Kourtney Kardashian: Scheming to Ditch Her Sisters… For Good?

According to a pair of new reports, Kourtney Kardashian is being pressured to stay far away from certain celebrities.

Now that the reality star is single, Sofia Richie has allegedly told Kourtney to stay away from Scott Disick…

… while Hailey Baldwin has supposedly said the same thing to Kourtney about Justin Bieber.

Here’s the thing, though:

An insider tells Radar Online that Kourtney has no intention on getting up close with those ex-lovers; not in any way, shape or form.

Instead, she’s looking to get away — from her very own sisters!

“She wants to move to New York with the kids because she’s just done with the family,” this source alleges, adding ominously:

“She does not want to be a Kardashian anymore.”

We’re not sure if Kourtney has much say in that legal and literal matter, but we do understand the larger point being made here.

Kourtney has always been the sibling most reluctant to jump feet and/or head first into the spotlight.

She’s typically been most focused on her three kids and on NOT milking her status for every ounce of fame and/or every penny imaginable, which is not something that can be said of Kim and Kylie, for example.

So it would not come as a complete shock if she really did become the first sister to move out of California or shun the spotlight for awhile.

“Honestly, if Kourtney could get married today, and have a different last name she totally would,” this same source says, only half-jokingly we think.

Aside from her general attitude about fame, Kourtney has seemingly grown more irritated than ever before with Kim and Khloe.

Just consider this clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15:

And also consider this clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15:

Kourtney has clashed non-stop with her younger siblings over her role in the family, with Khloe and Kim seemingly frustrated over how she blows off certain committments and also over…

… well, to be honest, we’re not really sure.

The trio sort of just yells at each other every Sunday night over these very broad and very vague “communication” issues, with nothing ever really getting settled.

But there are two things to remember here:

  1. These episodes were filmed in December, so the drama loses a bit of suspense when we know everything is totally fine between family members in real time.
  2. This feud is totally fake.

Would Kourtney really leave this E! reality series in order to start fresh?

Not any time too soon, at least, considering she is locked into a muti-million contract through 2019.

But once she has banked all those bucks?

And possibly dealt with another season of being the family punching bag? Well…

“It is going to take an insane amount of money to get Kourtney to renew her contract after the current one ends,” this report concludes.


Prince Harry to Meghan Markle: Don’t Ditch Me On Our Wedding Day!

We’re just weeks away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and you know what that means!

Yes, the internet is currently overrun with bonkers rumors about the couple melting down in spectacular fashion!

In the past month, the tabloids have really outdone themselves in terms of imagining totally implausible scenarios that might lead Harry and Meg to call the whole thing off at the last second.

They’ve claimed nude photos of Markle are making their way around social media and bringing tremendous shame to the royal family.

They’ve reported that Harry was caught cheating on Meghan with one of his most high-profile exes (the identity of the mistress varies from one publication to the next).

They’ve even published headlines insisting that Meghan’s sexts to Harry had been intercepted by a website with ties to ISIS.

Like we said, you almost have to respect the shamelessness that’s going on here.

With all that nonsense floating around the blogosphere, it’s sort of amazing that it’s taken some desperate BS artist this long to apply one of the most classic wedding scandal scenarios to Harry and Meghan’s big day, but we knew someone would get there eventually:

Yes, Woman’s Day Australia is reporting that Meghan is coming down with a serious case of cold feet.

A “palace insider” tells the magazine that Markle is now “questioning whether she can cope with the constant scrutiny that comes with her new life as a royal.” 

According to the tabloid, the first sign of trouble came when Meg declined to join the rest of the royal family for church services on Easter Sunday.

“It’s a sure sign Meghan needed some time out,” the source claims.

The insider adds that Harry is now “worried Meghan will struggle with royal life” and is “in a panic of his own as he worries about his bride.”

“He’s fiercely protective of Meghan and just wants the haters to back off and stop trying to ruin her reputation and their wedding day,” says another source.

Not surprisingly, a royal rep has dismissed the reports as “rubbish.”

In other words, being a rep for Buckingham Palace is apparently the easiest job in the world.

Just be ready with a British euphemism for “bullsh-t” and you’re golden.


