Danielle Mullins’ BFF: I Didn’t Mean to Say Muslim People Have Sex With Goats

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali are one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most controversial couples — even though they’re now bitter exes.

Back when they were together, one of Danielle’s friends made a joke about Mohamed having lost his virginity to “his family goat.”

Because many viwers pointed out that her jab appeared to have bigoted undertones, she is finally explaining herself to Danielle’s fans.

Danielle Mullins and Beth Mahar

Danielle’s friend Beth Mahar took to Danielle’s Facebook page to set the record straight.

“Ok folks,” Beth writes. “Since my comment to Mohamed about his family goat is still such a hot topic for some people I am taking this opportunity to explain it”

“I am not racist in any way, shape or form,” Beth insists.

“I am married to a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan,” she shares, adding that she has been married “for the past 7 years now.”

She even notes that “My husband is a much more devout practicing Muslim than Mohamed Jbali.”

Danielle Mullins Facebook message by Beth Mahar

Obviously, friendship or even marriage does not preclude someone from being a bigot. But that doesn’t mean that Beth is a bigot, either.

“This TV show, 90 Day Fiancé, etc, etc, is strictly for entertainment purposes only,” Beth points out.

Beth says: “My comment to him about the family goat insinuating basically that the family goat was his first sexual experience was for entertainment value only”

“Was it inappropriate or in bad taste?” Beth asks. “Yes, probably so, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who it may have offended.”

After that very reasonable apology, she writes: “(except Mohamed…LOL)”

“But seriously,” Beth continues. “I truly am not racist and no TV show whether reality or not should be taken so damn seriously.”

“By the way just for everyone’s information,” Beth explains. “That comment and filming of this particular scene was filmed over a year ago.”

“Again,” Beth continues. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone other than ‘s–t head’ and I certainly do not have anything against Muslims.”

That is very reassuring to hear!

Beth concludes: “I hope this helps to clarify my comment for those who got the impression that I am a racist, Muslim hater.”

This is a complicated topic!

On the one hand, it’s absolutely a reality television show. No one should seek to emulate the behavior that they see from random reality stars.

On the other hand, the words that we say have impact, especially when those words are broadcast to millions of TV screens.

Inside jokes or personal jabs don’t translate well through television.

Some people may be offended, while others may parrot those insults to others who are not Mohamed Jbali but merely share his skin tone.

It is great that Beth Mahar came forward to clear the air about this, even though it is admittedly pretty weird that she did it on Danielle’s Facebook page.

(She could have made it on her own page and then let Danielle share it)

But it’s important to remember that making fun of a bad person for something like weight, accent, or cultural differences doesn’t just impact them — it impacts entire communities.

You can poek fun at Mohamed’s misdeeds if you like, but leave his culture out of it.


Rose McGowan: I Didn’t Know What Asia Argento Did Until Now!

Although Rose McGowan says she’s heartbroken over the accusations that Asia Argento slept with a minor and paid to cover it up, some have wondered what she knew of it, and when.

Both, after all, were very close over the past year, and were outspoken early voices in the #MeToo movement.

Rose is clearing the air and revealing exactly when and what she learned about Asia’s current scandal.

In a very lengthy statement to E!Rose McGowan explains the extent of her involvement in Asia Argento’s case.

“Many people believe that because we have been close in each other’s lives over the past year,” Rose writes. “That perhaps I am affiliated with this incident or being complicit.”

“I am not,” Rose affirms.

She says that, through their shared experience with Harvey Weinstein, she and Rose “were able to talk through them [their experiences] together and champion each other’s voices.”

But she says that there were things about Asia that she did not know, and makes it very clear what she did know and when.

Rose mentions that she referred Asia to her partner, Rain Dove.

Rose describes Rain as “a person to whom many high profile entities consult when they are experiencing social pressures because Rain is good at guiding them through the research confrontation, rehabilitation, and solution process.”

