Lionel Richie: I Hope Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Break Up!

You think that you’re having a bad 2017? Well, you are. All of humanity is. But imagine if, on top of everything, you have a beautiful teenage daughter who is dating notorious womanizer Scott Disick.

Well, that’s what has Lionel Richie scared to death right now. Sofia Richie has been on a veritable world tour with Scott and her father is understandably worried.

But, after Scott and Sofia’s recent fight, his long personal nightmare may be over.

Scott Disick spent most of 2017 banging enough teen models to walk a fashion show.

(For a clothing line that we imagine would be titled: “Regret”)

The only thing that he went through faster than 19-year-old beauties was alcohol.

But after all of that — embarrassing himself and his family, health scares, and generally spiraling with his self-destructive behavior, Scott seems to have mellowed out … a little.

And many believe that Scott now dating Sofia Richie is a big part of that.

Don’t get us wrong — he and Sofia have been jetting off to one destination after another. It’s not like they’re playing house in the suburbs somewhere.

But compared to Scott’s months-long bender this summer? He’s acting calm and, for him, well-behaved.


Recently, Scott and Sofia’s ongoing sexytime adventures have taken them to Miami.

Page Six reports that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie had some sort of huge fight while partying in the Gunshine State … er, Sunshine State.

“They were arguing and definitely in a fight,” Page Six‘s source relayed.

And it looks like Sofia Richie was the one who was unhappy.

“[Richie] wouldn’t even talk to him. He grabbed her neck to try and kiss her, and she wasn’t having it. They ended up leaving.”

Oh boy.

Folks, no matter what romantic dramas about improbably attractive doctors might tell you, arguments — especially heated ones — are not necessary for healthy relationships. And they can often be a sign that something is wrong.

Now, the two did arrive elsewhere later that evening and Sofia appeared to be having a good time.

But, as we said, arguments can betray underlying issues.

We don’t know if Sofia and Scott are headed for splitsville, but it sounds like Lionel Richie sure hopes so.

HollywoodLife reports that Sofia’s father is hopeful that the reports of an argument herald a breakup:

“Lionel is hoping any fight that may have occurred between Sofia and Scott ends the relationship for good.”

The two of them are reportedly still enjoying Miami, but as we said, that fight gives him reason to hope.

“Lionel has been uncomfortable with the age difference between Sofia and Scott and has been struggling while watching his daughter fall in love with an infamous player like Scott.”

Again, that age difference is of 15 years.

The age difference between Scott and Sofia is old enough to babysit Scott’s three children.

“Lionel is afraid that the Scott will break Sofia’s heart and so the concerned father hopes that whatever disagreement Scott and Sofia may be dealing with will be the beginning of the end of their romance.”

Better to nip things in the bud and deal with heartbreak early in a relationship than to have Sofia give her best dating years to Scott and have him disappoint her later.

(Seriously; just look at Kourtney)

Just because this relationship seems to be good for and stabilizing for Scott doesn’t mean that it’s great for Sofia Richie.

She’s an adult and she can live her life how she chooses and bang whomever she likes.

But the 15-year age difference … well, it’s rubbing plenty of people the wrong way. So we don’t think that this is just a matter of Lionel Richie being an overprotective or, worse, controlling dad.

If you’ll recall, when Sofia was dating Justin Bieber a couple of years ago, Lionel refused to criticize his daughter’s romantic choice. Even though we’re talking about The Biebs when he was arguably at his worst, behavior-wise.

So for Lionel to speak out publicly about Sofia, saying that he’s scared to death? That’s genuine concern.

If Sofia’s being a calming influence on Scott, what if he’s influencing her right back?

Something to consider.


Scott Disick: Totally Over Kourtney Kardashian? IN LOVE with Sofia Richie?

Not all exes can be friends. Not all exes can let each other go.

Even Kourtney's own sister Khloe says that Kourtney and Scott are dysfunctional at best. But have Kourtney and Scott finally found some kind of balance that lets them both get on with their lives?

This report, in the video below, suggests that they have found a way to coexist. Let's hope so, for the sake of their children.

Scott disick kourtney kardashian splitKourtney kardashian in nantucket a photo

For years, Scott and Kourtney were the Kardashian couple.

Sure, they had their ups and down. They never married.

Three of the Kardashians are set to give birth in 2018, which will make Kendall the only member of that family to not have children, but Kourtney got there first, popping out Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

(By the way, don't even think of pressuring Kendall through tweets or whatever to jump on the baby bandwagon. She's 22 and has an actual career. If she one day decides to reproduce for whatever reason, she can do it when she's good and ready)

But, you know how all relationships end in either a breakup or death? Kourtney and Scott finally split.

