Joy-Anna Duggar: Family Friend Sounds Off on Shotgun Wedding Rumors!

The news that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child drew a surprising reaction from fans of her famous family.

It seems not a month goes by without a Duggar pregnancy announcement, and usually the response from fans is universally congratulatory.

But the timing of Joy-Anna’s statement resulted in confusion from some Duggar obsessives and outright condemnation from others.

Here’s a recap:

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May.

Just three months later, she announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo in which she appeared to be several months along.

The Duggars offered an official conception timeline to put to rest any rumors of premarital sex, which is strictly forbidden by their arch-conservative religious beliefs.

The family insisted that Joy got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

Fans were unconvinced, and rumors of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” began to circulate on social media.

The Duggars will likely never address the matter directly themselves, but a family friend spoke out about the rumors surrounding Joy-Anna during a recent “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

The friend chose to remain anonymous, but she appeared to be knowledgeable about a number of topics that the Duggars have not yet spoken about publicly.

Asked point blank if she believes Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding, the source responded simply that it’s “not likely.”

It’s important to note that elsewhere in the thread, the insider offered information and opinions that were not entirely favorable to the Duggars.

For instance, she confirmed that Jim Bob is a domineering force in his household and that women have few rights on the Duggar compound.

For the most part, however, she spoke about Counting On clan in glowing terms.

We supposed that’s not particularly surprising, considering she identified herself as a family friend.

So will these remarks put to rest the rumors that Joy-Anna conceived prior to saying “I do”?

Almost certainly not, particularly since fan theories regarding her date of conception are based on much more than Joy’s sizable baby bump and the timing of her announcement.

For one thing, Joy-Anna and Austin admitted to breaking her family’s courtship rules in an interview with Counting On producers.

Of course, given the draconian nature of those rules, that could mean many things.

The Duggars require chaperones on all dates involving non-married couples, and they even place time limits on hand-holding.

So while many consider Joy-Anna’s admission to be particularly damning, that’s not necessarily an indication of premarital sex.

There is one incriminating clue, however, that’s proven difficult for the Duggars to explain away.

Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their wedding from October of this year to May.

Many believe the date was pushed up five months to conceal the fact that Joy-Anna is expecting.

Thus far, her family has yet to offer a different explanation.

In all likelihood, the matter will never be settled to the satisfaction of the family’s most nosy fans.

But as long as Jim Bob and company openly engage in harsh moral judgement of others, fans will continue to look for signs of hypocrisy–and so far those signs have proven plentiful.

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Amy Duggar Slams Derick Dillard: Try Being a Nice Person!

Amy Duggar is urging her online followers – and Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard – to extend love and compassion instead of hate.

What a novel concept, we know. Jarring.

The Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars cast member and niece of Jim Bob Duggar took to Twitter to share an uplifting message:

“You might not agree with someone or their lifestyle but you SHOULD be compassionate and show God’s love regardless to everyone.”

There’s no doubt what sparked this.

Amy’s tweet comes a week after Derick Dillard was fired by TLC following a second, unprompted attack on fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Derick, the husband of Amy’s cousin Jill, has some serious problems with 17-year-old Jazz, the transgender star of I Am Jazz on TLC.

Dillard got into it with Twitter user @_mastercthulhu, saying, “I pity Jazz 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda.”

That includes “the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child … It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way.”

“Jazz is being taken advantage of, as part of a larger agenda. I really have nothing against the kid and wish him all the best in life,” he adds.

“I just hate seeing him used this way.”

Note the inaccurate pronouns as part of Dillard’s attack on Jazz Jennings, which came out of nowhere and wasn’t even the first of its kind.

Derick’s outspoken and controversial quotes along these lines had already been causing friction between the Duggars and the network.

That tension has now boiled over.

After Amy’s message, Der’s Twitter adversary @_mastercthulhu applauded her for being respectful to others, responding:

“This is what I was trying to say to Derick. It’s okay that you don’t agree with the trans community, that’s your opinion and that’s fine.”

“But you can’t bully and be mean to others this is coming from an atheist! I’m glad you understand what it means to be a good Christian, Amy.”

