Ben Seewald’s Sister Is Jim Bob Duggar’s Worst Nightmare

It should come as no surprise that the women of the Duggar family are a close-knit lot.

After all, it’s not as though they can go outside their family for female companionship.

The Duggar women follow a set of rules so strict that it basically forces them to stick to their own kind – which is probably the point.

But for all their father’s efforts to clip their wings, several Duggar women have left the nest, and in some cases, they’ve found themselves ill-equipped for the wider world – while in others, they’ve adapted with astonishing speed.

The best example of the latter case is probably Jinger Duggar, who began wearing pants in violation of her family’s strict dress code shortly after marrying Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger’s oldest married sister, Jill Duggar, has pursued a more traditional lifestyle, in keeping with her family’s teachings.

And then there’s Jessa Duggar, who’s embarked down a middle path, not quite appeasing her parents, but not exactly rebelling, either:

Jessa is married to Ben Seewald, who leans slightly to the left of the ultra-conservative Duggars, in terms of his political and religious beliefs.

In the past, this has brought him into conflict with Jim Bob, such as the time Seewald endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement and expressed his belief in the right of NFL players to kneel for the national anthem.

Now, it looks as though Ben’s liberal (by Duggar standards) beliefs are no fluke.

In fact, it seems like the entire Seewald family espouses beliefs and lifestyles that would condemn them to hell under Jim Bob’s belief system.

That’s a photo of Ben’s parents standing alongside his sister, Jessica.

It was posted to the Seewald family Instagram page this week, along with the following caption:

“@jessicaseewald, congratulations on your new journey in law enforcement,” the Seewalds wrote.

“We sure do love you and are praying for the days ahead! #backtheblue.”

Becoming a cop might seem like just about the least rebellious thing in the world, but take a moment to reflect on what you’re seeing here:

That’s a young woman wearing pants and embarking on a career that’s been closed to women for most of its history.

Yes, Ben’s sister is basically Jim Bob’s worst nightmare come to life.

And Jessica’s rebellious (again, by Duggar standards) ways don’t end there.

The 21-year-old reportedly has a boyfriend named Philip, and the two of them do not follow the famous Duggar courtship rules.

And we think it’s safe to say Jim Bob would not approve of Jessica’s choice of attire:

Shorts! On a woman!

Michelle Duggar would probably need smelling salts if she laid eyes on this pic.

But if you’re worried that Jessica’s far-left views will tear the Duggar clan asunder, fear not:

As In Touch Weekly points out, Jessica is a gun-collecting Trump supporter who’s political beliefs lean far to the right.

Plus, her name starts with a “J,” so she’s probably just fine in Jim Bob’s book.

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Counting On Preview: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy Fears Revealed

It's been less than one month since the latest Counting On season finale left fans clamoring for more of the TV's favorite fundamentalists.

Fortunately, the Duggar faithful won't have to wait very long for another round of pregnancies, courtships, and bizarrely specific dress codes

So what's in store for Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and the rest of the J-squad this time around?

Well, while most reality shows begin to show signs of age when they've been on as long as the Duggars have, there's certainly no shortage of drama in Tontitown.

The exact release date has yet to be announced, but TLC has confirmed that Counting On will be back sometime this summer.

And a new preview for the upcoming slate of episodes reminds us that as more of Jim Bob and Michelle's children enter adulthood, change is now the only constant in the Duggar family. 

The upcoming season will address such matters as the pregnancy of Joseph Duggar's wife and the courtship between Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

But it's the scenes focusing on Joy-Anna Duggar that have really captured the interest of fans.

As you've likely heard, Joy-Anna welcomed her first child back in February, but because of production lag times, the final months of her pregnancy will be featured on the upcoming season.

And it looks as though there were some frightening complications that are just now being revealed to the public.

Check out the preview below to see what's in store and watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the summer premiere


Counting on preview joy anna duggars pregnancy fears revealed

Lauren Swanson: Is Josiah Duggar’s Fiancee Breaking the Family Rules?!

