Carrie Underwood Makes (Very!) Emotional Return to Stage

Carrie Underwood did more than just move fans to tears on Sunday night.

The beloved solo artist moved herself to tears as well.

Donning tear-shaped glitter makeup below her eyes, the former American Idol champion delivered an emotional performance her new single “Cry Pretty” at the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

She received a standing ovation at the end of the rendition because it was the first time she took to a stage since a horrific fall back in November.

As Underwood admitted in a subsequent social media post at the time, this fall resulted in over 40 stitches to her face.

The superstar even confessed late last year that she was frightened to show her face again in public.

"When I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different," Underwood wrote candidly, adding last week that her face is "healing well" and:

"I definitely feel more like myself than I have in a while."

We were very glad to hear this.

And then even more glad to see Underwood back in amazing action at the ACM Awards.

Moments after earning her ovation and fighting back years, the American Idol alum and Keith Urban returned to the stage to accept the award for vocal event of the year for their duet “The Fighter.”

“Thank you for having me,” Underwood told her fellow artist through tears. “I’m still shaking right now. Thank you.”

Underwood donned a sparkly silver-and-black frock and didn’t miss a single beat as she belted out her beautiful power ballad last night.

The lyrics of the track are all about vulnerability and overcoming adversity and they allude to her traumatic injury.

“The title refers to when emotions take over and you just can’t hold them back,” Underwood explained in a letter to fans about the single after she released a recorded version of “Cry Pretty” earlier this week.

She added:

“It really speaks to a lot of things that have happened in the past year and I hope when you hear it, you can relate those feelings to those times in your life.

"It’s emotional. It’s real. And it ROCKS!”

YOU rock, Carrie.

Watch clips from the emotional stage return below!

Carrie underwood makes very emotional return to stage at 2018 ac

Alyson Stoner Pens Emotional Essay About Her Sexuality, Moves Readers to Tears

Alyson Stoner, a former Disney Channel and movie star, has penned a very personal and extremely powerful essay for Teen Vogue.

Titled “How I Embraced My Sexual Identity,” the piece chronicles Stoner’s journey to bisexuality, although we should note that Stoner never used this term.

In the essay, the 24-year old never puts any sort of label or definition on this path or on her conclusion, simply writing that she realizes she’s now attracted to men and women.

The revelation of her preferences started when Stoner found herself “mesmerized and intimidated” upon attending a dance workshop and meeting her female instructor.

“After I dizzied myself from doing knee spins, she walked toward me to correct my form,” Stoner writes for Teen Vogue, adding:

“My heart raced wildly and my body grew hot. Was I nervous to fail in front of an expert? Was I breathing heavily from being out of shape?

“Her smile was the most electrifying thing I’d ever seen.”

Following this class, Stoner texted her mom, to whom she is very close. This is what the text read at the time:

“I met a woman today, I’m not sure who she is or what I’m feeling, but I think she’s going to be in my life for a very long time.”

Stoner has appeared in movies such as Step Up and Cheaper by the Dozen, along with Disney shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

As actress-turned-singer got to know the dance instructor better, she struggled with her feelings that weren’t “quite sisterly or platonic.”

She was confused.

“I realized I had never fantasized about a guy this way, nor really ever felt comfortable dating guys,” she explains, elaborating as follows:

“Come to think of it, I stared at women’s bodies more than anything. But wasn’t that just societal conditioning or the unattainable beauty standards that fuel comparison and objectification?

“I refused to entertain other possibilities.”

Still, despite not being sure what was going on, Stoner and this other woman began spending a great deal of time together.

One evening, the pair made dinner and watched Orange is the New Black together and…

“We vented and supported each other. Then cuddled. Then kissed and kissed some more.”

This is when Stoner realized:

“OK, we were in a relationship. I fell in love with a woman.”

It’s unclear at what age this happened, but Stoner admits to attending therapy for years in order to figure herself out.

‘In its purest sense, I felt awakened, more compassionate and like my truest self,” she writes.

“She strengthened and inspired me, creating a space for me to discover myself without judgment. We were an example of true love.”

in camp rock

Stoner had “misconceptions” about the LGBT community, she says, adding that she wondered how this personal revelation would affect her job.

‘Some people in the industry warned me that I’d ruin my career, miss out on possible jobs, and potentially put my life in danger if I ever came out.

‘My dream and all I’d worked tirelessly for since the age of 6 was suddenly at risk by my being . . . true to myself.”

She prayed on it. She battled internally.

But, in the end, she could no longer deny how she felt and what she believes.

“I, Alyson, am attracted to men, women, and people who identify in other ways,” she concludes.

“I can love people of every gender identity and expression. It is the soul that captivates me.

