Portia de Rossi Speaks Out on Ellen DeGeneres Divorce Rumors

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been dogged by rumors of a $ 220 million divorce for years. Even so, they celebrated their 9th anniversary last fall.

But they’re very aware that reportings of an alleged impending divorce are circulating. And Portia is speaking up about them.

Though she acknowledges that it might sound strange, she finds those rumors encouraging.

Portia de Rossi spoke to Us Weekly about how she really feels about the perennial divorce rumors that follow her and her wife, Ellen.

“The divorce rumors came,” Portia says. “And then we really knew the perceptions had changed.”

The perceptions regarding gay marriage, she means.

Portia makes it clear that she is not cracking a joke, saying: “I’m not kidding.”

She explains why seeing rumors about her marriage felt oddly affirming … but is the first to admit that it seems counterintuitive.

“I know it sounds ridiculous,” Portia admits.

Portia continues: “But when that started happening I thought, ‘Oh, now we’re finally accepted.’”

That actually does make sense.

Portia explains: “We get the same s–t as every celebrity couple.”

In other words, people weren’t writing about her and Ellen’s marriage as if it were some strange novelty, either fraudulent or untouchable.

Instead, they were just circulating bogus reports about their lives, just like they would do for straight couples.

“Wow,” Portia remarks about tabloid rumors. “This is great that I’m pregnant, not pregnant, divorced, not divorced, whatever.”

Because what it means is that attitudes have shifted. Eric Trump may think Ellen’s part of the non-existent “Deep State,” but not directly because she’s gay.

“That means,” Portia explains. “There is an acceptance for this.”

And that’s wonderful.

Portia says that she and Ellen don’t exactly laugh off rumors about their marriage.

“I was at a newsstand …” Portia says, describing how she and Ellen respond to rumors about other couples. “And there was a cover of Brad and Jen.”

Since Jennifer Aniston’s split with Justin Theroux, many nostalgic shippers have wished for her to reunite with Brad Pitt.

“I literally just stared at it, and I was like, ‘They haven’t seen each other. … How is this even a thing? I know for a fact.’ …” Portia says.

“I actually took a picture of it,” Portia reveals. “And sent it to Ellen and said, ‘Can you believe this?’”

But while her disbelief at that time prompted a reaction, she says that they don’t let rumors about themselves get under their skin.

“Anyway, no, in other words, we avoid it,” Portia says of divorce rumors. “We don’t care.”

That sounds like a very healthy attitude!

Portia also spoke to People about how she regrets discouraging Ellen from doing stand-up.

“I shouldn’t say this,” Portia begins. That’s always a great way to start an interview. “But the truth is, I was kind of discouraging her from going back to stand-up.”

That’s a stunning revelation.

“Not because she is not brilliant at it,” Portia clarifies. “But she has a job … right?! And it is a full-time job.”

Portia continues: “She is so busy, and I knew that having to write her own material for an hour stand-up special, and travel with it, was going to be exhausting.”

Sometimes loving someone means advising them to not test their limits. Especially when they’re 60 years old.

“So I was suggesting that she put it on hold until she was done with her talk show,” Portia explains. “But, my wife is very impatient, and, a little like me, once she has an idea she just can’t shake it, and she just has to see it through.”

That is probably why Ellen is so successful. Why they both are.

“I am happy to say that I was wrong,” Portia says.

Portia is not afraid to admit when she is mistaken.

“I was really wrong, because it has given her energy, it has invigorated her,” Portia says of Ellen.

Just imagining all of that makes some of us want to take a nap, but not Ellen.

“And I had actually never seen her on-stage and doing stand-up before,” Portia admits. “I’ve seen her specials, but never in the flesh, and she is really good.”

That is so sweet!


Ellen Pompeo Warns: The End of Grey’s Anatomy is Near!

Grey’s Anatomy recently received some very welcome news:

The long-running ABC drama has been renewed for Season 15.

But Ellen Pompeo is now here with a bit of less welcoming news.

