Shania Twain: SLAMMED for DWTS Appearance, Performance

Shania Twain made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars this week.

And she'll likely never stop by this ABC competition ever again.

Serving as a guest judge, the veteran singer was dragged on social media for both her look (How much plastic surgery has she undergone?) and for her performance (Why did she lip sync?!?).

Check out the harshest critiques below…

1. She’s All Pumped Up

Shes all pumped up
But not because she’s been lifting weights,

2. Double Whammy

Double whammy
This would be an appearance AND performance diss wrapped up in one Tweet.

3. Who Was That Woman?!?

Who was that woman
Because it was most certainly NOT Shania Twain!

4. THIS is Shania Twain

This is shania twain
We really miss her.

5. She Doesn’t Impress Me Much

She doesnt impress me much
Seriously, people: #YIKES.

6. There’s Just a Lotto Unpack Here

Theres just a lotto unpack here
And little of it is positive.

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