Ryan Edwards: Is Mackenzie Standifer Responsible for His Drug Use and Violent Behavior?

It's been a good long while since the Teen Mom franchise had a villain as universally hated as Mackenzie Standifer.

Which is really something when you consider the kind of literal trash MTV has shown us over the years.

Seriously, this is a show that's featured the likes of Adam Lind, Nathan Griffith, David Eason, Matt Baier, Catelynn Lowell's mom … the list of horrible people goes on and on.

But nope, Mackenzie is the real monster here.

Believe it or not, many people actually think that, and with all of Ryan Edwards' recent issues, people are hating on her more than ever.


Let's discuss.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
OK, so Ryan and Mackenzie met somehow, somewhere — she says they met at the gym, but who even knows — they quickly got engaged, and though they were planning a wedding for November of 2017, they up and got hitched in a parking lot by the river last May first.

2. Red Flags, Girl

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
She said that they were getting married to help him gain more custody of Bentley, which didn’t make sense, but what was really alarming was that he drove them to that little wedding high on heroin.

3. Noooooo

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards
Teen Mom fans weren’t too fond of Mackenzie before that — in an earlier episode that season, we saw her go behind Maci’s back to trash her to Ryan and his parents — but when she turned off the cameras instead of taking control of that horrible situation, the hate really started going strong.

4. 525,600 Minutes

Mackenzie standifer screen cap
But then on the reunion special when Mackenzie read an open letter to Maci, basically blaming her for Ryan’s addiction … well, that’s when she pretty much set herself up for a lifetime of loathing.

5. Just Stop, Mack

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
This current season of Teen Mom OG started off at that very reunion, and Mackenzie’s been digging her hole deeper ever since. She keeps obsessing over Maci in a really immature, catty way, and it’s definitely not been a good look for her.

6. There’s a Line

Mackenzie and ryan edwards
But while she’s undoubtedly obnoxious and not very likable, she’s been getting just an insanely massive amount of criticism now that Ryan’s whole entire life is falling apart.

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Mackenzie Standifer: In Denial About Ryan Edwards’ Drug Use?

Last week, Ryan Edwards was arrested in Tennessee for allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

There are conflicting stories regarding the nature of Edwards’ violation, but in the days that followed his arrest, several disturbing revelations about the life of the troubled Teen Mom OG star came to light.

First, we learned that Edwards has been using the dating app Tinder to try and cheat on his pregnant wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Edwards threatened to kill Taylor McKinney, the husband of his child’s mother, Maci Bookout.

It’s unclear if this threat constituted the probation violation that got Edwards arrested, or if the incident was only brought to authorities’ attention when McKinney and Bookout filed for orders of protection against Ryan after the fact.

Whatever the case, the events of the past week have left TMOG fans deeply concerned about Edwards’ welfare.

And for obvious reasons, many now believe the 30-year-old recovering addict is back on drugs.

Ryan checked into rehab last year shortly after getting married to Mackenzie.

Edwards was so high on his wedding day that he lost consciousness while driving to the church, but those who know him best say that he’s been taking his sobriety very seriously ever since.

Unfortunately, those who know him best may have been taken in by a disingenuous practicing addict.

“Mackenzie is in complete abject denial about Ryan’s drug addiction and issues surrounding how very, very serious it truly is,” a source close to the situation tells Us Weekly

“Mackenzie only wants to focus on having his baby and seems to be hoping that this will help him to be inspired to live a clean and sober life.”

Unfortunately, TMOG viewers know that Edwards is not completely sober, as he was spotted drinking before his second wedding to Standifer, which was scheduled in order to make up for the disastrous first ceremony.

However, the insider claims that Mackenzie fully believes Edwards’ explanation that he’s able to drink because he’s beaten his more serious addictions completely.

“Ryan denies the seriousness of the drug addiction, like any addict will do, and Mackenzie chooses to believe him,” says the source.

We may soon find out much more about the situation when the two-part Teen Mom OG reunion special begins next week:

“There was real concern for Ryan’s sobriety at the reunion and he was urged to get further treatment by close to the show off-camera, but refused,” the source explains to Us. 

‘There is a genuine and real fear that Ryan could die because of his drug addiction.”

Watch Teen Mom OG online to get caught up in time for what’s sure to be a doozy of a reunion.


Kailyn Lowry Gets in on Ryan Edwards Drug Drama, Slams Mackenzie Standifer!

Kailyn Lowry is on Teen Mom 2, obviously, but just like so many of us, she can't seem to escape all that's going on with the OG crew.

Which makes sense — there's a whole, whole lot going on with those crazy kids.

For example, this week Ryan Edwards has provided us with enough drama to last a whole entire year, at least, with the news that he impregnated Mackenzie Standifer.

Which, of course, was followed swiftly with the news that he was arrested for violating his probation.

Like we said, there's a lot going on, and with Kailyn throwing herself in the middle of it, there's so much to discuss.

So let's get right into it!

