Lala Kent Gives Dating Advice: I’d Rather Be a Bitch Than Dumb!

It’s only been a few days since Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent went public with her married boyfriend, and now she’s offering some dating advice like some sort of relationship expert.

Now, anyone can give advice — you don’t need a degree to have common sense or to tell someone that their boyfriend crossed a line.

But in Lala Kent’s case, the advice that she’s dishing out is … controversial.

So, Lala Kent doesn’t limit her good deeds to stripping down to fight SeaWorld and other aquatic circuses. She also gives out relationship advice.

Taking to Instagram Live, Lala Kent revealed a “f–king crazy” direct message that she’d received from a fan who wanted her input.

“This girl was talking about this guy that she’s pretty into, she’s been seeing him for a while.”

And the girl has a specific reason for talking to Lala for advice.

“There’s quite an age gap, it’s kind of like me and my man, she’s my age, maybe a little older…he’s like in his later 40s.”

Randall Emmett is 46. Lala will turn 28 this year. 

“And they’ve never been official but he was like really cute at the beginning and then he falls off the earth.”

Uh-oh. That’s not a great sign.

“He’s like inconsistent, which as women I think is f–ked up, like don’t be inconsistent.”

It might mean that he’s unsure about this relationship. It might mean that he’s lying to this girl — and maybe to someone else in his life.

Or he might be just using this girl to feel young, and then running off when it starts to feel too much like a relationship.

Whatever the cause, Lala doesn’t like it any more than we do.

“If you’re gonna be inconsistent, women we need to give them the boot, it’s not OK.”

Lala goes on to explain that the girl went to dinner with this older man and that man’s friend before the New Year.

The girl had a few drinks at the bar because she was nervous.

“So she gets a little too drunk at the bar she says, they get into a cab and she starts to take her clothes off in the cab.”

The girl was making certain that the driver couldn’t see her as she did this.

It did not go over well.

“She started taking her pants off and he started reprimanding her and getting upset and made her feel really stupid.”

Our first thought is that this girl, who’s clearly feeling insecure in this relationship enough that she’s anxious before dinner and then wants reassurance that this older man finds her sexy, should dump his ass.

Lala Kent, we’re happy to say, feels the same way.

“I’ll tell you how I would react, first of all my p–sy is no longer yours to have fun with, you’re a f–king asshole.”

That’s good advice.

Here comes the controversy:

“You make me feel dumb, I’m not about that life; you can call me a homewrecker, you can call me a bitch, you can call me whatever you want, when you make me feel dumb, I’m wiping my hands clean.”

To be clear, if a guy’s calling a girl names in a way that she’s not okay with, that’s not any more okay than ridiculing a girl as “stupid.”

What this girl was doing sounds desperate, which suggests to us that this guy is standoffish and cold — maybe even more like this in front of his friend.

That’s no good for a relationship, folks.

If a guy isn’t friendly or is only friendly sometimes, that means that he has his own emotional issues, and it’s not your job to crack through the ice. Move on to a guy who can show you how much he appreciates you.

And if a guy makes you feel dumb — or calls you ugly names or otherwise demeans you outside of consensual bedroom roleplay — dump his ass at the curb. It’s 2018 and awful guys don’t deserve great girlfriends.


Donald Trump Fires Off Dumb Tweets About Global Warming & Vanity Fair, Gets Savagely Roasted

Look, we understand that headline’s not gonna please anyone.

Either you’re a dyed-in-the-wool #MAGA ass and you came here just to deride us as a bunch of libtard cuck-flakes in the comments, or you’re part of the majority of Americans who wishes the president would stop tweeting entirely, in which case, you probably think we didn’t go nearly far enough.

But hey, our New Year’s resolution is to piss off as many people as many people as possible, and we decided to get an early start!

We kid, of course.

Resolving to offend people in 2018 is like resolving to breathe in and out. It’s gonna happen no matter what, and it doesn’t require any active effort.

For evidence of just how easy it is to piss off tens of millions of people these days, you need look no further than the tweets of America’s P-ssy-Grabber-In-Chief, Captain Offensive Pants.

No doubt still clad in a Trump Hotel bathrobe, the president frequently outrages half the planet before he’s even dropped his morning Big Mac deuce.

