The Voice Recap: Who Survived Double Elimination Night?!

We’re getting closer to The Voice Season 14’s finale, and that means it’s time to whittle the contestants down to ensure only the best performers make it all the way to the end. 

Monday’s results show was a surprising one. The reason for that was that everyone turned in a solid performance, and it made it obvious the popular vote was going to come into play. 

Before we got to the elimination, we had to endure a string of performances. It would make sense at this stage to have a more streamlined series, and that would include eliminating at the end of Monday’s episode. 

The Voice is dropping in the ratings, and that could be attributed to the sheer amount of filler. Now, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the performance from Charlie Puth. His pathway to stardom is an exciting one. 

After Charlie’s spectacular, it was down to Five Seconds of Summer to wow the audience with a rendition of “Youngblood.” It was just as great as you would expect.

Sent to Safety 

Kyla Jade (Team Blake)

Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia)

Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly)

Jackie Foster (Team Alicia)

Pryor Baird (Team Blake)

Kaleb Lee (Team Kelly)

Spensha Baker (Team Blake)

That meant Christiana Danielle, Jackie Verna, and Rayshun LaMarr were the bottom three and had to perform to try and stay in the competition. 

Christiana Danielle (Team Alicia) – “Unchain My Heart”

Christiana has great vocal range, and out of the three performances, her one showed her in the best light. This was the best song she could have hoped for on the night, but was it enough to save her? 

Jackie Verna (Team Adam) – “I Told You So”

Jackie’s performances have been all over the place of late, and her latest number proved that she was not a consistent performer. It was off-key, and it looked like she could be exiting the process. 

Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam) –  “Let’s Get It On”

Rayshun has flirted with the bottom several times, and this latest number was more of the same from him. The man is struggling to get the votes. 

When all was said and done, Rayshun was saved, while Christiana and Jackie were given the pink slip. 

We now have just eight performers left, and with the finale fast approaching, there’s no telling who will win, 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC. 


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