1. Unfortunate

Ryan edwards mug shot
So things aren’t going so great for Ryan Edwards right now, as you can probably tell by that new mug shot of his.

2. Tsk Tsk

Ryan edwards of teen mom
Earlier this week, Ryan was arrested at his home for violating his probation, because apparently at some point in time he was arrested for possession of heroin. He was just in jail for a few hours before being released on bail, and from over here, it looks pretty bad.

3. Hmmm …

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
But as Mackenzie explained in a statement, “everything is fine,” because the original arrest, the one for possession of heroin, happened last April, and as for what just happened, it was all planned because “part of his case was he had to be booked.”

4. Sure, Mackenzie

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer sons
Obviously that makes absolutely no sense at all — he was arrested for violating his probation, so why would that be part of the original plan? And if it WAS planned, why wouldn’t he surrender himself to police, why would they have to come to his house to arrest him? In what way is any of this fine?

5. Oh Girl …

Mackenzie standifer picture
It’s also odd because at the last Teen Mom OG reunion, Mackenzie claimed that she had no idea that Ryan was doing drugs until that fateful scene when he was nodding off on the drive to their wedding, which happened in May. So what, did she just miss his arrest the month before that? If you’re going to lie, Mack, at least try to come up with a decent story.

6. What is the Truth?!

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
Also, a news station from Ryan’s hometown of Chattanooga reported that the original arrest for heroin happened on March 12th, so perhaps he’s not as sober as Mackenzie would like us to think.

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Stephen Belafonte: Mel B is a Drug Addict Who Gave HERSELF Those Bruises

The controversial saga of Mel B’s expensive divorce continues. This is an unpleasant ride with stories of a blackmail sex tape, physical abuse, and financial exploitation.

Once again, Stephen Belafonte claims that he never abused Mel. But he now argues that he can account for her history of injuries.

Because he claims that she’s a drug addict who injured herself.

This ugly divorce is getting even uglier, folks.

TMZ reports that Belafonte accuses Mel B of being a drug addict and an alcoholic.

And he’s reportedly claiming that these alleged substance abuse issues are the real culprits behind her history of troubling injuries.

He claims that she would walk into doors and overdose, resulting in bruising and hospital visits.

He says that she would try to cover for it by claiming domestic violence.

Finally, at the same time as he’s making these arguments, he’s lobbying for visitation with his stepdaughter.

Several years ago, fans noticed bruising on Mel B’s body when she appeared on television.

Given the locations of the bruises, many fans recognized them as what they’d expect from a victim of domestic violence. They voiced their concerns.

Mel B replied that Belafonte would never hit her

That’s what anyone would say if they’re not be abused. Of course, it’s also exactly what you’d expect to hear from someone who’s being abused by their partner but trying to make it work.

Now, however, the couple is embroiled in an ugly divorce, and Mel B had admitted that she was a victim of his alleged physical abuse for years.

She also says that he used his influence over her to force her to do a number of things, such as recording a threesome sex tape and making financial investments as he saw fit, whittling away at her fortune.

Belafonte has filed legal papers in an attempt to lobby for visitation with his stepdaughter, Angel.

Angel’s biological father is Eddie Murphy, but Angel has been with Belafonte for almost all of her life.

Belafonte claims that Mel B has “concocted” these accusations of abuse in an effort to turn Angel against him.

So now, on top if his demands for spousal support which Mel B dismisses as astronomical, Belafonte is demanding time with his stepdaughter.

And he says that all of Mel B’s injuries can be explained by her alleged substance abuse.

Belafonte refers to a 2014 incident in which he allegedly bashed Mel B’s head against a door.

He says that what actually happened is that Mel B overdosed and was rushed to the hospital.

The bruises and other injuries were then, in his narrative, the results of her IV needles and injuries that she somehow sustained at the hands of an EKG machine.

Out of embarrassment or some other unknown motive, she then tried to cover for the incident by claiming that he had abused her.

At least, that’s Belafonte’s version of events.

He also says that she will be so day-drunk that she walks into walls or will squat down and urinate on the couch in front of their children.

Mel B has claimed, on top of his alleged abuse of her, that he showed the children videos of Daesh beheading prisoners in captured cities.

He claims that this is untrue, and that he has never even searched for these videos.

It looks like they’re both making some claims that might be backed or refuted by evidence, such as testimony from hospital employees and perhaps some computer forensics experts.

Some evidence might be more ambiguous.

Mel B says she can prove that Belafonte made blackmail tapes. Belafonte says that his recordings prove that he didn’t force her into the three-way relationship because they show her as a willing participant.

This whole thing is a mess.

We can all hope that the divorce settlement is a just one and that, whatever happens, the children have the best possible outcome.


Ryan Edwards: Back In Rehab Following Failed Drug Test?!

Back in June of 2016, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab shortly after getting married to Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan had been so high on the day of the wedding that he lost consciousness while driving to the church.

For several months after he left treatment, Ryan's sobriety was regarded as one of the great Teen Mom success stories.