It’s only been a month since the world learned that Josiah Duggar is engaged to Lauren Swanson, but it looks like the young couple is already tossing aside some of his family’s most strictly-enforced rules.

In fact, if you’re one of the more devout Duggar fans, you may want to sit down for this one…

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you – Lauren’s shins:

Yes, that outfit might not seem particularly revealing, but by Duggar standards, it’s downright risqué.

The famous Duggar dress code dictates that all unmarried women must wear skirts with hems that fall safely below their knees.

In the interest of playing it safe, Josiah’s sisters typically wore floor-length skirts and dresses.

As you can see from the photo below, Lauren has mostly followed suit.

But on her recent trip to San Antonio with Josiah and family, Lauren favored a slightly less conservative look:

“Enjoyed a beautiful evening in San Antonio on the river walk, and checking out the Alamo with Lauren and the family!” Josiah captioned the photo.

Typically, Duggar kids aren’t allowed to have social media profiles until after they’re engaged, but a special exception has been made for Josiah due to the fact that this is not his first relationship.

Josiah courted Marjorie Jackson back in 2015, but the romance ended abruptly and without explanation.

Fans still aren’t sure what led the couple to call it quits, but the breakup helped bolster Josiah’s reputation as being much more progressive than his siblings and taking an almost-modern view of dating and relationships.

The fact that his girlfriend feels comfortable wearing playing fast and loose with the Duggar dress code has only cemented that view of the 21-year-old reality star:

“Pls let her wear whatever she wants! You seem to be the cool Duggar!” commented one fan on Josiah’s photo.

“A woman should be able to express her self anyway she want! There is nothing wrong with a good pair of jeans! Break free from this ridiculousness!”

As In Touch Weekly points out, planning for Josiah and Lauren’s wedding is already underway, and it seems Si can’t wait for the big day.

On a recent outing, he and Lauren were chaperoned by his younger brother Jason.

Josiah posted a pic of the excursion with a caption reading, “Third wheel problems.”

We guess Jinger’s not the only rebel in the family!

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Duggars Only Have Sex to Make Babies, Fans Allege

If you know anything at all about the Duggars, then you’re probably aware that the family has some … interesting views on sex and procreation.

You might think a couple that sired an astonishing 19 chlidren would be 100 percent pro-intercourse.

But that’s actually quite far from the case.

Prior to marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are required to follow the strict Duggar courtship rules.

That means dating is allowed only in the presence of a chaperone; hand-holding is limited to a period of 15 seconds or less, and “front-hugging” is forbidden, as it may clothed genitals into perilously close proximity.

(“Side-hugs” – in which the participants basically just put their arms around each other’s shoulders and give a quick squeeze – is still allowed.)

Needless to say, kissing and actual sex are very much forbidden.

But once the rings are on the fingers and the vows have been exchanged, it’s a very different story.

From that point forward, the Duggar offspring and their spouses are encouraged to rub their bits together until they chafe.

Of course, even within the confines of a loving marriage, there are rules.

The Duggars do not believe in birth control, which means you can look at how many kids each of them has made and get a rough idea of how many times they’ve had sex in their lives.

We kid, of course, but the super-strict guidelines placed on the Duggars genitals do raise a lot of questions.

And it seems the query that’s foremost on the minds of many viewers this week is: do the Duggars ever have sex just for fun?

“So do these guys never enjoy sex for the joy of it?” one fan asked in a Reddit forum devoted to the family.

“Or is it simply to have kids. Or get to know each other and get into their groove without babies straight away? I mean I LOVED spending three years married without a baby straight away, we traveled had fun before baby came along,” the user continued.

“Do the girls ever want to do something else besides have babies? Like get out of their small town see the world meet new people but on their own without the controlling parents or husbands? Just curious is all.”

