Meghan Markle: Driving Royal Staffers to Quit with Her Diva Demands?

While rumors say that Kate Middleton resents Meghan Markle stealing her spotlight, it turns out that Meghan has gotten on the last nerve of others in the Palace.

Meghan and Harry lost three of their employees in a very short time.

A report says that Meghan may be causing this “stampede” with her insistence on following her own path instead of royal protocol.

According to a report by the Sunday Express, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s household has lost yet another staffer.

Samantha Cohen was the couple’s private secretary.

She has now departed from the post.

She was preceded in that job by Edward Lane Fox, who also left that position by his own choice.

And on Saturday, someone walked out who worked even more closely with Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s personal assistant was known only by “Melissa.”

Melissa has spent the past six months at Kensington Palace with Meghan.

Among her duties was having a very direct role in key elements of preparing for the Royal Wedding in May of this year. 

Well, Melissa has now reportedly resigned.

Some have interpreted the loss of three members of the Royal couple’s staff as a sign that something is wrong.

According to how a source characterized matters to the Sunday Express, this is very unusual.

“To lose one member of the household could happen to anyone,” the insider admits.

Two is happenstance. But three?

“To lose three in a few months is starting to look like a stampede,” the source says.

Maybe that is a little dramatic, but that does seem like a lot of turnaround for one couple’s household, right?

So … what’s sending these staffers running for the hills?

Allegedly, Meghan Markle’s independent attitude is driving away the household staff.

As an actress, Meghan was a public figure long before she began dating Prince Harry.

And, like most humans, she has a personal sense of style.

She remains dedicated to that style even as a duchess, and is resistant to certain Royal traditions that would dictate how she should dress.

Meghan wants to dress like herself.

She doesn’t feel a need to be dressed in outfits that are virtually identical to those worn by Duchess Kate.

We are meant to believe that Meghan’s sense of autonomy is viewed as “tiresome” by household staffers.

In June, Meghan wore an off-the-shoulder blush colored Caroline Herrera gown to attend the Trooping of the Colour event.

(Gosh, Britain has goofy names for things)

She has also worn purses whose straps cross the body rather than a simple clutch.

Additionally, Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose for the engagement announcement.

All of that is beautiful and even stylish, but flies in the face of stuffy Royal traditions.

We’re not sure what to make of these reports.

Meghan seems to be a genuinely likeable person.

The narrative that she’s “difficult” and resistant to conforming to expectations is tempting, because she’s an American, but that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

And it’s difficult to imagine that Meghan and Harry’s secretaries are so personally offended that Meghan’s formal attire isn’t boring enough that they quit.

There can be real drama surrounding the Royal Family.

But that doesn’t mean that every story has a scandal just beneath the surface.

Sometimes, people just quit.


Tonya Harding Blasted for Fake Crying, Diva Attitude on DWTS!

On the most recent episode of Dancing With The Stars, infamous Olympics legend Tonya Harding pulled off the Foxtrot.

Her performance was pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect. And Tonya broke down in tears afterwards.

An insider’s report says that Tonya’s competition think that her tears are fake, and are more than ready for her to go.

RadarOnline reports that Tonya Harding’s fake tears were the last straw for the other dancers.

“Tonya’s tears just did not sit well with the other contestants.”

They were not charmed. And she was apparently already on their last nerve.

“And they are already getting fed up with her theatricals.”

Okay, so “theatricals” is a nonsense word. A person is theatrical. A theatrical person might display theatrics.

“Everyone is saying that she completely faked her crying episode on-screen during the premiere.”

And apparenlty they all know what she’s really like, behind the scenes.

“Because she is not that emotional in real life.”

It was more than just crocodile tears that rubbed them the wrong way.

“She is such a huge drama queen and it seems that she believes she is the star of the show already.”

And the insider says that she believes that for a not-too-bad reason.

“The producers seem to agree.”

They’ve been putting her front and center in their promos.

“Because they are using her imagery for most of the promotion of this current season.”

Weird, consider that Adam Rippon is the huge star from, you know, this century.

But that’s none of our business, we guess.

Apparently, Tonya’s “theatricals” and other antics have people thoroughly exhasperated.

“Everyone is already just so sick of her.”

Perhaps they wouldn’t mind her so much if she were dominating the competition?

But she hasn’t been doing too badly. She hasn’t been sent home, anyway. Yet.