And while Rose knew that Asia needed help, she says that there were limits to what Asia had told her.

“While in Berlin,” Rose writes. “Asia had mentioned that she was being extorted for a large sum of money every month.”

“No one in the room knew who the extortionist was,” Rose says. “Now we know it to be a reference to this case.”

Apparently, Asia and Rain kept contact, during which “Asia had revealed that she had indeed slept with Jimmy Bennett.”

Rose then makes an explosive statement: “Rain also shared that Asia had stated that she’d been receiving unsolicited nudes of Jimmy since he had been 12.”

“Asia mentioned in these texts that she didn’t take any action on those images,” Rose says. “No reporting to authorities, to the parents, or blocking of Jimmy’s social media.”

Rose says that apparently Asia hadn’t sent “even a simple message ‘Don’t send me these images. They are inappropriate.'”

“There were a few other details revealed as well that I am not at liberty to mention in this statement as investigators do their job,” Rose says.

Ultimately, Rose shares, she and Rain spoke and decided that it would be best if Rain went to the police with what they knew.

Rose says that “almost 48 hours later the texts were in the press.”

That would be these Asia Argento texts.

“It was not a surprise to me that I received that call and the messages from them,” Rose admits. “I’ve referred to Asia in the past as ‘My Ride or Die’ and said very clearly that their friendship comes first.”

“I know that coming to me with those messages must have been hard for Rain because of that,” Rose adds. “So I commend them for their bravery.”

“Asia you were my friend,” Rose says. “I loved you. You’ve spent and risked a lot to stand with the MeToo movement.”

A movement that some opportunists are hoping will lose credibility even though, obviously, the vast majority of the women who have shared their stories are not also women who’ve banged minors.

“I really hope you find your way through this process to rehabilitation and betterment,” Rose says compassionately. “Anyone can be be better- I hope you can be, too.”

“Do the right thing,” Rose implores her. “Be honest. Be fair. Let justice stay its course. Be the person you wish Harvey could have been.”

We somehow suspect that Asia will not appreciate the comparison, even if Rose was certainly not equating the two.


Tori and Zach Roloff: 14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Us

Tori and Zach Roloff star on a reality television show that documents their lives.

But still.

How well do you feel like you really know these Little People, Big World stars?

The couple manages to be an open book, but it also manages to NOT reveal every single chapter of their story.

With this in mind, we're put together a list of facts and tidbits that may surprise even the most ardent of Zach and Tori followers.

Were you aware of each of the items listed below?

1. Tori Worked at Roloff Farms!

Adorable on thanksgiving
It’s true. She met Zach because she was hired in 2010 to help out with the very busy pumpkin season. “A coworker told me, ‘Zachary really thinks you’re cute, but doesn’t think you’ll ever go out with him,'” Tori once told People.

2. It Was Love at First Sight

Jackson tori and zach
Or close to it, at least. “Our first date lasted five hours, and we’ve been together ever since,” Tori told People in this same interview. How sweet, right?

3. Tori Was Zach’s First

Roloffs on xmas eve
His first GIRLFRIEND, that is. We can’t speak on anything else. But Zach once told People that he “never really dated” before meeting his wife.

4. The Couple Got Married on TV!

Roloff wedding day
TLC aired the 2015 ceremony; which, of course, was attended by all of Zach’s famous loved ones. “My parents played a huge role in setting up the farm, making it all nice,” said Zach back then, while Tori added: “Matt planted a bunch of wheat fields behind the gazebo. There’s like these huge rolling hills of wheat, which are really beautiful.”

5. Tori’s Maiden Name is Patton

Tori roloff on insta
Nothing too groundbreaking here, we’re just guessing most people didn’t know this.

6. Tori Cried While Reciting Her Vows

Tori zach and jackson roloff
“I commit myself to you, body and soul,” Tori said on her wedding day, promising her new husband “neck rubs” and to try and be a “less picky eater,” while making US cry by concluding: “You are my light Zachary, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us.”

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