“I have friends that are gay and I still love them as a person,” Amy replied to her new Twitter supporter. “Thank you for following.”

Following his initial criticism of I Am Jazz, a reality show which he called an “oxymoron” based on the transgender “myth,” Derick wrote:

“No one – women, men, children or transgender persons – should be subjected to any form of exploitation or targeted for discrimination.”

“Transsexual and transgendered persons are entitled to the same human and civil rights as others.”

Amy Tweet to Fan

“Recognizing these rights, however, does not mean that we must accept that hormones and surgery transform men into women and women into men.”

“Or,” he added, “that persons who self-identify as members of the opposite sex, are what they subjectively claim to be.” 

“What an oxymoron. A ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid. It’s ordained by God.”

Obviously, this set off a firestorm.

Some of Dillard’s fans lauded these comments, but his network bosses were far from impressed. TLC released a statement:

“We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months and the network has no plans to feature him in the future.”

“We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network,” the statement said in no uncertain terms.

It concluded, referencing his target: “TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.”

A low-key firing, but pretty direct nonetheless; Jill may be fired from Counting On as well, apparently, based on these comments.

Jazz herself responded indirectly to the controversy, not naming Derick specifically but clearly referring to him when she wrote:

“In the face of constant ignorance and hatred I prefer to disregard negative opinions and continue moving forward with love.”

Sounds like a message Amy Duggar would embrace.


Jill Duggar: FIRED From Counting On Alongside Derick Dillard?!

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’ve probably already heard the news that Derick Dillard has been fired by TLC for his relentless harassment of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen also employed by the network.

Sources have claimed that the Duggars are “outraged” over Derick’s termination, but not for the reasons one might think.

While Jim Bob and company reportedly agree with Derick’s transphobic stance, they’re said to be incensed that the father of two brought another scandal down on their heads by expressing his views so publicly and persistently.

Yes, it seems Derick’s famous in-laws are concerned not with his bullying of a teenage girl, but with the ways that it might affect their ailing media empire.

Currently, the family is facing a familiar problem:

How to continue creating the impression that their reality show is an unfiltered slice-of-life, while at the same time avoiding any mention of the latest relative to bring disgrace to the family name?

It’s the same position the Duggars found themselves in following the revelation that Josh Duggar molested five young girls.

Except this time, they’re facing the additional challenge of continuing to incorporate Jill Duggar, while at the same time editing the show in such a way as to make viewers forget about the father of her children.

The situation has led some fans to wonder if Jill will be axed from the show alongside Derick.

Our prediction? Probably not.

Yes, it will be difficult to come up with Jill storylines that don’t make the absence of Derick all the more glaring, but the Counting On crew has proven in the past that they’re up to the task of working around significant challenges.

The Duggars certainly aren’t lacking in on-air “talent,” but Jill is one of a handful of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children that the show can’t do without.

There’s a reason the show was originally titled Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

The sisters and their children served as representatives of the family’s future at a time when producers very much wanted viewers to forget the past.

Audiences watched Jill and Jessa grow up and for many, seeing them start families of their own was no doubt an intensely gratifying experience.

So the show will go on without Derick–but without Jill, many fans would no doubt begin to feel that the Duggar clan has been whittled down by scandal to the point that it’s no longer recognizable.

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Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: God Says Animal Abuse is Our Right!

The Duggar family holds all sorts of believes that fall well outside of mainstream Christianity — or the rest of society, for that matter. Beliefs like Josh Duggar’s actions being the devil’s fault or that men own women already put them at odds with much of the world.

So when Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar got slammed for what critics said was an endorsement of animal-abuse, it’s not surprising that the couple disagreed.

But the couple is defending themselves by arguing that, actually, God says it’s totally okay!

So, have you ever seen a rodeo show? You may have at least glimpsed part of one.

There are a lot of cable channels out there, and some of them have events that you wouldn’t think existed outside of oldtimey movies and Westworld.

Rodeo shows, in which young cattle are released in a frenzy only to be pursued, knocked to the ground, and forcibly have all of their limbs tied together while they panic, are often criticized as animal cruelty.

Well, Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth have seem one.