“I don’t think these kids are allowed to have wants outside of what they have been brainwashed to want,” another user replied.

“I know they seem to like this life. I guess when you don’t know anything else you just accept it,” a third remarked.

“But even the Amish give their kids the choice. It’s nice to live in a bubble but I often wonder if any of the girls long for adventure and independence at least for a little while.”

Interestingly, all of this speculation comes on the heels of the revelation that Joy-Anna Duggar considered her parents to be too strict during her upbringing.

So it seems that not all Duggar children simply accept their lot blindly.

Of course, it still appears doubtful that any of them will ever make their displeasure known publicly.

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Lauren Swanson: Why Is Josiah Duggar’s Mystery Girl Keeping Such a Low Profile?

It’s been nearly two months since we first learned that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are engaged.

The news came just weeks after word of Josiah and Lauren’s courtship went public, but that’s not unusual in the Duggar clan.

Relationships proceed quickly for the members of reality TV’s biggest brood, even when the parties involved are as young as Josiah and Lauren.

(He’s 21; she’s just 18.)

But the newest Duggar couple is unique in at least two important ways:

For one thing, this is not Josiah’s first courtship.

As Duggar obsessives are no doubt aware, Josiah briefly courted Marjorie Jackson back in 2015.

The relationship didn’t work out, making Josiah the first of his generation to enter a courtship that didn’t result in marriage.

On top of that, virtually nothing is known about Lauren, her past, or her family.

A few details about Lauren’s parents and siblings have been revealed on the Duggars’ social media pages, and not surprisingly, her clan shares a lot in common with Josiah’s.

“They’re really similar, our families, with a lot of the same goals,” Josiah said of the Swansons in a recent interview.

He’s certainly not joking on that score.

Lauren is the daughter of a minister, and her mother is currently pregnant with her ninth child.

The Swanson family may never balloon to the staggering size of the Duggars, but it seems Lauren’s parents are also big into procreation.

But what about Lauren herself?

In video interviews she’s recorded alongside her fiancé, Swanson has been virtually silent.

No big surprise there, as we imagine it’s rather daunting to go straight from the shadows of obscurity into the glaring spotlight of Duggar fame.

But between her youth and the quickness with which her relationship with Josiah has proceeded, it’s possible that Lauren will marry into the Duggar family while remaining more of a mystery to fans than any of her predecessors.

Naturally, fans have a lot of questions.

For now, at least, Lauren’s not doing much talking, but fortunately, some of those questions have laughably obvious answers.

One thing that a lot of fans seem curious about is Lauren’s education level.

Many have wondered if she’ll attend college, and while Ms. Swanson has been mum on the matter, we think we can safely answer for her by saying, no, she will not.

Duggars have little respect for formal education, and very few members of the family have shown any interest in further study beyond the GEDs they all get when they complete their homeschooling.

As for Lauren’s curious lack of a southern accent – a matter that’s also raised quite a few eyebrows among the Duggar faithful – well, we don’t know for sure where she’s from, but we’re guessing it’s of little concern to Josiah.

After all, a woman doesn’t have to be Dixie Land to pop out a whole lot of children.

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Duggars SLAMMED For Lavish Displays of Wealth: They Own HOW MANY Planes?!

The Duggars built their media empire by shilling wholesome values and the joys of simple living to an audience that ate it up like so many pickles and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

But throughout the family’s decade in the spotlight, even diehard fans have wondered if the Duggars are living double lives – preaching the virtues of frugality and humility, while at the same time enjoying lives of incredible fame and fortune.

Over the years, fans have taken issue with Jim Bob’s “high-class hoarding,” and other ostentatious displays of wealth.

The Duggar patriarch has been accused of buying up large tracts of land with no plans to make use of them, simply so that he might appear even more powerful in the eyes of local politicians.

Not exactly in keeping with the WWJD philosophy, but believe it or not, Jim Bob’s desire for increased clout and high-end antiques isn’t even the most galling example of the family’s mixed messaging regarding personal wealth.

