Briana DeJesus: PREGNANT With Javi Marroquin’s Baby?!

Just when you thought the drama surrounding Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin's relationship couldn't get any more intense, fans are now convinced that Briana is pregnant with Javi's baby.

The rumor began spreading within hours of news that Javi will soon be deployed with the US Air Force for a second tour of duty.

So will Kailyn Lowry's ex being greeted by a new bundle of joy when he returns to the States?

We did some investigating, and here's what we found…

1. Javiana

Briana with javi on instagram
Briana and Javi went from a “friends with benefits” arrangement to a serious relationship in record time. Recently, the Teen Mom 2 co-stars began declaring their love for one another on social media.

2. Revenge Romance?

Kailyn lowry via instagram
It was initially rumored that the couple began hooking up to exact revenge on Javi’s ex and Briana’s rival, Kailyn Lowry. Javi and Bri may have had spite on their minds at first, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer…

3. Moving Quickly

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus picture
These days, Briana and Javi’s relationship is moving at breakneck speed. In fact, it seems they’re already planning to take several major steps forward together.

4. Delaware Bound?

Javi marroquin briana dejesus selfie
In a recent social media exchange, Briana stated that she’s planning to move to Delaware to be closer to Javi.

5. It’s Official!

Briana and javi make it official
After making their relationship “Instagram official” the two were chided by TM2 costar Tyler Baltierra, who commented, “Yeah right, you live in Florida.” Briana responded, “I might end up somewhere in Delaware sooooo.”

6. Deployment Baby?

Briana dejesus baby shower
But are Javi and Briana already expecting a child together? Briana took to social media to address the persistent rumor this week…

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Briana DeJesus to Kailyn Lowry: I’m Totally Banging Javi Marroquin!

After months of speculation, it’s finally official:

Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin are dating, and they’re not hiding their romance from anyone.

In fact, they’re taking every opportunity to remind all interested parties–and Kailyn Lowry in particular–that they’re spending as much time as possible together these days.

Maybe it’s just the heady rush of a new relationship, or maybe there’s something more going on here …

Some fans believe that Javi and Briana have underhanded motives for boasting about their relationship on social media.

Not surprisingly, the feud between Briana and Kailyn Lowry has intensified as DeJesus’ relationship with Javi has become more serious.

Kail and Briana weren’t exactly friends before, and not surprisingly, Lowry isn’t overjoyed by the fact that her rival is dating her ex-husband.

And many are now under the impression that DeJesus is taking pleasure in reminding Kailyn that she’s hooking up with Javi.

Over the weekend, in fact, Briana posted and deleted a tweet that’s being widely interpreted as a sly reminder that she and Javi are having sex.

“Been asleep since 7pm. Perks of having a hands on bf,” DeJesus wrote.

As she so often does these days, Briana took a lot of flak from Kailyn fans who slammed her apparent boast as crass and mean-spirited.

Of course, Briana’s been known to delete all of her tweets at once for no apparent reason, so it’s possible the removal had nothing to do with the criticism from Lowry’s fan base.

Javi, on the other hand, is not mincing words in his ongoing beef with the mother of his child.

“Someone’s bitter and can’t move on from shit that happened almost 2 years ago,” he tweeted over the weekend.

“Have more important things to worry about right now than a past relationship that’s dead to me,” Marroquin added.

“Lincoln is the only thing keeping it alive. Which I’m blessed for don’t get me wrong. But him, that’s it.”

He also re-tweeted a fan who criticized Kailyn for “having a whole baby with someone else after a public divorce.”

Maybe Javi would be less salty if Kail only had, like, part of a baby?

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the war of words between these two formerly civil exes.


Briana DeJesus: Is She USING Javi Marroquin to Get Back at Kailyn Lowry?!

When the world first learned that Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin are dating, many Teen Mom 2 fans had the same thought:

From the outside, it certainly looked as though the two were hooking up simply to get revenge on Javi’s ex, Kailyn Lowry.

And now it seems that Kailyn herself might share that opinion.

“Kailyn feels sorry for Javi right now, she thinks he’s getting played,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“She does not think this so-called love is sincere on either of their parts, but especially Briana. Kailyn has every reason to believe that Briana is more interested in upsetting her than anything else.”

Of course, the circle of Teen Mom franchise stars is a small one, and it’s possible that Javi and Kailyn just have more in common thatn most single parents.

That said, it does seem a bit suspicious that Briana just happened to fall for her rival’s ex-husband.

Even more suspicious is how fast these two are moving.

After just a few months of dating, Javi has already declared his love for Briana on Instagram.

She hasn’t publicly reciprocated, but they’re certainly giving the impression that they’re headed for a long-term commitment to one another.

Kailyn, however, believes the whole thing is an act, and she’s not buying into it:

“This is a revenge hook-up, it’s not love. Kailyn is rolling her eyes at both of them right now,” the insider says.

