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Britney Spears Vegas Show on Hold .. After Dad’s Near-Death Medical Emergency

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Britney Spears is going on an indefinite work hiatus to help care for her dad while he recovers from major health issues … meaning her new Las Vegas show will be put on ice.

Britney announced her decision Friday, saying she’s going to “devote all of her time to her family and their efforts to care for her father during his recovery from a life-threatening illness.”

Her dad, Jamie Spears, became seriously ill 2 months ago after his colon spontaneously ruptured and he was rushed to a Vegas hospital. Britney says he was lucky to come out alive … but he has a very long road ahead.

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I don’t even know where to start with this, because this is so tough for me to say. I will not be performing my new show Domination. I’ve been looking forward to this show and seeing all of you this year, so doing this breaks my heart. However, it’s important to always put your family first… and that’s the decision I had to make. A couple of months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died. We’re all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him. I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope you all can understand. More information on ticket refunds is available on britneyspears.com. I appreciate your prayers and support for my family during this time. Thank you, and love you all… always.

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Spears adds the decision was very tough for her, but makes it clear … she will not be performing in her new “Britney: Domination” show, which she recently landed residency for at MGM’s Park Theater.

Jamie is responsible for saving Britney’s life back in 2007, when he said he feared he would wake up one morning and get a call from the coroner. He devoted his life to her and is largely responsible for her dramatic turnaround, both personally and professionally.

He became Britney’s conservator in 2008 and still serves in that role to this very day. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Jackie Fuchs Medical Emergency … Midway Through Show


Jackie Fuchs, the former Runaways bassist and reigning queen of ‘Jeopardy,’ had a major health scare while taping the show … and it was so bad, she thought she was having a stroke! 

Jackie tells us midway through the latest ‘Jeopardy’ contest her blood sugar levels crashed, causing her to lose control of her motor functions. She says the studio audience absolutely noticed too, and even groaned as she was struggling to speak. 

If you’ve been watching Jackie dominate her ‘Jeopardy’ competition, you know she’s on a four-night win streak heading into Thursday’s episode. Jackie says her medical emergency will most likely be edited out. Meanwhile, she’s just trying hard not to reveal anything about the final result. 

Jackie’s win streak on the show started last Friday, but it wasn’t until this week Alex Trebek revealed her rock star past with Joan Jett‘s all-female rock group. 

Jackie’s clearly feeling better now … because we had one of our staffers — who considers himself a trivia expert — challenge her. 

Check it out … Jackie shows us why she’s the champ.