Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Are They Back on Drugs?

It’s only been five months since Jenelle Evans and David Eason got married, but the tempestuous Teen Mom 2 stars have already seen more ups and downs than most couples experience in a lifetime together.

Rumors of Jenelle and David getting divorced are everywhere on social media, and now it looks as though the newlyweds will be forced to contend with a new round of salacious reports.

Over the weekend, Jenelle posted a bizarre video to Snapchat that has many fans convinced that she and Eason are using drugs.

The clip showed Evans and Eason giggling, giving the middle finger to the camera and repeatedly slurring the name of rapper Cardi B, all while boarding an airplane.

At no point are Evans and Eason seen ingesting any substances, but some TM2 fans who watched the clip believe it serves as solid evidence that they were intoxicated in public.

“Uh, yeah, they are definitely on something,” wrote one fan.

“Both of them are high,” a second commenter confirmed.

This isn’t the first time that rumors of Jenelle and David using drugs have made their way across the internet.

In November of 2017, an insider who claimed to be close to Jenelle revealed that her friends and family are deeply concerned about her substance abuse”

“We’re all very concerned. Very concerned for Jenelle,” the source told Radar Online at the time.

“We all think that there is still weed involved. We know that for a fact. That’s a constant in her life.”

The video could prove to have damaging consequences for Jenelle, who’s currently locked in a bitter custody battle with Nathan Griffith, her former fiancé and the father of her youngest son, Kaiser.

Griffith’s mother accused Jenelle of being on drugs in court testimony, and it seems likely that his attorneys will use the Snapchat clip as evidence to support that claim.

Evans has yet to respond to the allegations that she’s using again. 

She’s spoken openly about her history of hard drug use–including the period of time in which she was addicted to heroin–but she insists those days are long behind her.

“I won’t glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” she wrote in her 2017 memoir.

“Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle’s long battle with addiction.


Catelynn Lowell: I’m Done With Drugs & I’m Gonna Lose Weight!

Back in November, Catelynn Lowell checked into rehab to be treated for emotional issues and recurrent suicidal thoughts.

It was Catelynn’s second stint in a treatment facility, and just like the first time, she’s being admirably candid about her struggles.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment,” she tweeted just hours before she checked in.

According to Radar Online, Catelynn recently returned home after a six-week stay, and she’s resolved to change several habits that she’s learned are detrimental to her mental health.

The last time that she sought treatment, Catelynn decided that she had an unhealthy dependence on marijuana and decided to swear it off.

This time, she’s also decided to forgo alcohol and commit herself to a healthier lifestyle.

Fortunately, it seems Lowell has the full support of her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“He said he’s going to be with her every step of the way in terms of her working the steps, staying on top of her therapy session and not missing any days of her outpatient treatment,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

“He said he’s going to be with her every step of the way in terms of her working the steps, staying on top of her therapy sessions and not missing any days of her outpatient treatment.”

Apparently, Baltierra has decided to make some changes of his own.

“Tyler will be joining her when it comes to losing weight! He’s admittedly gained a bit of weight over the past year and he’s unhappy with his appearance. He’s been wanting to lose weight for a while now, so they’re making major changes as a family.”

In the past, Tyler has been accused of fat-shaming Catelynn and being unsupportive of her efforts to lose weight.

Tyler visited Catelynn in rehab several times, so her decision to get sober likely didn’t come as a surprise to him.

Fans were concerned when Lowell ended her treatment ahead of schedule, but those who know her best say the reality star is fully committed to maintaining her physical and mental health.

Most importantly, she’s reportedly self-aware enough to know when she needs treatment.

And she’s aware that there’s no shame in seeking further help.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on Catelynn’s courageous struggle.


Amber Portwood: Does This New Evidence Prove She’s Back on Drugs?!

If you’ve been a fan of Teen Mom OG for a while — or even if you just loosely follow reality TV gossip — you’re probably very familiar with Amber Portwood’s history with addiction.

But if you’ve somehow missed that tragic saga, know this: it was bad.

Real bad.