Selena Gomez: Sad at Mom’s Breakdown, Not Sad Enough to Ditch Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are doing so much together these days. Dates. Church. Vacations. Each other.

Selena’s mom head a breakdown and was hospitalized in reaction to Jelena rearing its ugly head.

And apparently Selena’s rekindled relationship with the Biebs is causing even more problems.

A few months ago, when Justin Bieber called Mandy Teefey and asked to be reconnected with Selena Gomez, if Mandy had known where it would lead, we imagine that she would have hung up.

(You can’t really slam down a phone to hang it up like you could in the olden days, but she’d sure have pushed that end button with a lot of vigor)

See, Justin Bieber’s mom loves Selena Gomez (because of course she does!).

But Selena’s mom is not so crazy about the singer she must remember as a poorly behaved boy with alleged substance abuse issues, anger problems, who has spent he last few years covering his once-beautiful body in some truly ugly tattoos.

Reportedly, it was only when Mandy learned that Selena and Justin were getting couples counseling to resolve the issues that had tripped them up in the past that it hit her:

Jelena 2.0 is for real.

We don’t know if she thought of it in those words (probably not), but to say that she was upset is an understatement.

So, Mandy Teefey had a breakdown and went to the hospital over it.

Note that she was there of her own free will — this was not an involuntary psych hold. We’re glad that she had the self-awareness to know that she needed some medical attention.

And yes, we know that “mom freaked out so much about daughter’s boyfriend she had a breakdown” sounds like the fakest story ever, but it comes from TMZ and they are very diligent about making sure that they can confirm whatever they report.

That her daughter was going to therapy with her ex meant that it was serious, that Selena’s revisiting past mistakes and that Mandy’s nightmare has returned.

And apparently Selena and her mom have had it out over their disagreement — both have reportedly unfollowed the other on Instagram, for the time being.

As unhappy as Mandy is, Selena isn’t exactly thrilled, either.

HollywoodLife reports that their source close to Selena says that Selena herself isn’t loving the conflict.

“Selena is heartbroken that her relationship with Justin is creating problems with her mother and the rest of her family.”

Remember, it’s not just Selena’s mom — Selena’s whole family hates Justin. They remember him as her crappy, less talented boyfriend who wasted years of her life.

“Selena feels like she is being forced to choose sides between pleasing her mother and following her heart.”

Of course.

“Selena has loved Justin for years, despite everything, good and bad. They have been through so much together and she still loves him.”

Justin’s like a bad habit that Selena just can’t shake, and she’s off the wagon.

“Selena is struggling to get her mother to understand how much Justin has grown, matured and changed, but Mandy refuses to keep an open mind about Selena’s future with Justin.”

We’d argue that Mandy doesn’t need to keep an open mind — just to keep her thoughts to herself. We’ll explain in a moment.

“Selena feels like she is being forced to choose between being in love with Justin and making her family happy.”

Her family’s more concerned about Selena’s health and future and happiness than their own right now. But, wrapped up in the idea of Justin (but not the reality), perhaps Selena can’t see that.

“Selena knows that her mom is doing her best to protect her, but it still doesn’t feel good that Selena’s relationship with Justin is creating so much anxiety for her family.”

We’re not saying that, in general, people should let their parents dictate their romantic choices.

In this case, though, Selena’s mom might have it right. At least, Justin Bieber, “changed” or not, is bad news. Just because he has a nice butt doesn’t mean that Selena needs to repeat past emotional labors to turn him into the perfect boyfriend. He’ll never be that.

That said, we think that Mandy is clearly going about this wrong.

Unless your child’s dating an absolute monster, the best thing to do (and this works if your friend is dating or even your mother) is to gently state your reservations at the beginning, and then grin and bear it until they realize their mistake.

Selena is brilliant and beautiful but right now, she’s riding an emotional high. Anybody with an ex, especially an ex they had during a formative time in their lives, can tell you that rekindling things with them brings out a rush.

If Selena’s mom winding up in the hospital isn’t enough to break up Jelena, then, for the time being, nothing will.

But in a few weeks or months or years, Mandy can give Selena a shoulder to cry on. And perhaps a very gentle “I told you so.”