Ariana Grande DESTROYS the Claim that She Caused Mac Miller’s DUI

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller split after almost a year of dating.

About a week later, Mac Miller was arrested for a DUI hit-and-run. That’s no laughing matter.

When a fan took to Twitter to accuse Ariana of being somehow at fault for Mac’s troubles, Ariana shut that down in the best way.

Following Ariana Grande’s powerful BMA’s performance, she’s been a topic of conversation — even more than usual.

Someone on Twitter apparently needed to get some thoughts about Ariana off of their chest, and on Monday, tweeted:

“Mac Miller totalling his G wagon and getting a DUI after Ariana Grande dumped him for another dude …”

We should interject here that this is referring to Ariana’s reported “very new” relationship with Pete Davidson, to which we referred on the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing.

“… After he poured his heart out on a ten song album to her called the divine feminine is just the most heartbreaking thing happening in Hollywood.”

Really? He couldn’t think of anything more heartbreaking than that happening in Hollywood?

fan tries to shame Ariana Grande

Ariana clapped back, hard. As one Twitter user phrased it: “ARIANA! HAD! TIME!” Because she is not mincing words.

“How absurd that you minimize female self-respect and self-worth by saying someone should stay in a toxic relationship because he wrote an album about them.”

She also takes the time to correct a misconception, though of course no amount of art obligates someone to stay in a relationship.

“Which btw isn’t the case (just Cinderella is about me).”

She emphasizes that she was Mac’s girlfriend.

“I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be.”

She was also not his nurse or his therapist.

She says that she’s careda bout his health and well being, starting long before they were dating.

“I have cared for him and tried to support his sobriety and prayed for his balance for years.”

She clarifies that their breakup doesn’t change her desire for him to be happy and healhty.

“(And always will, of course)”

Ariana Grande epic clapback

She continues, however.

“But shaming and blaming women for a man’s inability to keep his s–t together is a very major problem.”

There is so much of that in the world.

“Let’s please stop doing that.”

Keep in mind that some have tried to blame one of the victims for last week’s Sante Fe High School shooting because she rebuffed the shooter’s sexual harassment.

“Of course I didn’t share about how hard or scary it was while it was happening but it was.”

Most people in relationships don’t tell you what it was really like while it’s happening. That absolutely applies to people who are dating people with substance abuse issues.

“I will continue to pray from the bottom of my heart that he figures it all out.”

She is such a sweetheart.

“And that any other woman in this position does as well.”

She ends her epic shutdown with a simple outline of a heart.

Fan apologizes to Ariana Grande

The person who posted the original tweet wrote up a lengthy response, saying:

“I’m really sorry this is something you took the time to read and that upset you enough to make such a thoughtful reply.”

“I know nothing about your relationship and the heartache you both feel.”

“I in no way think you are the cause of Mac’s shortcomings. We all have our demons to keep at bay, and I truly worry about his well being.”

“I am very sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry you feel my tweet stigmatizes women for ending a toxic relationship. That wasn’t my intention at all.”

It’s safe to say that most people who write about a celeb without actually using their Twitter handle or any tags don’t expect an interaction.

When there is a response, it’s usually in the form of a “like” or perhaps a heart emoji, because most people have positive things to say.

There is no way that this person was expecting Ariana to see their post. They weren’t trying to be cruel, they were just placing blame in the wrong place.

And we think that they learned their lesson.

Ariana is such a strong voice and such an inspiration. She’s the hero that this world needs.


Pink DESTROYS Twitter Troll Who Said She Looks Old

Pink is not here to listen to haters, and she has never balked at speaking her mind.

When a troll decided to claim that she looks distractingly old, Pink roasted that troll on Twitter.

But, interestingly, just weeks after being named most beautiful woman in the world, she doesn’t necessarily disagree with the person’s opinion. Take a look:

Someone on the interwebs decided to diss the 38-year-old singer in a tweet … and, in the process, appeared in Pink’s Twitter mentions.

“Wow Pink looks so old that she should be named Purple instead.”

That’s one of those lines that feels like a sick burn unless you think about it … at all.

(Why is purple somehow older than pink? What does this person know about colors that we do not?)

Pink saw this and decided to call out the hater with a tweet of her own.

