Jennifer Lawrence: Slammed For Defending Ryan Seacrest, Appearing Drunk on Red Carpet

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

We’re referring, of course, not to the literal Jennifer Lawrence falls that were once such a common occurrence on red carpets, but rather to the slow decline of what previously seemed to be one of the sturdiest careers in Hollywood.

Although come to think of it, based on her recent descriptions of her own booze intake, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jen take an actual tumble again soon.

Usually around this time of year, J-Law is wrapping up a promising Oscar campaign.

These days, however, she’s promoting the poorly-received spy snoozer Red Sparrow, and thus far the press tour has been about as abysmal as the film’s reviews.

Lawrence sat down for an interview with Howard Stern today, and in a true sign of how much things have changed since the earlt days of the shock jock’s career, it was Jen who created a minor scandal with her comments.

While she’s not nominated this year, Jen will be in attendance at the Oscars, and Stern asked if she’ll be chatting with E! News, despite recent sexual harassment allegations against Ryan Seacrest.

“I don’t know about the Ryan Seacrest thing,” Lawrence replied.

“I think it is scary, you know. He has not been to trial for anything. I am not a judge. I am not a jury, you know,” she said. “I don’t know… that is where this stuff gets tricky.”

As many have pointed out Harvey Weinstein also hasn’t “been to trial for anything” but Lawrence gleefully called him a “boil on the ass of Hollywood” several times in the past week.

While she’s certainly not wrong in that assessment of Weinstein, the fact that she seems more willing to believe her fellow famous actresses than the mid-level E! employees who accused Seacrest has prompted many to accuse Lawrence of hypocrisy.

This is far from the first time that Lawrence has made comments that don’t quite align with the feminist agenda she usually espouses.

Of course, in today’s climate, it’s more important than ever that stars remain consistent in their messaging.

For the most part Jen has done just that quite admirably, which makes her occasional slip-ups all the more glaring.

Now a new theory has emerged about why Jen hasn’t been as poised as usual during her current promotional tour.

Jen has sat down with Andy Cohen twice this week and during their second interview, she revealed that she got drunk on the set of Watch What Happens Live before proceeding to the New York premiere of Red Sparrow.

“I did get drunk at your thing,” Lawrence admitted on Cohen’s SiriusXM show.

“Can we look at the premiere photos please? I look like I had had electroshock therapy.”

Lawrence continued:

“In my head I’m like, ‘I’m a goth dream,’ and then I looked at the photos and I’m like, ‘I’m a goth dream on crack’,” she added.

“My eyes were like ‘I’m not drunk!’”

Booziness has always been a part of Jen’s public persona, and it’s likely that she was at least partially joking.

Still, if Jen isn’t more careful when discussing sensitive topics in public, she’ll soon have fans imporing her to do her drinking at home.


Tyga: Drunk Dialing Kylie Jenner! Desperate to Reunite!

Tyga is on tour in Europe at the moment, rapping his lungs out.

But while this body part may be a continent away, another body part remains in the vicinity of Calabasas. At least metaphorically.

We’re talking about Tyga’s heart, guys.

Indeed, a new report by Hollywood Life details just how much Tyga is missing Kylie Jenner these days and the answer is lot.

Tyga is missing Kylie Jenner A LOT.

The D-List artist is “obsessing about Kylie,” an insider tells this website, giving us a pretty clear example of how this feeling is manifesting itself on a frequent basis:

“He’s still blowing up her phone. He usually calls after his show when he’s had a few and his guard is down.

“He drunk dials her and cries about how lonely he is without her.”

If this is actually taking place, it’s heartbreaking.

Who among us has not drunk dialed an ex and then felt silly about it the next day?

Tyga, of course, split from Jenner just a few months before she moved on with Travis Scott.

He was considered a rebound at the time of their initial hook-up, but even a fling can lead to a baby… as Scott and Kylie have since proven.

The relationship that was only supposed to last a handful of weeks may now last all of eternity (or for at least 18 years) because Travis and Kylie have a daughter named Stormi to raise.

(Yes, we’ve quadruple checked. The baby’s real name is Stormi.)

HOWEVER, some folks out there believe Tyga is actually Stormi’s real father, believing the rumors that he and Kylie slept together at some point early in her romance with Scott.

Among the people who apparently believe this?

Tyga himself!

At least one report claims Tyga has been demanding a paternity test from Jenner.

Alas, she is yet to agree to one.

(Because she’s afraid of the world learning the truth?!? Or because this is a silly allegation without an ounce of truth to it? Hmmm…)

Jenner, meanwhile, is glad that Scott has stuck around so far.

But this doesn’t mean she wants nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend.

“Kylie is very happy with Travis right now, but she still loves getting the calls from Tyga, it’s such a huge ego boost,” this same website writes, adding:

“Kylie doesn’t feel guilty about it because she never picks up the phone when Tyga calls.

“She just lets it go to voicemail and then she’ll listen to his long messages with her friends when Travis isn’t around.”

This source says Scott “has no idea” these drunk calls are being placed, which makes us wonder what will happen if he ever finds out.

He’ll likely be pretty upset, right?

We sure would be.


Tom Schwartz to Scheana Marie: Sorry I Got Drunk & Called You a Kardashian!

Tom Schwartz is inarguably the least confrontational member of the Vanderpump Rules cast.

He really only fights with his wife, Katie Maloney, and only then when he’s full of liquor, or she’s telling the entire world that his penis doesn’t function properly.

So viewers were stunned when Tom went on the offensive against Scheana during a boozy gathering of SUR staffers.

It all started when Scheana went off on Katie for continuing to claim that spread rumors about Robert Valletta cheating on her.

When Scheana called Katie fake, Schwartz jumped in with what was actually a pretty solid burn, especially coming from such a mild-mannered dude:

“Scheana, look at your nails! You’re the fakest person in this whole building!” he slurred.

“You’re fake from head to toe. You have no personality. You’re nothing! You’re a bootleg Kardashian. All you care about is a f-cking selfie.”

“Bootleg Kardashian” cuts pretty deep, as the ladies of Vanderpump have been accused of thinking they’re on the Kardashians level.

They’re not, of course – even though their show is far more entertaining – so it probably stung to be reminded of that during filming.

Tom was applauded for sticking up for his wife, but many thought he was too hard on Scheana.

Not surprisingly, Schwartz returned to his soft-spoken, retiring self when he sobered up the next morning.

Appearing on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live this week, Tom was asked if he regretted going off on Scheana, and he admitted that there was some serious morning-after remorse.

“In the moment, I didn’t, but the day after, I felt terrible. Like I said before, I’m so sorry, Scheana,” he told the caller.

“Can I just say, I’ve never exercised that muscle,” Tom elaborated.

“It felt good in the moment, but I felt so bad the next morning,” Tom told Andy Cohen alongside wife Katie Maloney, who he was sticking up for during a recent SURver scuffle.”

Clearly trying to make amends, Schwartz concluded:

“Scheana, I love you. I hope you have an empire just like them, and I’m sorry I said that shit.”

Not quite as scandalous as Jax cheating on Brittany, but seeing Tom’s aggressive made for one of the season’s most surprising moments.

Which is saying something, as this season has been loaded with stunners.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up on the wealth of drama.