Dream Kardashian is Growing Up Before Our Very Eyes

Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Blac Chyna was an epic disaster. It was upsetting, it was dramatic, and it’s over.

But one good thing came out of it: Dream Kardashian.

She is 18 months old, and Rob just shared a new photo of his precious daughter. Look at how much she’s grown!

Dream is growing up right before our eyes.

Rob shared this adorable photo of Dream in a big-girl stroller on Thursday, writing:


He follows that word with a smiley face emoji.

Dream is flashing him an awkward smile, like all kids flash at their parents when asked to smile.

Like we said, she’s growing up quickly.

And, not for nothing, but we cannot help but think that Blac Chyna would have trouble throwing this stroller across a theme park. Though … let’s not put it past her.

Just a few weeks ago, in April, Rob also shared this photo of Dream looking happy and adorable.

His provided caption made this pic even sweeter.

“Mornings start with a tea party.”

This is so cute!

Dream is unspeakably cute, and there is something emotionally overwhelming about a baby’s expression of true joy.

And, sorry parents, but it’s not the same as the smile that you see when you get them to say “cheese.”

Adults don’t generally change drastically in one year. Maybe they gain or lose weight or change their hair, but they’re usually pretty recognizable.

Babies, on the other hand, are growing rapidly and changing every day.

In the space of a few weeks, a baby could learn hundreds of new words, pass multiple developmental milestones, and also gain several pounds — in a good way.

As Dream continues to grow and learn, she develops more of her personality. She also increases her understanding and awareness of the world around her.

One day she may gain greater insight into the relationship that her parents had and the possible financial motive that some believe was behind her conception.

But … let’s not waste time worrying about a day that is likely many years off.

Following recent pregnancy rumors about Chyna, reports claimed that Rob was exasperated, afraid, and angry about the idea of Chyna having getting pregnant again while Dream is still a baby.

Of course, there was also talk that Rob’s feelings were more mixed than people had realized.

Because at least one report said that Blac Chyna was seducing Rob all over again by sending him nudes and reminding him of the good times.

There’s always a chance that Dream’s parents could get back together one of these days.

Even though they’re probably too toxic together for it to work out.

Also, Rob’s family would absolutely lose their minds.

Dream is so cute and so precious, and every photo of her is a gift.

She’s one of the only reasons that a lot of people would like to see Rob permitted to have his own Instagram account again.

(He shares photos and videos of Dream on Twitter)

But his Instagram was taken down last year after his revenge porn attack against Blac Chyna, so … it does make sense that they’re not trusting him to upload only acceptable photos again.

In the mean time, the world can enjoy the pics that Chyna shares and, of course, the ones that Rob tweets.

She’ll be grown before we know it.


Blac Chyna: Mom-Shamed for THIS Photo of Dream Kardashian!

Just weeks after Blac Chyna’s Six Flags throw-down in which she famously hurled Dream’s (unoccupied!) stroller in fury, Chyna is stirring up controversy again.

This time, she’s being mom-shamed over a photo of Dream Kardashian.

And the backlash was apparently enough that Chyna deleted the photo — but don’t worry, you can still see it, below.

Chyna had turned off comments for a while, in the wake of losing her stroller endorsement deal and the Six Flags fight.

She turned them back on, and probably expected the usual nasty comments.

Recently, because her boyfriend is so young, some particularly vile trolls have taken to calling her a “pedophile” in the comments under any given photo.

Her boyfriend, VBN Almighty Jay, is 18 and an adult, so it’s hard to see why these people are targeting Chyna with this rhetoric. Words mean things.

Chyna expects to get hate, though.

But she cannot have expected to be mom-shamed over this precious, innocent photo.

Dream is so cute!

Blac Chyna agrees, captioning this now-deleted photo:

“My beautiful baby girl.”

Despite how precious Dream looks with these pink extensions, people decided to flood her comments with negativity and mom-shaming.

Some wonder if it’s because they have so recently seen Chyna at her worst.

Critics took to Chyna’s comments.

“She’s not a toy.”

Blac Chyna knows that Dream is not a toy, but … lots of parents make their babies look cute, folks.

“It’s not necessary and it’s a baby. Not a doll to play to play with.”

It’s not necessary but it’s also entirely undoable. It’s like a hairclip. Do these people not understand hair extensions?

“Why the pink weave tho?”

Probably because it’s cute? Maybe Dream wanted it. We don’t know.

Chyna also had her defenders, and one comment was so on-point that it very effectively shuts down the backlash.