The lead cast member says fans ought to enjoy each renewal as much as they can…

… because there might not be too many more in the show’s future.

“We’re getting there,” Pompeo tells Us Weekly of ending Grey’s Anatomy for good.

Referencing the series creator, Shonda Rhimes, the beloved actress continued:

” Shonda and I will make that decision together.

“I think that one of the biggest lessons that this show has taught me and being on this show for so long has taught me, is that relationships do change. And they do grow. They take work. Like any marriage, friendship. You gotta put in the work.

“You have to accept other people’s flaws, and accept your own flaws and try to change and be a better person. But I think everything is worth the time and effort.

“And things get better.”

There’s a lot to unpack in that sort of rambling response, isn’t there?

Overall, however, it shouldn’t come as a major shock that Grey’s Anatomy won’t be on the air for another decade or anything.

Our best guess is that the series wraps up following Season 16, considering Pompeo recently signed a new, massive two-year contract.

She did so not long before producers announced that veteran stars Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will not return next season.

Fans reacted in dismay, although cast turnover as been a consistent aspect of Grey’s Anatomy for years now; from the departure of Katherine Heigl to the departures of Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey.

“There is an end and it’s nearing,” Pompeo admits here.

A major reason to this inevitable conclusion is that Pompeo needs a break.

She has a family at home with whom she’d love to spend more time.

“I want to be more involved in my kids’ lives as they get older. And they need me more, and this world is such a crazy place,” she said to the aforementioned tabloid.

What might Pompeo do when this amazing ride is over?

“I am really into producing, I love producing,” she said, “It’s like one problem after another, it’s problem-solving 101. It’s like a great experiment in problem-solving.

“Acting is … it’s a young girl’s game. You’ve gotta travel, you’ve gotta be away. [You’ve] gotta go here and work at night in the rain. I’m not saying I’ll never do it.

“If there’s an amazing opportunity I’m sure, of course I’ll do it.”

How will Grey’s Anatomy actually end?

Pompeo hinted in the interview that she does have an idea, but she won’t say.

Instead, she’ll conclude by talking about the recent cast changes and how hard they have been on everyone, cast and crew included.

“We are a family and it’s super awkward. It’s not like films where you work for three months, and you’re not going to see the people, or you’ll see them at the junket and that’s it.

“We really are together, through births, through deaths. Every day, sickness and health…

“[It’s] an odd family, that we’re thrown together with. So, when these things happen, there’s a lot of tumult.

“Inside, there’s chaos and feelings – sadness and anger, and it’s a lot to deal with.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8/7c.


Ellen Pompeo Says Goodbye to Departing Grey’s Anatomy Stars

Grey’s Anatomy did not come to an end last night.

It was a different Shonda Rhimes-produced series, Scandal, that aired its final episode.

However, the careers of two veteran Grey’s Anatomy actresses did actually come to a conclusion with the latest Season 14 installment, as both Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew wrapped up their impressive runs on the beloved show.

It had been announced in early March that the stars would not return next year.

ABC cited creative reasons as the basis for letting the cast members go.

At the time, Pompeo expressed her surprise and sadness over the development, while also fighting back against talk that her new contract was somehow to blame for the decision.

On Thursday evening, however, after Capshaw and Drew were written out of the show, Pompeo once again took to Twitter in order to pay them tribute.

“Boom… @thank you @jessicacapshaw for bringing it the way you have brought it for 10 amazing years… what a blessing you are and what a contribution you made to television history,” Pompeo wrote about Capshaw.

The actress portrayed Dr. Arizona Robbins for 10 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy.

cap tweet

Concluded Pompeo in this sweet message:

“Lit that screen up with your glow on the LGBT community… making a difference and making it all look so easy… GOAT #representationmatters #loveyou.”

(Arizona was a lesbian, it’s likely worth noting.)

As for Drew, who played Dr. April Kepner for nine seasons, Pompeo thanked her for being “sugar and spice” on the long-running ABC drama.

