now, that is, because Amber has debuted her baby bump. Take a look!

Right around Halloween, the world learned that Amber Portwood is pregnant again. Coming from Amber, that’s not exactly a horror story.

(Coming from some of the scarily bad Teen Mom stars, it would be)

Like Gary Shirley, we hope that this can be Amber’s new beginning.

Everyone hopes that she and Andrew Glennon can be great parents to this baby (and to Leah!) and maybe get a little better at managing her money.

But that’s in the future — Amber still has a long ways to go in her pregnancy.

But check out this baby bump!

Yes, we know that their height difference is a lot. It’s distracting.

Even though Amber Portwood is tiny at only 5-foot-4, Andrew Glennon is still legit tall. The dude is 6-foot-7. In another era, he would have been a king’s guard. Or perhaps a king.

In this era, he works in television, but studies have shown that their height difference stacks the odds in their favor when it comes to relationship longevity.

And yes, we know that it’s weird. So is romance. So is human nature.

Anyway, once you get past the height difference, check out that baby bump.

Andrew Glennon seems to be settling in and becoming a part of Amber Portwood’s family.

Not everyone is prepared to become a reality star overnight. Especially when it happens via a Teen Mom OG cast member.

(And especially since it’s rumored that Andrew Glennon, or at least his family, may be well off financially)

But Andrew’s taken to it like a duck to water. Mostly.

Some still say that Andrew Glennon may have acted improperly and seduced Amber when she was emotionally vulnerable, but … we’re not sure if that flies anymore.

They’re still together and this is clearly more than a fling.

As you may recall, this pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned. Amber and Andrew had only been dating for a matter of months when Amber became pregnant.

Even so, they’re making the best of it.

In late 2017, Amber announced that she’s expecting a boy.

She plans to name him James.

We don’t know the day that she’ll give birth — quite frankly, even the best due date is just a highly educated guess — but some speculate that she could give birth as early as May of this year.

Will Amber Portwood get things right this time, as a mother and as a partner?

Will Andrew Glennon stick around in this (still new) relationship long enough for little James Glennon to grow up with two parents?

For that matter, will Leah enjoy being a big sister or will the novelty of having a baby brother wear off quickly?

All that we can do is hope for the best.

The only thing that most fans can say with certainty is that this whole situation seems to be much, much better than anything from the days of that total creep, Matt Baier.


Prince William Debuts Shaved Head: Heads-Up Move or Follicle Folly?

With the world eagerly anticipating the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle wedding, that other royal couple has temporarily ceded the spotlight.

And it seems Prince William decided to take advantage of his time away from the spotlight by finally embracing the male pattern baldness that’s been colonizing his noggin since the pre-Kate era.

As you can see, William shaved his head before publicly meeting with military veterans who are working with Britain’s National Health Service.

Perhaps Will thought if he debuted his shiny dome at an event attended mostly by dudes with crew cuts, it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

But since nothing he does goes unnoticed, the British press immediately pounced.

Is the 35-year-old father of two embracing middle-age?

Is he simply trying out a new look before Harry and Meghan get married in May?

These were serious questions posed by actual publications for grownups.

As some royal obsessives have pointed out, this isn’t actually the first time that William has shaved his head.

Apparently, he busted out the royal razor in 2016, but didn’t leave his scalp quite this hairless.

William’s baldness has made him the butt of jokes for quite some time, with even his family roasting the prince for his Costanza cut.

One well-publicized incident took place will Will and Kate Middleton were visiting an alpaca farm back in 2014.

“The prince was interested in the alpaca, and as I showed it to them the princess said he should put it on his head,”  says Lyn Crejan, the farmer who showed the royal couple around.

“[Kate ]said, ‘You need it more than me,’ and pointed to his head and he laughed.”

Yes, times have certainly changed.

Just a few centuries ago, if you made fun of a prince’s head, yours would be in a basket by the end of the day.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see Will just saying screw it and embrace his baldness.

