Dick Vermeil McVay Can Be One Of Best Coaches Ever … I’m In Awe!


Dick Vermeil tells TMZ Sports he’s so impressed with the job Sean McVay‘s doing with the Rams … he says the coach can be one of the greatest of all time.

Dick knows a thing or two about what that takes … he won a Super Bowl in 1999 and is considered a legend among former NFL coaches — and he says the 32-year-old is definitely on his way.

“You know, I think of myself at 32,” Vermeil says … “I think I was just getting ready to go into the NFL about that time … but there’s no way I could have done it.”

McVay’s got the Rams off to a 10-1 start and has Jared Goff and Todd Gurley looking like legitimate MVP candidates.

Vermeil tells us that early success is unprecedented, saying even guys like Bill Walsh and Jim Mora were nowhere near that level at that age.

“I have to give him credit for having, I think, the wherewithal and the potential to become another one of the finest ever.”

Why does Vermeil think Sean’s found so much success so early? Ya gotta hear why he thinks one of McVay’s famous relatives deserves a lot of credit for that.

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Pete Davidson: My Dick Is ALWAYS Hard Around Ariana!

Back in June, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after just a few weeks of dating, but this appears to be one of those matches where they both just knew.

They seem to have similar senses of humor, they're the same age, and they're also both incredibly thirsty for each other. With good reason.

As you'll see in the video that we've included, Pete is sharing some TMI about the effect that Ariana has on him.

Ariana grande on pete davidson

On Thursday, Pete spoke at Auburn University’s Welcome Week, where he answered questions. As you can imagine, Ariana came up.

"What’s it liked being engaged to Ariana?" Pete read aloud before answering the question.

"It’s like what you would think it would be like," Pete says. "But like a 100 times sicker."

They are so cute! He's said in the past that he feels that he doesn't deserve to be engaged to Ariana. Awwww!

"I’m a very, very happy boy," Pete says. "Who is very, very loved."

Ariana grande and pete davidson at the vmas

"And," Pete acknowledges. "I’m very lucky."

He is! But so is Ariana. They're lucky to have found each other and for their timing to have lined up just right.

This was when Pete, being a comedian — who is admittedly an impulsive guy — decided to share a little TMI about the effect that his relationship with his fiancee has on him.

"And," Pete adds. "My dick‘s forever hard."

Well … that is kind of understandable.

Ariana grande thirst trap dance move

Pete obviously does not mean that he suffers from literal priapisms. Those can be dangerous.

But we should of course point out that from what Ariana Grande has said about Pete's impressive dong, he takes after Priapus, the namesake of priapisms.

It's hard to tell whether her "ten inches" quip was serious or not, which is part of the point, but that was the shot heard 'round the world that sparked conversations about "Big Dick Energy."

Ariana took to her Instagram stories to post her review of Pete's chat with Auburn students.

Writing over a mirror selfie in which she sat in his lap, Ariana shared her thoughts.

"Bae was funny as f–k and brilliant today," Ariana writes. "As always."

Ariana grande mirror selfie with pete davidson

In a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Ariana also sang Pete's praises (she also has a song, "Pete Davidson," that literally sings his praises).

"He just ticks every box," Ariana told Michael Strahan on GMA.

Go ahead, make your jokes about Pete Davidson's massive dong ticking her box. Get it out of your system.

"And," Ariana cotninued. "It gets better every day."

"I’m very grateful for him," Ariana gushed. "Life is beautiful."

Ariana grande rides pete davidson

There's some debate over whether Ariana and Pete's engagement will last, largely because it was so sudden and seemed like a rebound.

But with the revelation that Ariana has been thirsting after Pete for years, things start to make sense. Suddenly, they were both single, and everything lined up.

Honestly, and we hate to be spoilsports, but even if you take commentary about Pete's massive, ever-hard dong at face value, we think that there's so much more than their sex life fueling their relationship.

Sometimes, you just click with someone.

We wish them the absolute best.

Pete davidson jokes that his dick is always hard around ariana g

Halsey Comments on Ex G-Eazy’s Big Dick Energy Claims

Just a few weeks ago, Halsey dumped G-Eazy and publicly implied that he had cheated on her. Yikes.

G-Eazy moved on and is currently touring. He decided to announce to his Instagram followers that he has “Big Dick Energy.”

Well, Halsey had something to say about that in the comments. Take a look:

G-Eazy posted a photo of himself at the Sunlit Supply Amphitheater, standing on a car with countless spotlights providing a dramatic visual effect.

His caption for the photo reads: “Big Dick Energy.”

While a man describing himself as having BDE is just about the polar opposite of actually possessing this quality that became a meme in recent weeks, that’s not what got people’s attention.

No, what made people marvel in wonder is that his ex, Halsey, commented under the photo.

She left three emojis — a cloud, a tornado, and a water droplet.