“You must be from la,” she writes.

Los Angeles has a reputation for an intense preoccupation with certain beauty ideals, including youth and fitness. It’s not just Hollywood, either.

“Well, there are a few people left in the world that choose to age naturally.”

To be clear, natural aging can be fast or slow, depending upon factors like childhood, genetics, sun exposure, becoming a parent, and facial expressions.

Pink continues to roast her hater, writing:

“And I’ve earned every f–king minute of my 38 years.”

She has led and continues to lead a very full life.

Then, she turns the tables.

“How you lookin though?”

She points out that it is easy to ridicule and attack famous people — and that her hater is nothing of the sort.

“Cause I never heard of ya til you put my name in your mouth.”

She decides on a name for the person who decided to ridicule her looks in her own mentions.

“I shall call you little purple troll.”

Pink put up a follow-up tweet for her followers, speaking much more generally.

“I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old.”

Well … I personally would agree that it is a blessing to live a long time. Forever, ideally.

But Pink says that the physical signs of aging are a badge of pride.

“That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laughed a lot.”

It certainly does. In fact, some actors find that their faces age prematurely because they spend every day at work making facial expressions on camera instead of staring into a screen with resting b–chface.

Pink says that she eagerly anticipates new signs of aging.

“I pray I look older in 10 years.”

That sounds like an odd statement coming from anyone over the age of 15, but Pink’s next line may jar your sense of perspective.

“‘Cause that will mean I’m alive.”


Fans cheered her on, with one writing.

“Cant wait to see you when you’re 80.”

They hope that she’ll still be doing shows as an octegenarian in the year 2060.

“And if you’re still doing aerial stunts, all the better.”

Pink responded, delighted.

“You know I will!”

She even has a name in mind.

“I’ll call it ‘the wrinkles and rolls tour.'”

Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about the hideous and agonizing process of aging, with many seeing it as a disease that impacts all humans that, they hope, will one day be cured.

But this story is not really about your stance on wrinkles or other cruel failures of the flesh.

This is a story about not being f–king rude to celebrities on Twitter.

Especially when your tweet will show up in their mentions.

Oh, and especially when it’s Pink, who never hesitates to own pathetic trolls on Twitter.


Khloe Kardashian Destroys Troll Who Claims O.J. Simpson is Her Dad

Now that Khloe has shared the first photos of True, fans are overjoyed to see the cute little one-month-old’s face.

But some are taking a closer look at the sweet little baby. They think that she might be new evidence that Khloe’s real dad is O.J. Simpson.

As you’re about to see, Khloe has actually responded.

Taking to Instagram comments, one person who believes the O.J. paternity conspiracy theory decided that True’s appearance confirms what people have been saying for years.

What’s more, this person decided to write it out where Khloe might potentially see it.

“Her daughter is black which proves that O.J. Simpson is [Khloe’s] dad.”

This comment is followed by a somewhat ambiguous, wide-eyed emoji.

The conspiracy theory that O.J. Simpson was secretly Khloe’s father is not uncommon and has been plaguing her and her family for years.

What makes this comment unusual, however, is that Khloe actually saw fit to respond to it.

Take a look:

Khloe Kardashian on IG about OJ

Khloe actually took the time to respond to this, writing:

“I mean … her dad is black, silly.”

This reply might actually be the funniest think that Khloe has ever said.

“That’s why she’s black, babe.”

Is the message a little condescending?


Is that fair, given the context?


Tristan Thompson is black. True’s grandfather — who is, by the way, Robert Kardashian — is not responsible for her skin tone.

O.J. Simpson was very good friends with Robert Kardashian back before, you know, O.J. was arrested for the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Though Robert was part of the “dream team” that helped O.J. get acquitted, the two were never the same after that.

Kris Jenner, who by this point was already divorced from Robert and married to Caitlyn Jenner back before she publicly transitioned, had been good friends with Nicole.

As Khloe grew to be taller and bigger-boned (literally bigger-boned) than her sisters, some wondered if O.J. had fathered her with his best friend’s wife, long before Nicole Brown’s death.

In reality, of course, Khloe is only 5-foot-10. She only looks “tall” because so many people in her family are comically short. Kendall is her height, too.