And Scott didn't exactly handle it well.

Sofia richie and scott disick in venice

Scott spent the majority of 2017 on what can only be described as a self-destructive bender.

He drank, he banged 19-year-old models. He rinsed (in alcohol) and repeated, until the world started to get tipsy just looking at photos of him.

Drinking and banging can be fun and all, but there were three problems:

One, Scott Disick is a grown man with children, and his celebrity status meant that none of this was a secret.

Two, the drinking, in particular, was intensely bad for him. Friends worried that he'd die, he got rushed to the hospital, etc. Big yikes.

(If he wants to die, that's his business … but not if it means leaving three traumatized children emotionally scarred by their father's death)

Three, none of this was making him happy, and he probably didn't work wonders for the happiness of the assorted 19-year-old models.

But now Scott Disick is dating Sofia Richie (because he and Bieber really have similar taste in gorgeous women).

She was, apparently, the right 19-year-old model … though perhaps he didn't realize that when they were together in Cannes.

Reports say that he's much mellower now. Well, compared to how he spent the summer.

Younes bendjima shirtless

Kourtney didn't exactly pledge herself to a convent.

Part of what was getting under Scott's skin (remember how he freaked out when he found out Kourtney was dating?)  wasn't just that he and Kourtney were over, but that Kourtney was happy.

Kourtney's been dating Younes Bendjima for what now feels like years.

He's a hot, much younger model (though he's not 19, at least). The two of them have gone on vacations to Egypt together, and make for a beautiful couple.

Scott may be a 34-year-old adult, but Kourtney is an actual grown-up. She moved on, like a normal person, without trying to drown herself in booze or teens and without an attention-getting media tantrum.

It sounds like things with Younes are really going well. We don't know how far the relationship with the man who was first characterized as a "boy toy" will end up going, but it sounds like they're both pretty satisfied with where they are.

Kourtney and scott disick throwback

Well, as the below video by E! describes, it sounds like they've achieved a balance. Which will hopefully mean that Scott won't be freaking out anymore about Kourtney and Younes.

He has his hands full with Sofia (we're speaking metaphorically; get your head out of the gutter). And he's reportedly told a friend that he's in love.

(That would fit with vague little hints that Scott and Sofia might elope, but let's hope that they won't rush into things) 

And apparently he and Kourtney are just coexisting, like a pair of mature adult exes who both love their children.

Will wonders never cease.

Scott disick totally over kourtney kardashian in love with sofia

Scott Disick: Kourtney Was Cheating! Reign Is Not My Son!

Throughout his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick was frequently unfaithful.

But now, it seems the Lord is having anxiety over the possibility that his lady was stepping out on him toward the end of their time together.

Insiders have noticed that Scott is closer with his older two children than with his youngest son, Reign–and there are some interesting theories as to why that might be,

“This sounds horrible to say, but Scott is closest to Mason and then Penelope,” one insider tells Life & Style.

The source notes that while Scott has a bond with Reign, “it’s not the same as the one he had with Mason when he was that young.”

Part of the problem could be that Scott simply isn’t as involved in the life of his youngest child.

Though he’s always been an unrepentant partier, Scott assumed the role of an attentive father when Mason was born.

He put on his dad hat again when Penelope entered the world.

With Reign, however, the circumstances were very different.

It wasn’t long after the birth of Scott and Kourtney’s third child that their relationship fell apart.

Scott and Kourtney split for good in 2015, when Reign was just six months old.

Shortly thereafter, Scott embarked on an epic bender, traveling the world in the company of increasingly younger starlets.

These days Disick is dating Sofia Richie, and his relationship reportedly takes up the bulk of his time.

So there are many factors pl why Scott might not be as close with his youngest kid.

But insiders say the biggest reason is that Disick has doubts about whether Reign is really his son.

“Reign was conceived when Kourtney and Scott were going through a rough patch. At the time, Scott didn’t question whether he was the father, but that soon changed,” explains the source.

“It didn’t take long for Scott to start having doubts as to whether Reign is actually his child.”

“What really got under Scott’s skin is when family members said that Reign didn’t look like him,” says the insider.

“Penelope and Mason are dead ringers for Scott, but Reign looks more like Kourtney.”

The source adds that in the months before Reign was conceived, Scott and Kourtney often spent long stretches of time apart.

“There were countless times when they’d split up and not see each other for weeks. And whenever they had a huge argument,” says the source.

