Andy Dick Groped Ivanka Trump in Resurfaced Jimmy Kimmel Footage

Of all of the men named in #MeToo stories, Andy Dick was the least surprising to many folks. Yes, including Harvey Weinstein.

And now, the world can see for themselves in newly resurfaced video from 2007.

On television — on Jimmy Kimmel, in fact — Andy Dick reaches over and gropes Ivanka before getting removed by security.

Andy dick tongue out

Andy Dick is a comedian and actor. Unfortunately, he has been accused of groping a number of people.

Despite his dismissive attitude towards those claims, he has been let go from projects because of it.

(Don't touch people without their consent, folks)

Now, an old clip of Andy exhibiting inappropriate touching has surfaced.

He and Ivanka Trump were both guests of Jimmy Kimmel's in 2007. And Andy couldn't — or rather, he simply refused to — keep his hands to himself.

Andy dick gropes ivanka trump on jimmy kimmel

In the clip, Andy can be seen reaching over and running his finger's along Ivanka's leg.

Kimmel tells him to stop.

Ivanka, though trying to laugh it off at the time (and clearly looking over to Kimmel to make sure that he has noticed), tries to get him to stop.

Eventually, Andy was removed by security.

Kimmel would later suggest that Andy, who has been to rehab more than a dozen times in his struggle for sobriety, was under the influence.

Andy dick mug shot 2010

Andy actually reminded his followers about this incident by posting about it in December of 2017.

"The time I 'groped' Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live," he writes.

"Her legs were sparkling," he says, as if to explain. "And I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off."

That curiosity is understandable. Acting on it is not excusable.

"I also mistakenly thought she would date me," he says.


"I was jokingly carried off by security," Andy says.

Maybe half-jokingly.

Ivanka trump on instagram

"Is anybody going to carry Trump off?" Andy asked in December. "No joke. Confusing times."

This is a transparent attempt to deflect from his own actions.

See, a lot of people would like to see Donald Trump impeached and tried for his misconduct and alleged crimes.

But trying to distract from your own behavior by pointing to someone else's is called whataboutism.

Ivanka Trump may be her father's daughter, but that doesn't mean that it's open season on any of her body parts.

Andy dick image

Andy Dick has been dismissive of allegations against him, saying that he never touched people's genitals and perhaps licked some people's faces.

His implication was that it's all part of his brand.

Folks, "it's all part of the act" does not fly when we're talking about sexual harassment or sexual assault.

If the other person does not consent, you are not entitled to touch them. Yes, even if their father is a bad, bad man.

Andy Dick may struggle with sobriety, and we wish him the best on his quest for good mental and physical health.

But everyone has their struggles. No one is entitled to invade another's body without permission. Even if it's covered in glitter.

Weinstein scandal which powerful men are accused of sexual misco

Andy dick groped ivanka trump in resurfaced jimmy kimmel footage

Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind is an Irresponsible DICK!

So Adam Lind is just the absolute worst, right?

Like, we dare you to come up with a single redeeming quality he has.

And just think, as awful as we know him to be, we’ve only seen a very, very small part of his life on Teen Mom 2.

Imagine how bad it must be to actually know him in real life.

OK, and then on top of that, imagine actually sharing a child with him.

Poor, poor Chelsea Houska …

Chelsea made some poor decisions when she was young and dumb, and while we’re sure she doesn’t regret having Aubree even a little bit, she’s tied to Adam for the rest of her whole entire life.

Adam, who does meth, has multiple arrests for things like domestic violence and DUIs, was once accused of murdering puppies, and who refuses to pay child support for his two daughters.

It’s got to hurt. It just has to.

Adam hasn’t appeared on the past couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, and in recent years, Chelsea’s been a little more private on the show, but we’ve still heard a bit about him lately.

Last week, we saw them go to court to make it so that Adam could only see Aubree at a visitation center, and also so that Aubree could have “DeBoer” added to her last name.

MTV cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom, but we did see Chelsea cry from relief after everything was said and done, and we definitely can’t blame her.

Now, in a sneak peek from this week’s episode, we’re seeing that there was actually another matter she and Adam discussed at court that day: child support.

And if you didn’t despise Adam already, well, prepare yourself.

In the beginning, Chelsea explains in a voiceover that she’s in mediation with him because he’s trying to lower his child support, which is weird, because he doesn’t pay it anyway.

She leaves the courthouse with her friend, and on the ride home, she tells her all about what happened.

“OK, he has no bank account because that got closed,” she begins. “He has no vehicle, people are driving him around. He has his house and he paid in full, but when asked how he pays his bills, he says he doesn’t.”

“He has no job,” she added, and “he doesn’t want to apply for a job because as of today, he’s going to start his own business.”

And when asked what kind of business he wanted to start, she said that he admitted he “hasn’t gotten that far yet.”

So … that’s where Adam is right now.

No job, no car, no bank account, though he does own a house he was able to pay for with Teen Mom money.

If he doesn’t pay his bills, does that mean he sits in his house with no electricity or running water, are things that bad?

Because it kind of sounds like things are that bad.

Chelsea says that Adam confessed he hadn’t applied for a single job for months, and when asked about that, he “went on this rant, ‘I can’t get a job because the publicity against me from MTV is, like, negative.'”

Yeah, that’s why he can’t get a job, because MTV portrayed him as a scumbag. Not because he actually is one.

