Derick Dillard Throws Major Shade at TLC and Jim Bob Duggar!

Hard to believe, but it’s been almost a full year since Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On.

Fans are mostly of the opinion that the show is better off without D-Dill, though that might have less to do with his camera presence and more to do with the reason he was axed from the show.

Back in November of 2017, Derick went on a transphobic tirade against fellow network star Jazz Jennings and was promptly kicked to the curb by his bosses at TLC.

It’s almost like corporations aren’t big on their employees harassing one another on social media. Weird.

Anyway, Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, quit the show as a gesture of solidarity, and now the Dillard clan has no real ties to the show that made them famous.

For a while, it looked as though the Jill and Derick were hoping to be invited back to the show, but now it seems they’ve come to terms with the fact that that’s never gonna happen.

Derick is attending law school; Jill is working as a midwife (despite a lack of proper certification), and it looks like they’ll eventually be able to support their two children without much help from Jim Bob and Michelle.

Despite that, it seems Derick is still harboring some bitterness toward the network that both started ended his television career.

During a recent Twitter Q&A Der even went so far as to accuse TLC execs of interfering with his relationship with his in-laws.

“Do you not attend events they film if possible (like Lauren/Josiah’s tea party) or do they just edit around you?” one fan asked.

“TLC is probably not going to invite us if they don’t want us there,” Dillard replied.

Yes, Derick seems to be suggesting that it’s the network — not the Duggars themselves — who decide the guest list for their family events.

Obviously, this is his way of trash-talking not only TLC, but also his father-in-law.

Jim Bob has repeatedly claimed that despite the massive debt his family owes the network, he retains full autonomy on the Duggar compound.

Derick’s claim that it’s TLC who execs that decide who to invite to family functions pokes a major hole in that idea.

Of course, this is Derick’s M.O.

He throws a little bit of shade and — unless his target is someone as vulnerable as a teenage girl — he then turns tail and refuses to answer any follow-up questions.

Derick seems to live in a fantasy world of his own device, in which his famous father-in-law is an ineffectual nobody, and the decision to leave a cushy reality show gig was his and his alone.

“We were going in a different direction as a family and decided to stop doing filming,” Dillard once claimed in an interview.

“Thank you; we hope you are encouraged in some way by our journey, especially our reliance upon our savior, Jesus Christ.”

Mind you, we know for a fact that Derick was fired, but he’s so used to fans believing everything he says that he has no problem tossing out whatever BS pops into his head.

It’s an interesting and surprisingly effective strategy.

So clearly, the guy has learned a thing or two about public relations and cult mentality in his years as Jim Bob’s son-in-law.


Derick Dillard Lashes Out After Jazz Jennings Rebuffs Anti-Trans Attacks

Former Counting On star Derick Dillard seems unable to stop his bigoted social media attacks on trans teen TV star Jazz Jennings.

Fortunately, Jazz doesn’t care what Derick thinks, which is what the kids call a big mood.

But even though Jazz is doing her level best to ignore his hate, Derick is firing back and doubling down on his claim that Jazz’s very existence is some form of child abuse.

Derick Dillard still doesn’t have a job, and some wonder if that might be why he has so much extra time to tweet hateful things about Jazz Jennings and the trans community.

In a recent interview, Jazz, who underwent gender confirmation surgery known as bottom surgery in June, said that she has a don’t-feed-the-trolls approach to Derick’s vitriolic tweets.

She says that he’s just trying to elicit a reaction, and that she’s not going to give him what he wants.

A Twitter account that appears to primarily exist to attempt to engage with various celebrities asked Derick if he has a response.

Derick, seemingly thirsty for the attention, was only too happy to reply.

“I just speak out against child abuse, and especially those who promote it, because it’s the right thing to do,” Derick claims in a tweet.

“It’s just absolutely awful,” he has decided. “And should not be celebrated.”

Obviously, parents supporting their trans children are doing the literal opposite of child abuse.

But if you think that it’s hypocritical for a member of the extended Duggar family to make Derick’s statement, you’re not alone.

Fans laid into Derick on the subject of child abuse.

Fans had some serious questions for Derick.

“Do you think blanket training is child abuse?” asked on person on Twitter.

