Justin Bieber: Accused of Headbutt to Some Dude’s Skull

Here we go again with Justin Bieber.

The singer, who has been accused on numerous past occasions of getting physical with cameramen and members of the paparazzi, is under investigation for an incident that supposedly took place last Saturday night.

Scroll down for a summation of everything we know so far…

According to law enforcement sources, per TMZ, the alleged confrontation between Bieber and his unnamed victim went down at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday insider the Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Serafina.

Bieber was on hand because his producer pal, Poo Bear, was hosting a party at the establishment.

(Yes, Poo Bear. That’s not a typo. It also isn’t the focus of this story, although perhaps it should be.)

A multitude of onlooker tell TMZ that Bieber was “play fighting” with friend Kyle Massey when he realized someone from the was recording the shenanigans.

This has been a constant issue for Bieber for many years.

In May of last year, Bieber was sued by a man who alleged that Justin destroyed his cell phone after the artist caught this man filming him doing a beer bong.

We sense a pattern here.

In this latest instance, Bieber reportedly asked the patrion to stop recording and delete the video.

When the man said no, and then when other attendees at the shindig also hit their “Record” buttons, Bieber lunged at the guy, head first.

In a statement, Serafina insists that no employee called 911, but someone alerted the authorities to what was taking place.

When deputies arrived on the scene, however, Bieber had already left.

Bieber has been very annoying on many occasions, but he hasn’t gotten in trouble with the law in over a year.

But it does appear as if he’s been on edge of late, mostly due to Selena Gomez now dating The Weeknd.

Over the past few days, Justin has mocked his ex-girlfriend’s new man by laughing over his songs, while also mock-whining over how he was all alone on Valentine’s Day.

We’re not saying Bieber head-butted this dude. 

We have no idea.

We’re just saying that Bieber has been acting pretty strange and he does have a long history of getting really irritated anyone someone films him in public.

TMZ says it reached out to Justin and/or members of his entourage and has not heard anything back.

We’ll update this story as more news breaks.

In the meantime, we’ll make Beliebers feel better about this possible scandal and arrest by sharing a bunch of really hot Justin Bieber photos.