Along with heart emojis, fire emojis and star emojis, Pompeo penned the following about Drew:

THANK YOU to this lady….@thesarahdrew you served up the sugar and spice for 9 years and it’s been a blast.

Your passion and talent for storytelling has touched so many people provoked thought and Greys is a better show because of it and you. #japrilfansdontplay

to drew

Upon learning they were being let go from Grey’s Anatomy, both Capshaw and Drew responded with classy statements.

First, this is how Drew reacted publicly:

Thank you for all of the love. I know you’re sad. I’m sad too. I haven’t really had the time to process this information.

I’ve been with it for less than 48 hours, so I’m not ready to say my thank yous and give an all encompassing statement about my 9 years here. That will come later.

For now, I’d like to say: I love you, and I love April, and her story isn’t over yet.

And the really good news (for me, at least) is that I’m here on set shadowing one of my favorite people, Kevin McKidd, with my beloved Grey’s family all this week and next, so I get to process all of my feelings surrounded by the community that has nourished and nurtured me for almost a decade.

For that, I am grateful.

And then Capshaw:

For the past ten years I have had the rare privilege of not only playing Arizona Robbins but also being madly in love with playing her.

Arizona Robbins is kind, intelligent, funny, insightful, bold, playful, fierce and really good at her job.

She was one of the first members of the LGBTQ community to be represented in a seres regular role on network television. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Forever.

I am grateful that I have gotten to bring her to life and for the life that she has brought to me.

I am sad to see her go but I am consoled by the idea that she will continue to live on and on in all of our consciences and our imaginations. Shonda, thank you for the ride on this incredible rollercoaster.

To watch Grey’s Anatomy online and see how Robbins and Kepner left the series, click on the video below.

But do so with a box of tissues handy.


Ellen DeGeneres Exposes Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate’s Identity

Ellen DeGeneres is a perpetual gift, and this video is no exception.

You know how Kim Kardashian has been adamant about protecting the identity of her gestational carrier, even though she also let fans watch her surrogate meet her family.

Well, Ellen has come out with a new video that reveals the surprising identity of the woman who carried Chicago West to term.

Kim Kardashian could not safely carry another child due to multiple pregnancy complications that could have potentially become life-threatening.

For that reason, she and Kanye elected to use a gestational carrier — so that an embryo from her egg and his sperm was implanted into a third party.

This surrogate remained anonymous, but she had to follow strict dietary restrictions during the pregnancy. She was basically carrying royalty, folks.

But even when Kim brought this woman onto Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her identity remained obscured so that this woman could retain her privacy.

Fans know this woman only as Lorena.

Is Ellen really willing to shatter that?

Well … not exactly.

"If you didn't see the episode where Kim introduces her surrogate to the family," Ellen begins. "I'm gonna show you some of it right now"

And then the almost familiar video begins.

There is a twist, however.

Mixed in with the very real footage from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in which Kim's unnamed gestational carrier's face is never revealed as she meets the very pregnant Khloe and Kylie, Ellen shows this woman from a different angle.

Except that, as you'll see in the video below, the surrogate is "revealed" to be none other than Ellen herself.

Obviously, Ellen, who just turned 60 this year, was not Kim's surrogate. For so many reasons.

(Don't get us wrong, lesbians can and do act as gestational surrogates just like straight women, because anyone who tells you that the job involves having sex with a man is lying to you)

Ellen, the perpetual prankster, has had her team edit her into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip.

They actually did a pretty good job, though the wig itself isn't terribly convincing.

And neither is Ellen's behavior.

In real life, Ellen donates hospital rooms and gives to charity and needy individuals.

Also in real life, Kim's gestational carrier is a sweet, kind woman who loved bringing a child into a happy household.

In the video, Ellen The Surrogate is shifty and the last sort of person that you would want carrying your child — or any child.

"I could use a drink. Any Pabst Blue Ribbon or Michelob Ultra?" She appears to ask upon arrival. "Shoot, I just remembered — I'm not allowed alcohol."

