Prince Fans Destroy Justin Timberlake for Halftime “Tribute”

Justin Timberlake performed a medley of his most beloved hits at halftime of Super Bowl 52.

Did you catch the dance-filled act?

Relive it HERE if not.

The 13-plus minute performance featured Timberlake belting out such hits as "Can't Stop This Feeling" and "Gone," but the focus a day later is on the minute or two during which he sat at a piano and played a cover of Prince's "I Would Die 4 U."

What a nice tribute to the late musician, who made his home in the Super Bowl host city of Minnesota, right?

WRONG, many Prince fans are now saying. So very, very, very, VERY wrong.

Scroll down and all around to find out why: 

1. May He Rest in Peace

May he rest in peace
Prince, of course, died in April of 2016. He was famous for his Minneosta mansion and he performed at halftime of the Super Bowl in 2007, leaving many to assume Timberlake would cover a song of his this year.


No hologram jt
A song would have been great, but this is where the controversy started, with talk that Timberlake would sing alongside a Prince hologram during his act. Many years ago, Prince said the following about the use of such a device: “That’s the most demonic thing imaginable. Everything is as it is, and it should be. If I was meant to jam with Duke Ellington, we would have lived in the same age. That whole virtual reality thing… it really is demonic. And I am not a demon.”

3. Easy, Folks

Easy folks
Long-time Prince friend Shiela E. said prior to the show that rumors of Timberlake using a hologram were false. She assured everyone this would NOT take place.

4. Okay, Phew

Okay phew
Social media users felt a lot better after reading the message.

5. And She Was Sort of Right

And she was sort of right
Check out the above photo. It’s not a hologram. It’s just a projection of Prince of a giant screen. But try parsing that difference to loyal Prince supporters, who were far from happy about Timberlake’s stunt.

6. Did This Count as a Hologram?

Did this count as a hologram
Yes, it might as well have in the eyes of critics who took to Twitter and blasted Timberlake.

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Hannity Fans Destroy Coffee Makers, Urge Nation to #BoycottKeurig

As previously reported, Roy Moore has been accused of child molestation.

The Alabama Senate candidate reportedly made sexual advances toward a 14-year old back when he was 32 years old.

The Washington Post spoke to 30 sources for this bombshell story and has stood by every detail, despite threats of a lawsuit from Moore and a few harsh words from his supporters.

One of those supporters, of course, is Sean Hannity.

The Fox News host has gone to extreme lengths to attempt and explain why Moore's alleged actions really aren't a big deal, much to the shock and outrage of those who do think pedophilia ought to disqualify one from public office.

In response to Hannity's support for Moore, Keurig is among the companies that has stopped advertising on the conservative host's talk show.

And, as you're about to find out, loyal Hannity viewers have certain feelings about this decision…

1. Excuse Us, Keurig?

Excuse us keurig
The official Twitter account for this coffee maching responded to a concerned user by saying it has pulled its support for Hannity.

2. And From There?

And from there
Well, the #MAGA floodgates opened wide, with various Fox News viewers finding unique ways to destroy their Keurig machines over the Internet.

3. Pulling an Office Space

Pulling an office space
If you haven’t seen Office Space… what is wrong with you?!? Go rent Office Space! Also, this means the guy is about to use a hammer and other tools to break his Keurig into many pieces.

4. A Couple Quick Points to Make:

A couple quick points to make
1. LOL. No liberal is “offended” by the destruction of a Keurig. 2. You can’t boycott a product you already purchased.

5. Deplorables Unite!

Deplorables unite
It will be ironic when these people are too tired to go vote in the 2018 mid-term elections.

6. Liberals are SO Offended

Liberals are so offended
Or… you know, not.

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This Kanye West Video Could Destroy His Marriage!

How is this for irony:

A certain amateur porn video turned Kim Kardashian into an A-List superstar, which eventually enabled her to meet and then marry Kanye West.

Now, however, a different video is threatening to destroy this famous marriage… while simultaneously causing untold damage to West’s music career.

Back in November, Kanye was hospitalized for nine days after he suffered some kind of breakdown.

According to various insiders, West was hanging out with his personal trainer when he flipped out, berating the trainer for no apparent reason.

The superstar didn’t turn violent, reports at the time stated, but a doctor explained that Kanye was suffering from psychosis due to severe exhaustion and dehydration when this incident took place.

Not much else is really known about what transpired and no one else is really talking about it.

Neither Kim nor Kanye nor anyone in their family has come forward with a straightforward explanation of what happened.

But Star Magazine now alleges we may all find out – via a bombshell first-hand account!

The tabloid writes that “20 hours of explosive footage” exists which features Kanye “in the days before his breakdown and subsequent hospitalization” last year.

What might happen if this footage gets leaked?

Based on emails between West’s attorneys and his tour insurers, the troubled rapper’s team confessed that, if seen by the public, these videos could “hurt his career” and “more importantly, destroy his marriage.” 

In a mediation statement sent on April 18, 2017, Kanye’s attorney said underwriters’ lawyers’ were permitted “to view more than 20 hours of video taken of Kanye during the four days leading up to his hospitalization, which graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown.”

This statement was sent three months before West filed a $ 10 million lawsuit against insurance company Lloyd’s of London for supposedly refusing to pay claims stemming from his canceled tour.

However, West refused to deliver a physical copy of the videos to the Lloyd’s of London’s U.K. headquarters.

And Kanye’s lawyer explains why:

“For fear that a public release, intentionally or inadvertently, might hurt his career and, more importantly, destroy his marriage.”

So there you go.

We don’t know for certain what is on these tapes, but it sounds like the material may be very damaging.

We’ll keep readers apprised if or when we learn more and if or when we hear that the videos may hit the Internet.