The insider adds that during that time, Kourtney often “went out of her way to seek revenge. She’d often party with her pals and close guy friends.” 

Scott has reportedly addressed these concerns with Kourtney, but it seems she refuses to acknowledge his suspicions.

“Kourtney didn’t want to hear it when Scott asked if he’s really the father,” says the insider.

“She outright denied [that Reign could be someone else’s],” the source adds.

“During the heated bust-up, Scott brought up doing a DNA test. Kourtney said no, which has only heightened his suspicions.”

So it seems the matter will remain a mystery–unless, of course, Kris Jenner can talk Kourtney into doing a DNA test for TV ratings.


Khloe Kardashian: Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are F–king SICK!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick don't have the healthiest relationship.

In other news, water is wet, Mondays suck, and Donald Trump is going to kill us all.

It's been over two years now since Kourtney broke up with Scott, and things are still so very, very weird between them.

They still talk and hang out quite a bit, which makes sense — they share three children, after all, and the Kardashians are really the only family Scott has these days.

But it's clear that they still have some kind of feelings for each other, feelings that they haven't properly dealt with.

And those feelings have Khloe Kardashian feeling some type of way in this sneak peek for the new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the clip, Scott is still hurt about Khloe's surprise party — the one he was invited to before Kourtney rescinded the invitation.

You remember — in another sneak peek, Scott accused Kourtney of being "fake" for the way she behaved about the party.

"I just feel like you love that you're able to hold this over me," Scott tells her in the new clip. "And that's like your control factor."

"And I just feel like you think you can go out and do whatever you want and purposely try to hurt me and still get invited to everything," she replies.

He tells her that maybe he doesn't do the things he does because he hates her — maybe he does them because he still loves her and is just trying to be spiteful.

Which … isn't a great way to do things. Khloe speaks for us all when she gave the KUWTK cameras this iconic look:

Scott goes on to tell Kourtney that he knows he doesn't do the right thing, but that when it comes to Khloe's party, it wasn't about him or her, it was about Khloe.

And Khloe, who was there for all of this, by the way, to try and help them work out this current issue, describes the Skourt back-and-forth as "the longest Ferris wheel of all time."

"We gotta get off the ride at some point and get on a new one," she tells them. "It's the same old story over and over and over again."

In his own defense — and in the most obvious statement of all time — Scott says "I'm not able to handle everything that well."

He says that he'd like to be a better person, but it's "not the simplest thing," and Kourtney tells him that he already knows what he needs to do to be a better person, so, you know, maybe just start there.

"You really don't know what you should be doing?" she asks him incredulously. "You're going to tell me that? You're one of the smartest people I've met."

At the compliment, Scott goes "Aww, wanna make out?", and she laughs.

That's when Khloe's had enough.

She tells them that they're "so f-cking dysfunctional" and "f-cking nuts," which seems like a fair assessment.

Especially since after having that big argument, they leave together, hand in hand, to get mani-pedis together.

Watch the madness in the video below:

Khloe kardashian scott disick and kourtney kardashian are f king

Scott Disick: Kourtney Kardashian is FAKE!

On last night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick had a heart-to-heart with Kim about how he and Kourtney are (or aren't) getting along. Kim had hoped that she'd cleared up some things.

This promo for next week shows that Scott is still getting into conflict with Kourtney.

In the video below, Scott calls Kourtney "fake" in a heated confrontation. 

Kourtney kardashian scott disick split kuwtkScott disick in glasses on kuwtk

If you've read our latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap, you know that, well, Scott still sucks.

He had a heart-to-heart with Kim, who was basically his sister-in-law for ages (not literally, since he and Kourtney never married).

And Kim will always be the aunt of his three children: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Kim noted — to the camera — that it's taking Scott longer, or perhaps a lot longer, to deal with his breakup from Kourtney than Kourtney has taken.

Probably because Kourtney is a grown-up while Scott is just … old enough that he should be handling this more maturely.

But Scott has every conceivable privilege under the sun, so we suppose that it's no surprise that he isnt' responding well to not getting his way — in this case, to not being back in Kourtney's life.

Kourtney kardashian listening to scott disick

Even before last night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired, we knew that Scott Disick was whining about hooking up with models.

Speaking to Kim Kardashian (who mostly managed to keep a straight face as Scott talked about how miserable he was), Scott complained that hooking up with so many young, hot models in Cannes and beyond didn't do anything for him.

He felt "unfulfilled," where he pointed to Kourtney's vacation with Younes Bendjima as something that he envied because Kourtney was enjoying a happy, content bond with just one man.

