Kanye West Blasts Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford in Bizarre Video

Earlier this month, Kanye West went on an apology spree, trying to make nice with others and even telling Drake to "take his good energy." Whatever that means.

Now, however, it looks like Kanye has changed his tune. He recorded a video message for various men in the music industry with whom he has a beef.

The short version? Don't talk about his wife, don't think about his wife, and definitely don't suggest that you've ever boned her.

Kanye west face on video

"I just wanted to express some things that were not sitting right with my spirit," Kanye explains.

Kanye continues: "Now that I’m up out the sunken place I can think and I can just be ‘Ye and express how I feel."

When he says the sunken place, he is referring to Get Out, though some would argue that he is using the reference with the opposite of its intended meaning.

"There’s a couple of things that I want to address," Kanye explains.

Kanye on the radio

"First of all I want to address Nick Cannon," Kanye announces.

"I understand that you used to date my wife," he says. "But you know, you get into an interview, don’t mention my wife."

That is something that many would consider to be an odd or intrusive instruction.

"If someone brings my wife up, say, ‘I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that,'" Kanye demands. "Don’t be making no suggestions — like nobody f–k my wife"

That demand might have gone over better with some fans if Kanye had asked Nick to respect Kim. But Kanye is all about Kanye.

Very serious kimye

So, Kanye produced a song of Pusha T's that called out Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter for his music.

"Now if I wasn’t in a medicated state I might have thought and had the wherewithal to say, ‘Hey Pusha, don’t diss Drake on my beat," Kanye admits.

"And I spoke about that and took accountability for that," he says.

"People making rumors or thinking you f–k my wife and you’re not saying nothing…" Kanye continues. "That don’t sit well with my spirit."

Kanye west as a guest

It has long been speculated that the "Kiki" from Drake's song, "In My Feelings," may have been Kim Kardashian, even though she never boned Drake.

"You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita, and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called Riri," Kanye says.

"So when you’re like, ‘Ahhh I don’t know where it come from,’ you too smart for that bro," Kanye insists.

"You know where that come from," Kanye continues to lecture Drake. "Don’t make no record with nothing that can be confused."

These are some hefty demands.

Kanye west on rap stage

You know how Pusha T revealed that Drake had a secret child?

"Now I told ya, I didn’t tell Pusha no information about your baby, baby mama, nothing," Kanye says. "That don’t come from me,”

“Don’t speak on nobody from our family," Kanye commands. "Nothing that can even be mentioned with my wife period."

"We don’t have to talk again," Kanye says. "I’m not giving no energy to that."

Kanye's dragon energy isn't an unlimited resource, we guess.

Hands up

Kanye moved on to yet another target.

"As far as Tyson Beckford goes, don’t speak on my wife, bro," Kanye insists.

"Like none of y’all speak on my wife period," he demands. "What are you talking about? I’m married. We’re in love, we’re a family."

We don't think that anyone seriously questions that, but apparently, in Kanye's mind, these men should never mention Kim Kardashian.

"All three of y’all, come talk to me," Kanye instructs. "We’ll work it out."

Kanye west tweets about emma gonzalez

Kanye just told Drake that they didn't need to speak again in one breath, and then invited him to talk to him with the next.

"Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford," Kanye concludes. "All that wasn’t sittin’ right with me."

Yes. That much is clear.

It will be interesting to see how they respond to Kanye's Thursday message.

In this post, we have a combined version of the videos for you. Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

Kanye west blasts nick cannon drake tyson beckford in bizarre vi

Drake Is Suing a Former Hookup Who Claimed He Raped, Impregnated Her

He may have quashed his beef with Meek Mill, but Drake is now in another battle with a woman who once claimed that he’d gotten her pregnant.

Drake says that, in addition to this baby scam, this woman made false rape allegations against him and demanded that he buy her silence.

He is suing her for extortion and for defamation.

According to court documents filed by Drake’s team and obtained by TMZ, Drake met Layla Lace at one of his concerts in early 2017.

