Teresa Giudice: My Husband Is Getting Deported & I’m Getting Rich!

Things just keep getting worse for the Giudice clan.

First, Teresa Giudice went to prison and served nearly a full year on tax fraud charges.

After she was released, it was her husband's turn.

Joe Giudice is currently behind bars, as a judge allowed the Giudices to serve their sentences back-to-back for the sake of their kids.

No word yet on when he'll be released, but it's looking more and more like Joe — who is not a US citizen — will never again be a free man on American soil.

And now, it looks as though his wife is getting rich off the situation …

1. Happier Times

Teresa giudice and hubby
The Giudices never seemed like a particularly happy couple, but the past few years have brought them to depths they never could’ve imagined previously.

2. Dark Days

Teresa joe giudice
The Giudices were both found guilty of felony tax fraud and sentenced to prison time in 2013. Teresa served 11 months of her 15-month sentence in 2015. Joe is currently doing 4 years behind bars.

3. Jail For Juicy Joe

Joe giudice on the phone
The lengthy prison sentence might be a nightmare come true for Joe, but believe it or not, his situation may soon deteriorate even further.

4. Booted Back to the Boot

Teresa and joe giudice instagram
Joe was born in Italy and he never bothered to become an American citizen. Now that he’s a convicted felon, he’ll likely be sent back to his home country.

5. High Drama

Teresa giudice kisses husband
On the upside, the Giudices’ sad story has revived interest in the long-running Real Housewives of New Jersey, and everyone is cashing in. Well, everyone except Joe …

6. Crying All the Way to the Bank

Teresa giudice episode still
According to Radar Online, Teresa has accepted a six-figure deal to allow Bravo to film a special centering around Joe’s looming deportation.

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90 Day Fiance: Has Luis Mendez Been Deported?

It’s been a little over a month since 90 Day Fiance saw shocking footage that may have shown Molly Hopkins abusing Luis Mendez during their marriage.

Ever news broke that Molly and Luis are divorcing, and fans have worried that their short marriage would cost Luis his shot at American citizenship.

Unfortunately, Luis has taken to social media to reveal that those worries have been realized.

Over the weekend, former 90 Day Fiance star Luis Mendez shared a photo that, curiously, lacked a location tag.

For ages, he’s been staying with his brothers in New Jersey, and he hasn’t been shy about sharing that data with his followers.

The curious lack of location data prompted one fan to ask, in spanish, if he had been deported.

Luis replied: “Si estoy en DR hace una semana.”

Translated, that means: “Yes, I’ve been in the Dominican Republic for a week now.”

Luis Mendez talks deportation on IG 01

Another follower then asked Luis where he is within the Dominican Republic.

(This follower used the initials RN, as in la Republica Dominicana, which is the country’s name in Spanish — and it’s oddly weird that other languages have other names for each other’s countries)

Luis replied that he is at the capitol.

The Dominican Republic’s capitol is Santo Domingo, which is where Luis was working at a bar when he and Molly first met.

He’s back to square one.

Luis Mendez talks deportation on IG 02

If you’re wondering why his marriage to Molly didn’t automatically warrant citizenship, you should remember that it’s much more complex.

Marriage can put a person on a path to citizenship, but it really just allows them to get a two-year green card — and even then, it’s a conditional card.

Luis was not married long enough to receive one.

Even if he had stayed with Molly long enough for that particular card, he would be at risk of deportation at the end of that two-year period.

Even before the U.S. began implementing anti-immigration policies that shock the world, deporting legal residents and caging children, it is not easy to become a naturalized citizen.

Some suggest that it’s Luis’ own fault that he got deported.

From the beginning, there were people suspicious of why a young man would suddenly become so interested in a woman twice his age that he’d happily uproot his entire life to be with her.

Some suspected that he was a golddigger.

Others suspected that he was just trying to use her to obtain American citizenship.

The tumultuousness of their relationship — which was, at the very least, a verbally toxic and short-lived marriage — proved that marriage, for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, is not always so easy.

