Jenelle Evans: Did She Create a Fake News Site Just to Defend David Eason?!

These days, most of the stories we hear about Jenelle Evans and David Eason are downright sad.

But the latest is pretty damn funny

Whether it’s Jenelle denying that David assaulted her, or David using made up facts to defend his bizarre obsession with the Confederacy, every recent event involving the Easons has two things in common:

They’re all depressing as hell, and it’s always obvious that Jenelle and David are trying to con their critics into accepting a version of events that’s rooted firmly in bullsh-t.

So perhaps we should’ve expected that Jenelle would eventually (allegedly) launch a Trumpian fake news site with the sole purpose of convincing the world that her husband is the greatest.

We wish we were joking.

Take a look:

1. Unreal

We often find ourselves thinking that Jenelle and David’s relationship couldn’t possibly get more absurd. Of course, every time, we’re proven wrong.

2. The Latest

The Latest
Earlier today, Jenelle critics on Twitter began linking to a website that they claimed was created by Jenelle for the sole purpose of repairing her reputation and defending her controversial husband.

3. The Height of Absurdity

The Height of Absurdity
We found it hard to believe that even Jenelle could sink so low. But naturally, we checked it out — and there’s something very off about micdrop[dot]net.

4. Dropping the Mic

Dropping the Mic
Mic Drop launched today, and so far, the site has only published one article — a gushing ode to the greatness of David Eason.

5. The REAL Victim

The REAL Victim
“EXCLUSIVE: David Eason Suffers Abuse From Past Relationship (PICS)” is a 1,000-word screed about how great David is, and how awful his baby mama Olivia Leedham is.

6. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Because of course, a new entertainment news site would launch with no fanfare by posting one article in which the unnamed author vehemently defends an accused wife beater and neo-Nazi.

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David Eason Flaunts Confederate Flag Again, Taunts Haters

David Eason has found himself mired in controversy once again.

Which is just the way he likes it, of course.

The close-minded and bigoted husband of Jenelle Evans has once again taken to Instagram in order to show love for the Confederate Flag.

Does he care that this is considered a symbol of slavery to millions of people, considering it represented the side of the Civil War that fought for slavery way back in the day?

Nope. Not at all.

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Eason waved the flag around proudly and then responded to critics who had the gall to question him for doing so.

Check out his scandalous photos and then read the backlash to them below…

1. The Confederacy Forever!

The Confederacy Forever!
David Eason has made it very clear: he sees nothing wrong with waving the Confederate Flag all around the country. He’s quite proud of it, in fact.

2. America! Eff Yeah!

America! Eff Yeah!
“Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel,” wrote Eason as a caption to this photo of him with the controversial flag.

3. Slavery Rules!

Slavery Rules!
David Eason has received quite a bit of backlash for his stance on this flag, but here’s a shocker: he does not care. At all.

4. We’ve Been Here Before with Eason

We've Been Here Before with Eason
In October 2018, Eason posed like this and wrote the following as a caption: “Where I’m from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree!”

5. How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?

How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?
Very positively. “Lmao you need to post that video,” she wrote in response to Eason sharing these new photos, indicating there’s actual footage of him standing up high with the flag.

6. David Isn’t Racist!

David Isn't Racist!
Back in October, Jenelle actually said the following to a critic of Eason and his flaf embrace: “My husband isn’t racist… his childhood best friend was black. [I don’t know] where this rumor came from.” Yes, she really did use this argument.

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Jenelle Evans: Kailyn Lowry Has a Lesbian Crush on Me! David Eason Is Being Bullied!

Folks, Jenelle Evans is at it again.

As you may know, Jenelle deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts and kept a low profile on Instagram in response to last month's scandals involving her husband, David Eason.

But now, Jenelle is back, and she's making up for lost time in a major way.

In the past 24 hours, Jenelle has returned to Twitter, attacked two of her co-stars in bizarre tirades, and claimed that Eason is being bullied by MTV for his "conservative" views.

It's almost too much to keep track of, but don't worry — we've been monitoring the insanity for you:

1. The Wrath of Jenelle

Jenelle is missing teeth
Jenelle is pretty much always angry, but this week, it seems she’s more pissed off than ever before.

2. Back on Her BS

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
In a truly bonkers video posted to her Instagram page last night, Jenelle addressed two recent controversies, both of them involving her husband, David Eason.