They didn’t just watch one on the Sin Screen or whatever the Duggars call television, but actually went to one. In person.

Which, again, sounds like something straight out of an old-timey movie.

The couple attended the Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Forth Worth, Texas. And they posted about it on social media.

And the backlash was immediate.

“The rodeo is pure animal abuse,” one commenter wrote. “So you’re anti-abortion but pro animal abuse?”

There are people who try to keep their views consistent across the board. If they oppose meat-eating because of inhumane treatment, then they can’t bring themselves to support the death penalty for the same reason.

Clearly, Austin and Joy-Anna do not fall under this umbrella.

“Not animal ‘abuse.’ And humans and animals are not equal.”

Ignoring, for the moment, their contention that roping a calf for entertainment isn’t abuse — we’d be interested to hear that argument — critics would point out two issues with their response.

One, they say “humans and animals.” What exactly do they think that humans are? Plants? Minerals?

Two, it appears that they’re saying that a zygote — a single-celled organism formed from a fertilized egg that could potentially grow into a human — is more important that a living, feeling animal that already exists.

They wouldn’t be alone in that, but … it’s a controversial stance for a number of reasons.

And the controversy continued.

Another commenter wrote:

“Humans are just intelligent apes.”

Uh-oh. We have a feeling that this argument isn’t going to work with the Forsyths.

The comment continued: “It’s incredibly arrogant of us to conclude a human life is more important than any other animal’s life just because we can verbalize our thoughts and emotions.”

Whether you agree in whole, in part, or not at all with that statement, it’s very well said.

The Forsyth’s didn’t see eye-to-eye with the commenter:

“God is no ape, and we are created in His image. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them.”

Interestingly, a lot of anti-evolution arguments cite humanity being made from clay or ribs or otherwise willed into being rather than beginning with “God is no ape.”

But let’s not stray from the topic.

We wonder where Austin and Joy-Anna draw the line, with regard to what they do and do not consider abuse of a non-human animal.

Of course, we have to remember that, as a Duggar, Joy-Anna grew up in a household that is allegedly abusive. Fringe religious beliefs aside, she might have a very skewed idea simply of what’s acceptable for one human being to do to another.

That said … Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth probably had sex before marriage, so maybe there’s hope for them to grow beyond Joy’s family’s expectations.


Josh Duggar: No More Therapy! I’m Cured!

You know, we’ve spent os much time talking about newly exposed sex monsters over the past several weeks. It might be easy for some to forget that there are some sex monsters that we’ve known about for years.

So … how is Josh Duggar doing these days?

Well, apparently, he’s “cured.”

The news that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, including four of his own sisters, was horrifying.

We’ve heard a lot of disturbing things about the Duggars over the years, including allegations of physical abuse perpetrated by Jim Bob and the way that the Duggars view women and their roles in marriage and society.

But that Josh Duggar’s molestation was actively covered up by the Duggar parents until a whistleblower came forward was shocking, even for that crowd.

They say that the first step to recovering is that you have to admit that you have a problem.

Josh Duggar doesn’t seem to have met that standard, since he’s apparently not sorry and blaming the devil for his actions. Great.

But see, the molestation isn’t what got Josh Duggar sent away to “therapy.”

(We say “therapy” because, though there are some great, professional religious counseling services in the world, Josh Duggar was sent to a shady faith-based retreat with views compatible with that of the Duggars. Not helpful)

Instead, Josh Duggar’s porn viewing (gasp!) and attempts to cheat on Anna Duggar using the Ashley Madison dating site were the cause for alarm within the Duggar family.

In real life, outside of the fringe views of the Duggar cult, we know that viewing pornography is normal and only rarely creates a problem (in the same way that drinking, or even hand-washing, might be done to excess and adversely impact someone’s life).

For the Duggars, it’s corruption by society or by “the culture” (a catch-all term that they use to refer to, you know, normal people who aren’t part of their fertility cult) and perhaps every bit as bad as the adultery.

The adultery thing, at least, we can all sort of agree on. Anna Duggar was unfortunate enough to marry a man who molested little girls. The last thing that she deserves is to be cheated on, right?

