Drunk White JetBlue Passenger Calls Out for NAACP While Being Subdued

We don't hear so often from Utah Man, but we sure do hear a lot of airplane nightmares.

Thankfully, this intoxicated troublemaker didn't make it past boarding before being arrested for assaulting a JetBlue employee.

Unfortunately, his 8-year-old son watched as his white father screamed obscenities and called out for the NAACP.

It will surprise no one to learn that this went down in Florida.

Utah man Brandon Strong was at the Orlando International Airport when, according to police, he began harassing a woman.

When that alleged verbal harassment escalated to the point of him calling the woman a "c–t," JetBlue stepped in.

JetBlue employees informed him that he would not be permitted to board the flight.

According to a sworn statement by one of those employees, this is when Strong got physical.

Strong allegedly became physically confrontational

"I explained to him that he could not travel and asked for his son," the JetBlue employee writes.

"At that point," the affidavit continues. "He pressed his iPad against my chest and pushed me."

The employee writes: "I pushed his hands away from my chest, and he attempted to grab me."

"We wrestled," the affidavit says. "And myself and a couple other customers tried to restrain him."

The operative word there is that they tried to restrain the man.

Police say that there were multiple 911 calls about the incident.

(It turns out that people really take notice when you're violent at an airport — who knew?)

According to Officer Jason Hajek's affidavit, Strong was very obviously intoxicated.

Hajek wrote that he "could detect the strong odor of the impurities of alcohol on his breath."

Brandon Strong allegedly continued to resist, and was warned that he would be subdued.

Strong was warned that he might be met with a "chemical spray."

Hajek writes that, with a crowd surrounding him, he fired "one short burst" of pepper spray at Strong.

Pepper spray is a potent chemical weapon, and the Fire Department was called to offer treatment to those in the crowd who were impacted.

During the scuffle, Strong yelled "Where is the NAACP?!"

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is America's oldest civil rights organization.

While the NAACP has addressed many topics, including excessive force by police, it is unclear why Strong felt that the organization was relevant.

For one thing, this wasn't a beating for jaywalking. This appears to have been a case of police putting a stop to his behavior.

For another thing, Brandon Strong is a 45-year-old white man.

Anyway, Strong was arrested for disorderly intoxication, resisting officers, and assaulting police.

On a funny note, Strong referred to the initial JetBlue employee as "Paul Bart Mall Cop."

Unlike the film by that name, that is objectively funny.

On a considerably less funny note, the man's 8-year-old son witnessed this. One can only imagine what else he has seen from this man.

JetBlue looked after the boy and his mother was contacted and informed that he would be transported to Utah.

Honestly, from the looks of this video, this situation might have been a lot worse had bystanders not stepped in.

Drunk white jetblue passenger calls out for naacp while being su

Tori Spelling: SLAMMED By Fans For “Drunk” Instagram Video

Tori Spelling has had problems these past few years.

In fact, she’s had just about every kind of problem you can think of — and she appears to be hell-bent on making all of them worse.

Tori has gone bankrupt and she seems intent on spending her way into an even deeper hole.

Tori has nearly divorced Dean McDermott but has opted instead to tough it out, despite allegations of infidelity, pyramid schemes, and generally being a colossal d-bag.

At one point, Tori even fell down at a Benihana and burned her hand on a grill.

Like we said, think of a problem that’s not “not being born to a life of unimaginable privilege” and Tori has experienced it.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the mother of five appears to be hitting the bottle a bit these days.

Or so her fans think.

According to Radar Online, Tori uploaded an Instagram story over the weekend in which she appeared to be heavily intoxicated — in the presence of her kids.

It seems Spelling was hanging out at the home of her friend, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg, when she posted the slurry video to her page

“Josh has chosen to watch one of my movies, Troop Beverly Hills, so I’m going to walk in the kitchen and see what’s up!” she told the camera at one point.

“Are you really doing a fridge tour?” Tori’s confused 11-year-old son Liam asked.

And it seems the former reality star’s followers were just as perplexed by her behavior.

“Are you drunk?” asked one commenter.

“Yo, you been drinking girl?” another remarked.

“Are you hammered?” a third commented.

Tori didn’t reply, but a second Instagram clip may have answered those questions.

In the video, Tori could be seen screaming while rolling around with her kids on Flagg’s bed.

The stories were quickly deleted, but it seems fans have yet to forget Tori’s tipsy upload.

She posted a new story today, and many of the comments had to do with her boozy weekend.

“Not drunk today?” a fan commented on Tori’s latest IG story.

That’s the internet in 2018 for you.

You can delete whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.


Ben Affleck: Drunk and Belligerent During Intervention

As you’ve likely heard by now, Ben Affleck checked into rehab today to receive treatment for ongoing substance abuse issues.

This is Affleck’s third time in rehab, but he’s checking in under circumstances that are markedly different from the previous occasions.

As far as we know, this is the first time that one of Ben’s loved ones felt the need to hold an intervention.

But interestingly, it wasn’t his friends, mother, brother, or even his most recent ex who implored the Oscar winner to seek treatment.

Instead, it was Ben’s estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, who showed up unannounced at his home and later drove him to the rehab facility.

We may never know exactly what Jen said to Ben in order to convince him he needed help, but we do know that it wasn’t an easy process.

In fact, at one point, Garner left Affleck’s home and returned with a bodyguard, presumably because she feared violent behavior from the actor.

One insider tells Radar Online that Affleck was severely intoxicated during the intervention, to the point that it was difficult to communicate with him.

“Ben was a mess,” says the source.

“He was talking, but you couldn’t tell what he was saying.”

The source adds that Garner and the sobriety coach who assisted her both became concerned, as Ben has a history of behaving violently while drunk.

“When Ben drinks, he gets nasty and it’s hard to be around him,” a source previously told Radar. 

“He’s unmotivated and becomes very sloppy in his decision-making and his appearance.”

The insider also attributes Ben’s recent breakup with Lindsay Shookus to his rampant drinking.

“His behavior was a big turn off to Lindsay, who prides herself on her work and her motivation for life,” says the tipster.

Though the relationship is over, sources say Shookus remains deeply concerned for Affleck and wishes him all the best as he proceeds with treatment.

But it may be a while before she’s able to communicate any words of support:

“Ben won’t be allowed his phone, computer or visits from loved ones for the first few weeks of rehab,” the source claims.

The insider adds that Affleck plans to “channel his creative energy positively through painting.”

We wish him all the best in his battle with addiction.