O.J. is not Khloe’s dad. And O.J. is not True’s grandpa.

Though Khloe has long been plagued by this rumor, True is not the only Kardashian baby whose skin tone apparently threw fans for a loop.

Earlier this month, some of Kylie’s fans began to believe that Kylie’s hunky bodyguard was her real baby daddy.

Why? Because Stormi’s skin isn’t especially dark, basically. But the real answer was because Kylie living a happy life as a young mother is boring, and a lot of people thirst after her bodyguard.

It seems that some people are confused about interracial babies and their skin tones, so here’s a very, very simple primer.

Mixed babies can have light skin or dark skin, because human genetics are basically self-randomizing. Blame it on meiosis and those pesky spindle fibers.

We know that it’s way more interesting for people to believe that everyone is constantly cheating at all times.

But life isn’t a soap opera. Otherwise, the world would have a lot more doppelgangers.

Only, like, half of all people in relationships are cheating. Just because Tristan did doesn’t mean that Kris or Kylie did, too.

Sometimes, the truth is less interesting than what people like to imagine.

That’s life.

We will say this — that person may have been mocking the theory. That emoji may have been an eyeroll.

Khloe may have slammed the wrong commenter.


Kylie Jenner DESTROYS Claim That Kris Jenner Manages Travis Scott!

Kris Jenner isn’t just a momager — she’s the momager. She’s what all other momagers aspire to be.

But has she taken over managing duties for Travis Scott and Kanye West, now that they’re both part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? One report claims that she has.

Kylie Jenner is taking a break from working on her post-baby body and is speaking out, calling that story a lie.

Complex discussed a report made on Page Six that claimed that Kanye has left long-time manager Izvor “Izzy” Zivkovic on Kris’ orders.

“They’ve been off and on for years.”

“But Kris is in [West’s] ears. Kanye’s been making changes and [he and Zivkovic] have grown apart — but Kris definitely gives her opinion and Kanye’s all ears.”

That’s an interesting claim.

“She’s about brand building and is gangster at it.”

That part is definitely true.

And the same report claims that Kris is responsible for Travis Scott leaving his own manager.

“She also told Travis Scott to fire Mark Gillespie. They are 100 percent part of that Kardashian-Jenner brand.”

Kylie Jenner Shuts Down Rumors

On Wednesday, Kylie quoted a link to Complex‘s article on the subject, and wrote:

“This isn’t true.”

She followed those words with an emoji of a woman facepalming herself.

While we’re sure that Kylie would much rather spend her time ons ocial media uploading more precious photos of Stormi Webster, but she saw a story and just couldn’t keep quiet about its veracity.

There are a lot of rumors that jumble around about the Kardashians that never earn a Kylie comment, but maybe this one just happened across her screen at the right time.

Or maybe she felt particularly defensive because the story featured both her mother and her baby daddy.

Fans replied to Kylie’s tweet, celebrating her shut-down of the story.

“Queen of ending fake rumors,” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter denizen replied to that tweet with: “She makes up for it in fake body parts”


Curiously, another tweeter replied to Kylie’s tweet with a peculiar question.

“How would you know?”

A couple of fans jumped on that immediately, writing:

“Travis Scott is literally her baby daddy and Kanye is Kim’s husband lmfaoo.”

And another added:

“And Kris Jenner is literally her mom”

Other replies were mixed:

“Queen of confronting rumors we stan.”

To stan someone is to support them zealously; one might stan Britney Spears or Kesha, for example. You know, if they have taste.

“In other news how hot is Kris.”

We would never question Kris’ hotness, but this was an odd reply, given the context.

Another Twitter denizen seemed to be pushing a conspiracy theory.

“They made you tweet this s–t so fast!”

We dare not ask who “they” are; it could mean anything from lizard people to George Soros to the Illuminati (or, somehow, all three).

To be clear, Complex merely discussed the report, and even Page Six‘s report was based upon statements from a source. So it’s not like Kylie was accusing Complex itself of making false claims.

That said … some have wondered if it’s possible that this source has the right of it, and Kylie doesn’t know the whole story.

But we find that hard to believe. Kanye is her brother-in-law. Kris is her mom. Travis is her baby daddy.

