Joy-Anna Duggar Opens Up About Difficult Child Birth: I Could Have Died!

It’s been five months since Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child.

At the time, it was reported that the birth did not go according to plan, and Joy-Anna was rushed to a nearby hospital, despite her intention to deliver the baby at home.

It’s not the first time that a Duggar woman was forced to abandon her plans for a homebirth, but Joy-Anna’s case sparked greater interest among fans than those of her older sisters,

In the corners of the internet that are devoted to all things Duggar, fans speculated that Joy-Anna’s delivery went seriously awry.

There were rumors that Jill Duggar had served as midwife, even though she lacks the proper qualifications for the job.

Some even went so far as to claim that Joy nearly lost her life.

On tonight’s episode of Counting On, Joy-Anna will open about the complicated delivery and share previously undisclosed information with her many curious fans.

Joy-Anna Duggar with Son

The episode finds Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, meeting with their midwife in the weeks before Joy-Anna gave birth.

“I want to have all the options available, but I’m not sure,” says at one point.

“We want a home birth, we’re going to try, but we’re not going to risk mom and baby’s life,” says Austin.

“I’m just having to remind myself not to let the fears and anxiety things take over and just prepare as best as I can and be flexible at the same time,” a very anxious-sounding Joy remarks.

Yes, it seems that Joy-Anna had her doubts about a homebirth from the very start.

Asked by producers for her feelings on the situation, Joy had this to say:

“My thoughts right now? If you ask me, I mean, they change. Sometimes I’m like, ‘I’m ready for this, I can do this!’ And then sometimes I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this?’

“It changes. But right now, I’m excited and I’m ready and I want to have this baby as soon as it’s ready to come out.”

She added:

“I really wanted to at least try it, and we’re only about 30 minutes from the hospital, so it’s not too bad in case of an emergency or a change of plans.

“[I’m feeling] somewhat nervous, trying not to be scared, but just prepared.

“I know that it’s going to painful, there’s going to be a lot of emotions, but I know Austin is going to be there to support me.”

The bad news is, the homebirthing option proved to not be viable and Joy-Anna had to be rushed to a hospital.

The good news is, once she was there, she delivered a happy, healthy baby boy.

These days, Joy is loving new motherhood, and baby Gideon is getting bigger by the day.

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Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Finally Answer Questions About Difficult Delivery of First Baby

It’s been less than one month since Kendra Caldwell welcomed her first child, but as is customary in the Duggar clan, she’s already been extremely forthcoming about all the joys and challenges of new motherhood.

While most reality stars prefer to keep things under wraps until such time as they can cash in on a TV special about the delivery, Kendra and husband Joseph Duggar have already shared most of the important facts about their new addition.

We know that Kendra and Joseph’s baby boy is named Garrett, and the young newlyweds were clearly eager to share photos of their bundle of joy.

But while they’ve been happy to keep fans up to date on Garrett’s development, Kendra and Joseph have chosen to keep certain details about his birth under wraps.

Until now.

TLC announced this week that Joe, Kendra and baby Garrett will star in their own half-hour special that’s set to air on Friday, July 6.

While Counting On won’t officially return until later this summer, it seems the Duggars didn’t want to wait that long to address questions about Kendra’s allegedly difficult delivery.

Within hours of when little Garrett entered the world, it was rumored that Kendra had given birth in a hospital.

This was an unexpected development, as Duggar women generally give birth at home, and Kendra had already announced her intention to do exactly that.

Rumors about unexpected complications began to make their way across the social media landscape, and Kendra and Joseph were understandably reluctant to talk about exactly what went down in the delivery room.

Now, it seems they’ve decided to let footage of the delivery speak for itself.

And TLC has already answered some pressing fan questions in a press release about the special.

“In the first glimpse, Joseph and Kendra Duggar are ready to welcome their baby. With 10 days to go until her due date, Kendra goes into labor and heads to the hospital,” the description reads. 

“Only a few hours later, she gives birth to their baby boy, Garrett David Duggar.”

So it seems that Kendra was hoping to give birth at home but called an audible when she started having contractions well ahead of schedule.

It’s not the first time a Duggar woman has made such a last minute change in plans, as both Jill and Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth in hospitals after experiencing unforeseen complications.

The important thing is, Kendra and Garrett are both happy and healthy — and ready for the spotlight.

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Troian Bellisario Opens Up About Mental Illness: It Was a Difficult Journey!

Troian Bellisario is one of the most influential actresses around, and she has not been shy about her experiences with mental illness. 

The 31-year-old Pretty Little Liars graduate opened up about her experiences to Lenny Letter. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a newsletter run by Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner. 

The actress opens by recalling a time in her life when she was swimming in a lake with a close friend. The lake was cold, and the star commented that she felt discomfort, yet could not remove herself from the water. 

It’s a worrying visual to imagine, but that was a sign that the actress was suffering from mental health. 

She opens up candidly about her body telling her to get out of the lake, but she did not want to show weakness in front of the friend. 

“Here I am, 31 years old,” the actress wrote.

“And I’m still denying my body the one thing it is asking me to do: take care of it.”

What we love about Troian is that she is an inspiration. She does not hide anything from fans and opens up whenever she’s given the opportunity. 

She moved on to chat about a difficult time filming Pretty Little Liars when she was faced with harsh Canadian weather. 

“I looked around: Lucy [Hale], Ashley [Benson] and Shay [Mitchell] all seemed cold but fine; they looked professional, powerful,” Bellisario wrote.

“Was I not cut out for this? I pushed that thought out of my mind. Suck it up, Bellisario, do your job.”

Bellisario then opened up about her experience writing, producing and starring in her film Feed. She wanted to create a project out of her struggles; one that would hopefully help other people.

She even goes as far as saying that the movie helped her differentiate herself from her mental illness,

“It was a difficult journey finding my way back to health,” the actress wrote.

“Through hard introspection, intense medical and mental care, a supportive family, friends and patient and loving partner, I survived, which is rare.”

The actress opened up last month to Interview Magazine about her struggles with an eating disorder. 

“I couldn’t get anyone — even the people who loved me the most, even my boyfriend or my mother or my father — to understand what that experience was truly like for me,” she said at the time. 

Troian has been keeping busy since her seven-year-stint on Pretty Little Liars came to a close, and has booked a role on Richard Linklater’s latest project, Where’d You Go, Bernadette.