Going all the way back to her episode of 16 and Pregnant, things weren’t looking great for her. Even then, she didn’t exactly get along with her baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

She also admitted then that she never wanted to be a mother, so, you know … that wasn’t the best revelation.

Then, when Teen Mom began, we saw Amber struggle so hard in pretty much every aspect of her life. She couldn’t seem to get through a day without a breakdown.

We also saw her beat Gary more than once, and then there were all the very questionable parenting choices she made, like the time she let some guy she’d met at Walmart who had just gotten out of prison change baby Leah’s diaper.

As the seasons went on, her situation kept getting worse and worse, until finally she went to rehab.

Then, she said that she was going “for anger control issues and depression,” but later she revealed that pretty much every time she was on TV, she was high.

Eventually she went to prison, even opting to stay there after being given the chance to go to rehab.

She’s been out a few years now, and even though she’s definitely made some bad choices along the way — for example, Matt Baier — it really seems like she’s managed to stay clean.

 … Or has she?!

Over on Reddit, Teen Mom fans are speculating over Amber’s appearance in a recent episode. To be more specific, they’re speculating on the size of her pupils.

Amber Portwood's Pupils

One user shared this screenshot of Amber alongside a screenshot of her cousin, and honestly, her pupils are pretty huge here.

If you’re new to the world, pupil size can be an indicator that someone is partaking in a wide variety of drugs — enlarged pupils like hers here are common with some substances, tiny pupils are common with others.

Considering Amber’s history, it’s easy to see an image like this and jump to the worst conclusion.

But if you just consider everything else, you may be able to come to a different conclusion.

As many Reddit users pointed out, Amber was on a few medications at this point to treat her mental health issues. Those kinds of medications will often cause changes in pupil size.

On top of that, she’s got those beautiful pale blue eyes, so with the contrast in color between her iris and her pupil, any change in size is going to be extra noticeable.

And on top of that, the kinds of drugs she liked back in the day are the kinds that make your pupils smaller, not larger like this.

There are many things that could affect her pupils, and obviously her psych meds are the most likely culprit.

Look, Amber has made plenty of mistakes over the years, and she continues to mess up time and time again. But ever since getting out of prison, it really does seem like she’s been able to stay clean.

Can’t we just let her have that?


Dr. Phil Show Denies Allegations of Providing Drugs, Alcohol

In a report that stunned even Dr. Phil’s fiercest critics, Dr. Phil is accused of providing alcohol and drugs to addicts who appear on his show.

Dr. Phil McGraw, the person, has yet to respond to these serious accusations. Dr. Phil, the television show, however, has spoken out.

And they’re denying it, saying that the accusations come from disgruntled people, and essentially stating that addicts are liars. Uh-oh.

Dr. Phil’s show purportedly helps people who are suffering. People who’ve survived horrifying trauma and are plagued with mental illness. People who are being scammed. People who struggle with addiction.

No one’s disputing that some of the guests on this show are helped by the show and by the programs that they then enter.

But what does Dr. Phil do aside from make Danielle Bregoli famous and let audiences gawk at people living or reliving the worst moments of their lives as they’re humiliated on television?

According to some pretty damning accusations reported by STAT and The Boston Globe, Dr. Phil’s producers have their finger on the scale — helping guests obtain drugs or straight-up giving them to them.

Remember Todd Herzog from Survivor: China? In 2013, he had to be carried onto the set to talk to Dr. Phil.

At the time, Phil McGraw famously said that Herzog’s struggle with alcoholism was endangering his life. And if a guy can’t stop drinking long enough to do a talk show, that sounds accurate.

But Todd Herzog tells STAT and The Boston Globe that he was sober when he arrived to do the show … only to find a bottle of vodka waiting in his room.

Unable to resist the temptation, he drank from it. And he says that a producer also gave him a Xanax (don’t mix those, folks). 

And that goes on top of accusations from multiple sources, alleging that Dr. Phil producers and staff openly enabled and even assisted guests who struggled with addiction in using and even procuring drugs.

Dr. Martin Greenberg serves as Dr. Phil‘s director of professional affairs.

He described these new claims as “absolutely, unequivocally untrue.”