3. The Randy Feud

Randy houska
Eason has been accused of issuing violent threats to Randy Houska, the father of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska.

4. The Stalker

David eason in confederate flag
He’s also been accused of stalking the Teen Mom 2 set and making threatening comments to producers despite being fired from the show.

5. Jenelle Goes Off

Jenelle goes off
In this video, Jenelle addresses both recent scandals in a way that’s unlikely to sway anyone to her side.

6. Real News

Jenelle and david eason
“So I see articles lately saying that David is harassing cast members,” Jenelle begins.

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David Eason: Harrassing Teen Mom 2 Producers? Hoping to Get Jenelle Evans Fired?!

It's been nine months since David Eason got fired from Teen Mom 2, but it seems he's still obsessed with his former gig.

Part of the reason, of course, is that David is still unemployed and thus has nothing else to keep him occupied.

But David's fixation with the show also seems to have roots in his anger at producers.

For months now, he's been ranting on social media about how unfair it was that he was axed from the show.

And it now it looks as though his anger might be creating an unsafe situation for TM2's crew.

Take a look:

1. Dark Times on the Land

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Jenelle and David have hit rock bottom like never before over the course of the past month.

2. The Incident

Jenelle and david eason
It all started, of course, with the revelation that David had assaulted Jenelle during a fight on the couple’s property.

3. The Call

Jenelle evans 911 call
This resulted in Jenelle calling 911 and being rushed to the nearest hospital for her injuries.

4. The Aftermath

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Fans implored Jenelle to remove her kids from the home and relocate someplace safer. Instead, she did something wholly unexpected …

5. The Twist

Jenelle evans releases video statement denies being abused
Jenelle took to social media to defend David in the wake of the attack, dismissing the assault as a “drunk and dramatic misunderstanding.”

6. Things Get Weirder …

Jenelle evans post op
In the weeks following David’s alleged attack, Jenelle has offered increasingly bizarre accounts of what “really” happened that night.

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David Eason Threatens to Straight Up Kill Chelsea Houska’s Dad

David Eason is constantly on the attack these days.

First, according to a 911 call from Jenelle Evans, Eason attacked his own wife.

Then, he went after those who don't believe in the concept of slavery by draping himself in a confederate flag.

From there, it was on to Kailyn Lowry.

Now, apparently intent on becoming the most hated and angry man on the Internet, the former MTV star has set his sights on… Chelsea Houska's father, Randy?


Scroll down to see just what Eason ranted and raved about in his latest Instagram diatribe…

1. This is Randy Houska

Randy houska
He’s pretty close to his daughter, Chelsea, who wrote as a caption to the photo featured here: “I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I have some pretty great men in my life. Thank you both for being the best dads out there. I am grateful for the two of you every day.”

2. This is David Eason

David eason unhinged
He’s not very close to anyone, except maybe his wife, and that may be because he assaulted her and broke her collar bone and she’s scared of him.

3. So… How Did Their Paths Meets Online?

Go ahead and hate us
A few days ago, following her alleged assault at the hands of her husband, Jenelle released a video in which she defended her husband and told everyone to calm down. It appeared at the time as if she were missing a few teeth.

4. Here. See for Yourself.

Jenelle evans releases video statement denies being abused
Click PLAY above to watch Jenelle’s self-proclaimed “confession” and look closely at her lower row of teeth.

5. Evans Became Aware of This Rumor and Subsequent Said on Snapchat:

Jenelle and david eason
“Supposedly I got my teeth knocked out, right? Wrong! If you’re dying to know, I have a retainer. Why do I have a retainer on my teeth? Because I’m realigning my jaw. Instead of going the plastic surgery route, like most people do, I’m not.”

6. Enter Randy

Jenelle evans post op
The guy works as a dentist and he actually replied to Jenelle’s claim, Tweeting: “Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘un-aligned.'”

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Jenelle Evans: Did She Just Reveal That David Eason Broke Her Jaw?!

Following the revelation that Jenelle Evans was hospitalized after a fight with David Eason, the Teen Mom 2 star has spent much of the past few weeks defending her husband against assault allegations.

Evans' efforts to convince her social media followers that Eason is a stand-up guy have grown increasingly desperate, and the more we learn about her home life, the more troubling the situation becomes.