Part of the appeal of 90 Day Fiance is that viewers want to see if these relationships can work out.

Cultural differences can be a major factor in the outcome of any relationship. And so can the race to the altar.

As the reality series’ name implies, people with K1 visas have only 90 days to spend in the United States with their intended before they have to either get married or leave.

Viewers also tend to speculate about motives of different spouses. Some non-Americans are eager for citizenship. Some Americans on the show seem to fetishize the idea of a foreign spouse.

Hopefully, Luis will have better luck in love on his next venture.


Joe Giudice: In Denial About Being Deported?!

As we reported earlier this week, there’s a very good chance that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice will be deported after he’s released from prison.

In fact, it’s looking more and more like a foregone conclusion.

Pretty much everyone has accepted the fact that Juicy Joe will likely be shipped back to Italy as soon as he’s finished serving his four-year prison sentence.

Everyone, that is, except for Joe himself.

Yes, as you probably already know, Giudice is currently behind bars on felony fraud and tax evasion charges.

Since he never bothered to become a US citizen after emigrating here, Joe is likely to be booted back to the Boot after he’s through during his time

Unlike the imaginary brown boogeymen certain politicians want you to live in fear of, Joe actually moved to the US and promptly went about the business of committing felonies.

Governments generally aren’t fond of that sort of behavior, which is why Joe will likely be handed a one-way ticket to Florence the day he leaves prison. 

According to Radar Online, Joe is already “in deportation proceedings,” despite that fact that he’s still in custody.

“ICE has lodged a detainer, and he is in removal proceedings,” a source tells the site.

Apparently, this will all come as quite a shock to Joe, who’s convinced he’ll be heading back to Jersey after his release:

“Joe is convinced that he is not getting deported,” says a different insider.

“He just says that it isn’t going to happen.”

The source adds:

“Either he is in denial or he knows something that no one else does, but he does not believe it will happen.”

Yeah, we’re gonna go with the former option on that one.

Hilariously, it seems ICE is so eager to send Joe back to the land of popes and pasta that they might not even wait until he completes his sentence.

“If he is ordered deported while in custody, he will be removed from the U.S.,” says the insider.

Of course, the big question now is — if Joe gets deported, will Teresa Giudice go with him?

Teresa has been pretty non-committal in her responses to that particular query, so the safe bet is that she’ll be staying put in the U.S. of A.

“I mean, Italy’s a beautiful place to live,” she said in a recent interview.

“I wouldn’t mind, you know, I’m just saying. Listen, whatever God has planned for me, that’s what’s going to happen. I will embrace it the best I can.”

Yeah, those aren’t the words of a woman who’s eager to uproot her life and move across an ocean.

Teresa has four young daughters; she makes a lucrative living in the US that she can’t make anywhere else; and she needs the money more than ever thanks to her multi-million dollar debt to the government.

In other words, Joe might want to get ready to arrivederci to his long-suffering wife.


Joe Giudice: Yup, He’s Getting Deported!

The United States immigration debate is about to hit home for Teresa Giudice.


Meaning what, exactly? Scroll down to find out…

As has been previously detailed on The Hollywood Gossip, Joe Giudice is currently in jail.

He’s serving a lengthy prison sentence for his role in a bankruptcy fraud scam that previously landed wife Teresa behind bars.

But while the controversial Real Housewives of New Jersey was set free after just about a year in the slammer, and immediately given a new contract by Bravo to star once again in this franchise…

… her law-breaking husband will apparently not enjoy such perks upon his eventual release.

Indeed, a few months after we wrote about how Teresa is concerned that Joe will soon be deported from the country, a Radar Online report confirms this is the exact plan.

And its source is none other than the United States government.

You see, Joe (real name: Giuseppe) is not an American citizen. He’s Italian.

Having defied the laws that govern the country in which he’s been a guest, Giudice is “in deportation proceedings while he’s in custody,” an ICE spokesperson told Radar, adding of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department:

“ICE has lodged a detainer, and he is in removal proceedings.”