While our more heathen-y presidents may have taken the holidays off in order to drink Starbucks and slaughter a virgin, the Trump Train kept right on rolling! 

By which we mean the 71-year-old leader of the free world spent the season of peace talking enough trash on social media to shame a recently-dumped middle school girl or a butthurt Star Wars fan.

And who were the Donald’s targets this time around?

Well, there was Vanity Fair, which committed the grievous offense of cracking jokes about a woman Donald once threatened to imprison, and then there was planet Earth, which has apparently pissed Trump off by continuing to exist despite his apocalyptic environmental policies.

First, some context:

In case you haven’t heard, it’s effing cold in the northeast. Like, even by “winter in the northeast” standards.

Someone told this to Donald, and his response was apparently to crack his knuckles and start sticking it to the libs:

“In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!”

Now, hopefully, we don’t have to tell you that’s a dumb thing to say or point out that weather and climate are not the same thing.

A cold day isn’t an indication that the planet is stable anymore than a single hot day is evidence that it’s heating up.

The world’s scientists are concerned due to data collected over several decades which indicates a disturbing trend toward hotter … ya know what? Let’s just move on to less-terrifying idiocy…

As you may have heard, there was controversy this week over a video posted by Vanity Fair, in which several staffers expressed their 100 percent-justified belief that Hillary Clinton should probably step away from the political arena for the foreseeable future.

The situation outraged the president, not because of the content of the clip, but because VF dared to issue an apology for the sake of those who found the video offensive.

“Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H. Anna Wintour, who was all set to be Amb to Court of St James’s & a big fundraiser for CH, is beside herself in grief & begging for forgiveness!” Trump tweeted.

Never mind that our commander-in-chief is still devoting his days to picking petty fights with various media outlets, Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue, not Vanity Fair.

Sure, they both star with “V,” but if we Donald off easy on this one, next week he’ll be referring to Justin Trudeau as the prime minister of Cambodia.

Needless to say, Trump was roasted to a crisp over both tweets, but sadly seeing our president get savagely corn-cobbed by the entirety of Twitter is one of the many things we’ve been forced to get used to in 2017.

Cheers to the new year!

*guzzles larce quantity of Dran-O*


14 Famously Dumb Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time for three things:

  1. For kids to dress in some kind of adorable outfit.
  2. For women to turn the most benign of costumes into the skankiest of costumes.
  3. For celebrities to cross certain lines with their controversial costume ideas.

With the third point in mind, we present 14 especially scandalous celebrity Halloween costumes over recent years:

1. Tomi Lahren as…The Flag?

Tomi lahren halloween costume
Tomi Lahren thinks she’s being all Patriotic with this photo. But she’s really in violation of the flag code.

2. Snooki as a Missing Child

Snooki as a missing child
It may sort of seem like a silly concept, but milk cartons are actually used sometimes to alert people to missing children. Not exactly something one should mock, Snooki.

3. Julianne Hough as Crazy Eyes

Julianne hough halloween costume
Julianne Hough going as a character from Orange is the New Black was a funny idea. She just should have avoided the whole blackface thing.

4. Chris Brown as a Terrorist

Chris brown as a terrorist
Chris Brown went as a member of the Taliban in 2012. We were impressed he managed to dress up as the one type of person more hated than he is.

5. Bill Maher as Steve Irwin

Bill maher as steve irwin
In 2006, mere months after the death of Steve Irwin, Bill Maher dressed as a “dead” version of the crocodile hunter. His outfit included a bloody stinger stinking out of his chest.

6. Adrianne Curry as Amy Winehouse

Adrianne curry as amy winehouse
Adrianne Curry dressed as Amy Winehouse in 2009. The costume included a beehive wig and a fake hypodermic needle sticking out of her arm. Yikes!

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Amy Roloff Gets Dragged Online for Two Very Dumb Reasons

Amy Roloff really cannot catch a break.

The Little People, Big World star is mostly just living her life, hanging out at her farm and and preparing to film the new season of her family’s hit reality show.

She’s also soaking up all the time she can get with her two relatively new (and oh so adorable!) grandkids, of course.

And yet, for whatever reason, online trolls keep giving Amy crap.

In late August, for example, Roloff was criticized for taking a vacation with her boyfriend, Chris Marek, simply because daughter-in-law Audrey Roloff was close to giving birth.