Specifically responding to Herzog’s accusation, he said: “We do not do that with this guest or any other”

That’s the sort of denial that you expect from any accusation (true or not), and is fairly bland.

It’s what Dr. Greenberg later said that’s really troubling.

“Addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting, and trivializing,” he declared.

Dr. Greenberg works on a show that’s supposed to help people struggling with problems, but the minute that he feels back into a corner, he defends the show by suggesting that addicts are dirty liars and can’t be trusted?

That’s what it sounds like.

“But, if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived.”

Meaning, what … that anything that might happen on the show can’t possibly make things worse for them?

“The only change is they are one step closer to getting help, typically help they could not have even come close to affording.”

Oh boy.

Also, it appears that Greenberg has been changing his stance.

When first asked about any medical supervision for Todd Herzog, Greenberg replied: “No, of course not, it’s a television show.”

He then seemed to radically change his tune, announcing that Herzog had been “medically supervised the entire time.”

And Greenberg made yet another statement, we suppose in an effort to clarify things.

“We mean 100% of guests agreeing to treatment. It does not mean that a guest is being monitored 100% of the time.”

We were initially surprised that Phil McGraw himself wasn’t the first to react to these accusations.

Now, some can’t help but wonder if he — or someone else who works on the show — decided to let Greenberg be the spokesperson and then take the fall for what seems to be an ever-changing story.


Dr. Phil Accused of Prividing Alcohol, Drugs to Addict Guests

Plenty of people aren’t surprised to hear that accusations are coming out about Dr. Phil. He’s been slammed with lawsuits and allegations before.

But this report, the published results an an investigation by The Boston Globe and STAT, allege something very different that goes right to the heart of the “treatments” that Dr. Phil claims to provide.

Dr. Phil’s show is accused of, among other things, providing addicts who are seeking treatment with the substances that they crave.

As we all know, Dr. Phil was made famous by Danielle Bregoli … with a little help from Oprah a couple of decades earlier.

He purportedly helps people with their problems, be it behavior or substance abuse issues using the sort of folksy “wisdom” that you’d expect from a towering Texan walrus in human form.

But does his show really help people … or does he march people out in front of the cameras, let his audience ogle that person’s problems, and then make a show of setting their life on track without really helping?

Does Dr. Phil actually make things worse, endangering guests for the sake of good ratings?

Todd Herzog won his season of Survivor: China in 2008. But in 2013, it seemed like he wasn’t going to survive much longer.

When he appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, he was so wildly intoxicated that he literally had to be carried out to his chair.

According to the investigation by STAT and The Boston Globe, the audience never knew the whole story.

“Herzog, who was battling alcoholism, told STAT and the Boston Globe that he was not intoxicated when he arrived at the Los Angeles studio.”

You’d think that, even if he had shown up drunk, they would have worked to sober him up, right?

“In his dressing room, he said he found a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. He drank all of it. Then someone handed him a Xanax, he said, telling him it would ‘calm his nerves.'”

Oh. Wow.

That’s just one allegation.

“Guests have been left without medical help as they face withdrawal from drugs.”

And there’s a very disturbing allegation included in the report of, well, another variety.

“One person said she was directed by a show staff member to an open-air drug market to find heroin for her detoxing niece.”

Neither of those should happen for someone who is seeking treatment for addiction issues.

A representative for the show, Martin Greenberg, denied the accusations about Herzog, the bottle of vodka, and the Xanax.

“We do not do that with this guest or any other.”

He goes on to refer to the allegations as “absolutely, unequivocally untrue.”

We think that it’s possible for a single isolated incident to be the actions of a rogue producer who makes bad choices.

But we’re talking about an alleged pattern of behavior on the part of the series, here, not about one bottle in the wrong room.

It’s also worth noting, as the report does, that some of Dr. Phil’s own employees have spoken out before.

“Some of McGraw’s own employees have raised alarms about the treatment of guests.”

And about the treatment of employees.

“In one lawsuit filed last year against McGraw and his production company in Los Angeles Superior Court, a former segment director, Leah Rothman, accused McGraw of false imprisonment for trapping employees in a room to threaten them over leaks to the media.”

