Ariana Grande Defends Her Speedy Engagement — And Justin Bieber’s, Too

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin after the two had only been going out again for a matter of weeks.

The parallels to Ariana Grande’s engagement to Pete Davidson were obvious, since they also dated for mere weeks before Pete proposed.

When fans tried to connect the two as a pair of publicity stunts, however, Ariana was gentle but firm in quashing the rumor.

Someone tweeted the conspiracy theory, perhaps in jest, that Ariana and Justin’s mutual manager was the culprit behind the warp-speed engagements.

“First ariana get engaged to pete Davidson now Justin bieber to hailey Bladwin,” a fan tweeted. “The devil works hard but Scooter Braun works harder.”

The line about the devil works hard has become something of a meme of late. Largely because it is often funny.

Ariana was not amused by the suggestion that her romance was masterminded by her manager.

“You do realize we are human beings who love and have lives …… right …. ?” Ariana asked.

Ariana Grande Tweets About Engagements, Love

Ariana continued, objecting to the characterization of her manager, adding: “And that scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost ab our health and happiness?”

Scooter has, in the past, very famously put the health and well-being of performers ahead of (short-term) business interests.

“Love is lit,” Ariana says, adding that “S–t happens.”

She’s right about both of those things.

“I hope to god it happens to you too,” Ariana adds, taking the sting out of her admonishment. “U deserve it.”

That is very sweet.

As we mentioned, over the weekend, Justin and Hailey got engaged.

Though there had been rumors that Hailey wanted to marry Justin, they had only been dating again for a few weeks.

And the last time that they dated was, what, 2016? That feels like at least a decade ago.

But over the weekend, in front of a camera-less crowd at a resort, Justin popped the question to Hailey. 

Since then, the world has gotten a few glimpses of what is widely believed to be Hailey’s engagement ring.

We’re not sure how Scooter Braun is supposed to have masterminded all of this, since it seems very clear that these relationships are real and not manufactured as a PR stunt.

Do they imagine that he manipulated his client Justin into proposing to Hailey?

How, exactly, does that boost the Biebs’ career, which is seemingly on hiatus ever since he ended his tour last year?

And how exactly do people suppose that Scooter tricked Pete Davidson into proposing to Ariana?

It wouldn’t take much. Oh, wait, it wouldn’t take anything, because Pete and Ariana are crazy about each other.

Sometimes, love happens.

Not everyone is going to fall in love. Some people are just unlucky. Others are aromantic and just don’t experience romantic love or even the desire for romance.

But when people do find themselves engaged to people they love, fans should support them (just as they should support them if they end the relationship).

Remember, folks — unless someone might be in danger, someone else’s personal choices are not your business. You can celebrate them all that you like.

Coming up with conspiracy theories about them or trying to tell them that they’re making a mistake isn’t going to go over well with them.

Try to be as loving and supportive as Ariana is. She’s full of love, even when Pete makes unfunny mistakes.


Katharine McPhee Defends Engagement to David Foster

Last November, Katharine McPhee responded to dating rumors by claiming that she was more or less single.

Fast forward half a year, and Katharine McPhee and David Foster are engaged.

Fans had a lot to say, and Katharine is defending her engagement.

Katharine McPhee reminds her fans and followers to keep their priorities in order.

“Y’all should be worrying more about registering to vote and midterm elections,” McPhee admonishes on Twitter.

She writes that the fate of the country and the world is much more important “than who’s marrying me.”

McPhee finishes her tweet with one of the best ways to conclude any announcemeng or argument on social media.

She says: “Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

Katharine McPhee Tweet - ted talk

In a text message with Jared Eng, who is the Jared of Just Jared and Just Jared Jr., McPhee provided some details on the proposal.

“He did it at the top of this mountain in Anacapri,” McPhee shares.

She also posted a screencap of the conversation to Instagram, so that everyone could get the details.

“Totally dark, only stars,” McPhee described, setting the mood.

“Thankfully he didn’t push me off the cliff,” she joked.

McPhee is known for her wit.

“He said it was one or the other,” she said, continuing the joke. “And in the end he spared me.”

Katharine McPhee, Jared Eng Convo

“He still has the option to push you off another day,” Jared Eng wisely commented.

It’s good when you can have a sense of humor with your friends.