“You’re not getting a job because you did that to yourself,” Chelsea says. “You’re a huge dick, so they probably don’t want to work with you. Because you’re a huge, irresponsible dick.”

Don’t hold back, girl!

She’s obviously justified in being so frustrated by Adam, and she’s also obviously not wrong about him.

He’s proved time and time again that he definitely is a huge, irresponsible dick, and he deserves to get called out for that on TV.

Will it do anything to change his ways?

Probably not.

But we bet it felt good for Chelsea to let loose with that real talk.


Jennifer Lawrence Warns Women: Yo, Dick is Dangerous!

Jennifer Lawrence may have conquered dozens of other Tributes in The Hunger Games.

But there’s one thing the actress apparently fears more than cold, starvation, fire and a multitude of heavily-armed young men and women looking to erase her from the planet.

And that one thing is the male genitalia.

In a recent interview with Great Britain’s The Sun, Lawrence confessed that she often talks about sex, but this doesn’t mean she’s just out there having sex all the time.

She really only reserves her secret garden for serious boyfriends, in fact.

“I am all bark and no bite,” Lawrence explains when it comes to this very personal topic, adding:

“I always talk like I want dick, but the truth is when I look back at my sexual past it was always with boyfriends. I talk like I like it, but I don’t really do it.”

We think she means she doesn’t do it randomly and/or with just anyone.

You need to earn your way into Jennifer Lawrence’s bed, fellas!

The Oscar winner most recently dated director Darren Aronofsky, but split from him late last year.

As a result, the woman behind Katniss Everdeen is not aiming her bow in the direction of any long, hard arrows at the moment… if you know what we mean!

“I am not in a relationship,” she tells The Sun. “I am making it clear that I have not had sex in a very long time. I would like to have a relationship, [bu] it is hard out there.”

Why doesn’t J. Law just go out there and find herself a fling?


“I am mostly also a germaphobe. I have made it this far without an STI.

“Dick is dangerous. If I was at the point where I could get an STI, doctors have already been involved. That is how much of a germaphobe I am.”

It is true that Lawrence has delved into the topic of intercourse on many occasions in the past.

She once said her vagina made her scared, for instance, and she told Vogue in December of 2015 that “zero magic” happens in her bed, adding hilariously:

“Cheers to my hymen growing back!”

She was single at the time and actually talked pretty honestly about why this was the case:

“No one ever asks me out… I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me.

“I know where it’s coming from, I know they’re trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings. I’m just a girl who wants you to be nice to me.”

AWWW, J. Law!

There has to be a guy out there who will be nice to you.

There just has to be.

And we bet he doesn’t have a sexually transmitted disease, either.

Just keep looking and just keep believing. It will happen for you.


Brielle Biermann on Plastic Surgery Rumors: It’s Just Puberty, Hop Off My Dick!

Brielle Biermann is just like her mama, right?

And honestly, that’s not exactly a compliment.

Much like her mother, Kim Zolciak, Brielle can be abrasive, inappropriate, and outspoken — and not in a cute way.

Remember a couple of months ago when she announced on Twitter that Kim was pregnant with her seventh child? And then weeks later she said that it was just a joke?

She explained then that she did it because she was annoyed at her mom, which is fair, but you think she’d be a little more careful, considering how famous her family is.

But when people were like “hey, maybe that wasn’t so cool,” Brielle did another weird thing that she does — she got super, super defensive and aggressive about it all.

“F-ck off,” she said in a statement to any naysayers.

“I understand I’m in the public eye and people are interested, but my life does not affect you, and until it does, just let me live my life the way that I want to.”

She’s said the same kind of thing many times, and it’s a fair statement to make, but also that’s just sort of how being a celebrity works?

You give up some privacy and open yourself up to criticism from strangers in exchange for being rich and famous. That’s the deal.

Poor little Brielle still doesn’t seem to grasp the concept though.

And so now we have a brand new rant, straight from her wacky little heart.

The subject this time around?

All those rumors about her supposed plastic surgery — the rumors that simply will. Not. Stop.

One of her followers asked her about the rumors on Instagram after she posted a photo of herself, and she went right the hell off on them.

“I did nothing but my lips!!!” she replied. “My face is fat right now i’m thicker than I usually am can all of you seriously f-ck off.”

“It’s my face,” she added, “if I wanna get 37 surgeries on it I will!! bye!”

It’s a little bit of an overreaction, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

A website picked up the story with her original comments on Instagram, because that’s the way celebrity gossip works, and Brielle was not having it.

She posted a thread containing photos of herself over the years, starting with this truly incredible picture that was taken when she was 13 years old:

After sharing all the photos, she wrote “People also grow up and as they grow up they change, they go thru puberty… if we all looked how we looked when we’re 14-18 we’d be ugly AF forever!”

“ALSO,” she continued, “if I wanted to re do my WHOLE FACE it does not AFFECT YOU WHAT SO F-CKING EVER! so hop off my dick.”

“Now can we PLEASE talk about something else!!! i’m literally SO bored of this whole face reconstruction guessing game.”

Oh, honey, we’re not bored yet. Not even a little.

It’s just fun to speculate because as the years go on, Brielle does continue to look different. And we’re sure a lot of that is just her growing up.

Much of it is also the lip injections she admits to getting, plus makeup and styling.

But her mother is Kim Zolciak, the woman who has been swearing up and down for years that she’s only had lip injections, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck while wearing an entirely different face these days.

So what are we supposed to believe?!