Blanket training, a practice of teaching months-old babies to obey their parents by using pain and fear, is advocated by Michael and Debi Pearl.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are tied to this abusive practice.

“You should speak out against Michael and Debi Pearl. Children have actually died at the hands of parents upholding the Pearls view of ‘child rearing.’ That’s child abuse,” says another tweet.

“Teaching parents how to physically abuse infants and children,” the tweet continues. “Speak out against them.”

But the practice of hitting babies to break their will at a young age isn’t the only child abuse scandal in the Duggar family.

“You seemed to have no problem appearing on a TV show of a family that forced their sexually abused daughters to appear on Fox News,” accused another tweet.

The tweet went on that the girls were forced “to say that none of them even knew what their brother was doing to them because they were all asleep, when the police report told a different story.”

Another tweet also brought up Josh Duggar, asking: “So, when are u gonna speak up about your in laws promoting child abuse by protecting ypur brother in law?”

That tweet continued: “Or does that not matter because they believe in God? You’re a hypocrite and a hateful man. You don’t get to hide behind god as a way of disguising that.”

Child abuse is an extremely upsetting subject. Countless children every day live in fear of a family member or supposed “caregiver.” The world does not do enough to protect its children. 

Fortunately, Jazz, who will be 18 on October 6, 2018, has a loving and supportive family who have cheered her on as a girl and as an advocate.

We only wish that more transgender children received love and support instead of responses like Derick’s.

While Derick’s anti-trans attacks on Jazz saw him booted off of Counting On, the good folks over at The Ashley note that I Am Jazz begins airing its fifth season in 2019.

It sounds like she’s right to ignore Derick’s social media vitriol. She doesn’t need it to stay relevant — but he does.


Jill Duggar: Derick Dillard Doesn’t Have a Job and He Kind of Sucks, But I Still Love Him!

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, what a couple, right?

And we don’t mean that in a good way.

Jill’s all right for the most part, we guess, but Derick … that’s where the trouble lies.

Because Derick is the worst.

He’s homophobic, and he also has a bizarre, disturbing fascination with Jazz Jennings, a lovely child with her own TLC show who also happens to be transgender.

At this point, we can’t even count how many times he’s talked about Jazz — who, again, is a child — in cruel, hateful ways.

He got so obsessed with insulting her that TLC fired him and Jill from Counting On last year.

And yes, Derick will swear up and down that they weren’t fired, he just decided their family needed to quit the show, but … come on.

If all of that wasn’t enough to prove his awfulness, he also attacked survivors of the Parkland school shooting more than once, because they were a little too liberal for his taste.

That’s what his problem boils down to, essentially: he’s extremely conservative, but in the dumbest, most offensive way possible.

Another thing about Derick is that he doesn’t seem to work, but whenever anyone brings it up, he’s quick to tell everyone that he has a job, thank you very much.

Except he’ll never say exactly what that job is.

A funny thing happened last month, though, and that funny thing is that Derick began attending law school.

He seems to be really into the whole thing, which is good — if he ends up being a lawyer, he could probably stop asking Duggar fans for money.

But in a new post she made on Instagram, Jill is still acting like he has a job.

Let it go already, guys.

Along with the above photo, she wrote “Love this man! He gets up early to head out before traffic gets bad, works all day, then comes home after most people and puts more energy to invest in our boys and me!”

“You’re still my fave!”

She added nauseating hashtags like “forever mine,” “man of my dreams,” “you’ve got my heart,” and “I’m so in love,” and “grateful wifey,” because she loves him, OK?

Here’s the problem.

They’ve both been so weird for so long about Derick working, and so defensive whenever anyone says he’s unemployed.

If he stays home to take care of the kids, that’s fine, you know? If they’re living off Duggar money, it’s all right.

But even though Derick is in law school, and even though he’s flat out said that these days, he’s either sleeping, in class, or in his school’s library, Jill’s still going on about how he “works all day.”

Yeah, law school is hard work, we imagine, but we all know what’s happening here.

And her Instagram follwers were quick to call her out.

Several of them asked if he was working, and one straight out told her “He doesn’t work though.”

“Full time college is not a job!” another explained. “Does it pay him? No.”