Followers absolutely noticed Halsey’s comment, which left many scratching their heads.

“I’m so f–king confused,” one fan wrote.

It’s unclear if they were confused by her emojis or the fact that she commented at all.

Another commenter explained: “Couples can break up and not hate each other.”

That is true!

When one commenter accused Halsey of being “petty,” the singer explained herself.

“No petty here,” Halsey writes. “Caption damn funny and stage looks dope. Jealous of everyone who gets to see the show.”

Her words are clear. Her emojis are … less so.

We don’t know exactly what Halsey meant. Interpreting a string of emojis like that is a little like trying to work out hieroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone.

If she had replied with an emoji conveying mocking laughter, that would mean one thing.

If she had replied with an eggplant emoji, that would have been another thing altogether.

But, with the cloud and the tornado, it looks like she’s referring to a storm — or possibly energy.

The water droplet can be used to imply thirst (as in, sexual attraction) or, well, ejaculation.

We should, of course, clarify that Big Dick Energy is not synonymous with someone who is assumed to be well-endowed.

They can totally overlap, but they don’t have to.

The meme has made it very clear that someone might be known to have an absolutely gargantuan penis but lack Big Dick Energy.

Similarly, a cisgender woman can absolutely radiate Big Dick Energy with an intensity that should set off Geiger counters.

That, folks, is the difference between Jared Leto and Tessa Thompson.

This really does seem to be a situation of two exes who still respect each other.

Even if Halsey’s emoji choice was all but inscrutible. But that’s okay.

They’re exes, and she can post whatever emojis she likes. Considering what some of the other emoji options were, her reply was very tasteful.

In the mean time, G-Eazy has been spotted being a bad influence on Demi Lovato as her relapse continues.

This is a guy who’s still getting past that little incident where he got into a fight and was then caught with coke. Whoops.

Big Dick Energy or not, he and Halsey were together for nine months. It’s healthy for them to not treat each other like enemies.


Andy Dick Groped Ivanka Trump in Resurfaced Jimmy Kimmel Footage

Of all of the men named in #MeToo stories, Andy Dick was the least surprising to many folks. Yes, including Harvey Weinstein.

And now, the world can see for themselves in newly resurfaced video from 2007.

On television — on Jimmy Kimmel, in fact — Andy Dick reaches over and gropes Ivanka before getting removed by security.

Andy dick tongue out

Andy Dick is a comedian and actor. Unfortunately, he has been accused of groping a number of people.

Despite his dismissive attitude towards those claims, he has been let go from projects because of it.

(Don't touch people without their consent, folks)

Now, an old clip of Andy exhibiting inappropriate touching has surfaced.

He and Ivanka Trump were both guests of Jimmy Kimmel's in 2007. And Andy couldn't — or rather, he simply refused to — keep his hands to himself.

Andy dick gropes ivanka trump on jimmy kimmel

In the clip, Andy can be seen reaching over and running his finger's along Ivanka's leg.

Kimmel tells him to stop.

Ivanka, though trying to laugh it off at the time (and clearly looking over to Kimmel to make sure that he has noticed), tries to get him to stop.

Eventually, Andy was removed by security.

Kimmel would later suggest that Andy, who has been to rehab more than a dozen times in his struggle for sobriety, was under the influence.

Andy dick mug shot 2010

Andy actually reminded his followers about this incident by posting about it in December of 2017.

"The time I 'groped' Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live," he writes.

"Her legs were sparkling," he says, as if to explain. "And I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off."

That curiosity is understandable. Acting on it is not excusable.

"I also mistakenly thought she would date me," he says.


"I was jokingly carried off by security," Andy says.

Maybe half-jokingly.

Ivanka trump on instagram

"Is anybody going to carry Trump off?" Andy asked in December. "No joke. Confusing times."

This is a transparent attempt to deflect from his own actions.

See, a lot of people would like to see Donald Trump impeached and tried for his misconduct and alleged crimes.

But trying to distract from your own behavior by pointing to someone else's is called whataboutism.

Ivanka Trump may be her father's daughter, but that doesn't mean that it's open season on any of her body parts.

Andy dick image

Andy Dick has been dismissive of allegations against him, saying that he never touched people's genitals and perhaps licked some people's faces.

His implication was that it's all part of his brand.

Folks, "it's all part of the act" does not fly when we're talking about sexual harassment or sexual assault.

If the other person does not consent, you are not entitled to touch them. Yes, even if their father is a bad, bad man.

Andy Dick may struggle with sobriety, and we wish him the best on his quest for good mental and physical health.

But everyone has their struggles. No one is entitled to invade another's body without permission. Even if it's covered in glitter.

Weinstein scandal which powerful men are accused of sexual misco

Andy dick groped ivanka trump in resurfaced jimmy kimmel footage