It seems more likely that Kylie knows exactly why Travis makes his career decisions related to his management.

And she just wanted to clear that up.


Amber Rose Destroys Trolls: My Son’s Not Gay for Loving Taylor Swift!

Amber Rose’s five-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, is one happy, lucky boy. Fans may enjoy Amber Rose in the nude, but Sebastian enjoys that his mother is just a wonderful parent.

Unfortunately, some truly awful commenters have decided to troll Amber, attempting to shame her son for liking Taylor Swift, and speculating that he must be gay.

Amber Rose is clapping back, big-time.

This all came up when Amber decided to share the good news (and her thanks to Taylor) on social media.

As Amber reveals, Taylor Swift personally sent her son a Reputation gift set that included tickets to see her.

Most people would be excited to receive a personalized gift from one of their favorite singers, or tickets to see that singer on tour, or a gift set based on the top-selling album of 2017.

Young Sebastian was absolutely over the moon, which Amber shared with her followers.

Just look at how happy he is!

Unfortunately, she got some nasty trolls who decided that Sebastian liking Taylor Swift’s music is somehow an indicator of his sexuality.

Amber, who has thankfully never shied away from speaking her mind, posted a series of messages to her Instagram story to shut down that kind of thinking.

“Shout-out to all the hyper-masculine men and ignorant dumb-ass women that will call a 5-year-old gay for liking Taylor Swift.”

She is quick to point out that this kind of attitude is pernicious.

“This is why young kids kill themselves. and this is also why our society is so f–ked up.”

And she shoots down the idea that sexuality and music genres are intrinsically linked.

“Liking a certain type of music will not make you ‘pick’ your sexuality, you dumb f–ks.”

Amber Rose message

Amber is, of course, right.

Members of the LGBT+ community may joke about liking certain songs because of their sexuality, but … that is a joke.

In reality, the only reason that certain music genres are tied to sexualities is because toxic masculinity — as displayed by these trolls — discourages a lot of men from embracing the music that they like.

There are plenty of gay men who like Country and Metal, and there are plenty of straight men who love Ariana Grande and Britney Spears for more than how they look on stage.

But some people feel pushed by cultural norms to avoid the music that they enjoy the most.

Amber continued to talk about her wonderful son.

This time, she’s bragging.

“P.S. My son just got accepted into the most prestigious private school in Los Angeles because he’s smart as f–k and creative as f–k like his parents.”

Amber Rose is in that wealth bracket — where choosing a kindergarten is a status symbol and sets someone’s path to success.

(To be fair, there are counties in the U.S. where private schools are a necessary option, and L.A. is generally considered to be one of them)

She talks about what makes Sebastian so exceptional.

“We allow him to be himself. He can listen to whatever music he likes, he can like whatever color he wants, and we let him be passionate about whatever his little heart desires.”

Regardless of your child’s gender, you should never pressure them into preferring certain hairstyles or colors or activities. If your daughter likes truck-ball or whatever and your son wants to take ballet, just figure out how to schedule it for them.

“We don’t make our son live by society norms. That’s why he’s so special. Let’s do better for the next generation, people. Grow the f-ck up and teach your kids to love and not hate.”

That is wonderful advice.

Amber Rose thank you taylor swift

To be clear, Amber Rose is a vocal supporter of the LGBT+ community. She’s not offended by the idea of her son being gay.

“P.S.S. Regardless if he’s gay or straight, when he gets older, he will be around the most amazing, loving people that will support him no matter what.”

And Amber can’t help but remind these trolls that her son’s life is already better than theirs could ever be.

“He also has more money in his bank account than any of you trolls could even imagine. FOH.”

One can’t help but wonder how many of these haters were just jealous of Sebastian’s happy life and wished that he could have a childhood as unhappy and miserable as their own. Some people are like that.

But maybe some of them just really don’t understand sexuality.

Sadly, this isn’t even the first time that Amber has had to deal with this same issue.

One times, because she’s a fun mother who owns a lot of wigs, she let Sebastian don a wig for fun.

As you can imagine, the people who think that any hair longer than a crew cut belongs to girls were up in arms.

Amber clapped back then, too.

“Wow, you people are so smart, huh? Putting on a wig is going to make a baby gay?”