“His ‘job’ is law school,” someone else wrote, “and their only source of income is the excessive **link in bio** posts. He’s not remarkable in the slightest.”

For another explanation, one person theorized that “Jill uses ‘working’ to describe anytime Derick steps over the threshold into the world.”

Hilariously, another of Jill’s followers said that “She is so desperate for him to look good, you’d think he discovered penicillin.”

Like we said, it’s great that Derick is setting himself up for a good career by going to law school, and we’re sure it is hard work.

But why is it so insanely difficult for anyone in this family to admit that the man is unemployed?


Jazz Jennings Dismisses Derick Dillard: Who Cares What He Says?

Jazz Jennings is still taking the high road when it comes to Derick Dillard.

But the transgender reality star has stepped out of her figurative car for a few minutes and talked more at length than usual about the disgraced former TLC personality.

Dillard has basically been engaged in a one-sided feud with Jennings for over a year now.

In the summer of 2017, he jumped on Twitter to slam the lead of I Am Jazz for the way in which she lives, writing on his social media account that gender is not "fluid" and that the concept of being transgender is a "myth."

He went on to write some other horrible stuff about Jennings (as chronicled below) and then got canned by TLC.

Jennings has said little about this close-minded bigot, but opened up a bit to Us Weekly on Thursday, September 20.

Below, we recount what she said and how she got to this point with Dillard, who really does suck so very very much…

1. This is What Dillard Tweeted in August 2017:

This is what dillard tweeted in august 2017

2. This is the Way in Which Jazz Took the High Road Back Then:

This is the way in which jazz took the high road back then

3. Huh? What Did I Say?

Huh what did i say
Dillard then tried to play it all cool and coy, referring to Jazz as a “him” and saying there was nothing personal in his attack.

4. Fast Forward a Few Months And…

Fast forward a few months and
… Dillard was at it again, saying he pitied Jennings, who most certainly is not asking for pity and sees no reason why she would need any.

5. See, I Actually Care About Him, You Guys!

See i actually care about him you guys
It’s “her,” you condescending mother-effer!

6. You’re Fired!

Derick dillard in class
Four days after writing this Tweet, Dillard was fired by TLC.

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Derick Dillard Makes Jill Duggar Sit Through Law School Class, Calls It a Date

Most people have been on a horrendous date or two in their lives.

Maybe the guy conveniently left his wallet at home, or you made reservations at a steakhouse before finding out your date’s a vegetarian.

But no matter how many boring or awkward nights you’ve been forced to endure, you can probably say that no one ever forced you to find a babysitter just so you can sit next to them during a class or tort reform or some similarly boring BS.

The photo above was posted on Derick Dillard’s Instagram page on Wednesday.

He captioned the pic:

“Glad my favorite study buddy @jillmdillard was able to come to class yesterday! You’ve gotta find alone time (no kids) whenever you can! Thanks @jessaseewald for babysitting!”

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family


Yes, Derick Dillard is in law school these days, and since men of the Duggar clan don’t do anything without the help of their women, he apparently brings Jill to class with him.

Because every harried stay-at-home mom who homeschools her kids dreams of getting a night off so that she can sit there and take notes for her husband.

Commenters on the pic were understandably curious as to why in the hell Derick would drag Jill along on such an incredibly lame “date.”

The most likely answer, of course, is that Jesus instructed him to bore the hell out of his wife.

As you may recall Derick has claimed that God wants him to go to law school.

Presumably, this is so that he can fight for school children to be taught that the Earth is 6,000 years old and Jesus invented the AR-15 while feeding his brontosaurus.

Anyway, Duggar men are taught from a young age that God wants them to be obscenely wealthy and if they’re faithful enough, he’ll set them on the path to fame and fortune.

(Kind of goes against the many passages in the Bible in which Jesus condemns those who amass large amounts of wealth, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

Conversely, Duggar women are told that their role in life is to be submissive and do as they’re told.

Their purpose on this planet, according to the Duggars’ brand of fundamentalism, is to help their husbands get rich.

And so, if Derick wants Jill to help him take notes in class, she would likely see that as her divinely-ordained duty.

So we guess that her date nights will look a lot like this for the next few years.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to hold onto that fake smile.