Joe is scheduled to be released in March of 2019.

He and his wife pleaded guilty in 2016 to charges that they attempt to defraud the government by lying about their assets, shortly after they claimed they were officially broke.

The spokesman in this case says Joe may actually serve the remainder of his sentence abroad.

“If he is ordered deported while in custody, he will be removed from the U.S.,” the spokesperson continued.

Earlier this year, Teresa said she “wouldn’t mind” moving to Italy if her husband gets deported. There certainly are worse places to live, after all.

“I mean, Italy’s a beautiful place to live,” Teresa said on last season’s Real Housewives reunion, adding on stage:

“I wouldn’t mind, you know, I’m just saying. Listen, whatever God has planned for me, that’s what’s going to happen. I will embrace it the best I can.”

Let’s face it, though: This ain’t gonna happen.

Giudice makes a living in the U.S. her reality show contract and various appearances; we can’t fathom she leaves that behind.

We especially can’t fathom she does so for a man who has been accused of cheating on her.

There have been plenty of rumors that the Giudices are going to divorce because Joe wasn’t loyal to Teresa.

Joe and Teresa have often put on a brave public face, but there has been chatter for years that there’s trouble at home.

Therefore, with one half of this couple perhaps being thrown out of the country entirely, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit of the other half used that as an opportunity to split from him once and for all.

Stay tuned.


Teresa Giudice: I’m Scared Joe Will Get Deported! I Wanna Stay Here!

Things have been better for Teresa Giudice. She served her time in prison. Her husband is now serving his sentence.

Also, The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be facing cancellation … and some say that she’s a big part of what is tanking the brand.

To make matters worse, she’s reportedly terrified that Joe will get out of prison only to be deported. If he is, will she go with him?

Bankruptcy is no fun, but bankruptcy fraud is worse. At least, that’s what our court system says.

They sentenced both Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, to prison. For the sake of the children, the court very wisely allowed Teresa to serve her (shorter) sentence first, followed by her husband. 

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, or so they say. But it turns out that the prison sentences may just be the start of the Giudice family’s troubles.

RadarOnline reports that Teresa Giudice fears that Joe will be sent to Italy, because he’s not actually an American citizen.

“Teresa is terrified Joe will be deported upon his release in less than two years.”

Growing up, many of us always assumed that marrying an American citizen granted automatic citizenship unless the union was found to be fraudulent. The reality is much more complex.

Apparently, any sense of peace that the public has perceived from Teresa has been a facade.

“She’s keeping good attitude in public and good happy face.”

Happy isn’t really the mood that a lot of people associate with the infamous table-flipping Housewife, but … sure.

“But lawyers have told her it’s not an easy task to win because of the felony charge — something he knew when the accepted plea deal.”

Basically, they’re going to have an immigration fight on their hands when he finishes his sentence.

Meanwhile, Joe reportedly has some fears of his own.

“Joe is terrified that she and the kids won’t come with him if he’s deported.”

Anybody else’s first thought: Well why would they?

Teresa’s joked about Italy being beautiful anyway (it really is), but vacationing somewhere is very different from living in a different culture, immersed in another language.

Besides, Teresa might not exactly be motivated to pack up her entire life for Joe.

“Teresa said she still hasn’t forgiven him for this whole mess!”

The fact of the matter is that no relationship lasts forever. You either break up or you die.

And there have been some indicators, including cheating rumors, that suggest that Teresa and Joe’s union won’t end in death.

“Teresa and Joe’s marriage is not as it once was. They’re both changed people.”

That happens over time. Especially when something dramatic, like both serving prison time, happens.

“Both of them have grown so if he must go Teresa doesn’t think she’s going with him. At least not how she feels today.”

Honestly, Teresa has to think of more than just herself.

Together, the couple has four children: Gia, Gabriella, Milania (an awkward name to have these days), and Audriana.