As if all grandparents literally do nothing but sit by the phone during this sort of circumstance.

Then, Roloff was shamed by critics for sharing photos of her hawking various products, as opposed to photos her brand new granddaughter Ember Jean.

Nevermind the fact that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Ember’s parents, were actually the ones choosing to take a break from the spotlight while they adjusted to parenthood.

Now, Amy has apparently ruffled the feathers of some Internet users simply by… hanging out with Malek?

The TLC star posted the following snapshot on Facebook this week, including with it a caption that reads:

“I love seeing Chris and he came out for a day each pumpkin weekend.”

For some unexplainable reason, this post has drawn some harsh rebukes.

Take the following comment, for instance:

amy hatin

What can really be said about that, except: WHAT? EXCUSE US?!?

Amy simply got divorced from Matt Roloff, without any rumors of infidelity on either end.

It was an amicable split and the ex-couple still spends plenty of time together, co-parenting and co-grandparenting.

We have no idea what Amy did wrong in the photo above or in general these days.

Just how desperate are folks to hate on Amy? She even received comments that dragged her and Chris for not having their shoes tied!

shoes tied

Moreover, there’s a group of losers out there who are giving Amy a hard time because she kept her married name.

The misguided line of thinking here is that Roloff is benefiting from being a Roloff – due to the popularity and power behind that last name – and that Amy doesn’t deserve to reap the financial benefits of such an arrangement any longer. 

“Why does amy carry matts name when they are divorced??” asked Manawaiti Woolford on Facebook, adding: She should b using her maiden name not roloff.”

First, plenty of divorced women keep their married names. It’s just a lot easier that way.

Second, Amy and Matt were married for over 20 years.

They built their family and their brand together. They have four kids together.

Thankfully, some fans out there understand this and have rushed to Roloff’s defense:

amy defense

All of this heat comes amidst chatter that Amy is feuding with Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Insiders claim Caryn hosted a birthday party for Matt earlier this month and didn’t bother to invite Amy, snubbing the heck out of Matt’s ex-wife.

This is just the latest example of tension between Matt’s current lover and his former lover.

But Amy has never tried to exploit it for sympathy. She continues to take the high road, refusing to even comment on rumors of a feud.

It’s also worth noting that Caryn knows Amy well. She served as the Roloff Farms manager prior to dating Matt.

So if anyone’s relationship deserves some scrutiny here, it’s that of Matt Roloff, not Amy Roloff.

Overall, however, these two are handling their divorce as maturely and respectfully as possible.

If only people who just surf online and leave comments from the comfort of their living room would do the same thing.


CAUGHT! 19 Dumb Cheaters Who Outed Themselves Via Text

You should not cheat on your significant other.

However, IF you're going to cheat on your significant other, you should heed the lessons learned (the hard way) by the following men and women, each of whom made the mistake of outing their own indiscretions via text message.

Talk about awkward!

See what we mean down below…

1. When Your Son Drives a Hard Bargain…

When your son drives a hard bargain
… and you must give in.

2. Also, My Kid May Find Out

Also my kid may find out
I think he just did.

3. Damn Autocorrect?

Damn autocorrect
Nope, damn you… straight to Hell!

4. And We’re Not Talking About a Cheese of the Month Club!

And were not talking about a cheese of the month club
At least we don’t think so.

5. Did I Say Boyfriend?

Did i say boyfriend
I meant best friend, who is definitely of the same gender.

6. Oh, Phew

Oh phew
Wait. That’s even worse.

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Kroy Biermann to Ezekiel Elliott: Wanna Help Your Team? ‘Don’t Do Dumb Sh*t’

If Ezekiel Elliott really wants to help the Dallas Cowboys, he’d abide by one simple rule — “Don’t do dumb sh*t.” That’s the advice NFL linebacker Kroy Biermann had for Elliott when we told him all about the RB’s suspension going back into effect…


Ree Drummond, Food Network Star, Dragged for Apparent Racism and Dumb Jokes

Ree Drummond is known as The Pioneer Woman.

That’s the name of her popular show on The Food Network.

But some viewers now think Drummond should be referred to instead as the Racist and Wildly Inappropriate Woman, based on a few remarks she’s recently made.

The long-time celebrity chef has stirred up controversy on multiple fronts of late, starting with a very strange blog post in which she said her individuality stemmed from the fact she had a “black grandpa.”