Katharine McPhee also joked on Twitter about her engagement news, acknowledging that fans already knew before she ever tweeted about it.

“Guys HELLO!” She wrote. “i’m back in america and back on stage tonight.”

“Were you saying anything?” she asked, making it obvious that she had seen their tweets about her engagement. “What did I miss?”

Of course, even so, some people decided to respond to the engagement news by throwing some shade.

One person tweeted: “Hope his 5th marriage & 8th engagement works out!”

Yes, he has really been married four times. He also has five (biological) daughters and seven grandchildren.

But neither that, nor the fact that, at 68, he is literally twice the age of the 34-year-old actress, necessarily mean that this is a bad match.

Similarly, just because McPhee had a relationship with a man while he was married and also just because she’s on that awful Scorpion show doesn’t mean that she isn’t marriage material.

For the record, Foster’s daughters Erin and Sara have already weighed in on this happy engagement news.

After David confirmed the news on Instagram, Erin commented: “Mommmyyy” followed by three heart emojis.

(Erin has made this joke before, even when her father and McPhee were “just friends”)

Sara echoed McPhee’s joke, writing: “Out of the country. What did I miss?”

It’s always good when you’re already comfortable with someone who is about to be family.

Congratulations to Katharine McPhee and to David Foster on their engagement.

But we recommend that they avoid honeymooning on any mountains.


Jacob Roloff Curses Off Donald Trump, Defends… American Flag Stomping?!?

Jacob Roloff is not one to withhold his opinion.

The former Little People, Big World star quit this TLC show two years ago because it found it to be phony and recently went off on the ridiculous nature of reality television in a new book.

This is not someone afraid to speak his mind.

In case you haven’t noticed, the same can be said for many Donald Trump supporters, which is why Jacob has landed himself in a bit of Internet hot water.

Late last week, Jacob shared an image on Instagram that appeared to be a protest of either the country in which he lives; the President; or both.

On the occasion of July Fourth, Roloff posted a picture of himself with his two feet on the American Flag.

Was he accidentally standing on this symbol?

Was he doing so on purpose as some kind of statement against the current White House and all it stands for?

Most Internet users assumed the latter, taking Jacob to major task for showing such disrespect and calling him out on social media for his actions:

roloff remove

According to various commentators, the photo was reported to Instagram and eventually deleted.

We can’t even find a copy of it anywhere in the archives of the World Wide Web, so we unfortunately do not have the scandalous snapshot here for readers to debate and consider.

However, Amy Roloff did post a photo in celebration of America’s birthday last week and many followers used its Comments section to remark on Amy’s youngest son.

“You might want to teach your youngest son it’s very disrespectful to step on a flag and post a picture of. It’s very disrespectful,” one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

“I’m all for people having different views, but stepping on the flag and telling the president to ‘f–k off’ is disgusting.”

Indeed, this was a line that Jacob used in response to a few critics.

Happy to mix it up on Twitter, Jacob recently fired back at someone who didn’t agree with Roloff’s stance in regard to the topic of family separation at the Mexican border.

Your bio says family is everything yet you’re offended I am posting about the reunification of immigrant families… hmm, the 21-year-old wrote, concluding his reply as follows:


It’s also evident that Jacob is aware of the controversy surrounding his flag photo, as he encouraged further talk about it on Twitter, while refusing to back down or apologize.

“For everyone ASTOUNDED at my political views… they are not new,” he wrote online this weekend. “And they are inseparable from who I am.”


Not wishing to upset their loyal fanbase, most Roloff family members keep their political opinions to themselves.

Matt came under some attack himself back in December when it appeared as if he supported Trump.

But Jacob, of course, is NOT a cast member any longer on Little People, Big World.

He is not beholden to producers and is free from concern over ratings.

In other words: He’s outspoken by nature and has no professional reason to keep quiet.

This may not be the last time we hear from Jacob Roloff on the issue of Donald Trump.


Jerry Seinfeld Actually Defends Roseanne Barr

First, Jerry Seinfeld refuses to hug Kesha. Now he’s defending Roseanne Barr, of all people.

Remember how Roseanne Barr got fired for her racist tweets?

Seinfeld thinks that canning her was overkill.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jerry Seinfeld defends Roseanne Barr, which has left a lot of people scratching their heads and others outraged.

“I didn’t see why it was necessary to fire her,” Seinfeld said.

