Maci Bookout: Let Me Tell You What I REALLY Think About Ryan Edwards!

Maci Bookout is such a treasure, right?

There's so much Teen Mom gossip out there, all the time, and so much of it is bad — Jenelle Evans' child abuse allegations and newfound love of guns, Farrah Abraham's legal troubles and general awfulness.

It's actually pretty rare to hear just a happy, nice story about someone from the show, but if you do hear one, it's probably about Chelsea Houska or Maci.

Since she's so great, Maci recently made an appearance on Kailyn Lowry's podcast, and while she was there, she discussed a whole, whole lot of things.

The pregnancy rumors? Her new house? Ryan Edwards' latest arrest?

She talks about all that, and more!

So let's get into what she had to say …

1. Everyone Loves Maci!

Seriously, isn’t Maci just the greatest?

2. A Strong Possibility

Maci b
Is she the greatest mom out of all the Teen Moms? Maybe, yeah.

3. Thanks, Girl!

Kailyn lowry and maci bookout group photo
Since she’s so great and everything, she decided to do us all a solid and have a chat with Kailyn on her podcast, you know, just to update us on everything that’s been going on in her life.


Maci bookout on teen mom o g
And, as you probably know, there’s been a WHOLE lot going on.

5. Moving On

Maci bookout taylor mckinney a selfie
For example, you may have heard that Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, recently sold their house. What’s up with that?

6. Oh

Maci bookout taylor mckinney selfie
As she explained to Kailyn, they were looking to build a house on some land they own, but while they were checking out other houses to get an idea of what they’d want for their new house, they found one, already built and everything, that they really loved.

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Ryan Edwards: I Spent Too Much Money on Heroin, Now I Owe the IRS $120,000!

Ryan Edwards is in big trouble, guys.

And not even for drug stuff this time.

Well, maybe for drug stuff … he did just get arrested a few weeks ago, and he’s still on probation.

But right now, for once, we’re not talking about Ryan’s heroin addiction.

And that’s because we’re talking about the ridiculous amount of money he owes the IRS!

Radar Online just revealed that the IRS filed a federal tax lien against Ryan back in March for $ 119,416.24.

According to a county clerk out in his neck of the woods, he hasn’t paid any of that, but a source close to Ryan claimed that he totally paid it off right after he heard about it.

Wonder who we should believe?

It might be hard to understand how Ryan, who reportedly made $ 325,000 for the latest seasons of Teen Mom OG, is in so much debt.

But if you break it down, it all starts to come together.

Cast members of Teen Mom are independent contractors, meaning MTV doesn’t withhold taxes from their paychecks.

A responsible person would set aside some money from those paychecks so they could pay their taxes every year, but we all know that Ryan is not a responsible person.

And Ryan did not set aside money to pay his taxes.

Remember, Mackenzie Standifer claimed last year that before he went to rehab, he was spending $ 10,000 a week on drugs, and if that’s true, it’s easy to see how he could have gone through his MTV money so fast.

But still … $ 120,000 is a lot of money, especially since Ryan was fired from Teen Mom.

How can he possibly pay that back now?

Don’t worry, Mackenzie is going to try her very best to provide for her family while Ryan continues to violate his probation and generally be a mess!

She recently revealed that she’s working an office job full-time, and she’s also been posting some ads on Instagram, so there’s quite a bit of income there.

There’s also that event planning business she just announced!

As she explained in a post on her website this week, “My personal mission is to see your dreams come to fruition.”

“Sometimes it can be hard to take all of the thoughts, dreams, and visions in your head and turn them into a reality. That is where I step in.”

She says that if you hire her as your planner, than she “will be here to help and guide you every step of the way.”

If you think about it, this is actually a very smart move — the girl had three weddings before her 21st birthday, so she probably knows what she’s talking about.

And sure, one of those weddings was in a parking lot by the river, and the only guests were the groom’s parents who sat quietly nearby and cried some not-so-happy tears during the ceremony.

And yeah, her groom was high as a kite as he said his vows.

But she’s probably going to do just fine at planning other people’s weddings!

Also on her site, she has different plans you can purchase, along with the prices.

The cheapest plan costs $ 150, and for that, you get 30 minutes for a phone call or a Skype session with Mackenzie herself, help with the itinerary, design, and concept, and a two hour session to “get your plan on paper.”

The most expensive plan runs for $ 1,500, and that includes multiple in-person consults with Mackenzie as well as unlimited texts, emails, and phone calls.

She’ll also coordinate and attend your rehearsal dinner, make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding, and come with you to meetings with your vendors.

We’re not sure how much wedding planners generally charge, but it seems like she’s got some pretty reasonable rates, right?

Especially since there have got to be Teen Mom fans out there who are also getting married and who have $ 150 to blow for a Skype call with Ryan Edwards’ wife.

