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Patton Oswalt’s a proud papa, because his 8-year-old girl’s following in his footsteps and making people laugh … but she doesn’t even know it yet! We got the comedian and “A.P. Bio” star leaving a barbershop in Silver Lake Wednesday, and had to…


Kendra Wilkinson: Life is Kicking My Ass and My Mom Doesn’t Care!

Kendra Wilkinson tweeted out that she’s suffering in 2018.

In fact, it’s apparently her hardest year so far. She doesn’t spell out why … but we can guess.

But do you know who doesn’t feel for Kendra? Kendra’s mother, Patti Wilkinson.

Kendra Wilkinson’s 2017 was not necessarily ideal.

There were rumors that she and Hank Baskett would divorce.

Kendra was hospitalized more than once. She suffered a mystery illness … but, another time, she injured herself while pantomiming a handjob on stage.

To top it all off, Kendra — who’s taken other reality stars to task for racism in the past and, lest we forget, whose immediate family is black — was accused of racism after she picked cotton.

It was one of those very rare instances when someone accused of racism was not, in fact, being racist.

Despite all of that, Kendra seems to be having a harder time in 2018 — and we’re not even two weeks into the year.

Kendra tweeted:

“2018 has been so far the hardest start to a year in my life. Kickin my ass n putting me through a true test… but I survived this far. I choose to stand strong, be grateful n smile. Life is too short.”

It is, but that’s really vague, right? Well, she gets vaguer with some life advice that looks like it belongs on a trite motivational poster:

“The most important time in your life is right now at this moment. Let go of the past and have fun dreaming. Enjoy life’s little pleasures. Take control n prioritize who n what deserves this time.”

So, what does that mean? Is she okay?

Kendra’s mother, Patti Wilkinson, spoke to RadarOnline. But she didn’t seem terribly interested in addressing Kendra’s tweets.

“I am not interested in talking about Kendra.”


Patti is apparently vacationing outside of the US, and told RadarOnline that she is “not talking about Kendra.”

Infamously, Kendra’s mother wants to write a book that will expose details and secrets of Kendra’s life, which very understandably makes Kendra nearly lose it whenever it’s brought up.

It’s a sore point between the two of them.

We can only speculate as to what she might mean.

Remember how she was suffering from aches and pains that had her rushed to the hospital and canceling her Vegas shows?

It turned out that, according to Kendra, she had something called vaginal depression — aches and pains in her genitals that have no apparent physiological cause.

(A lot of gynecological ailments haven’t been taken seriously by the medical community over the years, because sexism ruins everything; we can’t help but wonder if doctors would have a better grasp on what causes vaginal depression if, you know, women hadn’t been excluded from becoming doctors for centuries)

Doctors usually prescribe sex, which should be great news for Kendra. Kendra describes herself as a “horny motherf–ker,” and it wasn’t just her emotional bond with Hank Baskett that she missed while she spent time in Vegas.

Speaking of Hank Baskett, some believe that old hurt feelings over Hank’s alleged affair with a trans model — well, affair is a strong word; the story goes that she maybe gave him a handjob — may still be causing problems.

Others hope that the couple is past that.

It’s also possible that Kendra is just working really hard on her 2018 body goals. Her New Year’s Resolution is all about herself and her figure, and she’s been hitting the gym hard to keep in shape.

So maybe she’s kicking her own ass?

It’s possible that we have no clue as to what’s making her 2018 into such a trial. But, it’s Kendra, so we doubt that it’ll remain secret for long.


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Javi Marroquin: Why Doesn’t He Get As Much Hate as Kailyn Lowry?!

If you're a Kailyn Lowry fan, then you're probably aware that the Teen Mom 2 star's life is loaded with drama.

And you're probably also aware that she receives a tremendous amount of hate from fans, many of whom are relentlessly brutal in their social media comments.

These days, TM2 obsessives are primarily interested in the love triangle involving Kailyn, her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, and their co-star Briana DeJesus.

Despite doing her best to avoid getting too deeply involved in the situation, Kailyn is taking harsher criticism than ever, while Javi appears to have been let off the hook entirely.

So what's the deal? 

Is it a sexist double standard, or is Javi actually less responsible for the deterioration of the relationship than Kail is?

Join us as we explore this question in the gallery below, and watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the wild life of Kailyn Lowry.

1. A Messy Split

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin kiss
As fans know, Kailyn and Javi went from TM2’s most celebrated couple to the show’s most bitter rivals in record time. In the year since their divorce was finalized, it appears that Lowry and Marroquin’s relationship has only worsened.