Specifically, he met the curvaceous Instagram model while he was on his Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England.

In February of 2017, Drake says that he and Layla had a consensual hookup.

The sexual activity is said to have taken place in his hotel room.

According to Drake’s team, “Layla also voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex.”

Drake’s attorney, celebrity lawyer Larry Stein, says that Layla was fine with the hookup — but enraged when Drake left it at that.

Apparently, she had been hoping that Drake would take her on tour with him, and did not take it well when he did not.

Though Drake and Layla continued to text, evidence contained within the lawsuit shows that Layla was more demanding of Drake’s attention.

Documents claim that Layla began to imagine a relationship beyond a hookup and flirtatious texts — that she came to believe that the two of them were dating.

That, the lawsuit says, was a factor when she claimed in April of 2017 that Drake had gotten her pregnant and then ghosted her.

Things got worse from there.

Drake’s team alleges that, when Layla was unable to get anything out of him or produce any evidence of an actual pregnancy or child, she changed tactics.

It was then that Layla allegedly accused Drake of rape — which was investigated by police and then cleared.

While police failing to find evidence of sexual assault is not the same thing as proving that it never happened, Drake’s team has that text messaging history.

With those text messages as evidence demonstrating Layla’s desperation to see him, they hope to prove defamation.

Sexual assault allegations should always be taken seriously, in part because the number of false reports are dwarfed by real ones, which are in turn dwarfed by the number of survivors who never come forward.

But that does not mean that there are never false reports. While it’s rare for a jilted ex to go to such extremes, it sounds like Layla was not even an ex.

Based upon these documents, it sounds like Layla was a hookup with whom Drake later flirted in text messages before they became too much.

Unless there is more to this story that we’re not seeing, it sounds like she may have become a stalker.

Not all stalkers are deranged fans. Some stalkers imagine an elaborate relationship with a celebrity, and then become enraged when the celebrity does not share their delusion.

Drake says that, when the sexual assault claim fell through, she tried to demand money to keep her from going public.

That said, so far, we have not heard Layla’s team’s side of the story.

We know that Drake fathered one secret love child in the past. Let’s not pretend that he isn’t capable of being shady.

But if she really did try to extort money and make false claims about Drake in the process, he may have a very solid case for defamation and extortion.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this case as it develops.


Younes Bendjima Brutally Beats Man as Drake Looks On

These days, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima are broken up, but back on March 24, they were still very much a couple.

And it was on that night that Younes viciously attacked an employee at LA hotspot Delilah.

TMZ has obtained video that shows Bendjima throwing numerous punches just before exiting the club.

The male model was in the company of both Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. at the time of the attack.

Details are scarce at the moment, but sources close to the situation say the employee, Bennett Sipes, “talked smack,” which left Bendjima in a rage.

It seems that whatever the employee said, it was enough to piss off the entire group.

But it was Younes who threw the punches, and now, he may be facing some major legal problems.

According to sources close to the situation, Younes and others were partying in the VIP area.

Instagram model Sommer Ray — who happens to be Sipes’ girlfriend — was also in the club.

When Sipes arrived to escort her to the exit toward the end of the night, some of the celebs who were present were less than pleased about it.

Later in the evening, Sipes escorted those same celebs to a secret backdoor exit.

And it was then that all hell broke loose.

Apparently, Sipes attempted to get in the last word, and Younes and company weren’t having it.

While the vdeo cuts out after Bendjima’s attack, Sipes says he was later pummeled by Drake and Beckham’s bodyguards.

Not surprisingly, he’s now suing everyone involved.

Of course, Drake and Beckham can easily afford a settlement, whereas Bendjima might be forced to go to court, as he lacks that kind of cash.

As for whether or not the model will face criminal charges for the attack, that remains unclear.

Of course, considering how badly his relationship with Kourtney ended — Younes was reportedly caught cheating with model Jordan Ozuna — you can bet the Kard clan won’t be swooping in to bail him out.