Ryan Edwards: Banned From Seeing Son Due to Drug Use?!

Back in June, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab immediately after he married Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan had passed out while driving to the wedding, and the shocking scene was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras.

These days, Ryan is reportedly clean and sober.

But that doesn't mean he's regained the trust of his baby mama, Maci Bookout…


1. Ryan at Rock Bottom

Ryan edwards sad
Ryan’s addiction to heroin and prescription painkillers nearly cost him his life earlier this year. His shocking descent into addiction was documented on Teen Mom 2.

2. A Sad Ceremony

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
Viewers were stunned when Ryan lost consciousness while driving to his own wedding. Immediately after saying “I do,” Edwards checked into a rehab facility,

3. Custody Crisis

Maci bookout ryan edwards and bentley
These days, Ryan is clean and sober, but it seems he’s having a hard time regaining the trust of his son’s mother. Maci Bookout is reportedly very wary about leaving 8-year-old Bentley alone with his father.

4. Visitation Woes

Maci ryan and bentley
A recent episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Maci bringing Bentley to Ryan’s parents’ house for Father’s Day, to say the visit did not go smoothly would be a massive understatement.

5. See You In Court!

Ryan edwards hair
That’s the threat Ryan made when Maci left his parents’ house and brought Bentley along. It seems the situation is likely to get uglier before it gets better.

6. Ryan’s Frustration

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
Those closest to the situation say Ryan is incredibly frustrated, not only because he barely sees his son, but also because Maci is wildly inconsistent with regard to the visitation schedule.

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Adam Lind: Reunited With Daughter Following Drug Scandal?!

Adam Lind has long been widely regarded as the very worst baby daddy in the history of Teen Mom franchise, which is no mean feat.

Other dads have abused their spouses, neglected their children, struggled with addiction and had run-ins with the law, but Adam  has managed to do all of those things and so, so much more.

Recently, Lind tested positive for meth just moments before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

It signalled the start of a harrowing downward spiral that he's somehow managed to recover from. We think…

Join us as we delve into Adam's recent past to examine his shocking behavior–and its equally shocking lack of consequences:

1. Bad Dad

Adam lind pitches protein bars on instagram
Adam has two daughters, but shows no signs of slowing down. Chelsea Houska’s ex is still prone to drug benders and fits of rage, and his two baby mamas reportedly live in fear of the effects his wild behavior might be having on their children.

2. A New Rock Bottom

Adam lind shows off his body
Lind has managed to retain superivised visitation rights despite numerous brushes with the law and a handful of shocking, racially charged social media tirades. But it looked like that would change following an incident that took place back in April.

3. Meth in the Afternoon

Adam lind and daughter aubree
As part of his arrangement with his exes, Lind is subject to random drug testing prior to his visits with his daughters. A urine analysis taken just before a scheduled visit with youngest daughter Paislee revealed that Adam had meth in his system. Since amphetamines don’t stay in the body very long, he was likely using in preparation for the visit.

4. The Downward Spiral

Adam lind meth
From there, Lind’s situation deteriorated further, to the point that many Teen Mom 2 fans began to fear the worst.

5. Drugs Are Like Children, Right?

Adam lind meth
Last month, it was reported that Lind had ceased paying child support to Chelsea and Taylor Halbur, allegedly spending his money on meth instead. Support a child, support a habit … same thing, right?

6. Skinny Lind

Adam lind weight loss photo
A recent photo in which Lind appears much thinner than usual has sparked concerns that his habits are beginning to take a toll. And unfortunately, his weight loss isn’t even the most worrisome development of recent weeks.

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