The Duggars weren’t shocked by the molestation news, because they were the ones who covered it up in the first place. But the porn and the cheating?

So, naturally, they sent him back to “therapy.”

Well, RadarOnline is reporting that Josh Duggar is now no longer in therapy.

(If you can even call it “therapy” in the first place)

Someone with the unenviable position of being a Duggar family insider shares:

“He’s doing great. He’s really folding into the lifestyle that comes with a new baby. He seems to have made some serious changes in his life.”

Now, if you’re thinking that you remember something or another about Josh Duggar having left therapy already, you’re thinking of his faith-based rehab facility.

Josh Duggar left rehab in the spring of 2016.

At the time when Josh departed from rehab, the Duggar family put out a statement:

“Since the residential treatment program ended, we have been working with a professional marriage and family counselor to take important steps toward healing.”

In other words, they’d put Josh in their version of “therapy.”

“It isn’t easy and some days are very difficult. It is a long road to rebuild trust and a truly healthy relationship.”

Honestly, even though Anna Duggar doesn’t deserve to be cheated on, we can’t imagine the levels of reinforced conditioning that made Anna believe that she needed to stay with Josh.

Even some of the Duck Dynasty stars were saying that she should feel free to divorce him.

“We are very thankful for God’s forgiveness, grace and help, as it is our strength and guide to rebuilding our lives.”

We’re not going to tell anyone what to believe, but we’d say that adultery can be forgiven. Molestation cannot.

“As the future unfolds, we are taking one day at a time and we are grateful for your continued prayers for both of us and our sweet children.”

You know, there are tasteful messages, and then there’s ending a post about Josh Duggar with “sweet children.” Yikes.

So, we in real life know that a leopard doesn’t change their spots.

So … how long until the next Josh Duggar scandal, do we think?

We’d imagine that Josh will try his best to lay low for a while before he tries anything new. He’ll want the family to be confident in him and to trust him again. If he’s finished with therapy, then he’s well on his way to that.

What getting caught these last times will tell him is how to not get caught next time.

What a creep.


Jana Duggar: Courtship Status Confirmed!

Rumors about the possibility of a Jana Duggar courtship have been circulating for pretty much the entire time her family’s been in the national spotlight.

In fact, in the past month alone, two different men have been linked to Jana.

One of them has since denied reports that he’s romantically linked to the eldest Duggar daughter.

But for a long time, fans remained steadily convinced that the second guy was Jana’s future husband.

His name is Caleb Williams, and he’s a small business owner and longtime friend of Jana’s family.

While Williams is said to be far more liberal than the Duggars, several media outlets claimed that he was able to gradually able to win them over one-by-one.

Photos of Williams spending time with Jim Bob seemed to indicate that Jana’s suitor had infiltrated her family’s upper echelon.

Understandably, many fans arrived at the conclusion that an engagement would be announced sometime in the very near future.

But the last photo of Jim Bob and Caleb appeared on social media several weeks ago, and it doesn’t appear that Jana is sporting any new bling these days.

In fact, she and Caleb haven’t even confirmed that they’re courting.

For some reason, Duggar fans want nothing more than to see Jana in a committed relationship.

And we guess we understand that, considering Jana loves kids and clearly wants a family of her own.

So fair warning if you’re one of the Jana obsessives who’s spent the last eight years rooting for her to find the right man–bad news lies ahead:

According to various reports, Jana is not courting Caleb–or anyone else for that matter.

We know, we know–you’re upset.

But keep in mind that Jana is only 27 and still has plenty of time to get married and have kids.

Besides, things could be much worse.

She could’ve been fired from Counting On, like Derick Dillard!

Currently, it’s looking like fans got their hopes up without reason, and Jana will be living on her family’s compound a bit longer.

But hey Duggar courtships move mighty quickly.

Your girl could still be married and out of the house by Christmas!

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Duggar Family: “Outraged” Over Derick Dillard Firing?

Earlier this week, we learned that Derick Dillard had been fired by TLC due to his continued harassment of transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

For most, the only thing surprising about the situation is that it took the network that long to give Jill Duggar’s husband the axe.