Anyone who is pregnant should absolutely not drink alcohol, of course. Which is the point of the joke.

Ellen follows it up by asking for, as if it's an alternative to alcohol: "Do you have wine? Red or white."

Ellen The Surrogate can also be seen digging into Kris Jenner's purse and pulling out a handful of cash.

As you'll see as you watch the video itself, it's a funny bit.

Ellen isn't maligning the real Lorena or even herself — she's just poking at what fans don't know about this woman and eliciting some laughter in the process.

Ellen is such a gift. She's our favorite part of the non-existant "Deep State."

Take a look:

Ellen degeneres exposes kim kardashians surrogates identity

Ellen Pompeo Lashes Out: How DARE You Blame Me for Grey’s Anatomy Firings!

Ellen Pompeo is not here for anyone’s BS, she would like to make that clear.

Just a few hours after news broke that two of her long-time co-stars on Grey’s Anatomy would not be returning for Season 15, the series lead has broken her silence.

Has she wished the best to Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, both of whom were let go for creative reasons by ABC?

In private, we have no doubt.

In public, however, Pompeo jumped on Twitter last night to call out a report that blamed her for these actresses getting fired.

How did this claim even come about?

In January, Pompeo signed a two-year deal with Grey’s Anatomy, worth over $ 20 million.

Deadline then ran an article yesterday that strongly implied this impacted the show’s budget in such a way that fellow stars had to be cut, writing:

“The decision not to bring back Capshaw and Drew comes on the heels of the blockbuster new Pompeo pact that gave her a significant salary increase, paying her as much as $ 20 million a year.”

The 48-year old actress was quick to respond to this allegation.

“I’m a big girl @DEADLINE can take shots at me if they want but to the fans please don’t fall into that trap,” she wrote on Twitter, adding of the decision to dismiss Capshaw and Drew:

“This is above my pay grade.”

EP tweets

She also found it ironic, and very irritating, that this report came out on International Women’s Day, also Tweeting in response:

“Its unfortunate that @DEADLINE chooses to try to pit women against each other on #InternationalWomensDay #shameonyounotme.”

Drew played Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy for nine seasons; Capshaw came on board a decade ago as Dr. Arizona Robbins.

Both women have released statements (below) of remorse and gratitude in light of their unwanted career moves.

The show’s co-showrunner, Krista Vernoff, also shared a lengthy statement defending Pompeo against the publication.

She Tweeted the following on Thursday evening:

The suggestion … that our cast changes are in any way related to Ellen Pompeo‘s salary renegotiation is wrong and hurtful and misguided.

It smacks of an old, broken, patriarchal notion that women must be pitted against each other and that one woman’s success will be costly to others.

Ellen Pompeo has not only advocated passionately for her fellow cast members, she has taken the time to educate women worldwide as to how to advocate for themselves and that must not now be twisted.

Vernoff had previously said of Drew and Capshaw:

“It has been a joy and a privilege to work with these phenomenally talented actresses.”

As for Drew and Capshaw’s mature responses to their firings, the former wrote this upon learning the news:

Thank you for all of the love. I know you’re sad. I’m sad too. I haven’t really had the time to process this information.

I’ve been with it for less than 48 hours, so I’m not ready to say my thank yous and give an all encompassing statement about my 9 years here. That will come later.

For now, I’d like to say: I love you, and I love April, and her story isn’t over yet. And the really good news (for me, at least) is that I’m here on set shadowing one of my favorite people, Kevin McKidd, with my beloved Grey’s family all this week and next, so I get to process all of my feelings surrounded by the community that has nourished and nurtured me for almost a decade.

For that, I am grateful.

GA reactions

And here is Capshaw’s similarly emotional statement:

For the past ten years I have had the rare privilege of not only playing Arizona Robbins but also being madly in love with playing her.

Arizona Robbins is kind, intelligent, funny, insightful, bold, playful, fierce and really good at her job.