Javi’s relationship pattern post-Kailyn does seem to indicate that he falls hard, so perhaps his feelings for Briana are legit.

But many fans remain unconvinced about DeJesus’ sincerity.

We guess time will tell if Briana and Javi are the real deal or if they simply gravitated toward one another out of a shared desire for revenge, consciously or otherwise.

As for Kailyn’s own love life, to say things are complicated right now would be to put it very mildly.

Just days after confirming that she’s dating Dominique Potter, Kail revealed that she’s once again single … sort of.

“My ‘relationship’ is in limbo right now…I don’t even know what to call it,” Lowry said in a recent interview.

No word on what transipired between Lowry and Potter, but it sounds as though they’ve decided to keep it casual for the time being.

Fortunately, with three kids to raise and a one-woman media empire to run, we’re sure Kail has plenty to keep her busy.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the tumultuous life of Ms. Lowry.


Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus: We’re In Love! Kailyn Lowry Sucks!

Long before they officially came out as a couple, rumors that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus were dating criculated on social media and left many Teen Mom 2 fans feeling confused.

Both parties commented on their relationship, but at first, Javi and Briana’s remarks raised more questions than they answered.

The bewilderment began when Javi confirmed that he was dating Briana in an interview with Radar Online.

The situation seemed simple enough … until Briana denied dating Javi in an interview with E! News just days later.

It’s still unclear if Briana was lying, or if she and Javi had not yet made their relationship official.

Whatever the case, the days of uncertainty are well behind them at this point.

In fact, Javi and Briana seem to be moving forward as a couple at breakneck speed these days.

“Thank you for being such an amazing man to not only myself but to Stella and Nova,” Briana captioned the photos.

At one point she added, “#yeaididwin,” but wisely decided to delete the hashtag.

Certainly sounds like “serious couple” stuff, right?

Well, it doesn’t end there.

Javi took things even further, commenting:

“Thank you for being so good to me. I never take that for granted. I love you.” 

Not surprisingly, fans didn’t respond well to what was widely viewed as an effort to declare victory over Javi’s ex-wife and Briana’s biggest rival, Kailyn Lowry.

“Tacky and spiteful. One day you’ll realize real relationships don’t last on petty bull. Enjoy your five minutes of fame Briana, it will be over before you know it. Just like this sad excuse for a ‘relationship,'” wrote one irate fan.

“She just had a baby and already looking for a step daddy,” commented another.

Kailyn is taking the high road, and has yet to respond directly to Briana and Javi’s disses.

However, her friend Bone Estrada has come to Kail’s defense on Twitter, tweeting that the only thing Briana won was a “small [banana emoji].”

Kailyn responded to her friend with a savage burn of her own, tweeting, “#iwon more time with my son.”

Needless to say, it doesn’t look like this feud will be resolved anytime soon.

Fortunately for fans of reality TV feuds, the whole thing is playing out on social media.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the beef between Kailyn and Briana.


Kailyn Lowry Feuding with Briana DeJesus Over Javi Marroquin!

Just when you thought the situation between Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Briana DeJesus couldn't get any messier …

Real quick though, why would you ever even think that?! Do you even know anything about these people?

Anyway, just when you thought things couldn't get messier, Briana went and stirred the pot again with a very questionable Instagram post.

Here, let's just break it all down …

1. Let’s Start at the Very Beginning …

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin pic
Kailyn and Javi used to love each other once, believe it or not. A lot. They got married, had precious little baby Lincoln, but then things started to go bad because as much as they loved each other, they were never a great fit.

2. RIP, True Love

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin kiss
We may never know exactly what happened between them — at least not until they release that book they’re writing together! — but we do know that Kailyn filed for divorce at the end of 2015, just before he left for his deployment. They tried to work it things out for a long time, but it obviously just didn’t happen. When he returned home in the summer of 2016, things were clearly over between them.

3. All the Rumors

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin
We’ve heard that she cheated on him, that he cheated on her, that they were both in relationships while still married because they both agreed it was over. We’ve heard that she divorced him because she told him didn’t want more kids and he did. We’ve heard just all sorts of things, and none of them are good.

4. Yikes

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin picture
On recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, we’ve seen Javi break into the home he used to share with Kailyn, and she even resorted to getting an order of protection against him — something he thought was pretty silly. She eventually dropped the order because it made it too difficult for them to coparent, but obviously things were extremely tense between them.

5. Getting Better!

Kailyn javi photo
At some point this year though, things changed. After she dropped the protection order, they began getting along better. They both acknowledged that things were going good between them, which was so nice to see.

6. Here Comes Trouble

Briana dejesus car selfie
But then enter Briana.

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Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus: Did They Spend Thanksgiving Together?

