Bridezilla’s Bizarre Demands Go Viral: Don’t Talk to Me and Don’t You DARE Wear Makeup!

A reddit user by the name of Laika_cat posted a redacted screencap of a truly ridiculous email.

In the email, which was allegedly written by a wedding coordinator, guests are givena  list of demands.

A few of them are totally normal — don't wear white, please let us know if you're bringing a plus one. That's all fine and not what has everyone so bewildered.

No, the bride is demanding that anyone invited bring a gift of sufficient value if they want to be admitted.

And she's also laying down the law about what guests can do, from social media activity to what they drink to how they can do their hair and makeup.

Technically, the email is purportedly from the wedding coordinator, but a number of clues make people believe that the bride wrote it herself.

Take a look at what true absurdity looks like and ask yourself if you would even bother attending.

1. It starts off normally enough

Bridezilla list of demands 01
Like we said, it is widely doubted that the wedding coordinator came up with this list — or even wrote it.

2. This question is reasonable

Bridezilla list of demands 02
This matters for seating layouts and for food preparation. But this question comes before the list.

3. Oh boy, here we go

Bridezilla list of demands 03
Asking people to show up early is fine. And avoiding white or anything close is considered polite.

4. This is where it gets controlling

Bridezilla list of demands 04
Now this person is telling people how to wear their own hair and how to do their makeup? It sounds like the bride is terrified of being outshone.

5. She doesn’t just want to control your looks, but your behavior

Bridezilla list of demands 05
That … is not how you spell ceremony. And while including a tag for an event is standard, the demand that people not check in on social media is weird.

6. This is our favorite one

Bridezilla list of demands 06
What does this mean? Do not speak to the bride? This is like a list of demands for a major prima donna actress … except she’s making them of people who are presumably family and friends. Who DOESN’T want to talk to their friends?

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People REALLY Don’t Wanna See Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl

Adam Levine is undeniably a good looking man.

And he has an outstanding voice.

But these traits are apparently not enough to prompt any excitement from NFL fans over the selection of Levine's band at the Super Bowl 2019 halftime act.

Upon Maroon 5 being confirmed as the headliner for the big game, which will take place on February 3 in Atlanta, social media users expressed their annoyance and dismay.

We've selected a few of their most vicious responses below…


1. They’re In!

Adam levine for maroon 5
Levine and company will follow in the recent footsteps of Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. And this is what some people think about that selection…

2. Like, a 20-Minute Bathroom Break at That!

Like a 20 minute bathroom break at that

3. Remember How Well Coldplay Went Over?

Remember how well coldplay went over

4. Thanks, Siri

Thanks siri

5. You Know the Answer, Right?

You know the answer right

6. We Have a Solution for This

We have a solution for this

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Eric Dickerson Gives Johnny Manziel Concussion Advice, ‘Don’t Rush Back’

Johnny Manziel hasn’t played a snap of football since he was placed in concussion protocol a month ago … but Eric Dickerson says the CFL QB needs to trust the process and “don’t rush back” to the field. TMZ Sports spoke with the L.A. Rams legend…


Mackenzie McKee BLASTS MTV: They Don’t Like That My Mom Has Cancer!

As you’ve likely heard by now, two new faces will be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG this season.

Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin will both be appearing as regulars when the show’s eighth season premieres on October 1 — and the reaction from fans has been mixed, at best.

While producers always planned to replace Farrah Abraham, who was fired due to misconduct issues last year, it was widely assumed that they would cast someone with previous experience as a member of the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise.

Instead, producers pulled talent from the political arena (Palin) and from elsewhere on the MTV lineup (The Challenge star Floyd, who — it should be noted — never had a child until she was in her twenties).

The casting news came as a shock to many fans, particularly as it was widely assumed that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee was a shoe-in for the position.

McKee had already been passed over once, when producers decided to cast Briana DeJesus on Teen Mom 2.

Many felt that McKee deserved the job, and when an MTV camera crew was sent to McKee’s home earlier this year, it was expected that an official announcement that she had joined the cast was imminent.

However, we now know that the network was simply filming scenes for a “where are they now?” special that’s set to air next week.

On Instagram, McKee hinted that she was less than thrilled by the decision, writing:

“I’ve been done real dirty this year, let’s just say that…”

In the past, fans have accused Mackenzie of throwing shade at Cheyenne due to comments she’s made on social media.

But today, McKee is making it clear that her beef is not with Cheyenne or Bristol, but with MTV.

“It’s obvious what is going on right now and that’s okay,” McKee recently told Radar Online.

“I have nothing bad to say about anyone. I am extremely happy for all the girls,” she added.

“These girls all have a great opportunity and I hope they use it in a positive way.”