After all, most employers don’t look kindly on publicly bullying children, and in Derick’s case, the behavior was even more troubling for his bosses, as Jazz is also the star of a TLC reality series.

So for once, a group of powerful men in the entertainment industry made the right decision.

Derick is now unemployed, but don’t waste any tears on the volatile father of two.

He’s been jobless most of his life, and his wife pulls in enough 

(But you might want to dole out some sympathy for the poor souls who are being suckered in by Dillard’s pleas for cash. They could certainly use your pity.)

Anyway, the reaction from the world at large was not one of tremendous shock.

Within the Duggar compound, however, the response has been quite different.

Derick’s famous in-laws are reportedly appalled by his firing and divided on the question of who to blame.

“There’s a lot of outrage between increasingly divided factions,” a source close to the Counting On clan tells Radar Online.

The issue, it seems, is that the Duggars try to maintain a united front at all times, but Jill’s parents and siblings can’t being pissed at Derick for forcing them to deal with yet another scandal.

“Derick is really having a hard time,” says one insider. 

“They are extremely careful to not criticize each other. He wasn’t trying to hurt Jazz. She just conflicted with his belief system and he reacted without thinking it through.”

Jill Duggar is apparently attributing her husband’s insensitivity to the fact that the Dillards have spent much of the past two years living in Central America:

“A lot of times when you live apart from the people you love it takes time to adjust back to your original lifestyle,” the insider says, adding:

“Including family.”

Well, we suppose if you spend enough time in El Selvador, we suppose it’s natural to adopt some of the local customs, such as … hatred of teenage reality stars?

We’re gonna go out on a limb and assume that’s not really a thing.

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Jessa Duggar: Spotted Wearing Pants!

After years of oppression, downtrodden women in are banding together to take back the rights and freedoms that were stolen from them by abusive and powerful.

And it looks like the shock waves of the historic movement are being felt as far from Hollywood as Tontitown, Arkansas.

Or maybe we’re just being too dramatic about pants.

Yes, if you’re a fan of the Duggars, then you know Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters have been taking a very literal approach to answering the question of who wears the pants in the family.

It all began when Jinger Duggar wore pants in a photo that was posted to Instagram back in March.

Fans were stunned by the brazen defiance of her family’s dress code, and for months, it looked like Jinger would be alone in her rebellion.

But then, earlier this week, something incredible happened.

Jinger’s older sister, the staunchly conservative Jill Duggar, also wore pants in a photo that made the rounds on social media.

And now, a third Duggar may have joined the fight against floor-length denim skirts:

That’s an image that was posted on Reddit this week and has since been making its around social media.

Some fans believe it shows Jessa Duggar wearing pants while walking in front of her husband, Ben Seewald.

Others beg to differ, pointing out that it’s nearly impossible to determine if that’s actually Jessa, and arguing that even if it is, she’s not necessarily wearing pants.

“I agree with everyone who is saying it looks like leggings under a skirt. However, if it is Jessa, it is still a departure from her family’s modesty standards. That skirt is way shorter than knee length,” wrote one commenter.

“The skirt doesn’t even reach halfway down her thighs. Her knees are definitely showing through the jeans/leggings,” remarked another.

Short of Jessa publicly revealing that it’s really her in the photo, we’ll probably never know for sure.

But it’s worth noting it wasn’t all that long ago that we would’ve immediately dismissed the possibility of a Duggar woman wearing pants in public.

These days, thousands of fans are actually considering the possibility that Jessa might have walked around a city in something resembling pants.

Sometimes, even the most long-overdue progress takes place at a glacial pace.

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Jill Duggar Wears Pants In Public For First Time EVER!

The Duggar family has faced down just about every kind of scandal imaginable over the past few years, but we don’t think anyone could’ve predicted their latest controversy.

It all started back in March, when Jinger Duggar wore pants in a photo posted on her Instagram page.

If you’re only passingly familiar with Jinger’s family, you might be wondering what the big deal is.

The Duggars have strict rules about … well, about everything, really, but they’re particularly uncompromising when it comes to their dress code.

According to rules devised by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, women are to wear long skirts or dresses at all times, even when playing in sports or engaging in other physical activities.

