‘DWTS’ Champ J.R. Martinez Says ‘Better Call Saul’ Lying Amputee Deserves 2nd Chance

The “Better Call Saul” actor who made headlines this week for falsely presenting himself as a war vet, deserves a chance to make good in Hollywood … according to real Army vet and actor J.R. Martinez. J.R. — who won “Dancing With the Stars”…


‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Gunning for $130k Payday with ‘DWTS: Juniors’

“Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler has over 100k reasons to wanna make it to the “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” finals … huge BUCK$ are on the line. The 14-year-old is guaranteed to make at least $ 50k for appearing on the ‘DWTS’ spinoff…


Tonya Harding Advances to DWTS Finale, Fans Tweet Their Fury

Ever since it was announced that Tonya Harding would join Dancing With The Stars to compete against other athletes, controversy has been building.

From the moment that it was announced, fans were disgusted that she was giving a shot at public redemption after the Nancy Kerrigan assault during their '90s rivalry.

Now, Tonya and her dance partner Sasha have continued to avoid elimination throughout the competition.

After their Rumba, they are advancing on to the finale.

Tonya's story — from mourning her father to feeling that she's been unjustly blacklisted for years — has won over some fans who are rooting for her.

Others are not won over, and they are incensed that she's made it this far. In fact, some think that the show is deliberately keeping her on in order to boost ratings.

1. Some are mad at the voters

Tonya tweets 01
Remember, Dancing With The Stars has a panel of judges, but fans and viewers also cast their votes.

2. Some people watch with their parents

Tonya tweets 02
Those who remember Tonya from the ’90s may find her less sympathetic than those who are just now seeing her on television.

3. Some fans are enraged

Tonya tweets 03
No, please don’t time-travel back to 2002 and destroy a TV. They were so expensive back then!

4. Other fans are simply bewildered

Tonya tweets 04
For government or for a reality competition, democracy is one hell of a system.

5. Some think that casting her is morally irresponsible

Tonya tweets 05
Those who feel this way see the error being compounded with each episode that features Tonya.

6. Tonya’s history is hard to forget

Tonya tweets 06
Speaking of which, yes, plenty of folks have joked that Adam Rippon should be extra careful.

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