Jill Duggar Teaches Kids “God’s Plan For Sex” Education, Makes Derick Proud

Jill Duggar is under fire yet again, this time for teaching her young kids sex education, and for the material she’s chosen to do so.

Despite being fired from Counting On, Jill and husband Derick Dillard have stayed in the spotlight thanks to their social media presence.

Even Jim Bob wishes they wouldn’t.

The latest controversy involving the Family Dillard echoes, albeit less drastically, some of the views that led to TLC firing them.

As you can see below, Jill shared a picture on Instagram of the cover of a book that she’s reading to her two young children.

Her sons are 3 and 1, respectively.

Reading to little kids before they can fully comprehend the material is something we all do, but the book here is “The Story of Me.”

The Story of Me

This publication appears to be a sex-education book designed with young children in mind … and a very Duggar one at that.

“Want to teach your kids about the [birds] and the [bees] before someone else does, but you don’t know where to start?” Jill asks.

“Someone [told us] about these books (4 book set) and we love them! Learn more on our *resources page* on our website!” 

Naturally, Jill is shilling for the book as some kind of promotional endeavor, but for once, that’s not where some fans have a problem.

Story of Me

The cover, which boasts the fact that it’s a Christian Book Award winner, proclaims that it will teach us “God’s Design for Sex.” 

The book’s description: “It’s never too early to begin giving your child a practical understanding of his or her unique, beautiful body.”

Nothing too polarizing there. But …

It also explains “why God designed it (your body) to be exactly the way it is.” A thinly-veiled dig at the transgender community?

Maybe not so veiled at all.

It discusses “the specialness of being made a boy or a girl” and “why God wants each baby to have a mommy and a daddy.”

Naturally, fans used to Derick’s social media rants against gay marriage and various transgender stars weren’t too surprised.

Derick has notably gone off on TLC’s Jazz Jennings, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and the cast of Lost in Transition.

With this context, it’s no surprise that the couple’s surprising sex ed endeavors reopened old wounds with fresh criticism.

Hopefully, impressionable Israel and Sam get a lot out of the “proper names” and “realistic illustrations” of their anatomy.

It’s God’s design, after all.

The wisdom of teaching kids about intimacy at such a young age is debatable in and of itself, but these are the Dillards.

When it comes to indoctrinating the next transphobic and homophobic generation, you might as well start ‘em young?


Derick Dillard: Yep, I’m Going to Law School!

Remember how we told you that Derick Dillard thinks that God wants him to go to law school?

At the time, that was based upon some leaked information. But now, it’s official. Derick has announced that he’s going to become an attorney.

So, we’ll ask again: do you want this guy as your lawyer?

On Instagram, Jill Dillard wrote “Exciting announcement!”

She linked to the family website, where she shared the news.

“We are excited,” they wrote. “To announce our future plans!”

Fans should be excited, too — because Jill and Derick won’t be begging them for more cash to fund their mission work.

“We will be remaining stateside for now,” they reveal.

They go on to write that they’ll be remaining in the U.S. “as Derick is beginning law school at the University of Arkansas.”

Though this news broke about a month ago thanks to some cyber sleuths, this is the first that Derick and Jill have announced it.

“We look forward,” the message continues. “To seeing how God will continue to direct our family in this new chapter of life!”

Since they’re not asking fans to fund his newfound interest in the law, it is widely believed that Derick may be paying the $ 16,000 per year law school tuition.

A few fans have also suggested that perhaps Derick has found some ultra-conservative groups to fund his education, but that’s purely speculation.

Instagram commenters met this news with … mixed responses.

“Good luck derek,” one wrote. “If u don’t anything nice to say, then don’t say it.”

That sentiment came up a lot — but also got shot down by people who say that Derick himself does not live by any such creed.

“I highly doubt he would turn away a gay client,” one commenter asserted. “Just because someone identifies as Christian, does not mean they are homophobic.”

That’s absolutely true — but Derick’s own views towards the LGBTQ+ community are infamous.

“You see nothing wrong with Derick’s actions and words?!” one commenter asked another. “I bet if Jazz was your family member you would feel differently!!”

Not every comment was political! Some commenters were, well, a little hornier than you’d expect.

“He looks more handsome all dressed up,” wrote one thirsty followers. “However that time when his hair was so long he did look good too.”

