Naya Rivera: Domestic Battery Charges Dropped!

It was only last October when Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey’s divorce was called off. Things looked bright for the couple.

Fast forward less than two months, and Naya got arrested after allegedly hitting her husband — in front of their young son, no less.

But it looks like Naya has somehow managed to get out of the domestic battery charges.

Naya Rivera was once a celebrated Glee star.

She also wrote a book and spoke up about her experience with having an abortion.

While no medical procedure is anybody’s business, it was good that she chose to share her story, because every time that someone speaks up, it helps to ease society’s stigma about abortion.

Compared to some of her fellow Glee stars, after Corey Monteith’s tragic death and Mark Salling pleading guilty for child porn, she was doing pretty well just living her best life for a while there.

And then she went and got herself arrested.

Late last November (it was the wee hours of Saturday night, in fact), news broke that Naya Rivera had been arrested for domestic battery.

Reportedly, she and Ryan Dorsey were out on a walk with their two-year-old son, Josey. Apparently, during an argument about their son, Naya struck her husband more than once.

Enough that police could see signs of the alleged strikes later, which included a busted lip, Ryan declined medical attention.

(Domestic violence is still domestic violence when a woman does it, folks)

Ryan called the police, who arrested and charged Naya before releasing her. She was picked up from the police station by her father-in-law, which sounds awkward as hell.

Though Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera asked for privacy, there were further reports.

Among them, a claim that police believe that Naya was intoxicated when the alleged violence took place.

Additionally, Ryan Dorsey’s 911 call described Naya as “out of control.”

On its own, that’s all very worrisome and inexcusable. The fact that it took place in front of their son makes it even worse.

Suffice it to say that the couple’s divorce is back on.

However, TMZ reports that Naya Rivera’s domestic battery charge has been dropped.

Prosecutors say that it was Ryan Dorsey who was ultimately unwilling to go through with pressing charges.

We don’t know if this was part of a deal for their divorce (over alimony or custody or whatever).

Last month, Ryan and Naya agreed that they would share custody of Josey.

This isn’t the same as reconciliation, but some are concerned about Naya’s allegedly violent behavior. They wonder what happens the next time that she gets “out of control.”

It sounded like Big Sean suggested that Naya Rivera’s behavior isn’t unprecedented.

As always, what’s most important is Josey’s safety and well-being. We hope that whatever Ryan and Naya work out, it’s in Josey’s best interests.

But … it’s never a good feeling to see an accused domestic batterer face zero legal consequences for their alleged violence.


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Adam Lind Facing FOUR Counts of Domestic Assault!

After her baby daddy Adam Lind’s latest arrest, Chelsea Houska wisely moved to limit his visitation with their daughter

And that makes even more sense when you here the details of the charges that he’s facing for his domestic assault.

All four of them.

As we mentioned, Adam Lind was arrested … again … and has some serious legal struggles ahead of him.

This time, it’s wasn’t for yet again testing positive for meth right before having a visitation for one of his kids.

It wasn’t even for another domestic assault, though it’s definitely related to his recent bout of alleged violence against a woman.

This last arrest was for violating a protective order.

How did he get a protective order — forbidding him from coming near or contacting baby mama Stasia Huber — in the first place?

Well, hear it in Stasia’s own words:

“While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and steroids,” Stasia reveals in court documents. “he fractured my forearm.”

That alone would be a nightmare and, quite frankly, enough for us to be just fine with the idea of Lind spending a solid chunk of time in prison, but Stasia Huber continues:

“… Locked me in the house saying I couldn’t leave, smashed my phone …”

Terrifying. She’s describing being imprisoned and cut off, unable to flee his alleged violence and also unable to call for help.

“And once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER.”

A lot of abusers display remorse; it doesn’t mean that they’re going to change. And it doesn’t undo their unforgivable actions.

So, what do those horrible deeds look like in official, legal terms?

RadarOnline got a hold of some court documents. After Adam Lind was arrested on November 2nd, he was charged with:

For the first count: “He did attempt to cause bodily injury to another and had the actual ability to cause the injury.”

For the second count: “Did recklessly cause bodily injury to another.”

For the third count: “Attempting by physical menace or credible threat to put another in fear of imminent bodily harm, with or without the actual ability to harm the other person.”

And for the fourth count, he was charged with intentionally causing bodily harm to another.

Quite frankly, we’re surprised that none of those charges includes kidnapping or false imprisonment or something along those lines.

(It’s always possible that the charges could be amended, we’re sure)

Considering the allegations against Lind, the charges, the fact that he apparently violated Stasia’s protective order, and the timeline — that he got busted for meth as recently as April … well, he’s in a whole heap of trouble.

Adam Lind was released from jail. Maybe this time, he’ll pay attention to Stasia Huber’s protective order.

All of this is fodder to reduce or outright end visitations. Quite frankly, a man who does the things of which Adam Lind is accused does not need to be around children, no matter how much he may love them in his moments of sobriety.

Chelsea Houska is really one of the better mothers in the Teen Mom franchise. By all appearances, Aubree would be better served by spending zero time with a ‘roided out meth-head.

Honestly, Adam Lind’s arrest record isn’t colorful — it’s chilling. Visitation and custody topics could be moot, depending upon what the court thinks of his behavior.

He has a plea hearing on Thursday, and his jury trial begins on January 18th. We’ll keep you updated.


Track Palin: Sarah’s Son Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges AGAIN!

If every election were decided by a studio audience from The Jerry Springer show, every political family would look like the Palins.

Sarah Palin stepped down from her role as governor of Alaska back in … and she’s been fading into obscurity ever since.

But while Palin remains desperate for fame (as evidenced by her desire to buddy up to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent) she probably wishes her delinquent kids would stop making headlines with their criminal behavior.

Several media outlets are reporting today that Palin’s oldest son, Track, was arrested over the weekend on charges of felony burglary, assault in the fourth degree and criminal mischief for causing property damage of between $ 250 and $ 999.

NBC News has confirmed that the assault charge stems from a domestic violence incident.

Track was arrested in Wasilla, the town where his famous mother once served as mayor

It’s the 28-year-old’s second domestic violence arrest in less than two years.

In 2016, Track was arrested after his then-girlfriend, who was found hiding under her bed and crying, told police he repeatedly punched her in the face.

Those charges followed on the heels of another incident, in which Track was arrested for drunkenly brandishing a gun.

Track was able to plea down and avoid jail time in both incidents.

Those who are familiar with his family’s clout in Alaska say they’re not surprised that he seems to be above the law.

It’s unclear what sort of repercussions Track will face this time, but yet again, it seems unlikely that he’ll serve any time in prison.

Various media outlets have attempted to contact the Palin’s but the family has yet to return any calls.

They did, however, issue a vague press release through their attorney:

“Given the nature of actions addressed last night by law enforcement and the charges involved, the Palins are unable to comment further,” the statement reads.

“They ask that the family’s privacy is respected during this challenging situation just as others dealing with a struggling family member would also request.”

We’re sure the woman who was (allegedly) attacked by Track finds the situation “challenging,” as well.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.