So she’s doing event planning, an office job, and all kinds of ads on Instagram, all while seven months pregnant.

Hopefully she can help Ryan get his tax stuff sorted, or, at the very least, she can inspire him to get a job, since he doesn’t seem to be doing much besides getting arrested these days.

Seriously, get it together, Ryan.


Maci Bookout Opens Up on Ryan Edwards Arrest: I Wish He Was Still In Jail!

Maci Bookout is in a difficult spot.

Her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is currently facing a year in prison if convicted on the latest charges against him.

Ryan, Maci Split Pics

Maci currently has a restraining order against Edwards as a result of an incident in which he allegedly threatened to murder her husband.

It may sound like she can now easily wash her hands of her troubled ex — but it’s not that simple.

Bookout has made it clear that she very much wants her eldest son, Bentley, to have a relationship with his father.

Unfortunately, she wants more than anything to ensure her son’s safety.

And for the time being at least, that means keeping him away from Ryan.

Maci has mostly kept quiet about Edwards’ struggles with addiction, but she opened up this week in an interview for Kailyn Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast.

Her comments on Ryan’s legal issues underscore Maci’s conflicting feelings toward her ex.

“I’ll be honest, I have no idea what state he’s in because he’s not allowed to be around any of us. He can’t just be in the same location as me and the family,” she told Lowry.

“So I have no idea. He’s not allowed to contact us or anything like that. But I mean, he did get arrested, I don’t know … I mean, I do know why, but I don’t want to say.”

Bookout then revealed that she actually felt better about the situation when Ryan was held in jail for a week last month.

“I feel better that he is in jail because I know he’s safe there, if that makes sense,” Maci said.

“I know he’s not driving around. He’s not doing something that could potentially hurt him or an innocent person. So it sucks, crappy situation for everyone.”

Edwards is currently out on bail and serving six months probation.

He’s due back in court on August 23 to be tried for his latest probation violation.


Ryan Edwards Opened Up About Latest Arrest: I Messed Up! Again!

Last month, Ryan Edwards was arrested for the third time in less than 18 months.

This time around, local authorities were understandably less confident in Ryan's ability to keep from messing up again, so they held him in police custody for a week.

These days, however, he's a free man — for the time being.

Ryan is due back in court on August 23, and if he's convicted for his latest probation violation, he could face up to a year in prison.

So it's a bit surprising that the usually press-shy Ryan has decided to speak to the media about his legal troubles.

His lawyers probably weren't crazy about the decision, but if we've learned anything about Ryan over these past two years, it's that the man is not big on following rules:

1. Hard Times

Ryan edwards mug shot new
On July 23, Ryan was taken into police custody after being pulled over for speeding. As this was a violation of his probation, he was held without bail.

2. An Unexpected Release

Ryan edwards wedding photo
While it was expected that he would be held until his court date, Ryan was released from jail in the wee hours of August 2.

3. A Slap on the Wrist

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
To the surprise of many — including, probably, himself — Ryan received a suspended sentence and six months of additional probation for failing a court-ordered drug test earlier this year. But he’s not out of the woods yet …

4. Not Out of the Woods

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan still has plenty of legal headaches ahead of him. In July, he was taken into custody not only for speeding but for failing to complete his last round of community service.

5. Spilling the Tea

Ryan edwards a photo
Now, Ryan is speaking out about his most recent brush with the law, and he’s being much more straightforward about the ordeal than many fans expected.

6. What Did You Expect?

Ryan edwards not sober
Of course, this is still Ryan we’re talking about, so he couldn’t stop himself from making excuses to justify his behavior…

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Ryan Edwards: Shocking New Arrest Details Revealed!

Last month, Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was arrested for the third time in less than two years.

This time, local authorities were less inclined to give Edwards the benefit of the doubt, and he remained behind bars for a full week awaiting his arraignment.

Edwards was released from jail on July 31,  but his legal headaches are far from over.

Ryan is due back in court on August 23, and he still faces up to a year in prison.

If he misses his court date, he’ll likely be incarcerated immediately.

If he lands in front of a judge who’s less sympathetic to his plight than the previous ones, Ryan is likely headed for the slammer.

Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer have done their best to keep his legal troubles concealed from the public, but they haven’t been terribly successful.

Now, new details of Ryan’s arrest have emerged, and it’s led some to the conclusion that Ryan doesn’t care whether or not he goes to jail.

Until today, all we knew about Edwards’ latest brush with the law was that he had violated his probation yet again.

Now, we know that Ryan brazenly flouted local traffic violations by driving 36 MPH over the speed limit.

“I observed the above violator operating the above vehicle at a high rate of speed,” wrote the arresting officer in his citation.

“The vehicle’s speed was confirmed by a radar at 80MPH in a 55MPH zone.”

That may not sound like such a big deal — but when you’re on probation and facing prison time, every infraction is a big deal.