Scott seemed to be positively blown away when Kim said that she figured that Kourtney would be happy for him if he settled down with one woman.

(Again, there's nothing wrong with sleeping around if everyone involved is cool with it; but it's hard to keep that kind of thing secret from your kids when your family is famous and your sexual misadventures are so public)

Maybe that's what inspired Scott to "go steady," as they used to say back in olden times, with Sofia Richie.

Scott disick calls kourtney kardashian fake

But apparently that pep talk only had a limited effect.

Because next week, we'll see Scott basically blow up at Kourtney.

As you can see below, Scott is clearly stressed after having been left out of a Kardashian family event.

Kourtney explains it very matter-of-factly: "You think [that] you can hurt me and still get invited to everything."

Scott clearly doesn't take it well.

We don't know what he's replying to, directly, because promos are heavily edited and sometimes misleading, but he appears to direct his ire at Kourtney:

"It's funny how fake you really are."

That is … very rude and very confrontational. 

Kourtney kardashian kuwtk promo

These two are going to have to work things out, because Scott and Kourtney will always share their three children.

It will be interesting to see upcoming promos and the episode itself to get a much clearer idea of how this confrontation goes down.

And it will be nice, eventually, to see how it all gets resolved.

Because Scott and Kourtney can't coparent while they're at each other's throats like this.

Something, as they say, has got to give.

(And that something is Scott and his big ol' ego)

Scott disick kourtney kardashian is fake

Scott Disick: Hooking Up With Teen Models Was SO Rough!

In the preview for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian have a heart-to-heart about Scott's … activities.

Basically, Scott spends some time whining about his time spent having sex with teen models, and how "unfulfilling" that was.

Considering that Scott Disick is now seriously dating one of those teen models, we'd say that the new sneak peek video below has not aged well since it was filmed. What will Sofia Richie think?

Scott disick is flummoxed

There's a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians coming out on Sunday, folks.

(It's also Kris Jenner's birthday — November 5th! Long live the queen!)

So, we all remember Scott Disick's misadventures during the spring and summer of 2017.

His long downward spiral eventually put him in the hospital.

Of Scott's many, many activities, he was mostly associated with two things in 2017:

Booze and Bella Thorne.

Neither of those are inherently bad things, but Scott seemed determined to self-destruct, and they were his weapon of choice.

Scott's seemingly mellowed since then and isn't acting out quite as much, but at the time there were genuine fears that he might die.

What some people may have forgotten is that, way back when, Scott Disick was spotted with Sofia Richie. At Cannes.

This is going to be important as you listen to what Scott Disick has to say about what he thought about the young women there.

Kim kardashian listens to scott disick

This Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek shows Scott and Kim having a heart-to-heart about his various flings.

Kim describes what it looked like to her, the Kardashian clan, and the rest of the world when Scott was living it up at Cannes:

"It just looked like it was some big soap opera going on. It was a fun show."

Scott tries to refute that:

"Look at it in my perspective. She was on vacation with one man, a whole trip."

He's referring, of course, to Kourtney and Younes.

Scott disick kuwtk confessional

Scott continues: 

"That looks like a happier scenario than me, jumping around, trying to find happiness and these girls are not fulfilling that."

One, he seems to be putting it forward that boozing it up and having sex with various 19-year-old models was really some sort of chore and that he deserve sympathy for that.

That's how it comes across.

Scott then laments:

"I’m just not happy with anybody."

Kim might deserve some sort of award for listening to him complain about that with a straight face.

Scott then tries to explain to the confessional that his activities this year look bad because he's a man and he's a bit younger than Kourtney (just by several years) and so his coping mechanisms are a little different.

That's an excuse easily ridiculed by a classic Tumblr meme:

Some people?? Bang teen models and damage their livers?? To cope!??!

Again, his sexual activity and even the drinking would have been mostly fine if he weren't a dad, embarrassing his whole family and endangering his own life — which would in turn impact his children.

Scott disick shares break in news

Kim gave Scott some advice:

"I think it’s beyond the girls at this point. I think if you found someone that you were happy with, I think Kourtney would be happy for you, but she sees you out and really drinking and really going through it"

Scott appeared shocked at that news, even though this was fairly obvious to most people, right?

It does seem like Scott has taken that advice, as things are getting serious with Sofia Richie. But how will she respond to hearing him say that she wasn't fulfilling and didn't make him happy?

We have a sneaking suspicion that this was filmed before the two of them connected this fall.

Will this be their end?

Scott disick hooking up with teen models was so rough