“And the other contestants all agree that they all need to up their game.”

They apparently have one goal in mind — aside from victory.

“And get her eliminated as soon as possible.”

Hey, it’s a competition. This sounds like fair motivation.

We will play devil’s advocate for a moment.

Let us consider, for example, that it is easy for people to hold a negative opinion of Tonya.

She is, of course, implicated in the infamous attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

Honestly, among younger people, many would not even remember her name were it not for that legacy — and the recent I, Tonya film on the subject.

So it is easy to see how people might view Tonya through the filter of their preconceptions.

At the same time … Tonya’s reputation probably didn’t come out of nowhere.

Tonya Harding has been disgraced ever since Nancy Kerrigan’s attack.

She’s had a number of less-than-ideal moments in terms of public relations and optics. She may have been hoping that Dancing With The Stars would be her redemption arc.

But the show itself will thrive on drama.

The drama of her winning or losing will work just as well. And if she’s poorly behaved behind the scenes … that honestly helps drive up interest in the show.

But if Tonya continues to be seen as difficult to work with … she could be looking at the end of her TV career.


Kelly Clarkson Accused of Diva Behavior on The Voice

It seems like just yesterday that we were hearing who won Season 13 of The Voice, but Season 14 will be here before you know it.

This year, Kelly Clarkson is joining the The Voice as one of the coaches.

But … apparently things aren’t all smiles behind the scenes. In fact, a report claims that Clarkson is a total diva backstage and almost impossible to work with.

35-year-old Kelly Clarkson first rose to fame on the inaugural season of American Idol.

From her humble, “white trash” beginnings — her words — she skyrocketed to stardom with a successful music career.

As much as fans hate when Kelly Clarkson says stupid things, they love to see her shut down body-shamers in a very down-to-earth way. Mostly, they love her music.

Now, she’s joining Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys as a coach on The Voice.

But, according to RadarOnline‘s source, Kelly Clarkson’s alleged diva behavior is causing some tensions and unhappiness and the season hasn’t even begun to air.

Apparently, there are a number of problems.

“She’s not the person that everyone thought she was going to be.”

Based upon Kelly Clarkson’s branding, people probably expected a down-to-earth, minimal-nonsense singer with humble roots who is hesitant to bash anyone.

And the source gets pretty specific about what they got instead.

“She is bossy and argumentative.”

Apparently some of the problems began before she even walked in the door.

“The other judges, especially Blake, already had an issue with her.”

That issue, it seems, was financial in nature.

“Because of the amount of money they reportedly paid her to join the cast.”

But it goes beyond the bottom line and extends to promos.

“One of the main issues is that producers are making Kelly a central focus on everything.”

This sounds familiar.

“And she is also taking center stage on all of the promos that are being shot so far.”

You know how Kate Mulgrew was famously unhappy with how Jeri Ryan become front-and-center on every billboard and ad for Star Trek: Voyager back in the ’90s?

This sounds like that same kind of resentment — but with personality issues to make things personal.

The source goes on to list Kelly Clarkson’s other alleged grating habits.

“She comes in when she wants to.”

Oooh, that’s never good. And very diva.

“She seems to think that it is all one big game.”

I mean, it is literally a talent competition. It’s a game.

(But we get their meaning, here — her alleged behavior is unprofessional to an off-putting degree)

“At the same time, she is overly certain that she will win this season.”

Cavalier and cocky at the same time? Yikes.

“Of course Blake is irritated with Kelly! Everyone is.”

Blake’s come up more than once, perhaps because we’ve heard some things about Blake Shelton’s alleged diva behavior, too.

It sounds like they both need a dose of reality. They’re on The Voice. Nobody gets to put on airs when they’re judging a reality series. No matter how much they’re getting paid.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: Diva Las Vegas

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 2, Teddi Jo Mellencamp learned the hard way that not all of her cast members were going to be welcoming her into the group with open arms. 

We get it, it’s difficult being joining a new clique of friends, but Teddi’s nerves are getting the best of her, and she’s not exactly showing herself in the best light thus far. 

When the ladies wanted to gamble, she did not seem impressed by it, and it certainly makes one wonder why she agreed to join the show if she was not prepared to take part in all the activities. 

Maybe she’s been living under a rock, or she just needed a quick buck and signed up without a second thought, but we’re not seeing the real Teddi, and it seems like it’s going to take time for that to shine on through. 