No, that honor belongs to the Duggars’ astonishingly large fleet of private aircraft.

You may have been aware that the Duggars own a private jet, but were you aware that they own several other small planes, as well?

The first and most famous Duggar aircraft is the one belonging to John David, who was the first in the family to get his pilot’s license.

The plane, a Cirrus SR22 was purchased as a gift for the Duggar’s second-oldest son back in 2014.

At the time, it would’ve retailed for about $ 764,900, but as In Touch Weekly points out the Duggars probably bought it used.

Which means it probably only ran them about $ 200,000.

Since then the number of pilots in the Duggar clan has grown rapidly with Josiah earning his license and Joy marrying Austin Forsyth who counts piloting among his many professions.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Jim Bob has decided to expand the family fleet in a major way.

Just last year, the Duggars purchased four planes from the ALERT Academy, bringing their total number of aircraft to whopping eight.

The folks at In Touch did the math, and assuming that the Duggars paid an average $ 547,000 per plane (only some of the purchases were second hand) that brings the total value of their fleet to $ 3,200,000.

Yes, the family that made a name for itself preaching modesty has spent over 3 mill on private planes in the past four years.

So what exactly is the family doing with all those big birds?

Well, Jim Bob recently incorporated Duggar Aviation LLC, and the company is headquartered out of nearby Springdale, Arkansas.

At this point, however, it doesn’t seem that the family is offering up commercial flights.

That may have plans to do so in the future, but many fans are suspicious that Duggar Aviation is nothing more than a shell corporation that allows Jim Bob to write off his plane collection as a business expense.

All in a day’s work for America’s favorite Christ-lovin’ capitalists.

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Counting On Season 7 Preview: The Duggars Need EXTRA Chaperones!

Well, it’s almost that time of year.

A new season of Counting On is nearly upon us, and it seems longtime viewers may be in for some surprises:

Now, that may seem impossible as not a day goes by without the family revealing some sort of courtship, marriage, or pregnancy news on social media.

But like the Kardashians before them, the Duggars are savvy enough to keep some details of their lives under wraps so that fans still need to tune into their reality show to get the full story.

Case in point – who would’ve guessed we would ever hear the Duggars admitting to their need for additional chaperones?

As fans of the family are no doubt aware, Duggar courtship rules forbid just about all forms of physical contact before marriage.

But it seems the dating guidelines aren’t always so easy to enforce. 

Joseph Duggar and Kandra Caldwell got married back in September, but the early episodes of CO S7 find them in the final weeks of their engagement.

And it seems they’re not finding it easy to keep their hands to themselves.

“I would say when you’re engaged you almost need more chaperones because you’re getting closer,” Kendra tells the camera.

“The desires are getting stronger.”

It’s interesting that the Duggars would choose to acknowledge the harsh nature of their dating directives, as they’ve been a source of controversy in recent months, due in large part to the “shotgun wedding” rumors surrounding Joy-Anna Duggar.

Speaking of Joy-Anna, she appears in the trailer and reminds fans of just how difficult the ultra-strict Duggar courtship rules can be on a young couple.

“During our relationship, all the way up to our wedding day, we have never been alone together,” Joy-Anna explains.

“So it was really amazing being on our honeymoon and just being by ourselves.”

And all this candor isn’t the only thing that’s different about season 7.

As many fans have pointed out, the promotional materials released contain some noteworthy absences.

Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are nowhere to be seen, but that’s not unexpected, as Derick was fired by TLC after making inappropriate comments about fellow network star Jazz Jennings on social media.

What is surprising is that OG Duggars Jim Bob and Michelle appear to be MIA.

Viewers have speculated that the show is returning to its roots by focusing on Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest children, rather than on Jim Bob and Michelle themselves.