Besides, it won’t be long before that head is covered by a crown, anyway.


Janelle Brown: Sister Wives Star Debuts Dramatic Weight Loss!

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives, along with her husband, Kody, was in Las Vegas over the weekend, even the night before the Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured 527.

Janelle updated her Instagram to make sure that everyone knew that she and the whole Brown family are okay. So don’t panic.

But Janelle had also shared a photo, below, and it is striking how much weight she has lost. You might not recognize her.

Sister Wives gets a lot of criticism, but it tends to have much less to do with the titular wives and a lot more to do with the family’s husband, Kody Brown.

Kody just comes across as unlikable and more than a little creepy.

The Browns agreed to do the show because they wanted to help normalize polygamy and to push for legalization.

A lot of people who are totally in support of legalizing the marriages of more than two consenting adults are disappointed, because Sister Wives does not really show a great example of healthy polyamory.

Instead, we get Kody. Off-putting and obnoxious Kody.

On the plus side, we’ve gotten to know the wives themselves by watching the series. And their children, and their children’s loved ones.

While Meri Brown had a disappointing reaction to learning that her daughter was gay, other moms have had more positive reactions to their children’s love lives.

Like Janelle, whose son Logan Brown recently got engaged.

But anyway, this is about Janelle, specifically.

So, as we said, Kody and Janelle were in Vegas over the weekend.

On Sunday, Janelle shared the (below) photo with the caption:

“Kody and I may really regret the second night in a row LOL. But we couldn’t pass up Depeche Mode! I love the concert opportunities Las Vegas . #wemaybecrazy @kodywinnbrown”

Like we said, they’re totally okay, unlike hundreds of victims of the terrorist shooting.

But one very striking thing about the photo is how much trimmer Janelle’s face looks.

Take a look:

She really does look dramatically thinner.

Sometimes, people’s faces are the last parts of them that lose weight.

In a video fro TLC, Janelle has spoken about her weight loss journey.

“You know, I’ve been making some big changes in my life — trying to get myself healthier and my kids healthier — and part of that is what I’ve been fixing for dinner and that I’ve been fixing dinner.”

She’s been combining diet and exercise, which really is the best path to changing your figure and, often, one’s health.

“So I’m a big bargain shopper and a coupon shopper — so I have a pantry, and I stock it full of things when they are on sale, they’re cheap. But really, not a lot of processed foods; I don’t keep a lot of pastries, or even a lot of pasta.”

Pasta is delicious, but we’ll grudgingly admit that it’s usually not conducive to weight loss and should therefore be eaten sparingly if you’re looking to change your habits.

“I used to be a person that would order out or drive-thru somewhere two or three nights a week.”

For some people, that’s the healthiest choice. Depending on how much time you have in the day, ordering delivery might be your only way to be sure that you make healthy choices.

If you don’t have much time, something like curry with all of its vegetables could be a much better option than heating up some frozen enchiladas. Not everyone has time to prepare a full meal.

But if she does, that’s great. It’s clearly working for her.

“And i’ve come back to really making the base of our meals — meat, or protein, fish, or chicken, whatever it is that I have — and then fruits and vegetables, and then adding potatoes or whatever it is that I have around the same for the children.”

Really thinking about what you’re putting into your meals and therefore into your body is a smart choice.

“I’ve seen our overall health improve, I’ve seen our grocery budget go down, and I think it’s pretty much changed the way that we’re eating at home. And that’s really led to great success in my fitness journey as well — to improve the way that I’m eating.”

That’s so great!

Now, if Janelle could only lose … however much Kody weighs. You know, like the classic divorcee quote: “I just lost 200 pounds!” Or, you know, whatever the ex-husband weighs.

Actually, we’ve heard repeatedly that Kody Brown might lose all four sister-wives, but they never seem to part ways.

Is it just wishful thinking on our part that they’ll start living their own lives and stop living under Kody’s thumb?

Could it be that Kody has qualities that make him an admirable husband and the camera has just failed to capture those?

Probably not.