“It is the love we can build and the goodness we can contribute to the world by supporting each other’s best journeys.”

So well said all around.

We salute you, Alyson Stoner.


Queen Latifah Pens Emotional Tribute to Late Mother

Queen Latifah is sadly in mourning today.

The long-time artist and actress lost her mother, Rita Owens, on Wednesday, following a very long struggle with a heart condition.

In memory of the person to whom she was closest, Queen Latifah has submitted an emotional and heartfelt statement to People Magazine.

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the news my mother, Rita Owens passed away today,” wrote Latifah, adding:

“Anyone that has ever met her knows what a bright light she was on this earth.

“She was gentle, but strong, sweet, but sassy, worldy but pragmatic, a woman of great faith and certainly the love of my life.”

A former Academy Award nominee, Latifah is the executive producer of The Rap Game and many other television programs.

But she’ll always be her mother’s daughter, first and foremost.

“She had struggled with a heart condition for many years and her battle is now over,” Latifah continued.

“I am heartbroken but know she is at peace. Thank you for your kindness, support and respect for our privacy at this time.

“Much Love, Dana Owens (aka Queen Latif‎ah), forever Rita Owens’ daughter.”

Late Wednesday night, the star shared a video of a photograph of her mother with the caption, “143,” which translates to “I love you.”

She also talked about her bond with her mom back in September, while promoting the film Girls Trip in another interview with People.

“I’ve just learned how much you can love a person and just how strong my mother is,” she said at the time. “I’ve come to respect her in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Owens lived with her condition for years due to medication, a defibrillator in her chest and a special diet.

The latter was low in salt and fat, yet heavy on vegetables.

Latifah also said of her mother:

“I watched her come through so many things, ups and downs, hospitalizations – I mean really being in the ICU for that matter – you know, going through tough times and watching her come back and bounce back and still maintain this sense of humor, and love and drive and will.”

She added:

“I just love her so much more, I respect her so much more. She really just gives me hope for life and the world.”

Back in 2015, Latifah said she often stayed at her mother’s home in New Jersey and concluded that her mom’s health helped her put everything in proper perspective:

“Whatever some tabloid printed means nothing, money doesn’t mean anything, work is great – I work so that I can take care of my family – but the family is the most important thing.”

We send our thoughts to Queen Latifah during this difficult time.


Brent Celek Guarantees He’ll Return to Eagles in Emotional Goodbye to Philly

Eagles star Brent Celek is taking a line from “Terminator” in his heartfelt farewell to Philly — telling fans not to be sad about him getting released ‘cause, “I’ll be back.” Brent — who missed only 1 game in 11 SEASONS with the team — says…


Kevin Smith Updates Fans on Heart Attack, Gets VERY Emotional

Kevin Smith is known for making people laugh.

But the man behind such movies as Clerks and Mallrats recently went through an extremely serious situation.

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Smith suffered a massive heart attack shortly after completing a comedy show in Arizona on Sunday night.

The director/producer/writer shared the following selfie from his hospital bed on social media and explained what happened to his fans as follows:

"I felt kinda nauseous. I threw up a little but it didn’t seem to help. Then I started sweating buckets and my chest felt heavy. Turns out I had a massive heart attack…

"The Doctor who saved my life at the #glendale hospital told me I had 100% blockage of my LAD artery (also known as 'the Widow-Maker' because when it goes, you’re a goner)."

YIKES, right?

Two days after this near-death experience, Smith recorded a lengthy video of himself on Facebook in order to update his followers on his condition.

And, as you might expect, things got emotional.

"Hey, it's me. I'm fine…kinda," Smith opened, attempting to joke around about what he's been through and what he is still going through.

Smith then took folks through the full chain of events, from the moment he started feeling sick backstage ("I was honestly under the impression that I had gotten some f-cking bad milk") to struggling to catch his breath.

After realizing something was very much wrong, he got into an ambulance and sped away to Glendale Adventist Medical Center, where the ER doctors immediately realized the star had suffered a serious heart attack.

These physicians had to go in through Smith's groin to address the issue, which prompted Smith to joke again:

"My biggest fear in life: death—number one. Number two: people seeing my dick."

Soon enough, though, the joking came to an end.

"It was kind of like reading your eulogy," he added, saying into the camera:

"I saw what life will be like when I die – kind of what the reaction would be if I died. It was very, very sweet."

Smith eventually got choked up and concluded:

"I just thought about everything and thought about my parents and how they raised me and my brother and my sister and my friends and my wife and my kid and this weird wonderful career that I've had for so long and stuff and I was like content."

"What a ride it's been," he said. "What an incredible f-cking ride."

Watch the full video below:

Kevin smith updates fans on heart attack gets very emotional