The sad thing is, viewers make decisions early on about new cast additions, and Teddi runs the risk falling into the sidelines. You know something’s wrong when Adrienne Maloof returned for two scenes and had a more prominent presence than Teddi. 

The ladies were still in Las Vegas, and it became apparent that Erika is always going to be a tough cookie to crumble. Her icy demeanor has landed her in hot water with the ladies in the past. 

For the most part, she changed things up and reacted well to Lisa Vanderpump telling her that friendship is a two-way street, but she was not that nice to Teddi in the closing moments of the episode. 

Teddi was trying to find out some information about Erika because she wanted to get to know her, but in true Erika fashion, she iced her out and treated her like crap. 

This did pave the way for Erika to drop a stunning revelation on the ladies: She met her father for the first time when she was 18 years old. 

“It was like meeting a stranger. I shook his hand,” she said, and the others quickly speculated that it could be the cause of her not letting people into her life. 

“I don’t have this relationship, but I have a lot of other fabulous relationships,” Erika said to the camera.

Elsewhere, Dorit and Lisa Rinna finally had it out over all the comments they made about one another. It was a very one-sided debate, and Rinna was in the hot seat. 

Dorit denied that PK made several comments about Rinna, and said that it was all Rinna’s doing. Thankfully, Bravo was on tap with flashbacks of PK saying all of the horrid stuff about the soap star. 

Rinna ultimately had to be the bigger person and take all the blame. 

“I don’t want to feel like I am in danger,” Dorit said at the start of the slow Ferris wheel ride. “Your words and your actions are so low that they can really affect people’s lives.”

Ultimately, the warring women put the past behind them and decided it was time to stop fighting. 

But then Kyle Richards had to ruin all of it by telling Lisa R about Harry telling her that Kim needed to be kicked out of the group for good. 

Lisa already knew about it, and the ladies shrugged it off. Could this be the season of the women playing nice with one another?

The show is at its best when they are fighting, so we hope not!

What did you think of the developments?

Sound off below. 


Kate Upton: Acting like a F-cking Diva Over Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover?

Kate Upton is as beautiful as it gets on the outside.

According to a bombshell new report, however, the voluptuous model is dark and conniving and kind of evil on the inside.

Allow us to explain in further, alleged detail…

On Monday, February 13, Sports Illustrated will release its annual Swimsuit Edition, likely prepared to deal with the backlash that accompanies this rollout on a yearly basis.

But while the publication is used to dealing with complaints from customers, The New York Post writes that SI was forced to deal with an unexpected internal problem while lining up sexy photos for the issue this time aroun.

And that problem centered around Upton, her large breasts and her even bigger ego.

Just like last year, the 2017 version of the Swimsuit edition is expected to feature three covers: on that stars Serena Williams, one that stars 63-year-old model Christie Brinkley and one that stars Upton.

(In 2016, the three covers depicted Ashley Graham, Hailey Clauson and Ronda Rousey in body paint and/or bikinis.)

Well… one that maybe stars Upton.

An insider tells Page Six that Upton stirred up a lot of “drama” throughout her bathing suit-based suit.

“Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover,” the newspaper writes, adding of Upton:

“She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with.”

Those latter demands are probably not unusual for a celebrity of Upton’s stature.

But Upton has already appeared on the Sports Illustrated cover in 2012 and 2013 and those close to this situation say he attitude and behavior have been anything but appropriate.

“She was being a big f -cking diva,” an insider claims. “She’s thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress.”

Wait… she is?!?

The busty blonde did appear in The Other Woman three years ago, opposite Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

But the comedy wasn’t exactly embraced by movie critics.

She has three films in post-production at the moment, including one directed by William H. Macy and another by James Franco.

In 2015, Upton – who is engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander – was the subject of a New York Post article discussing whether her “ego is ruining her career.”

One modeling industry veteran said that her “demands became ridiculous.”

We can’t wait to see how Upton responds to this uproar.

As we’ve seen in the past, Upton is unafraid to speak her mind.

The only real move that Upton ought to take here is to stage some kind of coup.

Screw Sports Illustrated, right?!?

Why not just pose for a bunch of naked photos on your own and release them on Instagram for all to see?

We see no other option for you to take, Kate. Do it. Do it. Do it RIGHT NOW.