The reports that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are dating have been circulating for several weeks now, and the rumored couple isn’t doing much to clear things up.

Last month, Javi said he and Briana are dating, but she refuted that statement in an interview just a few days later.

Shortly thereafter, however, Briana tweeted about wanting to marry Javi, though that comment may have been made in jest.

These two are sending so many mixed signals that our clearest indications of what’s going on between them might come from Javi’s ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry.

Kailyn has expressed her belief that Briana is only dating Javi as a form of revenge, so … we guess that’s evidence that they are romantically involved?

We’re not sure anyone knows what’s going on here, and that includes Javi and Briana.

But one thing is certain–they’re spending a lot of time together while they figure out if they want to be more than “friends with benefits.”

Yesterday, Javi posted the following photo on Instagram:

“No plans are the best plans. Had a good time with you #makingmemories,” he captioned the pic.

Dog filters? Cheesy hashtags? Hanging out without plans?

These two might be hesitant to make it label themselves, but we’re gonna go ahead and make it official on their behalf–Javi and Briana are dating.

Obviously, the apparent seriousness of their relationship has raised a lot of questions:

Have they met each other’s kids? Will we be seeing them all coupled-up on the next season of Teen Mom 2?

And, of course, this time of year, one can’t look at Javi and Briana’s Instagram-documented without wondering if they’re Javiana will be spending the holidays together.

The fact that the selfie above (which has racked up a whopping 75,000 likes in less than 24 hours) was posted over Thanksgiving weekend was not lost on Javi’s followers.

Did they spend the holiday together or just the latter part of the weekend?

Did Briana travel to Delaware to see Javi, or did he hop a plane to Orlando to spend time with her?

Their Instagram pages offer no indication, but based on some recent tweets from Javi, it seems he caught a plane somehwere late last week.

He hasn’t confirmed it on social media, but our guess would be he flew to Florida and spent the entire long weekend–including Thanksgiving Day–with Briana and her family.

If that’s the case, then it’s pretty clear these two are well beyond the “just hooking up” stage.

Of course, Javi’s not the only one moving on, as Kailyn is dating Dominique Potter these days, and the relationship appears to be getting serious.

But that doesn’t mean, of course, that Lowry is happy for her ex.

In fact, we’re guessing she’d prefer to see him posting cozy, couple-y dog filter-photos with just about anyone except Briana.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from Javi’s rollercoaster love life.


Briana DeJesus: Kailyn Lowry Turned Everyone Against Me!

The feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus shows no sign of letting up.

In fact, last night's Teen Mom 2 reunion show gave us a clear indication of just how intensely these two dislike each other.

It all started with rumors that Briana is dating Javi Marroquin.

But now it appears the co-stars have numerous reasons to distrust one another, and the mutual ill will between them goes even deeper than fans thought.

Check out our full rundown of the feud, including last night's developments, in the gallery below:

1. Kailyn Lowry: Suspicious From the Start?

Kailyn lowry on teen mom two
When it was first announced that Briana would be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2, her co-stars were reportedly less than pleased. Briana believes the reason for their reluctance was that Kailyn had sown the seeds of mistrust.

2. Briana and Kailyn: Best Frenemies?

Briana picture
At one point, it was rumored that Kailyn and Briana were close friends. Fans even alleged that they coordinated their plastic surgery procedures.

3. Now We Know Better

Briana dejesus car selfie
It now appears that while they knew one another and followed each other on social media, Kail and Briana were never actually close. The same can’t be said of Briana and Javi Marroquin…

4. Javiana

We don’t know exactly when Javi and Briana hit it off, but they quickly became more than friends.

5. The Rumor Stage

Javi and briana
At first, the co-stars would do club appearances and post on one another’s social media pages, but would deny that they were romantically involved.

6. It’s Official

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
These days, we know that Javi and Briana are dating (or at least hooking up). And it seems the relationship has really complicated Briana’s relationship with her co-stars…

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Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus: We’re a Family Now!

Hey, have you heard the good news?!

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are officially dating!

And not only that, but they seem to be comfortable enough with each other that they're working on merging their families into one, even though they've only been dating approximately three seconds!

See, over the weekend, Javi threw a birthday party for Lincoln, the son he shares with Kailyn Lowry.

He invited Briana DeJesus and her two daughters, and what happened next … well, you really just have to see it to believe it.

But first, let's refresh our memories on this very special love story …

1. They Go Way Back!

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
It’s true, they do — even before Briana joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, she and Javi were exchanging flirty tweets. Say what you will about their relationship, but it’s had a long, long buildup.

2. Javi’s Pursuit

Though they have known each other for a while, it wasn’t until earlier this fall when Javi really began to go after Briana hard. In September, he even gave an interview to Radar in which he said that he’d “be open to dating Briana” because “she’s a really cool girl. Her whole family is awesome. She’s really beautiful. We text back and forth. We’ll see what happens.” Subtle, Javi.