She was one of the first members of the LGBTQ community to be represented in a seres regular role on network television. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Forever.

I am grateful that I have gotten to bring her to life and for the life that she has brought to me.

I am sad to see her go but I am consoled by the idea that she will continue to live on and on in all of our consciences and our imaginations. Shonda [Rhimes], thank you for the ride on this incredible rollercoaster.

Everyone associated with the show (from fans to crew members) agrees that this news is far from ideal, but it’s silly and ignorant to blame Pompeo for it.

(Also worth noting: ABC has not even renewed Grey’s Anatomy beyond this season.)

Always a thoughtful person, we’ll let actor Jesse Williams have the final word for now:

Sarah and Jessica are easily among my very favorite people and coworkers, so this news fuckin sucks.

Their immense talent speaks for itself but it’s them as people that I’m so grateful to know, privileged to have worked with and learned from.

To say they’ll be missed is a massive understatement. Luckily for all of us, we’ll get to see these artists continue bringing compelling and complex characters to life for many moons to come! #OurWorkIsForever

jw tweet

Williams’ character of Jackson was married to Drew’s April Kepner and the two had a baby named Harriet together.

No details have been revealed about how both characters will be written off the series.

But they’ll be missed. Greatly.


Ellen DeGeneres Gifts Jimmy Kimmel a Hospital Room Named in His Son’s Honor

There's more to Jimmy Kimmel than interviews with Stormy Daniels or with The Bachelor favorite Bekah Martinez. He's a husband and a father.

He's opened up on his show about his son Billy's serious congenital heart problems that require multiple surgeries.

As you'll see in the sweet video below, Ellen DeGeneres has found a beautiful and meaningful way to honor his son's health battle.

Jimmy kimmel and ellen 02

Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres affirm their friendship.

The two then discuss Jimmy Kimmel's young son's ongoing health battle. He was born with genetic heart disease.

Congenital heart problems can often be serious or even fatal, but Billy has undergone surgeries in an attempt to save his lie.

It's hard on Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. It's harder still on Billy.

When Ellen shares that she's about to spring one of her famous surprises on Jimmy Kimmel, he looks genuinely surprised.

Jimmy kimmel hand pinch

(Here, we see Jimmy Kimmel pinching his hand in an attempt to use acupressure to prevent himself for crying. Ellen tells him that the pressure point is for headaches. He's so goofy)

As it turns out, the wonderful surprise that Ellen has for Jimmy and his family is that she's had a hospital room named after Billy.

It is named in honor of him, not in memory — Billy is alive, folks.

It's a sweet move. Cynical critics might describe it as an "empty gesture," but it's not like Ellen can just magically heal Jimmy's son. This is a sweet thing to do.

And Ellen had another surprise for Jimmy Kimmel — she had some of his son's nurses from the hospital in the audience.

Jimmy kimmel and ellen 01

Jimmy Kimmel has brought his son onto the stage with him as he continues to share Billy's health battle with audiences.

His candid sharing of that part of his life has made him one of the most vocal supporters of health care reform.

Many point to his moving, tearful monologues when they talk about the need for universal health care — that no one and especially no child should be condemned to die because they aren't rich.

Jimmy Kimmel of course, is rich enough to afford his son's treatments.

Any other family would have to try crowdsourcing or bankruptcy in an effort to save their baby's life.

Jimmy kimmel fights back tears

During his interview with Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel opens up about how emotional he gets.

As we mention, he shares that he sometimes pinches an acupressure point on his hand as an effort to hold back tears.

Ellen corrects him — acupressure points can sometimes have multiple purposes, but the point that he pinches to no avail is supposed to help with headache relief.

So, you know, no wonder that doesn't work for him.

Also, his teary eyes are a refreshing dose of emotional honesty in a society that tries to tell men that they're not supposed to cry.

Jimmy kimmel and ellen degeneres

As you can see in the video below, both Jimmy and Ellen are delights.

But you probably already knew that.

