Selena Gomez: Literally Drinking Herself to Death?!?

According to a bombshell new report and analysis, Selena Gomez is burying her Justin Bieber-related sorrow in alcohol these days.

And it may literally kill her.

Bieber, of course, stunned the free world over the weekend when he proposed to Hailey Baldwin.

The singer popped this major question to the model on Saturday Night in Las Vegas, despite only having dated her for a few months in 2016 and then again for a month or so this summer.

No matter, though, Bieber and Baldwin are engaged and fans around the globe are trying to come to grips with this reality.

They’re also wondering about Gomez.

How is she responding to this development with her (many times over) ex-boyfriend?

Is she truly angry, as one source claimed on Monday?

Or does she not care one bit, as another source claimed, because she grew sick and tired of Bieber’s lies and manipulations a long time ago, long before this news broke?

Hollywood Life wrote earlier in the week that Gomez was spotted at a bar in the Four Seasons hotel in New York City, throwing back shots.

So what, you’re probably asking.

She’s 25 years old and this wouldn’t be an abnormal reaction for anyone to have after a serious former lover gets engaged.

But here’s the thing: Selena Gomez has Lupus. It grew so serious last year that she had to get a kidney transplant.

As a result, alcohol can have an effect on the artist that it would not have on someone who does NOT have Lupus.

What kind of effect? A dangerous one.

Radar Online interviewed a rheumatologist named Dr. Robert Fafalak who spoke freely, for some reason, about someone he has never met and who he has never treated.

He risked his professional reputation to explain to this celebrity gossip site just what trouble Selena could be in if she continues this alleged habit.

“The fact that she’s taking what sounds like a very high amount of alcohol can definitely become threatening to not only making her lupus worse but therefore potentially threatening her life,” Fafalak said.

Good friend Francia Raisa donated a kidney to Gomez last year; that’s how severe a case of Lupus Gomez suffers from.

The condition makes her extra tired at times and has resulted in her need to take a break from touring and sometimes from the music business in general.

“Selena is playing with fire now and if she is, in fact, drinking again she will need to get help quick before it spirals out of control and kills her,” an insider tells Radar.

Fans have also been concerned about Selena’s mental state.

She entered rehab in the past for depression and anxiety and no one would blame her here if she relapsed in some way, shape or form.

But Bieber isn’t worth all that.

All we can really hope now is that Gomez realizes this and also realizes that alcohol never cures any problem; often times, in fact, it makes things worse.


George Clooney Hospitalized After Motorcycle Crash: Had He Been Drinking?

Frightening news out of Italy today, as George Clooney has been hospitalized following a motorcycle accident.

Clooney suffered several unspecified injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

The actor’s wife, Amal Clooney, reportedly rushed to be by his side during treatment, and he has since been released to recover at home.

“His expected prognosis is 20 days to get better,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Clooney has yet to speak to the press about the incident, but the driver of the Mercedes that struck his bike says it was a simple case of obstructed vision:

“I had the sun in my face, I did not see anything, I just felt a stroke,” said the driver, who has been identified only Antonello C.

An onlooker who claims to have witnessed the crash and its aftermath says Clooney appeared to be in a great deal of pain:

“Another car, a Mercedes, came from Olbia to Porto San Palo,” Giacamo D’angelo told Radar.

“The other car hit the motorcycle of George Clooney.”

D’Angelo added that Clooney “cried out in pain,” and “held his head in his hands.”

A full investigation has been launched, and it’s only expected to be a few days before the case is officially closed.

But interestingly, as straightforward as the accident appears to be, police have not yet ruled drugs and alcohol as possible causes of the crash.

Though it doesn’t appear that he’s ever had a serious problem with alcohol, Clooney’s love of drinking is no secret.

So perhaps it’s natural that certain media outlets have chosen to fixate on that aspect of the investigation.

But in all likelihood, this is a simple case of one or both drivers being briefly distracted and/or blinded by the sun.

Amal Clooney gave birth to twins just last year, and sources close to the family say George is a natural as a dad.

So it seems unlikely that George is motoring around Lake Como drunk off his ass.

But in order to hedge our bets, we’ll emphasize out that it’s unlikely …

… but certainly not impossible.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Demi Lovato: Still Drinking After Latest Relapse

Last week, fans were stunned when Demi Lovato confessed to relapsing after six years of sobriety.

The singer made no effort to conceal her setback from fans.

In fact, she recorded a heartbreakingly confessional ballad about her relapse ironically titled “Sober.”

“Mama, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore / And Daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor,” Lovato sings.

The present-tense urgency of the song has left many fans concerned for Lovato’s well-being.

And reports from those closest to Demi indicate that she has yet to emerge triumphant from her latest bout with substance abuse.

“Demi reached out to some of her sober friends this weekend, but she hasn’t made any set plans to sober up just yet,” a source tells Radar Online.

“Everyone is hoping that her relapse reveal is a cry for help. It is nothing to be ashamed over. She slipped and it is never too late to get back on track.”

The insider says that Demi’s loved ones share fans’ concerns that this could be the beginning of a steep decline:

“All of Demi’s close friends and family are extremely worried right now because they know that she is on a downward spiral,” the source claims.

“They just all want her to come back to L.A. and get the help she needs before it is too late.”

Unfortunately, it seems that Lovato is currently resistant to offers assistance from her inner circle:

“No one can get her attention,” the source claims.

“Her team tried to hire a sober coach, and she went nuts!”

The 25-year-old pop icon celebrated six years of sobriety in March, and it seems her relapse occurred not long after that anniversary:

“Demi relapsed about two months ago because she stopped the accountability portion of her recovery,” says one insider.

Another source confirms that recent cancellations on Lovato’s current world tour are a result of her ongoing battle with alcoholism.

Family and friends hope that her gut-wrenching new song will mark the beginning of her recovery process:

“Demi relapsed and started drinking alcohol again. Her song is intense, but that’s how she deals,” says the insider.

“She has to be brutally honest and put it out there so that she’s not burdened with holding on to her struggles privately.”

Our thoughts go out to Ms. Lovato as she continues this courageous lifelong battle.