Yikes. And it sounds like guests fare even worse.

“Rothman also alleged that guests complained that their lives were ‘ruined.’ One guest attempted suicide after the show, according to a deposition with another staff member.”

This is hardly the first time that Dr. Phil has been accused of exploiting vulnerable people for entertainment purposes.

(Remember when his dubious interview with Shelly Duvall?)

But the accusation that Dr. Phil’s producers are directing addicts on where to buy drugs before filming is a little unsettling.

It’d be nice to believe that maybe producers just want to make sure that addicts buy drugs from safer dealers if they’re going to buy them somewhere.

But none of that would explain away that alleged vodka bottle. Or that Xanax.

And considering the massive profits that Dr. Phil — the show and the man — rakes in, you have to look if they have a motive to make things look worse and more sensational for the cameras.

And perhaps less of a motive to make sure that everybody gets helped.

These accusations are alarming. Will further accusations follow?


Matt Baier: New Wife Arrested for DUI! Is He Back on Drugs?

So Matt Baier is awful. Just a really gross, sketchy human being.

But somehow, some way, Amber Portwood agreed to date him for literal years, and when she finally wised up and dumped him, he was able to find another woman to be with him almost immediately after.

That woman, Jennifer Conlon, even agreed to marry him.

Unlike Amber, Jennifer isn't a reality star who's had her life documented for years and years, so we really don't know too much about her.

But thanks to a new police report, we're learning a little bit more now.

And it's not great.

1. A Rocky Start

A rocky start
In November, the world learned that Matt had married Jennifer, a cocktail waitress and a mother to two daughters. It was some pretty shocking news, considering how hard he’d been angling to get back with Amber.

2. Liar, Liar

Matt baier with amber portwood photo
In an interview about his brand new marriage, Matt claimed that he and Jennifer had been dating for about six months, which is basically impossible. He said this in November, so if they’d been dating for six months, they’d have gotten together in May. In May, he was very much still with Amber.

3. Just Stop, Matt

Matt baier and amber portwood throwback
May was when he failed his lie detector test with a question about making sexual advances towards other women. So he possibly could have been talking to Jennifer then, but he spent most of that month trying to work things out with Amber, and they did Marriage Boot Camp together in June. So if he’s telling the truth, their relationship didn’t exactly start out on a great note.

4. Gross

Matt baier is perplexed
In August, he said in an interview that when they were done with Marriage Boot Camp, “I went to Vegas to get my head around the split. Ultimately, my hope was to get a place where Amber could come visit me and we could work on our issues. Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

5. Ugh

Amber portwood and matt baier on the red carpet
“I’ll hold out hope for a reconciliation,” he added. “But if nothing else, I hope we can stay friends.” Not really a great statement to make when he allegedly was dating another woman for three months at that point, right?

6. Tough Break

Matt baier with amber portwood
Matt was also reportedly devastated when he heard the news of Amber’s pregnancy. Too bad, so sad — he wasn’t the only one who got another significant other the second after the breakup.

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Woman Drugs Boyfriend, Slices Off Penis, Has No Regrets

Attention, male readers of The Hollywood Gossip:

Read the following story with a word of caution … and with the possibility that you may lose your lunch as you do so.

Okay? Got it? Are you ready? Here we go…

sad couple

According to multiple outlets, a woman in the the Dominican Republic has been arrested for drugging her boyfriend and then slicing off his penis while he lay unconscious.

Local police say the incident took place in a cabin in the city of Puerto Plata.

It followed an intense argument between 44-year old Samuel Ventura Garcia and 28-year old Johanny Diaz.

After arguing about the future of their relationship, Diaz allegedly slipped an unspecified substance into her boyfriend’s drink or food… waited until he passed out as a result… and chopped off his genitalia.

The Sun writes that Diaz proceeded to flee the scene, but was eventually apprehended by the Dominican Republic National Police.

After being placed under arrest, Diaz apparently confessed to the crime.

She added that she didn’t regret what she had done because she was the victim of mistreatment by Garcia, who was somehow forcing her to be with him.