(Of course, people who think that Ellen DeGeneres is part of the "deep state" that the US doesn't have in the first place probably think that Jimmy's part of the same nonexistent organization)

Watch this sweet video — and hear Jimmy Kimmel's anecdote of crying at someone else's wedding when he worked as a DJ.

Ellen degeneres gifts jimmy kimmel a hospital room in his sons h

Ellen Pompeo Basically Tells Patrick Dempsey to Suck It

Ellen Pompeo is having a moment.

Ellen Pompeo has actually been having a whole bunch of moments over a whole bunch of years… and she’s here to remind you about them.

The veteran actress has given a very revealing interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which she delves into a number of issues, from sexism … to her future on Grey’s Anatomy… to her opinion of Patrick Dempsey.

And let’s just tease the final point with this:

Pompeo does not appear to think very highly of her former co-star.

For starters, Pompeo said Dempsey’s decision to leave the series in 2015 was a “defining” moment for her in terms of contract negotiations.

We’ll let her explain why:

“[ABC] could always use him as leverage against me – ‘We don’t need you; we have Patrick’ – which they did for years,” she explains, holding nothing back and adding:

“I don’t know if they also did that to him, because he and I never discussed our deals. There were many times where I reached out about joining together to negotiate, but he was never interested in that.

“At one point, I asked for $ 5,000 more than him just on principle, because the show is Grey’s Anatomy and I’m Meredith Grey.

“They wouldn’t give it to me. And I could have walked away, so why didn’t I? It’s my show; I’m the number one. I’m sure I felt what a lot of these other actresses feel:

“Why should I walk away from a great part because of a guy? You feel conflicted but then you figure, “I’m not going to let a guy drive me out of my own house.'”

Pretty interesting, huh?

It doesn’t sound like Dempsey was interesting in joining forces with his long-time colleague.

This is in opposition, let’s say, to back in the day when the entire cast of Friends refused to film unless they also received the same pay raise.

Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd was eventually written off the show… but it wasn’t long until Martin Henderson was added to the cast as a new love interest.

“So, what does it look like when he leaves the show?” Pompeo asks, elaborating as follows:

“First, it looks like a ratings spike, and I had a nice chuckle about that. But the truth is, the ink wasn’t even dry on his exit papers before they rushed in a new guy.

“I was on vacation in Sicily, decompressing – it was a long working relationship and it was a tumultuous end and I needed a moment to just chill with some rosé – and they’re calling me, going, “What do you think of this guy?” “What do you think of this guy?”

“And they’re sending pictures.

“I was like, “Are you people f-cking nuts? Why do you feel that you have to replace this person?”

“I couldn’t believe how fast the studio and the network felt like they had to get a penis in there. We brought in Martin Henderson, but they didn’t love the storyline, so that ended.”

Again: interesting stuff, huh?

Through all of the many cast changes on Grey’s Anatomy, Pomeo remains.

And she isn’t going anywhere any time soon:

The star just signed a new, two-year deal that will pay her approximately $ 20 million per year.

This pretty much guarantees Grey’s Anatomy will stay on the air at least through Season 16.

To conclude her cover story with The Hollywood Reporter, Pompeo turned her attention to the #MeToo movement and the ongoing shift in Hollywood.

She’s proud of everything going on at the moment and she hopes she can play a role in it.

“I don’t believe the only solution is more women in power, because power corrupts,” says Pompeo.

“It’s not necessarily a man or a woman thing. But there should be more of us women in power, and not just on Shonda Rhimes’ sets.

“Look, I only have a 12th-grade education and I wasn’t a great student, but I’ve gotten an education here at Shondaland.

“And now my 8-year-old daughter gets to come here and see fierce females in charge. She loves to sit in the director’s chair with the headphones on yelling “Action” and “Cut.”

“She’s growing up in an environment where she’s completely comfortable with power.

“I don’t know any other environment in Hollywood where I could provide that for her. Now I hope that changes … and soon.”