“Adults on here being haters,” it begins.

It’s always odd to see a group of strangers get so riled up by something so harmless.

The comment continues:

“The extensions are clip on.”

So it’s not like there’s any potentially painful weaving when the hair is applied or taken out.

“She’s beautiful.”

Dream sure is. Always.

Life & Style has a report from an insider on what Chyna thinks of the mom-shaming.

“Chyna doesn’t care what anybody thinks about how she styles Dream’s hair.”

She deleted the photo anyway, which is curious.

“It was cute. Adorable, and Dream loved it.”

Getting to wear long hair and “look like mommy” sounds like a lot of fun for a baby.

“Chyna’s a great mother and would never do anything to hurt Dream or her gorgeous head of hair.”

The insider continues.

“That said, if people really want to bash someone she thinks they should bash Rob and his family.”

This is getting into contentious territory.

“Rob’s not exactly father of the year and he’s more of a baby than Dream. Kris does everything for him except change his diaper.”


“Chyna’s a far better mother than anyone in that family and she’s appalled people are trying to talk s–t about her instead of them.”

Or maybe we should save the parent-shaming for the people who are actually bad parents, when we’re sure that they’re bad parents.

Just a thought.


Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Is Too Dangerous to Be Around Dream!

In the wake of Blac Chyna’s Six Flags throw down in which she tried to wield her daughter’s stroller as a weapon, a number of people are questioning her emotional health … and her parenting skills.

Among those people is Rob Kardashian, Chyna’s ex and Dream’s father.

And it looks like he’s going to use this to take Chyna to court and change their custody arrangement.

The whole world has seen Blac Chyna’s infamous theme park fight. Rob Kardashian is certainly one of them.

And, according to what an insider leaked to RadarOnline, Rob is scared to let Chyna be with Dream because of behavior like this.

“Rob doesn’t think Chyna is a good mom and this is more proof,” the source claims. “He’s afraid for Dream’s safety when she’s with Chyna.”

Obviously, your child’s safety must always be your first priority.

“He already contacted his lawyers about this. Rob wants full custody of Dream.”

That sounds like a huge and potentially expensive rehashing of their old custody fight.

The source continues:

“Rob gave Chyna everything she wanted in terms of custody and he gives her $ 20,000 a month.”

Which, the source says, makes it inexcusable that Chyna even came into contact with anyone else while at the park.

“The fact that she didn’t pay for the VIP escort at the park is cheap and was a dangerous decision.”

It’s possible that Chyna just wanted to give her kids a more normal park experience, but Rob believes that it was a mistake.

“He wants to take action to protect his daughter.”

And he apparently worries that what the world saw of Chyna at Six Flags is part of a larger pattern of behavior that his daughter does not need to see.

“He is scared that Dream is in danger when she is with Chyna if she’s getting in fights.”

TMZ confirms that Rob is alarmed by Chyna’s behavior, and report that he plans to capitalize on this video to push for an amendment to their current custody arrangement.

Their sources say that Rob has actually had these concerns for months.

What they say that he’s seeking is a hearing to establish rules fro Chyna regarding what she can and cannot do in Dream’s presence.

Among other things, he may seek to bar Chyna from introducing Dream to any significant other until she’s been in the relationship for at least six months.

That would include Chyna’s 18-year-old boy-toy, who was at Six Flags with her this weekend.

He’s also reportedly going to ask the court for a massive reduction in child support payments.

Blac Chyna clearly loves Dream, and it’s worth pointing out that, according to everything that we’ve heard about the Six Flags fight, she believed that she was defending Dream from an overzealous fan who had touched her daughter.

It sounds like it was probably a misunderstanding.

In fact, the fight victim has spoken out and explained that she had no idea that Dream was Chyna’s — she just saw an incredibly cute baby.

And it’s understandable that Chyna would want to defend her child.

But it’s obviously very important that she not get into fights in front of her children.

To be clear, however … there was no sign of the presence of Dream or King in the video.

Some believe that Rob is just using this situation to try to decrease his child support payments.

And by “Rob,” they mean Kris, who is also believed to be the one making the payments. Rob is rich by normal people standards. By Kardashian standards, he’s a pauper.

In fact, a major revenue stream for him went away when Instagram shut him down over his revenge porn attack against Chyna last summer.

This whole situation between Rob and Chyna is a mess. As a result, many fans have a hard time seeing this alleged push for new custody rules as anything other than opportunism.

Being a divorced parent sure is complicated.