So Jinger wearing shorts, pants, and above-the-knee skirts is more than just a fashion statement–it’s an act of rebellion.

Jim Bob and Michelle had no choice but to accept her decision, as once Duggar women are married off, it’s their husbands, not their  parents who decide what they’re allowed to wear.

For months, it looked like Jinger would be alone in freeing her legs from their floor-length denim shackles, but now, Jim Bob and Michelle’s worst fears seem to be coming true:

Yes, Jinger’s older sister Jill Duggar is wearing pants, too.

Again, the decision to wear pants might not seem like an earth-shattering act of defiance.

In fact, putting on pants one leg at a time is such a commonplace activity that it’s become an idiomatic expression used to convey normalcy.

But imagine engaging in that activity for the first time as a 26-year-old mother of two.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, no one in the Duggar clan has been more devoted to the family’s code of conduct than Jill.

As the first of her sisters to marry and start a family, Jill seemed to believe it was her responsibility to set an example by carrying on her parents’ ideals.

She’s spoken proudly of her family’s belief in “modest dress” and has gone to great pains to adhere to Jim Bob and Michelle’s guidelines.

When Jill worked as a volunteer firefighter, she even went so far as to modify her uniform, altering the pants into a sort of flame-retardant skirt.

Technically, the Duggar women are within the parameters of the family dress code if they keep the area from their neck to their knees covered, so as not to inspire any impure thoughts in the men in their lives.

But the floor-length skirt has long served as a symbol of female subservience and commitment to traditional gender roles for Jill and her sisters.

So opting for a pair of Levi’s is a simple act that sends an unmistakable message.

Sources close to the family say Jim Bob has been butting heads with his sons-in-law over their more progressive views, and he’s likely to take Jill’s decision to wear pants as another sign that he’s fighting a losing battle.

Jill was no doubt aware of how her latest pic would be interpreted before she posted it, which is why Jim Bob’s many detractors are singing her praises today.

Like taking a knee before a football game, sometimes a move as seemingly simple as wearing a pair of pants can serve as a powerful act of protest.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: PROOF of Shotgun Wedding Posted on Instagram?!

By now, you’ve likely heard that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

You may have also heard about the contoroversy surrounding Joy’s conception date.

According to her family, Joy got pregnant during her honeymoon, just days after she married Austin Forsyth,

But fans of the Duggars have come up with a timeline of their own.

It’s widely believed that Joy-Anna’s was a shotgun wedding, and that she and Austin actually conceived long before they said “I do.”

Obviously, this would create problems for her family, as the Duggars are almost as famous for their belief in premarital abstinence as for their love of procreation.

So Joy is sticking to her official story:

She continued to claim that she got pregnant in late May or early June, shortly after tying the know.

And fans continue to insist that photos like the one above are evidence that Joy is lying.

Joy and Austin posted the image to honor America’s service members on Veteran’s Day.

“We are so thankful for the men and women who have served to defend our freedom! Grateful we got to spend the day with my grandfather who is a Army veteran,” they captioned the pic.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. (Psalm 33:12)”

Not surprisingly, however, their Instagram followers were less concerned with the vet in the photo than with Joy-Anna’s bump.

In the past, doctors (who have not personally treated the mom-to-be) have analyzed her photos and come to the conclusion that it looks as though Joy-Anna got pregnant before marriage.

The consensus amongst professionals seems to be that Joy is about a month further along than she claims.

Of course, fans have been offering their own not-so-professional opinion for months, and it seems there are very few who buy into Joy’s version of events.

Some Duggar obsessives, however, are quick to point out that every pregnancy is different, and it’s impossible to tell from a photo when exactly Joy conceived:

“I’m 17 weeks along and look like I’m about 6 months along. People need to shut their mouths and realize that every person’s body handles pregnancy differently,” wrote one fan on the pic above.

“People need to leave it alone. Love you Joy and Austin congratulations,” commented another.

These folks are not wrong in their argument that it’s silly to try and pinpoint an exact date of conception based on a photo.

Frankly, we would draw such conclusions based on a few pics.

It’s all the other evidence that Joy and Austin broke her family’s courtship rules that has us convinced.

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