Except she didn’t.

There’s no record of any African-American relatives on Drummond’s family tree.

“In the same bizarre post, she went on to admit that he was actually white and [claimed] she thought he was African-American most of her life because of his tan,” wrote In Touch Weekly of Ree’s initial assessment and then strange admission.

Based on this logic, Drummond must also think George Hamilton is black.

The blog post in question has since been deleted.

But those who read it or heard about it were understandably ticked off that Drummond basically compared a tan white person to a black person.

Elsewhere, Drummond penned another blog post in which she allegedly referred to her developmentally disabled brother Mike as “retarded.”

We can’t verify for certain whether or not this word was actually used in conjunction with her sibling.

If so, however… YIKES!

Finally, there’s the matter of a quip we can definitely verify – because it took place during an episode of Drummond’s Food Network program.

While serving some hot wings to a bunch of friends, Drummond joked that they were not barbecue flavored, but actually “Asian” flavored instead.

The friends stood in confused silence over this description, prompting Ree to say she was just kidding around.

But it was a random joke that did not go over well with certain fans at all.

hating on ree

“I was already bummed by the lack of diversity on @foodnetwork Now @thepioneerwoman & co. are on there saying they don’t trust “asian” food??” Tweeted one irate user.

Drummond has been in the national picture for a long time.

She has appeared over the years on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Chew and The Bonnie Hunt Show.

She has also been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, People and Southern Living.

Her first cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl, was published in October 2009 and she has gone on to pen many more since then.

After taking on the host during an episode of Throwdown! With Bobby Flay in 2010, Drummond was given her own Food Network show a year later.

What do you think of the controversies cited above?

Worthy of criticism leveled against Drummond? Or much ado over mostly nothing?


Chrissy Teigen: Tabloids are Dumb, John Legend Still Loves Me!

It would be hard to name a celebrity couple more lovable than John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Because, come on … it’s John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

John is so talented and adorable, Chrissy is so beautiful and so real. They’re a truly wonderful match.

Who could forget that delightful moment when Chrissy revealed that she didn’t realize John could see her butthole in certain sex positions?

Or what about the time that he told us all that she’d been teaching their adorable daughter, Luna, how to mock him?

And speaking of their adorable daughter Luna, seriously, have you even seen her?

They’re just the best, the very best, and that’s why it was so upsetting earlier this week when we heard that there may be some trouble over there in that lovely paradise.

According to that tragic new report from In Touch, Chrissy and John “are having real marriage problems.”

So many problems, in fact, that “They have been in marriage counseling for the last six months.”

Their alleged issues include Chrissy’s admitted drinking problem, as well as her struggle with postpartum depression.

Because if we’re to believe this report, John is willing to end their marriage and tear their family apart because of issues Chrissy developed after carrying and giving birth to their child.

See why we called this mess “tragic”?

“They are fighting nonstop,” the report continued.

But, on the bright side, “They’re trying very hard to make their marriage work.”

The whole thing is very depressing, and while we wouldn’t imagine it to be true, we wouldn’t have imagined many celebrity splits that have happened this year.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris? Fergie and Josh Duhamel?

It’s a bad time to be a long-lasting celeb couple.

However, before you get too upset, know that Chrissy has addressed this rumor not once, but twice.

And both statements are, in typical Chrissy Teigen fashion, simply delightful.

First, she shared a photo of the In Touch cover on Instagram — the cover that advertised an “exclusive” about “Chrissy & John: On the Brink of Splitting.”

“Oh in touch go f-ck yourselves, you exclusively dumb pieces of trash,” she wrote in the caption.

Then yesterday, paparazzi got video of Chrissy and little Luna leaving LAX, and they managed to get a few colorful comments out of her.

First, a photographer told her that if she and John did ever split, he’d “lose all faith in love.”

In response, she laughed and said “We’re not even close!”

He asked her why people are writing things about their split then, if they’re so happily married, and she said “Well, In Touch is f-ckin’ stupid.”

She also said that she has “no idea” where they get their stories from, but maybe “They’re bored. No news. Slow news day.”

Chrissy, gem that she is, then revealed the secret to successful Hollywood relationships: “I think enjoying yourself, having fun, realizing it’s all bullsh-t.”

Oh, girl. Never change.

Not that you would.