2. A Slow Deterioration

Javi and kailyn on mtv
It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when it really looked as though Kail and Javi would be able to form a civil and amicable co-parenting relationship–an arrangement that’s been attempted by many Teen Mom couples, but rarely attained. Unfortunately, the former couple’s tenuous peace didn’t last long.

3. A Secretive Split

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin and son
Fans weren’t aware at the time, but it seems Kailyn and Javi began working out the terms of their divorce prior to his deployment with the US Air Force. It was said to be a mutual split, but it wouldn’t be long before things got ugly …

4. Cutting Up in Qatar

Javi marroquin random chick on instagram
Kailyn says Javi cheated on her repeatedly during their marriage, and while he claims he didn’t start dating until their divorce was finalized, she insists she has photographic evidence that he was with at least one another woman during his time in Qatar.

5. Javi Drama

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowrys family photo
Things rapidly got worse when Marroquin returned to the States. Within weeks, the peaceful co-parenting arrangement he and Kailyn had dreamed of had become a distant memory.

6. A Jealous Ex?

Sources say Marroquin became upset by news that Kailyn was dating again. And what happened next made him downright livid …

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Amy Roloff Photographs Grandbabies, DOESN’T Get Hate!

The Roloff grandbabies are too cute for words, so we’re always happy to see photos of Jackson and Ember Jean!

But if you’re worried because Audrey Roloff says that she’ll Instagram less, remember that there are other Roloffs with cameras at the ready.

Proud grandmother Amy Roloff snapped the photo that you’ll see below. And it’s so cute that fans momentarily forgot to send her unwarranted hate!

Now, this photo was snapped by Tori Roloff a few weeks ago.

In this picture, we see Jackson and Ember Jean, side-by-side on a baby blanket. They both look so cute and so sweet.

Ember Jean is sporting a baby bonnet (which automatically makes us think of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is funny but it’s normal headgear for young babies and we don’t think that it’s a series that Audrey Roloff would enjoy).

Jackson is a little older. He doesn’t have a bonnet and he’s looking right at his grown-up loved ones.

You know, we’ve been thinking about this — Jackson’s six months old, now. Half a year is a normal age for babies to start excitedly saying words — starting with “mama” and “dada.”

But it won’t be too long now before Jackson starts really talking.

Developmentally, Ember Jean is going to be a few months behind him. In the long-run, the two cousins will be peers, just a few months apart.

As babies, though, just a few months of development can make a world of difference.

Anyway, are you ready to see the photo that Amy Roloff snapped?


Amy’s caption was precious, too:

“I could spend all day everyday with my two grandkids Jackson and Ember. Love when I get to hang out with them. They’re growing up so fast already. I’m so thankful!”

The Roloff family matriarch earned some immediate praise when she shared this picture on Instagram:

“How adorable these two little cousins are !!! I’m sure they will be the best of friends forever..”

Well, they’ll be growing up together.

“Awee this is too cute! Go enjoy your grandbabies.”

We’re sure that she did just that.

“Beautiful blessings.”

To be clear, we think that this commenter was referring to the babies as blessings, not, like, blessing Amy Roloff.

“Oh my… they are growing so fast. They’re two cute. Congratulations to the families. Enjoy your thanksgiving blessings.”

Commenters also discussed the likenesses of the youngest Roloffs:

“Both these babies look just like their mommies!”

We can see that.

Commenters also noted that both babies looked like their respective fathers.

(We should note that one potential troublemaker commented that baby Jackson looks like his uncle Jeremy, which honestly we don’t really see. But maybe it was just an innocuous comment)

Another noted that both little cousins have the “Roloff ear,” which isn’t something that we’d have noticed. But sure.

Perhaps the best thing about that cute photo of Jackson and Ember Jean, second only to the babies themselves, was that Amy Roloff shared it … and, for a brief moment in time, people forgot to send her hateful messages.

Amy Roloff is a charitable woman who loves her family and absolutely adores her grandbabies.

Unfairly, though, she gets hate. She has a boyfriend — and they’re so close that fans wonder if Amy Roloff will remarry. She has a life and friends beyond her family.

Maybe some fans resent that.

Still, even the “fans” who don’t think that Amy Roloff can do anything right — for whatever reason — seemed at a loss to find criticisms when she shared that precious photo.

And that’s great — positive feedback means that they’re encouraging more baby pictures in the future.

We’ll need more photos and social media posts until Little People, Big World comes back with its new season in March or earlier in 2018.

And quite frankly … we’ll still want photos then.