Take a look:

1. Repairing His Reputation

Jenelle and david eason
In the weeks since Jenelle’s hospitalization, she’s been working overtime to demonstrate to her Instagram followers that her family is happier than ever.

2. Not Buying It

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Unfortunately for Jenelle, TM2 fans aren’t buying it, primarily because of the ever-growing mountain of evidence to the contrary.

3. The Injury

Jenelle and david on a date
Fans first became suspicious when Jenelle was rushed to an area hospital late at night without explanation.

4. The Call

Jenelle evans 911 call
Their suspicions were confirmed when a recording of Jenelle’s 911 call was released.

5. The Proof

Jenelle evans post op
In the recording, a tearful Jenelle can be heard describing the injuries she suffered as a result of her encounter with an intoxicated Eason.

6. Horrifying

David eason in confederate flag
Jenelle says that Eason became “aggressive because he’s been drinking” and pinned her to the floor so hard she thought he had broken her collarbone.

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David Eason: Forget About the Jenelle Evans Assault, Look How Trashy I Am!

It’s been a little over a week now since we first heard reports that Jenelle Evans was assaulted by her husband, David Eason.

And it’s still just really, truly awful.

From what we’ve been able to piece together from her heartbreaking 911 call and some statements she’s made, she and David were hanging out by a bonfire outside their home the weekend before last.

They were drinking, and apparently something happened to set David off.

According to Jenelle’s conversation with the 911 operator, he pinned her down out in the yard, “and I think I heard my f-cking collarbone crack.”

Even if he didn’t break her collarbone, it seems like he may have caused some sort of injury.

Ever since that incident, Jenelle’s been careful to cover up her neck and chest.

Still, it’s pretty clear she’s not leaving him, at least not any time soon.

After that call was released, she said that this whole thing has been a “misunderstanding,” and that they’d just gotten too drunk.

So drunk, apparently, that she tripped and fell into David, and that made both of them think they were fighting.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it

She’s actually sticking to it so hard that she made an entire video in which she talked about how crazy it is that people think David could be abusive.

Honestly, this whole saga has been so scary and depressing, you know?

And David just made things even scarier with this bizarre photo he shared this morning on Instagram:

Yep, this guy is as creepy as ever, all wrapped up in a Confederate flag out in that sketchy shed in their yard.

In the caption for this photo, David wrote “Where I’m from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land.”

“Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern.”

He also urged his followers not to argue, “just get off my page if you don’t agree!”

There are lots of problems with this, right?

Just so many problems.

One, his family didn’t fight and die for “this land.”

Jenelle bought the land with Teen Mom money, and David just tagged along and rakes the yard sometimes.

Two, he’s trying to rock a Confederate flag here, which was from the Civil War — which most of us know really wasn’t a “fight and die for this land” kind of war.

It was more like a “fight and die for the right to own slaves” war, but he’s clearly trying to romanticize things, so whatever.

Three, if you really want to rep “red white and blue,” why have a flag for a group of treasonous people who didn’t even want to be a part of the U.S.?

Four, this photo is so cringy that we might literally die from it.

And in only got worse with the replies David made to his followers’ comments.

One person told him “Pretty sure your ‘land’ was stolen from the true Native Americans,” which is obviously a solid point.

However, David responded with “I bought my land with cash money,” so it seems like that point flew right over his head.

Also, again, it was definitely Jenelle’s money.

Then someone said that he seemed “mentally ill.”

“But ‘mentally ill’ is considered normal by the media and Democrats,” he replied.

Just … what?

After that, one person said that she wasn’t from the U.S. and didn’t really understand the problem with the flag.

That’s when things really got wild.

“There is no problem,” David wrote, “people who think its a racist flag are racist themselves.”

“It’s their way to pass the buck so they don’t seem so racist.”

What does that even mean?

Seriously, what is that supposed to mean? We don’t get it.

The thing is that while David is by no means the sharpest tool in the sketchy, sketchy shed, he’s not stupid, either.

He knows that this kind of behavior gets a lot of attention, and we’d imagine he wants attention on anything but those abuse allegations right now.

And on one hand, it kind of worked, because we are talking about, right?

But on the other hand … how is one person this terrible?


Jenelle Evans: Did David Eason Knock Her Teeth Out?

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now you've probably heard that Jenelle Evans was hospitalized earlier this month after allegedly being assaulted by her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle's 911 call contained a chilling account of the events of that fateful night, but shortly after it went public, Jenelle entered damage control mode and began defending David.