She suggests a hilarious experiment for anyone worried that this is how sexuality works.

“Straight guys, do yourselves a favor: Put on a wig and see if you’re turned on by another man. I’ll wait.”

And she excoriates homophobic women, too.

“And ladies, seriously, grow the f-ck up and educate yourselves. Throw one of your wigs on your boyfriend or your dad. Yay! He’s gay! Oh wait, you’re all just f–king idiots.”

A lot of people are probably wishing that Amber Rose were their mother.


Taraji P. Henson DESTROYS Ryan Seacrest on Red Carpet

There were not many surprises at the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night.

As expected, The Shape of Water won Best Picture and Frances McDormand won Best Actress, for example.

But the real action took place ahead of the annual show, as E! decided to let Ryan Seacrest interview celebrities on the red carpet…

… despite some sexual harassment allegations having been leveled against the omnipresent host.

(A former stylist claims Seacrest made inappropriate remarks at her and took inappropriate actions with her, such as pushing her head toward his crotch at one point.)

Seacrest did not land nearly as many pre-Oscars interviews as normal, with many stars shunning him on the red carpet out of respect for the #MeToo movement.

But Taraji P. Henson did choose to speak to Seacrest.

And she also chose to destroy him on live television.

After being asked a question by Seacrest, Henson smirked at the possibly shady man in front of her and replied:

“The universe has a way of taking care of taking care of good people,” she said, as she touched the E! host on the chin. “You know what I mean?”

Seacrest said that he agreed, while social media unanimously agreed that Henson had just completely torched Seacrest on his very own show.

A few users pointed to Henson giving Seacrest a hug after the interview as proof that they are no hard feelings.

And Henson later told People Magazine, amidst chatter that she dissed Seacrest during their chat, specifically with the way she touched his face:

“I did it to keep his chin up. It’s an awkward position to be in. He’s been cleared but anyone can say anything."

Later, Seacrest addressed the situation on Twitter, writing that he had “nothing but love for his friend” and thanking her for “hanging out with us on the E! Red Carpet.”

Are you buying this, though?

Just watch this exchange!


Taraji p henson destroys ryan seacrest on oscars red carpet

Twitter Destroys New York Times Over Anti-Leggings Rant

In recent years, a lot of people rallied to the New York Times, giving them a level of subscriptions not seen in recent years — largely to spite Donald Trump.

The problem, however, is that the New York Times has … issues, and that's not a newspaper joke. The sorts of content that they promote in their "Opinion" pieces can at times be absolutely horrifying.

Like "Why Yoga Pants Are Bad For Women," an opinion post that decries the wearing of leggings. Plenty of articles have tried to claim that leggings are "not pants" or shouldn't be worn out and about, but this goes a step further by claiming that they shouldn't even be worn while exercising.

Any sensible person knows that telling women how to dress — whether it's to not wear bikinis or to not wear a hijab — is kind of the opposite of women's liberation. The "right way" to dress is however you see fit.

This article, it seems, was not written by a sensible person.

Twitter took notice and got up in arms. 

Women who take yoga or simply have legs objected to the notion that they should let someone else instruct them on what to wear.

1. Here’s the tweet that earned so much ire

Nyt leggings response 01
Even without reading the article, you can see how the author tries to frame the argument as somehow pro-woman.

2. This woman’s ready to talk about wardrobes

Nyt leggings response 02
A lot of armor that women in movies wear is designed to be flattering instead of allow free range of movement. Leggings may be flattering or unflattering, but they don’t restrict you.

3. This tweet hits the nail on the head

Nyt leggings response 03
This kind of thing is bad enough when it comes from men. It’s worse when it comes from another woman.

4. Yoga pants are called yoga pants for a reason

Nyt leggings response 04
Lizard pose is … imagine holding yourself up like you’re doing a push-up. Now imagine bringing up one of your legs so that your knee is more or less at your shoulder and your foot is beside your hands.

5. This is a very accurate synopsis

Nyt leggings response 05
If you don’t like wearing a thing, don’t wear it. It’s so easy! Trying to project that choice onto others is wrong.

6. Athletes took issue with the article

Nyt leggings response 06
Sweatpants just aren’t cut out for the same job. Also, they’re warmer. They’re sweatpants.

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