But while she obviously wishes nothing but the best for the ladies of Teen Mom OG, McKee clearly (and rightly) believes that she was unjustly passed over for a spot on the show.

“Many out there have loved ones who are dealing with cancer and through my mom, I wanted to encourage those people to go out and live your best life, even if you’re told you have 4-12 months,” McKee recently wrote on Instagram.

“Some way, somehow, I will make sure that she doesn’t leave this earth without inspiring the world.

“Unfortunately, it’s just not a story MTV was interested in.”

McKee adds that she would have liked to share her story as a “suicide attempt survivor” and hopes that she’ll be able to find another platform on which to do so.


Colton Underwood Addresses Haters: You Just Don’t Get It…

Colton Underwood has never entered a woman.

But the brand new Bachelor has now entered the world of reality TV show fandom…

… and he’s getting a first-hand look at how ugly it can be.

Earlier this week, ABC confirmed that Underwood would anchor the 23rd installment of this beloved franchise.

The decision was expected, yet it still landed with a giant thud in the eyes of many long-time viewers.

That guy, really?!? many residents of Bachelor Nation said in response.

Words such as “boring” and “vanilla” and “holy Hell, does he lack any ounce of charisma?!?” were thrown around by critics of the move online.

Underwood, it now seems, is aware of the response his selection generated.

This is 2018. He’s obviously on the Internet and using social media and is trying to keep perspective on why some folks may be less than enthralled over watching his journey next year.

In the end, he seems to think, they are simply ignorant.

colton clapback

On Thursday morning, Colton Tweeted the following:

People hate what they don’t understand & try to destroy it. Only try to keep yourself clear and don’t allow that destructive force to spoil something that to you is so simple, natural & beautiful.

Was he referring to the criticism that has come his way in the last 48 hours or so? It’s very safe to understand.

A lot of people out there are mocking his choice to remain a virgin, with some even thinking he’s deep in the sexual closet.

We aren’t about to go there of course. We have no idea what Colton’s life has really been like and we are not about to judge the way he is choosing to live it.

All we know at the moment is that Underwood is saying all the right things.

That is, all the same things that Bachelors before him have also said.

“That’s what I’m looking forward to the most, is getting engaged and then getting married shortly after that,” Underwood told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America this past Tuesday.

He added that he wants to marry a “good, passionate” person — and it doesn’t even matter if she’s into sports.

Will it matter if she’s done the horizonal hula before?

If she’s gotten down and dirty in bed?

If she’s done the reverse cowgirl or taken it doggy style or plowed more than one guy in a week or something?

We don’t think so.

Underwood has given no indication that the sexual proclivities or history of his potential fiancee will play any role in whether or not she can win him over.

Colton also doesn’t want to imply that he wouldn’t be done for some hand relief or crotch fondling next season.

“Being a virgin doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time,” he has told People Magazine. “It doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate and romantic and sexual still in your relationship.


David Eason: I Need a Gun So They Don’t Force My Straight White Ass Into a Concentration Camp!

It’s been almost seven months since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 for hurling bigoted slurs at fans on social media.

But Jenelle Evans’ husband has made a point of not backing away from his controversial stances.

In fact — because 2018 is nightmarish hellscape in which every idiot with an opinion feels that they need to cram it down your throat on a daily basis until you run screaming for the “block” button — he’s been more outspoken than ever in recent weeks. 

You see, David is one of those well-heeled straight, Christian white guys who has somehow convinced himself he’s an oppressed minority.

In David’s mind, the whole world is out to get him, and the barbarians are forever at his gates, which is why he needs to be armed to the teeth in order to defend himself.

And he’s been expressing that view in increasingly offensive fashion lately with the help of the preferred weapon of internet jackasses everywhere — memes.

David Eason Instagram Meme

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, David posted the above meme earlier this week, and predictably, the reaction from fans has been one of mingled confusion and outrage.

“Why gun control? Because armed people will NOT willingly load themselves into railroad boxcars,” reads the caption.

So … does David really think he’s at risk of being sent off to a concentration camp?

Interestingly, that post comes on the heels of another one in which Eason boasts of his pride in being a straight white redneck.

David Eason "Straight Pride" Meme

“For the people who get offended when you call them what they identify themselves as… I’m also proud to be a white man, a southerner and a redneck! #pride,” Eason captioned the above image.

As far as we can tell, David is the kind of guy who will tell you that he and the rest of the MAGA crowd are tired of winning in one breath, and then argue that he needs an AR-15 to protect himself from his many oppressors in the next.

He’s that very modern sort of dipsh-t who will complain about identity politics while proudly affixing himself with labels that he thinks will make his opinions matter more.

Clearly, political matters are very much at the forefront of David’s mind these days.

But since he and his wife have had CPS called to their house 20 times in the past year, maybe he should focus a bit more energy on getting his own house in order.