Ryan Dolph to Jenelle Evans: I Will Wipe My A– With Your Cease & Desist Letter LOL

Jenelle Evans’ (former) friend has posted a cease and desist letter she sent him online – along with his thoughts on the matter.

Ryan Dolph was one of many people who got Jenelle Evans’ cease and desist letters during her legal rampage last month.

How’s he feeling about it? Nonplussed, you could say.

Like her co-stars, some of whom also got these letters, Dolph doesn’t seem too concerned about the legality of Jenelle’s threats.

Whatsoever. In fact, his response is quite something.

Jenelle and husband David Eason hired an attorney in an effort to silence some of the negativity directed at the couple on social media.

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, Chelsea’s father Dr. Randy Houska, and Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans got one.

Another recipient of one of the letters was Dolph, a friend of Jenelle’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, and a guy who was once close to her too.

Ryan, who was on the MTV show several times, is laughing it off … and posting photos of it on Twitter so fans can join in the hilarity!

After Chelsea Houska tweeted about receiving her letter late last month, Dolph chimed in that he too apparently crossed Jenelle.

“Don’t feel bad I gotta letter too just haven’t went and picked it up yet from my parents,” Ryan tweeted. “My dad just called me about it.”

“I gotta letter myself stating all types of crazy sh!t my Dads was telling me lol I just ain’t in no rush to go get it lol #f**kem #dudesacontrolfreak.”

More enlightening words have never been tweeted.

Ryan continued on Twitter, “When your a public figure your gonna be talked about and it’s free therefore you can’t sue sh!t.”

Eventually, Dolph did go pick up the legal document, which he found so amusing that he ranted about it once more … with visual aids.


“Damn son you really spent 6.59 on this bs?” Ryan asked, hilariously referring to the postage amount paid to deliver this to him.

He then posted photos of the cease and desist letter itself, along with the obligatory commentary – none of which was pretty.

“Ask me if I give a f–k…” Ryan wrote, adding:

“They all can suck my long d!ck #cantdosh!tifitsthetruth #someonef**kinpayme … I should wipe my ass with this bs and send it back.”

“Couldn’t they of at least hired a better attorney she must of forgot my dad is in with the best attorneys in New Hanover County.”

“I ain’t stressing thanks for the laugh tho.”

Perhaps tellingly, absent from the letter are any examples of Dolph’s comments or actions that allegedly defamed Jenelle or her husband.

Cease Letter 1

It merely stated that Ryan has allegedly made “false and defamatory statements disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s character” online.

Again, it’s unclear what those statements consisted of, or if the letters received by their Teen Mom 2 co-stars were worded any differently.

Interestingly, Starcasm reports that the attorney who fired off the letter – Christopher E. Faircloth – has a familiar middle name: Eason.

Some observers began wondering the obvious, whether or not he’s related to David Eason, and Ryan weighed in on this topic as well.

“For the last time that lawyer is no ken [sic] to that pu**y … no body in that family is that educated STOP saying that dumb bs not every Eason is ken.”

We assume he means “kin” and not ken.

Cease Letter 2

While no one in David’s family is “that educated,” according to Dolph, his own family is quite connected in the legal world, thankyouvermuch.

For this reason, among others, he’s not losing sleep over anything Jenelle says … she should be the one who’s concerned if anything.

“And if he was I ain’t worried about a rookie lawyer my dad has the connections to the best attorneys in New Hanover county.”

“hell my sister is named after the head judge in New Hanover if that tells ya anything. If she only knew how I could flip this sh!t”

“I [could] actually get something out of this… she should of thought twice because I’m pretty sure I ain’t the only one looking into the bs!

Man. Someone call the New Hanover volunteer fire department, because the third-degree burns just keep on coming.


Young Dolph Shot in Hollywood; Rapper in Critical Condition

Young Dolph, a rapper from Tennessee who was the victim of a shooting in North Carolina just six months ago, was involved in a scuffle outside the Loews Hollywood Hotel last night.

According to The Los Angeles Times, one of the men beefing with Young Dolph took out a gun and shot the artist multiple times.

The incident took place along Hollywood Boulevard and prompted police officers and paramedics to swarm this busy tourist area.

Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Lopez tells the aforementioned newspaper that Young Dolph was actually shot several times while he lay on the ground.

He had fallen during the argument and that was one the shooter took action.

Despite being wounded, the rapper managed to stand up and run into Shoe Palace, near the famous TCL Chinese Theatre, while two of the men also involved in the fracas ran away.

The third individual jumped into a gold Cadillac Escalade and drove it to a gas station next door.

He then hopped out and ran, leaving this vehicle behind.

Police have searched the SUV and come away empty-handed: no weapons were discovered inside and it remains unclear just who owns it.

Detectives are apparently investigating whether the shooting was related to a rivalry with another artist.

Back in February, Young Dolph – whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr. – was in an SUV in Charlotte, North Carolina when the car came under gunfire.

Three people were arrested in May in connection with this shooting.

The rapper survived that incident, of course, and authorities say he was placed in critical condition following the latest shooting… but is expected to survive this one as well.


One man was detained for questioning on Tuesday morning, but it’s unknown at this time whether he was one of the three involved in the fight.

Younh Dolph released an album in April titled, “Bulletproof,” which was a reference to the shooting in Charlotte.

It ranked number-36 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

He was scheduled to perform at the Marke in South Los Angeles on Thursday before traveling to Georgia to open for hip-hop star 2 Chainz next week. 

We have to assume at this point that he will not be making either of those appearances.