Perhaps Jessa Duggar best summarizes what fans can expect from the long-anticipated seventh season of Counting On:

“We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen in our family in the last few months, and you never know what’s around the corner,” she says.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the once uber-predictable Duggars have actually been throwing fans some curveballs lately.

But if it all sounds a bit overwhelming, fear not:

There’s still some boring BS about Jeremy Vuolo moving books into his office, or something.

That should be enough to slow you heart rate back down.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the show’s February 26 premiere.


Counting On 2018 Preview: What Can We Expect From the Duggars This Year?

As always, the rumors and speculation surrounding the Duggars in the lead-up to the return of Counting On are off the proverbial chain.

Will Josiah's second try at courtship last? Will Jessa and Ben adopt or get pregnant? Will Josh (or Jill) ever be seen on camera again?

Will Joy-Anna finally put the shotgun wedding rumors to rest by virtue of having her baby nine months or more after she tied the knot?

These questions and more will be answered in the upcoming season of Counting On, starting Monday, February 26 on the TLC network.

Here's a look at some storylines we expect to see on the always-controversial reality hit, along with some we certainly hope to.

1. Center of Attention

Counting on photo
The network’s first promotional image for the new season speaks volumes in terms of who’s featured and who’s absent. Derick Dillard is persona non grata, and it looks like wife Jill will be MIA with him. With just weeks to go before welcoming her first child, it looks like Joy-Anna will get the bulk of the screen time.

2. Joy’s Bundle of Joy

Joy anna counting on
Joy is set to give birth any day now. (The Duggars have kept her due date a secret, a move that’s made fans suspect she got pregnant out of wedlock.) While viewers might have to wait until next season to see her child enter the world, the bulk of her pregnancy will likely be featured in the upcoming string of new episodes.

3. Jana Courting

Jana duggar on tlc
From Tim Tebow to Lawson Bates and Jonathan Hartono, and from Jacob Wilson to Caleb Williams, eldest daughter Jana has been linked to many available men over the years. Yet none of these courtship rumors have ever come to fruition. Will this be the year for the fair Cinderella Duggar? Or will we be treated to more gripping footage of Jana working in the garden and slaving away taking care of Anna and Josh’s brood?

4. A Bun in Jinger’s Oven

Jinger duggar baby bump
Joy’s not the only one with a baby on the way! Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child sometime in 2018. The Counting On production schedule usually puts the show 2-3 months behind, so expect to see her share her big news late in the season.

5. Speaking of the Vuolos…

Jeremy vuolo with jinger duggar
Of course, fans are already wondering if we’ll be seeing much of Jinger at all this season. She and husband Jeremy Vuolo live in Laredo, Texas, and between his work as a minister and her pregnancy, they may not have the opportunity to travel to Arkansas to spend time with her family very often.

6. A Kid For Kendra

Kendra caldwell and joe duggar
Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, are soon to welcome their first child, as well. In the past, Counting On has struggled to find an entire season’s worth of storylines. We don’t think that will be an issue this time around, especially since…

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Duggars Slammed For Forgetting Birthdays: Do They Even Know Their Kids?!

Having 19 kids presents a number of challenges.

The coupon clipping alone is enough to prematurely turn your hands into gnarled oak roots.

So fans of Duggar clan would likely be sympathetic to the occasional missed recital or forgotten birthday … if only Jim Bob and Michelle would cop to being anything less than perfect parents.

These days, the couple has the added challenge of trying to keep track of the comings and goings of an ever-growing brood of grandchildren.

Again, if they just threw up their hands and admitted that they’re less than perfect, the Duggars would probably receive a lot of sympathy from fans who have firsthand experience with their plight.

But that would mean messing with the narrative they’ve been selling for the past decade and admitting that everything they do isn’t guided by the divine hand of providence.

So what the Duggars do instead is try to cover their tracks and pretend like all of their kids are equal in their eyes, when we all know there are clear favorites.

