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Anthony Anderson Drops Diamond in Drain … Ghetto MacGyver to the Rescue!!!

Anthony Anderson really coulda used a Swiss Army Knife after dropping a diamond in a shower drain, but since he dubbed himself “Ghetto MacGyver” … Q-tips, dental floss and a broken comb were all he needed for the mission.

The “Black-ish” star is in Rome, where he perfectly executed “Operation Save Diamond Earring” at the Waldorf Astoria Resort. After his diamond earring went down the drain, he recorded the whole rescue effort.

You gotta watch the video … Anthony was kinda pissed there were no wire hangers in the room to use during the operation — but he made due with everything else he could find in the bathroom.

Anthony said he wanted the whole mission on video just in case it failed — for insurance purposes — but more than anything it’s just entertaining to watch him try to keep a steady hand. Anyone remember playing Operation?  

Anthony captioned the video, “I’m naked, wet and soapy! I did the best I could with two Q tips, a comb and dental floss to save my diamond.” He included #justakidfromcompton #ghettomcgyver #diamondsareforever #adventuresinrome #rome.

Diamonds. They’re not only a girl’s best friend!

Diamond Dallas Page Helps Man Lose 200 Pounds … 100 to Go!!

Exclusive Details

Diamond Dallas Page took a 475-pound man — and nearly cut him in half — helping the guy shed 200 POUNDS … with some help from comic Bert Kreischer

It’s an unbelievable story … Bert — who famously performs without a shirt — has been on a health kick and posted a story on his social media about Vance Hinds, an obese man who wanted help losing weight. 

The pro wrestling legend stepped up and reached out to the 475-pound man … offering to coach him through his patented DDP Yoga program — the same program that Jake “The Snake” Roberts credits with saving his life. 

The results … AMAZING. 

After 365 days, Hinds dropped 198 pounds … and he documented the entire journey on video. 

DDP tells TMZ Sports he couldn’t be more proud of the guy — but the work ain’t done yet. Hinds says he’s gunning to drop another 100 POUNDS with Page’s help. 

Of course, Page is super confident he can hit the goal weight — and if you know anything about DDP, dude doesn’t ever fail.

Derrick Henry Custom Diamond Chains For My OL … After Monster Game

Exclusive Details

Derrick Henry got his O-linemen the ultimate “thank you for blocking for me” present this week … CUSTOM DIAMOND CHAINS, BABY!!!

The former Heisman Trophy winner ran all over the Jaguars a couple weeks ago … trouncing Jacksonville for 238 rushing yards AND four touchdowns.

In fact … dude had 99-yard run in the game that sent the NFL world into a frenzy!!!!

Henry’s yards were the most-ever in Titans history … and his 4 scores tied the franchise mark — so, as a thank you to his O-line for blocking for him … he got them some sick drip this week.

We’re told Henry got the chains — which feature a gold 238 — for all five of the O-linemen who started for the team during the Week 14 romp.

Yeah, we didn’t think it was possible either … but Taylor Lewan‘s wardrobe just got THAT MUCH more swaggy.

Elon Musk ‘Cause You’ve Got Big Balls Enjoy This Diamond Tesla Ring on Me!!!


Elon Musk‘s a visionary with HUGE balls … and that’s why a celeb jeweler’s giving the billionaire this INSANE diamond Tesla ring.

We’re told celeb jeweler Ben Baller designed and made this one-of-a-kind ring worth nearly $ 40k. It’s truly unique … it’s 1 of 1 and custom made for the famous entrepreneur. The ring’s a marvel — it’s solid platinum with custom cut diamond baguettes to spell out T-E-S-L-A.

Ben says the Tesla and SpaceX honcho is an inspiration when it comes to pushing the limits. “We salute you for giving almost 50,000 jobs to Americans and putting USA back on the map as a serious contender in the auto industry.” He adds, “The last successful US car company startup before Tesla was Chrysler and that was 90 years ago.”

As for Elon’s new bling — it features a rare, trillion-cut diamond to emphasize the “T” logo, which is surrounded by round, brilliant white diamonds. Ben says the ring was made in America, just like Elon’s wares.

If it sounds like Ben’s a superfan … he is. He drives a Model X P100D.

He’s impressed Musk kept pushing forward — even after his PayPal success — and “bet it all on Tesla and that takes BIG balls.”

We’re told Elon will get his gift sometime next week.