Seinfeld then hits his interviewer with a very peculiar analogy.

“Why would you murder someone who’s committing suicide?” Seinfeld asks.

The suggestion seems to be that Roseanne was killing her own show or career and that ABC should have “let the market decide” when her show would end.

That perspective is both devoid of moral judgment and, quite frankly, seems to be willfully ignoring broader PR and business concerns for ABC and for Disney.

Mostly, Seinfeld sounds bewildered at how quickly Roseanne sabotaged her own career and her own show.

“But I never saw someone ruin their entire career with one button push,” Seinfeld muses.

ABC greenlit a Roseanne spinoff, The Connors. This will give 200 people, including the cast, jobs for at least another season.

(We would point out that some of those crew members may have missed other job opportunities since they were already on Roseanne, so this is very welcome news)

Jerry Seinfeld has opinions about that, too.

“I think they should get another Roseanne.” Seinfeld suggests.

Recasting someone for that famous titular role would be a bizarre choice, especially since the character’s name is also the actor’s name.

“They brought Dan Conner back,” Seinfeld points out.

Seinfeld mentions that the character’s resurrection is somewhat famous, pointing out that “he was dead and they brought him back.”

For that reason, he believes, a simple recasting wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.

“So,” Seinfeld asks, with Dan’s resurrection in mind. “Why can’t we get another Roseanne?”

For one thing, Barr would probably have to sign off on that.

Seinfeld argues: “There’s other funny women that could do that part.”

Sure. But … what, some wonder, would be the point of making an awkward situation more awkward?

“You need,” Seinfeld insists. “To get the comic in there.”

“I hate to see a comic lose a job,” he laments.

A pity that he doesn’t reserve some of that hate for dehumanizing racism.

Twitter saw Seinfeld’s comments and responded by excoriating him.

One person tweeted: “Please f–k off Jerry, thank you!”

Short and to the point. Not terribly sweet, though.

Another tried to explain: “Hello. Disney is an international company. By Keeping her they’re saying the agree with her views. Think about the repercussions this could have on Disney around the world. They had no choice.”

Very reasonable.

Another tweeted: “well Curb > Seinfeld so yea.”

That is referring to Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Another settled for a gentle burn: “Seinfeld, didn’t his show get cancelled?”

To clarify, Roseanne has years of history of being explicitly racist on Twitter. We don’t mean “edgy” humor. We mean sincere tweets about combatting “Jewish mind-control.”

Roseanne has also expressed the belief that Donald Trump is conducting secret arrests of non-existent Illuminati pedophile rings. She routinely shares fringe-right conspiracy theories on social media.

So, while one particular tweet became the focus of viewers’ ire, Roseanne hardly ended her career with a single button-push.

Instead, it was death of a thousand cuts, and that tweet, if you’ll allow mixed metaphors, was the final straw.


Ariana Grande Defends Pete Davidson Against Fan Rumors: Stop This S–t!

After only a few weeks of dating, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged. Whether they just clicked right away or Pete’s impressive dong played a role, this is joyous news.

But while the majority of Arianators are overwhelmed with happiness, a few bad apples keep trying to start drama.

Ariana herself is stepping in and calling out bad fans to nip this “war” in the bud.

There are plenty of fan accounts out there, across social media, that do nothing but post updates and photos of Ariana Grande.

That means reposting stuff from her social media, it means news blurbs about her social life, and it means snaps of her when she’s spotted in public.

After one Ariana fan spotted Pete Davidson flipping the bird at paparazzi cameras, they expressed concern.


Spoiler alert: he was not flipping off fans.

Ariana Grande Blasts "Fan War"

Ariana herself swooped in to correct the (probably very young) fan.

“R u nuTS??????” Ariana explains, saying that Pete was flipping off “the PAPS..not YOU……???? ever…???”

It’s so sweet of her to be so reassuring. But her tone does become a little starn.

“Stop w this s–t. please. forreal,” Ariana pleads. “i love y’all too much for this.”

You never want to see your fans stirring up drama out of thin air.

Ariana insists: “Enough w the ig / twitter war thing. it ends now.”

Ariana continues to reassure her fans.

“Y’all r so loved,” the singer makes clear.

She really does absolutely adore her fans — as she should.

Ariana implores her Arianators: “Stop trying to start s–t.”