But yes, a lot of the comments were arguments.

One person suggested that the country needed more attorneys in order to defend religious liberties.

“There is a separation of church and state in this country that needs to remain intact,” another commenter responded. 

“By your logic,” they continued. “Then the need for more Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc., lawyers are needed as well. And just so you know, I’m a Christian minister.”

“Regardless of the motive behind it,” wrote another. “What Derrick did was blatant, unprovoked, hateful bullying.”

That same commenter continued: “Just because he’s a man of god does not make him better or smarter or put him in a position to tell others how to live their life.”

Religious discourse can be very interesting on its own, but it shows the anxieties that Derick and Jill’s followers have. 

What sort of attorney would Derick be? Not, one imagines, a civil rights attorney.

Many believe that he’s just setting the stage for an attempt at a political career.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to Derick Dillard: Stop Being So Homophobic!

By now, we’re all very familiar with the very strict courting rules that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar apply to all their children.

No kissing before marriage. No public displays of affection at all. No revealing outfits. And so on and so forth.

But a new report also indicates that the couple is trying to impose a pretty simple rule on son-in-law Derick Dillard, and it goes something like this:


According to Radar Online, it’s not necessarily that Jim Bob and Michelle disagree with many of Dillard’s most controversial opinions…

… it’s that he voices these opinions on social media and makes everyone associated with him look terrible as a result.

“Everything that Derick has said has caused the family bad press,” says a Radar insider.

The whole Duggar family, especially the famous matriarch and patriarch, are now “pissed off” about it, this source continued.

Dillard’s run of open intolerance started about a year ago when he constantly dragged transgender reality star Jazz Jennings on Twitter.

His comments have included how bring “‘transgender is a myth,” and that “gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

Despite Jennings never really responding to these offensive remarks and always taking the high road when asked about Dillard, Derick has continued with the attacks.

In response to Jazz undergoing gender confirmation surgery, for example, Dillard blasted this procedure as a form of child abuse.

TLC fired Derick months ago for being a bigoted jerk and relatives such as Jeremy Vuolo have seemingly hurled shade in his direction as well.

Most recently, Dillard offers online praise to a baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake.

The Radar Online insider says that Dillard’s in-laws have attempted to respect the fact that Derick is married to Jill, but they have decided to confront him because “they don’t like what he is doing.”

It’s one thing to simply possess the views espoused by Dillard.

It’s another to drag his relatives down with him as he publicizes each and every one of them.

Derick Dillard and Jazz Jennings

The source explains to Radar that the Duggars are concerned about “what he says and how he says it.”

And this message has possibly gotten across because Dillard has made his Twitter account private, while tampering down his most controversial of takes of late.

We have no doubt he’s still hugely homophobic, but he’s seemingly realized that it’s been causing him personal and professional distress to shout this fact from the virtual rooftops.

Maybe if he can learn that fact, he can someday learn those in the LGBT community are just regular people and that one’s sexual preference has nothing to do with what type of person one is and…

… sorry, nevermind.

There’s a better chance of Jim Bob and Michelle encouraging their kids to engage in premarital sex than there is of this happening.

Dillard married Jill Duggar on June 21, 2014.

The couple are parents to a three-year old son named Israel and a one-year old son named Samuel.

We hear that he may soon start attending law school in Arkansas, which would be an interesting move for him, huh?

Anyway, the guy is close-minded and ignorant and sucks a lot.

Anyone care to disagree?


Jeremy Vuolo: Throwing Shade at Derick Dillard on Twitter?!

Just last month, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first child.

In the weeks since, the happy couple has been doting on their daughter and gushing about little Felicity every chance they get.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not making time for the truly important things, like roasting Derick Dillard’s dumb ass on social media.

A little backstory is required in order to fully understand why Jeremy’s seemingly innocent tweet from Monday night is being widely interpreted as anti-Dillard shade.

As you probably know, Derick was fired from Counting On after unapologetically sharing his bigoted views with the world on Twitter.

And it’s not just his former bosses who have taken issue with D-Dill’s big mouth.

There have been rumors that several members of the extended Duggar clan want nothing to do with Derick.