Though he was held without bail following his latest arrest, Ryan was eventually released with a slap on the wrist and sentenced to serve six months probation and five days of community service.

Needless to say, Ryan has to keep his nose clean if he hopes to avoid being sent away.

And as he’s proven many, many times in the past, the ability to stay out of trouble is not a skill Edwards seems to possess.


Ryan Edwards: Refusing Rehab, “In Denial” About Heroin Addiction

Earlier this week, Ryan Edwards was released from jail after being arrested for yet another probation violation.

Ever since Edwards was arrested for heroin possession last year, he's been stuck in a seemingly endless downward spiral of legal troubles and other misfortunes.

But remarkably, Ryan apparently doesn't see things that way.

In fact, sources close to the situation say the troubled Teen Mom OG star is totally in denial about his addiction.

Jump into the gallery below to see what Edwards has to say about his growing problem.



1. Free At Last

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Edwards was released from jail this week after being arrested for the third time in less than two years.

2. A Lucky Break

Ryan edwards mug shot new
He was originally supposed to remain in police custody until his August 6 court date but was unexpectedly permitted to go free on Tuesday morning.

3. What Now?

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
Edwards keeps discovering new rock bottoms, and insiders say his family fears for his life.

4. They Tried to Make Him Go to Rehab…

Ryan edwards a photo
Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, have reportedly done everything in their power to convince him to seek treatment.

5. He Said No, No, No

Ryan edwards is mad
Unfortunately, Edwards has been resistant to the idea and is reportedly in complete denial about the severity of his addiction.

6. No Plans

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
“There are no plans for him to go to rehab,” a source tells Us Weekly. Not surprisingly, those closest to Edwards are deeply concerned about his stubbornness…

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Ryan Edwards: SENTENCED on Heroin Charges! Released From Jail!

Just about every time we bring you new news about Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards, it has to do with a new round of misfortunes for Maci Bookout's troubled ex.

So in a sense, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Today, we can update you on some good news for Ryan … well, sort of.

You see, Edwards was released from jail today after spending the past week behind bars.

Unfortunately, that short-term victory precedes what's likely to be a series of crushing defeats for Edwards.

Here's what we know about the situation so far:

1. Another Brush With the Law

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Edwards was arrested for the third time in just over a year last week after allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

2. The Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan’s legal troubles began back in March of 2017 when he arrested on heroin possession charges.

3. Strike Two

Ryan edwards mug shot
Less than a year later, Edwards was arrested again, this time for failing a court-ordered drug test.

4. No More Second Chances

Ryan edwards a photo
As a result of his continued probation violations, Edwards was held in police custody after he arrested for a third time on July 23.

5. A Stroke of Luck

Ryan edwards is mad
It was originally reported that Ryan would remain behind bars until his August 6 court date, but today things went Edwards’ way for a change.

6. Free at Last

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
According to Radar Online, Edwards was released from Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee at around 2 am this morning.

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Mackenzie Standifer: Quit Bullying Me Over Ryan Edwards and KISS MY ASS!

It’s been nearly a week now since Ryan Edwards was arrested, which means he’s spent nearly a week in jail.

It’s been a weird, sad time, right?

There have been conflicting reports about the reason for the arrest, with many reports claiming that he’d been caught with heroin again.

Other reports say that he was taken to jail for violating his probation by missing a court date back in May.

Either way, Ryan violated probation, which isn’t great, considering it’s the second time he’s done so.

Remember, the original arrest for possession of heroin happened last year, and he was placed on probation for a year.

When he was nearly done with that, he was arrested for failing a drug test with heroin in his system, and he was given six more months of probation.

So at this point, it seems pretty clear that probation isn’t working so great, which is probably why he’s being held without bond this time around.

His court date is set for August 6th, so he’ll be hanging out in jail for at least a little while longer.

So what’s his pregnant wife, Mackenzie Standifer, doing until then?

Doing photo shoots and telling off haters, apparently.

Remember earlier this year when she gave her Instagram account to her photographer friend?

She took it back recently, and she’s been sharing some photos of her baby bump, which is getting pretty big now, considering she’s due in October.

It seems like sometime in the past few days, she posed for some photos with her friend.

She shared this one on Instagram:

In her caption, she wrote “She has a kind soul, but a cold [heart emoji].”

Later, she edited it to add “This isn’t a new revelation, I’ve always been the ice queen.”

It’s not hard to figure out why she’s talking like this: a whole, whole lot of Teen Mom OG fans hate her.

A lot.

Some fans hate her so much that they blame her for Ryan’s drug use, because she’s an enabler, see?

She’s also been seen talking trash about Maci Bookout several times on the show, which hasn’t done anything for her popularity, either.

And that’s why the vast majority of the comments on her new post are so negative.

