Emily Ratajkowski: I Don’t Want to Believe That My Husband is Cheating

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her outspoken feminism, her modeling work, her acting career, and for her gorgeous looks. She has a lot of fans.

So of course word got back to her when her new husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was spotted looking cozy with her friend … and not wearing his ring.

Ratajkowski is reportedly not cool with it. At all.

Just over two months ago, Ratajkowski stunned fans and friends alike when she married Sebastian Bear-McClard after only one month of dating.

But people were even more surprised when Sebastian was spotted out and about with his wife’s friend, Suki Waterhouse.

The two seemed extremely cozy despite being in public.

His arm was over her shoulder, and their faces seemed nose-to-nose at times.

More significantly, there was no sign that Sebastian was wearing his ring.


HollywoodLife reports that Emily Ratajkowski is furious that her new husband seems to be straying — and with her good friend, no less.

“Emily and Suki are friends but that doesn’t mean she’s cool with this.”

“Suki was getting way too close to her man. Emily read her the riot act as soon as she saw … she was furious with Suki.”

Everyone wants their friends to get along with their spouse, but … only up to a point.

The source says that Emily set Sebastian straight,t oo.

“And Sebastian didn’t escape her anger, he got an earful too.”

We can only imagine.

To be clear, this source says that she doesn’t actually think that Sebastian’s been cheating.

“Emily doesn’t think anything is actually going on between them.”

This is apparently more of a matter of making her look bad through an awkward public display that leaves her answering questions that she’d rather not be receiving in the first place.

“But she’s mad at them for making her look bad.”

Image matters, folks. Plus, many believe that men should restrain themselves to some degree after they get married.

“It’s just embarrassing and really disrespectful.”

When the story of what looked like extramarital PDA first surfaced, some wondered if Emily and Sebastian had silently split.

It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to many fans.

Some are still recovering from their shock that the two tied the knot in the first place.

Again, they were only ever dating for about a month before they decided to get married. Which is … surprising. It’s not necessarily nuts, but some people considered it to be a bad idea.

Also, one doesn’t have to peruse Sebastian’s social media for long to find that his posts even just a couple of years ago were decidedly … not woke.

So it’s very easy for people to imagine these two finding that their differences cannot be reconciled.

While it’s good to hear that Emily didn’t jump to conclusions about her husband’s behavior with her friend … this isn’t confirmed.

it is unlikely that she’s going to make a public statement, totally unprompted, clearing her husband of any suspicion of stepping out on her or clearing her friend of betraying her trust.

If she and Sebastian do end up splitting, then we might expect one or both of them to make a statement in an interview, or perhaps on social media.

We might not understand why they raced to the altar, but we of course wish them the best.


Emily Wilkinson: Meet Baker Mayfield’s HAWT Girlfriend!

How is this for delicious irony?

Baker Mayfield is one of the best quarterback prospects in the country.

And yet we aren't focused at the moment on his ability to throw, but rather his ability to reel in a beautiful catch!

Her name is Emily Wilkinson.

She works as a "patient coordinator" for a plastic surgery medical practice, according to her Instagram profile, and she has nearly 120,000 followers on this platform.

But we have a feeling that number will grow significantly after Mayfield becomes a starting NFL starting quarterback.

With that in mind, we figured we'd jump on the Emily Wilkinson bandwagon before it got too crowded.

Click through her sizzling photos below:

1. Emily Wilkinson

Emily wilkinson
Hello there, Emily Wilkinson! This attractive blond is dating Baker Mayfield. What a lucky guy, huh?

2. Emily Wilkinson Picture

Emily wilkinson picture
Emily Wilkinson works as a “patient coordinator.” But she’s simply working IT in this photo on Instagram.

3. Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield

Emily wilkinson and baker mayfield
Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield pose here for a sweet and romantic photo on the beach. AWWW, right?

4. Emily Wilkinson Photo

Emily wilkinson photo
Emily Wilkinson can expect her Instagram follower count to go up significant, due to the football throwing process of her boyfriend.

5. Out and Also About

Out and also about
Emily Wilkinson is out and about in this photo. We sure wish we were out and about with her!

6. Chillin with Baker

Chillin with baker
Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson make for a rather good looking couple, don’t you think?

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Emily Maynard Weighs In on Ex Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. secured his infamy by dumping The Bachelor winner Becca Kufrin after a few weeks and crawling back to runner-up Lauren Burnham, as The Bachelor Spoilers had revealed.

Some say that Arie just followed his heart. Others, however, call B.S. on the whole situation.

But Arie’s famous ex, Emily Maynard, who once dumped him, is finally speaking out about Arie’s on-air antics.

Emily Maynard Johnson was the winner of The Bachelor‘s 15th season. 

After she and Brad Womack split and went their separate ways just a couple of months later, that wasn’t the end of her time with the Bachelor Nation.

She ended up being the leading lady on Season 8 of The Bachelorette.

And that’s where she met Arie Luyendyk Jr. … though she chose Jef Holm. Still, Arie is her ex.

And now Emily Maynard (now married to Tyler Johnson; and she gave birth to baby #4 last year!) is speaking out about Arie’s controversial ditching of Becca Kufrin to date his runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

Even though Emily Maynard said she wouldn’t watch Arie’s season, claiming that it “wouldn’t be watched in her house,” it looks like she’s kept up with things.

Yes, including the scandal of Arie choosing Becca Kufrin only to ditch her a few weeks later for runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Now, Emily tells People what she thinks about Arie’s finale.

“I felt really bad for everybody involved.”

There’s a difference between feeling bad for most people and feeling bad for everyone.

She says that she didn’t have any clue that it would happen.

“I was shocked like the rest of America, but it was so sad.”

She lists the relevant people for whom she feels this sympathy.

“I felt so bad for Becca, she was totally blindsided.”

Of course — most of America feels the same way. But hey, at least Becca will be The Bachelorette. That’s a decent consolation prize.

“And I feel bad for Lauren for having to feel like she’s second place.”

Absolutely. Lauren Burnham is in a complicated place, but none of this is her fault. And she did suffer a breakup on screen.

“And I feel bad for Arie, because that whole situation is so crazy.”

That’s … very compassionate of Emily.

“I wish he would have handled it differently, but I’m sure he wishes he had handled it differently.”

Does he, though? Is he capable of feeling regret?

It’s worth noting that Emily isn’t just some random ex from reality television.

Arie had previously stated that she was his last great love.

“Before the show, the last time I ever really loved anyone was Emily.”

That’s arguably a huge insult to any woman he’s dated since 2012.

“The breakup was really difficult.”

Clearly, not difficult enough to dissuade him from signing up to star on The Bachelorditching his real-life girlfriend just a couple of days before the announcement.

It’s probably safe to say that most of the Bachelor Nation doesn’t share Emily’s sympathy for Arie.

They saw a man who not only decided to ditch his girlfriend for his ex after just a few weeks, but decided to call ABC and have them film the whole thing.

That struck many fans as a calculated move for ratings … though some struggle to think of how it could possibly help Arie’s brand for him to be despised by such a large viewing audience.

Still, maybe he and Lauren will last and be very happy together.

Only time will tell.