This is a photo of Diaz:


“I do not regret it because he threatened many times to kill me,” Diaz told reporters.

Garcia, meanwhile, was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent treatment for his pain and for his wound.

He was later transferred to a private health care center in order to undergo “microneurovascular reimplantation” of his penis in an attempt to attach it once again.

If this procedure is unsuccessful, Garcia will need to be transported again to a different facility for further opinions and options.

This is a photo of Garcia:


To many Americans, this story will remind them of John and Lorena Bobbitt.

Back in June of 1993, Lorena alleged that her then-husband forced himself on her.

After John fell asleep, she grabbed a kitchen knife and cut off his penis from its base. She then tossed it out her car window while driving away.

Bobbitt actually called the police herself after having some remorse over her actions.

A search party tracked down the penis and it was reattached to John after a nine-hour surgery.

Reports indicate it never fully worked again, however.


Chester Bennington: On Drugs at Time of Death? Toxicology Report Confuses Fans

Back in July, the music world was stunned by the news that Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington had taken his own life.

Bennington had been open about his struggles with depression and addiction over the years, but friends and family say he showed no outward signs of struggling in the weeks leading up to his death.

Naturally, many questions remain as to what led Bennington to commit suicide on the birthday of his friend Chris Cornell, who had also recently hung himself.

Unfortunately, a toxicology report released this week offers little in the way of answers.

The report reveals that Bennington may have been under the influence of multiple substances at the time of his death.

According to test results obtained by TMZ, Bennington had both alcohol and MDMA in his system 

However, the alcohol was detected only in “trace amounts,” and two follow-up tests did not detect any MDMA in Bennington’s system.

Authorities reported finding a bottle of the sleeping medication Zolpidem on Bennington’s dresser, along with an empty beer bottle and a pint glass half-filled with beer.

They also detected pieces of fingernail underneath his iPhone and on a table in his bedroom, but wife Talinda Bennington attributed these findings to a nervous tic of Chester’s.

Needless to say, the reports provide little in the way of closure for Talinda and other loved ones of Chester’s.

At one point, his widow informed authorities that Bennington had attempted to take his own life in 2006 after drinking heavily.

That does seem to be the case here.

The amounts of alcohol found in Bennington’s system were reportedly not enough to have intoxicated a grown man.

The singer was involved in an outpatient rehab program at the time of his death, and one month before his passing, he informed friends that he had been sober for six months.

Those who knew him best will no doubt continue to seek answers, but the fact remains that depression and mental illness are unpredictable and poorly understood.

Tragically, it seems that Bennington simply succumbed to a disease that affects tens of millions of Americans.


Jenelle Evans: Back on Drugs?!

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you're probably aware that Jenelle Evans has a long history of substance abuse.

Jenelle claims she's been clean for several years, but her family and friends say she's been behaving erratically in recent months, and they fear she's using again.

Check out the evidence below and decide for yourself if there's cause for concern, or if this is just another case of Jenelle being Jenelle.


1. A Troubled Past

Jenelle evans with choker
Jenelle has dabbled in everything from weed to heroin, but she insists she’s been clean for the past several years.

2. Bad Influences

Jenelle and courtland rogers
Jenelle began experimenting before her first pregnancy, but didn’t get fully hooked on hard drugs until her relationship with ex-husband Courtland Rogers, a heroin addict who was recently released from prison.

3. From Experimentation to Addiction

Courtland and jenelle rogers
“My first trip was amazing. I won’t glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” Jenelle wrote in her memoir. “Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.”

4. Criminal Behavior

Jenelle evans mug shot 2015
Jenelle’s addiction took her down some frightening paths, leading to dozens of arrests. Evans has been taken into custody for everything from possession to assault over the years.

5. A False Happy Ending?

Jenelle evans david eason and ensley jolie
These days, Jenelle is married to David Eason, and she recently welcomed her third child. She says her wild days are behind her, but TM2 fans believe she’s hiding behind a carefully-constructed facade.

6. Frightening Signs

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
Jenelle has reportedly been behaving erratically in recent months (even by her standards) and family and friends say they have ample reason to believe she’s back on hard drugs…

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