Unfortunately, it now seems that rumors of Ryan falling off the wagon have been confirmed, and the questions about what the future holds for Maci Bookout's ex loom large:

1. A Fall From Grace

Ryan edwards of teen mom
Viewers were stunned by Ryan’s downward spiral, which was documented on Teen Mom OG. As heroin addiction threatened to consume him whole, Ryan was urged to seek treatment by his family, friends, and fans.

2. A Terrifying Ride

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
The low point came when Ryan lost consciousness while driving to his own wedding. Fortunately, the Edwards checked into rehab shortly after saying “I do.”

3. Troubling Signs

Ryan edwards sad
Fans expressed concern when Edwards left treatment after just a few weeks. Their worries were exacerbated when he took to social media to attack Maci Bookout almost immediately after his release.

4. The Wedding Do-Over

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
While the couple exchanged vows before he sought treatment, Ryan and Mackenzie understandably felt it would be a good idea to have a second wedding after he got sober. The event was documented by TMOG cameras, and some fans were troubled by what they saw.

5. A Wet Wedding

Ryan edwards holds water bottle pic
During the wedding, Ryan was spotted taking shots and downing beers. While it was heroin, not alcohol, that landed him in rehab, the sight of a newly-recovering addict getting intoxicated is a disturbing one.

6. A Turn For the Worse

Ryan edwards closeup
Now, there’s even more bad news for Ryan, as a source tells Radar Online that Edwards was recently forced to take a drug test as a result of his ongoing custody battle with Maci Bookout. And it seems the results flat-out shocked his family and friends…

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Jenelle Evans: Leah Messer Is a Cheating Drug Addict!

Sure, it’s technically a reality show, but at this point, we don’t think there’s any denying that Teen Mom 2 is one of the best soap operas on TV.

And of course, that’s largely because of Jenelle Evans, who’s really been stepping up as the show’s cartoonishly evil arch-villain in recent months.

In a new interview for Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast Jenelle did her damnedest to make sure she thoroughly pissed off the handful of TM2 fans who don’t already hate her.

First, Jenelle admitted to doing drugs while pregnant.

That may seem uncharacteristically honest of her, but the drug use is already a matter of public record thanks to a series of CPS investigations, so she was left with little choice.

From there, Jenelle did what she does best and went off on her castmates, who of course, weren’t there to defend themselves.

She started with Leah Messer, who recently appeared on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast and joked about the time that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, stabbed a bunch of balloons at the reunion show taping.

This comment was apparently enough to earn the full wrath of Jenelle:

“My husband got tangled in five balloons on the way out the door. He couldn’t get out of them, so he started popping balloons, and he walked out. That’s it,” Jenelle explained.

“Leah wasn’t even near it, no one was near it. He was by the back door, the exit door. And she just gets on the podcast saying, like, my husband’s some crazy person.”

She went on to issue a vague threat about exposing Leah’s secrets, and then just went ahead and exposed Leah’s secrets.

(She’s not great at this whole blackmail thing.)

“And I hold, like, all of Leah’s secrets, and I have held them for years. Like, when she was on drugs and on pills — I was standing there talking to Jeremy [Calvert] every single day texting him, ‘Are you OK dude? I’m going through the same thing. I know Leah’s cheating on you, and I know she had her ex-fiance jump through the deer cam, but you know, I know I’m being cheated on too by Nathan and we’re both going through the same thing.'”

She added:

“And he’s like, “I don’t know what to do.” And I’m like, “I don’t know what to do. You tell me what to do because I’m going through this too.”

Leah’s one of the less-confrontational Teen Moms, but she wasn’t about to just lie back and let Jenelle indict her as an adulterous junkie.

In a series of recent Instagram and Snapchat stories, Leah called Jenelle out in epic fashion:

“I don’t care, I think it’s funny. Crazy. Lies, lies, lies. Who can lie like that and think that it’s normal?” Leah asked of Jenelle’s behavior.

“So insane. And I tried to not say anything – OK, so I’m a timid person, but if you push me too far then I’m gonna pop, you know? I think that’s anyone. You can ask Jeremy about that.”

She went on to explain her decision to discuss the balloon-popping incident:

“In Kail’s podcast, guys, we were just catching up since the Reunion, since we last met. We were filming and they wanted us to kind of recap catching up the last time we saw each other, which was crazy.

“And that’s what happened. All I said was my girl was terrified and it was really crazy. We caught up! We weren’t throwing jabs at anyone in particular we were speaking facts.”

Something tells us Jenelle won’t just remain silent in hopes of squashing the beef.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more insanity from the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans.


‘Survivor’ Winner Jenna Morasca Arrested for Biting Cop After Being Revived in DUI Drug OD

‘Survivor’ winner Jenna Morasca allegedly was so whacked out on drugs she had to be revived with Narcan and, when she regained consciousness, she bit a cop. Morasca, who won a million bucks on “Survivor: The Amazon” in 2003, was observed unconscious…