“You know it’s harder to be a bitch than it is to be nice and loving,” someone told her. “It’s nothing to be proud of.”

“Ice queen mom and drug addict convict dad,” another person wrote. “That poor baby.”

One person told her “I hope the father of your child sobers the hell up!”, and another pointed out “your husband is in jail and u taking pictures.”

One of her followers got super direct, telling her “Girl, get your f-cking head out of your ass and grow the f-ck up.”

Finally, Mackenzie’s photographer jumped into the fray to defend her friend, writing “I’d like to meet a single troll on this post who has a job, isn’t an addict themselves, isn’t miserable, and isn’t completely insecure.”

“You all have some major soul/hobby searching to do if putting down a hurting mom to be makes you feel satisfied or content.”

“She might have had TV time,” she continued, “but she is still human trying to figure sh-t out.”

“If you don’t know her personally your comments are baseless and a way to compensate for the sh-t in your own life.”

The friend actually made several comments on the post, and in one she wrote “Mack is one of the most selfless people I know.”

“She sees the best in people and is SO freaking loyal it’s blinding. You don’t know her, and you don’t want to.”

She went on and on about how wonderful Mackenzie is, and how nobody knows the kind of person she truly is, but before too long, Mackenzie herself stepped in to call her off.

“Lol these little phone bullies who have nothing better to do than comment ignorance on a picture can kiss my ass,” she began.

She suggested that the people “drilling me with facts you think you know about myself and my husband” take some time from doing that to “go volunteer your services at your local clinic/hospital/medical school research team.”

“I’m sure they’d be happy to have you and the breadth of your knowledge.”

So much sass in one little comment, right?

We imagine that she’s been hearing and seeing lots and lots of negativity since Ryan’s arrest — and also, you know, for almost the entire time she’s been with Ryan.

It’s understandable that she’d snap after a point.

Hopefully in addition to going off on strangers on social media, she’s also dealing with everything that’s happening in a healthier way.

After all, if Ryan’s going to be staying in jail for a while, she’s going to need to pull everything together to have that baby of theirs.

Best of luck, Mack.


Maci Bookout: I’m SO HAPPY Ryan Edwards is in Jail!

Ryan Edwards was arrested on Monday evening, and as far as we know, he’s still in jail.

And thank goodness for that, right?

After all, if he’s in jail, he can’t get arrested again, and we’d hope that heroin is a little more difficult to come by in jail than it is outside jail.

Because as if it wasn’t clear enough already, Ryan seems to have a very, very big issue with heroin.

This whole mess started last year, when he was arrested for possession of heroin and sentenced to a year of probation.

Then, back in March, just before the probation was over, he was arrested again after failing a drug test.

Surprise, surprise, he had heroin in his system.

After that six more months was added to his probation, and on Monday, of course, he was arrested yet again.

Some media outlets are reporting that he got another charge of possession and some are reporting that he violated his probation for missing a court date.

But either way, it’s not great.

A Nashville attorney has explained that if he has been charged with possession again, then he could be facing nearly three years in prison.

Even if that’s not what happened, he’s facing at least a year and a half from his last two arrests.

Considering that this time around, Ryan is being held without bond, it wouldn’t be too big a surprise if he did spend a bit of that time in jail.

And according to a new report from Hollywood Life, Maci Bookout would be thrilled by that!

“Maci’s heartbroken to see what drugs have done to Ryan,” a source explains.

“She lives in fear that he’s going to overdose and die so getting the news that he was in jail was actually a huge relief because at least he’s still alive and still has a chance to beat this illness.”

The source adds that “Now that he’s back in jail there is hope that he might finally get the longterm help he needs, that’s what Maci is praying for.”

Just so we’re clear, she’s not wanting him to stay in jail out of spite or anything like that.

“While jail seems bad on the outside, Maci is praying that it will save Ryan’s life and help get him sober,” the insider continues.

Demi Lovato’s overdose apparently really shook her up, and “she’s terrified Ryan will overdose too if he doesn’t get sober once and for all.”

And believe it or not, another source claims that Ryan has those same fears.

According to this person, “Ryan can’t help feeling like he’ll never be able to get himself back on track.”

“The past couple of years have been nothing but non-stop drama, and Ryan is just burned out and exhausted.”

As sad as it sounds, “He truly regrets the day he first took heroin” because “it’s really wrecked his life and everything has been downhill ever since.”

“Ryan just hopes and prays that when he gets out of jail he can stay clean, and work hard to regain the trust of all those he loves and has hurt over the years because of his addiction.”

If any of this is true, and we really hope it is, then maybe things will be different this time around.

And with Ryan expecting his first child with Mackenzie Standifer in just a couple months, they really, really need to be.

But on a more tragic, more realistic note, he’s proven time and again that he has a serious problem, and it may take more than a little bit of time in jail to fix that.

Here’s hoping he’s able to pull through anyway!