Fans remain convinced that Eason is the perpetrator, however, and now, many believe that his assault may have been even more severe than initially thought.

Take a look:


1. The Troubled Couple

Jenelle eason david eason photo
It often seems as though Jenelle and David’s relationship has been one long rough patch, but these days, the couple is facing their biggest scandal to date.

2. The Mystery Deepens

Jenelle evans post op
Jenelle was hospitalized twice in a single week recently — once for sinus surgery, and another time after calling 911 and telling the operator she had been attacked by David.

3. The Call

Jenelle evans 911 call
As you can hear in this recording of the 911 call, a tearful Jenelle says that Eason pinned her to the ground so hard she feared he had broken her collarbone.

4. Drunk and Dramatic

David eason picture
Shortly after the call went public, however, Jenelle released a statement in which she claimed that David was innocent and dismissed the whole ordeal as a “drunk and dramatic misunderstanding.”

5. Jenelle’s Version

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Jenelle even went so far as to claim that she and David both fell into one another, and because they were both drunk, they both thought they were being assaulted.

6. Confessional

Jenelle evans releases video statement denies being abused
On Thursday, Jenelle released a video in which she explained that she’s never been assaulted by David. On social media, many fans posted the same observation about Jenelle’s appearance.

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Jenelle Evans: Is She Being Blackmailed By David Eason?

It's been a rocky few weeks for Jenelle Evans.

As you've likely heard by now, Evans was hospitalized earlier this month following an altercation with her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle's 911 call seemed to paint a pretty clear picture of what happened:

Despite Evans' earlier claims of her husband's innocence, David obviously got drunk, got angry, and attacked her.

Why then, did she come up with such elaborate excuses to explain her injuries — and why does she continue to cover for him?

We may never know for sure, but some fans think they've figured it out.

Take a look: 

1. Hard Times

Jenelle dave eason
Jenelle and David were involved in an altercation that turned violent earlier this month. Now, Jenelle is assisting her husband in his efforts to sweep the whole incident under the rug.

2. The Absolute Worst

David eason eff you
Fans have hated Eason for years, but now they have more reason to dislike him than ever before. And it’s not just the abuse allegations that have TM2 viewers so irate.

3. The Aftermath

David eason picture
People are outraged with the way David has handled the fallout from Jenelle’s hospital visit — either ignoring the matter entirely or joking about it on social media.

4. #FakeNews

Davids fake news
From the start of the scandal, David has taken a page from the president’s playbook, dismissing all negative reports as fake news.

5. A Team Effort

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
Jenelle has assisted her troubled husband in his efforts to play innocent, even going so far as to concoct an elaborate and implausible story about how she sustained her injuries.

6. Jenelle’s Version

Jenelle and ensley image
Jenelle’s account has changed several times over the course of the past week. First, she claimed that she tripped and fell during a party at her home …

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David Eason on Jenelle Evans Beating: I’m the REAL Victim Here!

Earlier this month, Jenelle Evans was hospitalized following a late-night altercation at her home.

Fans immediately suspected Jenelle's famously temperamental husband David Eason of causing her injuries, but the Teen Mom 2 star insisted Eason wasn't to blame.

However, on Friday, Jenelle's 911 call was released to the public, confirming that she indeed called police in response to an alleged assault by David.

In the days that followed, thousands implored Jenelle to take her kids and run far away from Eason — but now it looks as though the couple is planning to pretend the incident never happened:

1. A New Low

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Eason has been widely despised by TM2 fans for years, but over the course of the past week, he officially became the most hated man in reality television.

2. David the Terrible

David eason eff you
Rumors of David behaving abusively toward Jenelle and the five children in the couple’s care have been circulating for years.

3. Frightening Times

David eason allergic to shirts
Now, fans have solid evidence that David’s loved ones live in fear of his violent outbursts.

4. Just the Worst

Jenelle evans with david and ensley
These assumptions were always based on more than just his infamous temper and tendency toward verbal abuse.

5. A History of Violence

David eason on insta
David has been charged with domestic violence in the past, and at least one of his exes successfully filed for a restraining order against him.

6. The Call Heard Round the World

Jenelle evans 911 call
On Friday, several media outlets released Jenelle’s 911 call. Even David’s harshest critics were appalled by what they heard.

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