3. Complicated

Kailyn lowry via instagram
The thought of the two of them actually getting together seemed a little far-fetched. After all, Javi already married a Teen Mom when he married Kailyn, and Briana just gave birth to another guy’s baby in July. Would forming a Teen Mom super couple really be the right move?

4. YES

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus picture
Apparently so: in October, Javi confirmed that he and Briana were finally officially together! It was still a little weird, because she denied it at first, but it seems she’s cool with being public now. So we’re really doing Javiana, it seems.

5. Spiteful Love

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
As you can imagine, things didn’t go so well after the world found out about Javi and Briana’s love. Many reports claimed that Kailyn believed Javi’s just getting with Briana out of spite, and … yeah, we can see it. During this entire season of Teen Mom 2, Javi’s seemed heartbroken that Kailyn moved on so quickly, so it makes sense that he’d try to get under her skin any way possible.

6. The Thirst is Real

Briana dejesus car selfie
A lot of people think Briana isn’t with Javi for love — or not JUST for love, anyway. Some theorize that she’s trying to marry him to get his military benefits, others say that she just wants to settle down with a guy who would actually create a family with her, unlike her first two baby daddies. Others think that she’s just trying to cement her spot on Teen Mom 2 by bringing some high drama.

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Briana DeJesus Throws MAJOR Shade at Kailyn Lowry on Twitter!

At one point, they were rumored to be friends.

When Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the show's most recent season, Kailyn Lowry seemed to be the only veteran cast member who didn't have a problem with it.

That all changed when Briana began dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband and the father of her second child.

These days, Bri and Kail are bitter enemies, and it seems there's no end to their feud in sight.

Check out our rundown of the latest shots fired in this increasingly brutal war or words:

1. Briana & Javi: Getting Serious?

What started as a fling appears to be developing into a serious relationship. Briana and Javi have been exchanging flirty messages on Twitter, and Kailyn is understandably less than pleased.

2. Kailyn Lowry: Not Having It

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Kail has moved on from her marriage to Javi, and she’s doing her own thing these days. But it seems she’s not a fan of the way Bri and Javi have been flaunting their happiness (or feigned happiness) publicly.

3. Is It All a Game?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus on instagram
Some fans suspect Bri and Javi aren’t serious about their relationship and are only posting about it so frequently in order to get under Kail’s skin.

4. Bri to Javi: Let’s Get Married!

Bri to javi lets get married
For some fans, the final straw was this tweet, in which Bri made reference to an earlier conversation that she and Javi had had about getting married.

5. Briana: Just Kidding About the Marriage Thing

Briana just kidding about the marriage thing
In response to disbelief from fans, Bri later clarified that she was just joking about the marriage comments.

6. But the Feud Is Real

Briana de jesus
Shortly thereafter, Briana kept the feud fires burning by calling Kailyn out with some screenshots of a text conversation between Lowry and Marroquin.

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Briana DeJesus: I Want to MARRY Javi Marroquin!

Briana DeJesus either has seriously conflicting feelings toward Javi Marroquin, or she's really dedicated to trolling the hell out of Kailyn Lowry.

Rumors that Briana and Javi are dating have been circulating for months, and DeJesus seems to be deriving a lot pleasure from keeping both Kailyn and the public in the dark.

So are she and Javi really in a long-distance relationship?

Is this all just an elaborate ploy to mess with Kailyn's mind?

Does Briana actually want to marry Javi?!

Join us as we answer these questions and more in our investigation of Teen Mom 2's most unexpected love triangle:

1. Are They or Aren’t They?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus picture
Are Javi and Briana really dating, or are they just pretending to be in love in order to mess with Kailyn Lowry? To answer that question, we need to delve into the history of Bri and Kail’s relationship.

2. New Girl

Briana dejesus on mtv
Briana just joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 last season. Her co-stars were said to be less than thrilled with MTV’s decision to add a fifth mom to the roster.

3. A Familiar Face

Briana dejesus on teen mom 3
Bri got her start on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. So both viewers and co-stars were familiar with her past … and her ability to create drama.

4. Kail and Bri: Best Frenemies?

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Insiders who were familiar with the situation claimed that Kailyn was one of the only moms who DIDN’T hate Briana. How times have changed!

5. Surgery Sisters?

Kailyn lowry butt photo
Last year, Kailyn and Briana both underwent Brazilian butt lift procedures performed by the same doctor. Fans have cited this fact as evidence of their close friendship, but Kail says it was just a coincidence.

6. Not THAT Close

Briana picture
So it sounds like Kail and Bri knew each other, got along, but didn’t have particularly strong feelings about one another either way. That all changed when Bri got to know Javi …

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