Does she really want her children to live in Italy? Or does she want for them to live their birthright as American citizens?

Joe might have to go to Italy, but he doesn’t need to drag his children there with him.


Mohamed Jbali: Getting Deported?!

It looks like the proverbial mountain will come to Mohamed Jbali.

Unfortunately for him, by "mountain," we mean the folks at US Customs and Immigration Enforcement. In the video below, Mohamed says that they've opened an investigation into him after some very important forms that he sent in vanished in the mail.

Danielle Mullins must be feeling pretty chipper right about now. Mohamed … not so much.

So, like half of the stars of 90 Day Fiance, Mohamed Jbali is not originally from the United States.

He comes from Tunis, Tunisia — and he came to the US to marry Danielle Mullins.

If you're wondering how well that worked out … they're no longer married, and Danielle is suing Mohamed for money that she says that she spent on him.

But it's pretty clear that, in addition to her desire to recoup lost finances, Danielle wants to punish Mohamed for only having sex with her once during their relationship — to consummate their marriage.

Mohamed's refusal to have sex with Danielle was a huge point of contention for her. As was her belief that he was cheating on her.

In turn, Mohamed accused Danielle of misusing his money and identity, of having lied about her criminal background, and of having a foul body odor that he believed required a doctor's attention.

It was, overall, a toxic relationship.

So much so that Danielle Mullins initially sought an annulment instead of a divorce, because she hoped that an annulment would neutralize Mohamed's legal residency (effectively revoking his Green Card) and get him sent back to Tunisia.

That seems to clearly be more about spite than anything else.

So, despite being so over 90 Day Fiance and its various spinoffs, Mohamed Jbali still has a multitude of fans (and haters) who follow him on social media for updates on his life.

Recently, he asked fans for advise about his upcoming move to Texas. He's been talking about that a lot on his Instagram videos, actually. He seems to be really excited about it.

Unfortunately, fate seems to have thrown a wrench into Mohamed's plans, as he explains:

"Since I came to the States three years ago — over three years ago, I used the Post Office services for, like, maybe over 50 times."

That's more times than I've used it in my adult life. Easily.

"Over, even, a lot — so many times. I never, ever used the insurance when I’m sending something."

That's a foreboding way to begin a story.

"This time, I was trying to send an application to the Immigration so I can get the condition removed from my green card and get the ten-year green card. Guess what happened?"

We can guess.

"They lost the file! I never sent anything with the post office and got lost. This time, when I used the insurance — and this was an overnight mail — they lost my application. Now they’ve started an investigation."

In comments as he responded to fan feedback, he did mention that something similar had happened before related to his Green Card, so maybe his track record with the USPS isn't so great.

In case you're unfamiliar with the particulars of the K-1 visa process, basically Mohammed's residency is conditional at the moment.

After two years, he needs to apply to make his Green Card no longer conditional, and his legal residency extended to 10 years.

(Seriously, folks — on top of all of the rigorous vetting that every immigrant experiences, they also have mountain after mountain of paperwork to go through)

Mohamed made a follow-up post, about how he had interacted with a post office manager.

It did not go well, and he reported that the manager became toxic.

(Mohamed himself isn't always the friendliest guy, let's be honest, so we'd be willing to believe that there were problems on both sides … but clearly this is a matter of considerable importance for Mohamed. His whole life hinges upon that one lost envelope, you know?)

Some fans and commenters suggested that perhaps this was a conspiracy against Mohamed on the part of some postal worker who recognized his fame and decided to sabotage his attempts to send in letters.

Mohamed said that he didn't think so — which is pretty reasonable. He's a reality star but he's not, you know, that famous.

Hopefully he'll be able to get things sorted out and go through with his move to Texas. It will be very interesting to see him start a new life in the Lone Star state.

If things don't work out, well … we guess that Danielle Mullins will have gotten her wish.

In the video below, though, you can hear how distressed he is. You almost can't help but feel for the guy.

Mohamed jbali getting deported