And reports of a feud between Vuolo and Dillard have been especially common in recent weeks.

“Jinger and I are so grateful to TLC for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with all of you!” Jeremy wrote on Twitter before Monday’s Counting On season premiere.

“Tune in this Monday night — July 30th, 9/8C — for the new season of #CountingOn.”

Sounds innocent enough, but it’s not hard to see why many Duggar-watchers took the remark as an extremely subtle jab at Derick.

“Some Dillard shade,” wrote one fan.

Another echoed the sentiment with a reluctant shoutout to Jeremy:

“He’s good at throwing shade in a fundie acceptable way,” the viewer commented.

“I don’t like him, but damn if it ain’t entertaining.”

Dillard has made his distaste for his former home network abundantly clear in the months since he was unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

He was fired for attacking fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings, and he’s since accused network execs of espousing values that run counter to everything the Duggars stand for.

In that context, it’s a bit easier to see how Jeremy’s public praise for the same folks who gave Derick the ax could as smack talk.

Of course, the big question now is — will Derick respond? 

We sure hope so.

We could really go for a heated Duggar feud.


Derick Dillard: God Wants Me to Go to Law School!

Fans have roasted Derick Dillard for everything from begging for money from fans to his vitriolic attacks on trans teen Jazz Jennings, the latter of which got him fired.

Now, Derick is trying to make himself respectable — even in the secular world.

Folks, Derick is headed to law school. Do you want this dude as your attorney?

Are you one of the cyber sleuths who noticed that Derick has been following a series of new Twitter accounts lately?

If not, you’re probably better off. He’s been following Twitter accounts related to the LSAT and the Bar Exam. Which, normally, a person only does if they want to become a lawyer.

A Facebook page (we would not characterize it as a fan site) called Duggar Family News made the announcement.

“Derick will be attending The School of Law at the University of Arkansas this fall,” the post reveals.

Their page has been a pretty reliable source of info on the Duggars. Coupled with Derick’s Twitter activities, it’s pretty convincing.

“Derick is giving up missioning,” the page continues. “Whatever he did at Cross Church, and God, to attend a secular law school.”

Obviously, the bit about giving up his faith is hyperbolic.

“The cost of law school is $ 16,000 a year,” the page continues. “Which I assume either Jim Bob is paying for …”

“Or,” the post hypothesizes. “He’s got some conservative evangelical group paying his way in hopes that if Derick actually becomes a lawyer he will be forced to work for their causes.”

The post suggests that those causes might include “overturning all equal rights laws that greatly benefit deserving human beings.

That does sound kind of harsh but, given Derick Dillard’s track record, it sounds like something that he would be interested in doing.

The page openly asks: “Can Derick make it through the rigors of law school?”

“The idiot,” the post continues. “Couldn’t learn Spanish after one-on-one tutoring and living in a Spanish speaking country!”

Attaining true, convincing fluency takes a lot of work. But a lot of people were disappointed by Derick’s lack of progress.

“He can’t follow simple rules when it comes to posting copyright images or running a fundraiser page,” the post observes.

To be entirely fair, a lot of celebrities seem confused about that. Perhaps attending law school will make him more mindful.

“Derick,” the post continues. “Lives in a bubble of false news and facts which will be put to the test when secular law professors get their hands on him.”

Sadly, real life law school professors are rarely as exciting as they are on How To Get Away With Murder.

“My bet,” the post writes. “Is that he lasts almost a year and then suddenly gets another calling from God.”

“Next year,” the page predicts. “He’ll be working as a clerk at Walmart.”

Duggar Family News might be a great page for leaked info, but we don’t know that we share their vision for the future.

Law school may be secular, but there are a number of religious angles for a practising attorney.

One, of course, is that some larger churches and religious organizations need lawyers. They can help with everything from major lawsuits to making simple arrangements.

Another, as the Facebook page suggests, is that Derick might — perhaps of his own volition — work hard to combat any progress made for equal rights for certain groups.

Remember, Derick Dillard says to not make cakes for gay couples. He also claims that accepting transgender children for who they are is “child abuse.”

There is another possibility. Depending upon how you feel about Derick, this could be worse.

For some, attending law school and even becoming a lawyer is just a means to an end — that end being a serious political career.