These days, it seems that the more marketably Duggars (Jill, Jessa, Jinger, etc.) are tops in their parents eyes, while the younger siblings frequently get short shrift.

Last month, the Jim Bob and Michelle were accused of forgetting Jordyn Duggar’s birthday and attempting to make up for their memory lapse with a hastily thrown together party.

Now, the couple is being accused of repeating their mistake with son Joseph Duggar, who turned 23 earlier this week.

Joseph is expecting his first child these days, and with the amount of importance Jim Bob and Michelle place on breeding, you would think that would put him in their good graces.

But it seems his big day slipped their minds, and instead of calling, the couple sent their son a belated birthday message featuring what they describe as a Jay Leno look-alike:

The Duggars were duly roasted for their lame message, with many fans pointing out that they Joseph’s birthday obviously slipped their minds”

“You always give such generic wishes, like you don’t really know your kids,” one fan wrote. “Oh wait…”

“In all seriousness, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that birthdays are all so canned and repetitious,” another commented.

“They celebrate one once every two to three weeks basically. Like, of course, they all will meld together if you let them, and why wouldn’t 19 individuals do the same thing in your mind. Again, just proof that parents can’t be spread between 19 kids and have a relationship with each one on a deep and personal level.”

“One of the oddest birthday messages ever,” others chimed in.

“Whose birthday was it anyway? All they did was brag about their vacation and the weather and meeting a Jay Leno look alike.”

We’re surprised by a lot of things here.

For starters, the Duggars know who Jay Leno is?

We thought they condemned all forms of worldly entertainment.

Jay must get a pass because he loves denim and cars. 

And c’mon, this guy doesn’t even look that much like Leno.

If you hired him for a party you’d want your money back, but then again, if you’re the type of person who hires a Leno look-alike for your party, maybe you deserve to get ripped off.

What were we supposed to be ouraged about again?

Oh, right … the forgotten birthday. For shame!

Watch Counting On online for more of Jim Bob and Michelle’s attempts to bury their mistakes.


Lauren Swanson: Who Is Josiah Duggar’s New Girlfriend?

Earlier this week, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson revealed that they’re officially courting, much to the delight of fans of Josiah’s family.

Rumors of Josiah and Lauren’s courtship had been circulating for several months, and she even joined the Duggars on their recent tour of Australia and New Zealand.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday that the couple made it official with an announcement on the Duggars’ official Facebook page.

Josiah went into detail about his “courtship proposal,” telling fans:

“I came up behind her at a meal while she was hanging out with some of my siblings and surprised her, and surprised her.”

He added that while Lauren and her family are relatively new to Arkansas, she and Josiah were friends for quite some time before they decided to take their relationship “to the next level.”

“We’ve been friends for a while and got to spend a lot of time together,” Josiah said.

Lauren didn’t do much talking in her introductory video, and fans were left with a lot of questions–namely, who is she, exactly?

Well, the Duggars have promised that viewers will get to see a lot of Lauren on the upcoming season of Counting On, but here’s what we already know:

Like unmarried women in the Duggar family, Lauren avoids social media, which is just one of the indications that she adheres to a similarly strict code of conduct.

Lauren’s father is a minister, and according to OK! magazine, he shares the Duggars’ views on what constitutes appropriate attire for women.

In other words, you won’t see Lauren wearing any above-the-knee skirts anytime soon.

“They’re really similar, our families, with a lot of the same goals,” Josiah told fans yesterday.

Needless to say, that’s putting it mildly.

At 18, Lauren is a few years younger than 21-year-old Josiah.

She also comes from a very large family, but unlike Josiah, she’s the oldest of her siblings.

Lauren’s mother is currently pregnant with her ninth child.

It’s hard to believe that in 2018 it’s possible to live such a private life, but that’s pretty much all we know about Lauren at the moment.

Of course, we’re sure information about the potential newest member of the Duggar clan won’t be in short supply for long.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for Lauren’s big debut.