That is good advice. Ariana is so happy in her life and doesn’t want things to take a turn for the worst.

“Everything is so beautiful right now,” Ariana writes.

Of course! Her new album’s about to drop, she’s engaged, she’s happy. Oh, and Tuesday, June 26 was her birthday.

As for imagined conflicts, Ariana says: “I’m over it.”

Big Mood, as some of her young fans might say.

Ariana Grande has released a couple of singles to help build up excitement for her new album.

“No Tears Left To Cry” is a powerful ballad. For “The Light Is Coming,” Ariana collaborated with the incomparable Nicki Minaj — with whom she had worked on “Side to Side” for her Dangerous Woman album.

Ariana mentioned elsewhere on social media that one of her lyrics from “The Light Is Coming” is about troublemakers.

Specifically, she writes: “It’s about people & their loud ass opinions making them deaf to others & the light.”

That’s fair.

As we mentioned, Tuesday was Ariana’s birthday! She is 25 years old — finally old enough to rent a car, even though anyone who doesn’t know who she is would probably still card her if she went into a bar.

(Though, let’s be real … who doesn’t know who Ariana Grande is? Imagine leading such an empty life and take pity on any such person)

Some people tried to crack bad jokes about Pete Davidson “robbing the cradle” when he and Ariana started dating, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Pete is still 24. He’s a few months younger than Ariana.

He’s just 15 inches taller than she is, folks. 

We know that Pete feels like he won a contest and acts like he doesn’t deserve to be with Ariana, but they’re both great and they both deserve happiness.

It’s a shame that some fans can’t help but see drama where it doesn’t exist. We can’t say that it’s a surprise, though.


Amy Roloff Actually Defends Ex-Husband, Sticks It to Haters

Family feud?

WHAT family feud?!?

This is basically what Amy Roloff just said on Facebook, after a few followers of hers either hurled shade at Matt Roloff or at Amy herself for implying that Matt was a bad father.

It all started on Father’s Day this weekend because Amy shared a collage of photos that featured her sons, Zach and Jeremy, both of whom became parents over the past year.

This was the first time each had a chance to be celebrated on a holiday specifically designated for dads.

“Happy Happy Father’s [sic] Day Zach Roloff and Jeremy James Roloff,” wrote the Little People, Big World star as a caption to the following image.

She added:

“I’m so proud of you both and the Dad you are growing into for your son and daughter. It’s the best forever role that keeps blessing you everyday.”

Very sweet and simple, right?

amy collage

Yes, everyone agrees.

But some also noticed that Amy did not acknowledge her ex-husband on this occasion, despite Matt being the father of her four children.

Matt Roloff and Amy, it ought to be noted, got divorced two years ago, although they remain in very close contact, working together on the family farm and starring together on the aforementioned TLC series.

In response to Facebook comments that called her out for excluding Matt from her well wishes, Amy said the following:

It’s all good. Matt is a good father and we’re both a part of our kids and we both love them greatly.

defending matt

This certainly does appear to be the case.

Matt has filled up his social media feeds with photos of himself, his kids and his grandchildren.

However, there has clearly been tension between Matt and Amy on recent episodes of their reality show.

Late last month, for example, Matt blasted Amy as insecure and not business savvy.

Moreover, the romance between Matt and Caryn Chandler has admittedly started to bother Amy a lot.

Then there was last night’s installment of Little People, Big World.

A bulk of this episode centered on last Christmas and the exes trying to decide if they wanted to host one giant family gathering in honor of Jesus Christ’s birthday.

This would have meant Amy and boyfriend Chris Marek hanging out with Matt and Caryn, of course.

“I do not have to be best friends with Matt and Caryn,” Amy told the camera at one point. “In fact, I don’t even have to be friends with them, but I try to be respectful for the sake of my kids.”

Matt and Chandler felt similarly hesitant about getting everyone together for the party, but the former seemed a tad bit more open about building a friendship with his ex-wife down the line.

Said Matt:

“Obviously a lot of divorces, there’s all this tension and stuff and then over time exes become friends, but if Amy were to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want you and your girlfriend here at the farm,'” then we would have to change things.

Despite all that we’ve seen of late, though, Matt insisted awhile ago that everything is great between him and his loved ones.

Amy seems to be echoing that sentiment here — and we’re glad to hear it.