Selena Gomez Suffers “Emotional Breakdown,” Agrees to Treatment

Selena Gomez is once again in need of professional help.

According to TMZ, the pop star was hospitalized on two occasions over the past two weeks for health concerns related to Lupus.

(Gomez was diagnosed with this autoimmunse disease in 2015; the illness can damage almost any part of the body – including joints, skin and internal organs – because it causes the immune system to be unable to tell the difference between foreign invaders and healthy tissues.)

The first hospital visit took place toward the end of September and was the result of a low white blood cell count in the wake of her kidney transplant last year.

The artist was released after a few days days later …

… but had to be re-admitted last week because her blood cell count remained at a dangerous level – and this development prompted Selena to fall into a downward emotional spiral.

She insisted on leaving nearly as soon as she was under doctors’ care again, only for these same doctors to say she had to stay in the hospital.

TMZ writes that Selena had “a meltdown” and “freaked out.”

She allegedly tried ripping the IV’ out of her arm, with multiple sources referring to the episode as “an emotional breakdown.”

Once she recovered from this state, Gomez agreed to check into an East Coast psychiatric facility, at which she is receiving dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

This is a treatment method designed to identify, and then change, negative thinking and behavioral patterns. She has undergone the same treatment before.

Let’s all pray it works this time.

“She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack in the hospital was the tipping point,” a source tells People Magazine, confirming the TMZ report and adding:

“She realized she needed to seek additional help for her ongoing emotional issues. She’s surrounded by close family and has a lot of support. She’s doing better now.”

We’re very glad to hear it.

Sadly, however, this incident and everything related to it wasn’t all that hard to see coming.

Just two weeks ago, Gomez took a break from social media, explaining why in a heartfelt video that touched on her battle with depression.

“As much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given,” she wrote.

“Kindness and encouragement only for a bit! Just remember— negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings.”

In this Instagram Live session, Gomez admitted that she had been dealing with mental health issues for about five years.

She also said she had been “kinda just going through the motions and figuring out who I am and just doing the best I could and then slowly but surely doing that” for about half a decade.

Translation: Gomez is truly unsure about who she is and who she wants to be.

Watch the emotional footage here:

Many folks are naturally wondering whether Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin is playing a role in Selena’s latest troubles.

The short answer, of course, is that we have no idea.

We’d rather not speculate.

Gomez has entered rehab at various times over the past few years and Lupus is a serious disease that does result in a myriad of physical ailments.

It’s only natural for these physical ailments to eventually take a mental toll, as well.

It’s also only natural for anyone to have a very hard time dealing with a serious ex moving on in such a significant manner.

All we can do right now is wish Selena Gomez the best and hope she has a full recovery.

We’re thinking of you, Sel.

And we love you.


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Ariana Grande Reveals Pain, Deep Emotional Struggles

A lot of Americans had a hell of a week and a very difficult Thursday, in light of current events. Well, so did Ariana Grande.

Ariana has inspired fans to cope and heal in the wake of Mac Miller’s tragic death, but she’s having a difficult time, too.

On Thursday, she revealed her emotional struggles on Twitter.

Thursday, September 27, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to share that she was going through a difficult time.

“Can i pls have one okay day. just one. pls,” she tweeted.

Ariana continued her plea to the universe — or perhaps a scream into the void, as so many of us use Twitter.

She wrote: “i’m so tired pls.”

From this point, her tweets took on a darker, more negative tone.

Ariana Grande Tweets About Emotional Pain on 27 September 2018

Ariana tweet-quoted her post from earlier in the week, which read “everything will be okay.”

She had clearly reconsidered, as she wrote: “j f–king k.”

As if that were not already crushing enough to read from such a good-hearted, wonderful celebrity, she also expressed a troubling state of mind.

“[Thank you] for loving me [so much] i do not deserve it,” Ariana tweeted.

Fans saw these tweets and were understandably very worried.

After fans gave her an outpouring of concern and love, Ariana gave a heartfelt reply.

“ur angels in my life,” she assured her beloved Arianators.

“it’s just been a tough month,” Ariana explained.

“i’m trying to get my work done and get back to normal,” Ariana continued. “And it’s hard and i’m human and tired.”

“sorry i let u in or worried u,” Ariana pologized. “i shouldn’t have tweeted. i kno better.”

For the record, Ariana should absolutely have tweeted. Her fans and followers love her and want her to feel free to express herself, whether she’s thirsting over her fiance or grieving the tragic death of her ex.

Or even if she’s just having a bad day.

Ariana sent out a couple of “ily” tweets following her more negative tweets, telling her followers that she loves them in an appreciation of their support.

We absolutely hope that Ariana is doing well.

Every person has their struggles, but Ariana has been through so much recently.

In 2017, Ariana and her audience were the victims of a vicious terrorist attack. Fans — including children — were wounded, maimed, and killed.

Ariana, along with so many others, was traumatized by the event. She took a long time to recover, and was just returning to public life with the release of her album, Sweetener, this summer.

She was celebrating her return and her engagement to Pete Davidson when Mac Miller died of an apparent overdose.

Now, Ariana is living a nightmare. Not only did her ex die suddenly, but some of his fans were cruel enough to blame her. Generally speaking, the only thing to blame for an overdose is addiction.

Ariana is a treasure and a talent and she deserves all of the happiness in the world. It is heartbreaking to see her suffering. We hope that she is able to find that comforting light again.


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Jada Pinkett Smith Pens Emotional Message: Marriages Change …

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been dogged by multiple rumors during their long, long marriage.

Now, in an emotional post about crumbling marriages shared beside a photo of her own family, Jada is reflecting upon the pain that marraiges can bring.

And she talkes about how a once-healthy marriage can change.

In a very thoughtful Instagram post, Jada Pinkett Smith addresses her fans and followers.

“I’ve been watching a lot marriages dissolve around me,” she reflects.

That happens — especially when you get to a certain age. It’s the less cute version of when you’re thirty and it seems like at least 20% of your friends have kids.

Jada’s post continues: “It’s been really painful.”

“Marriages change,” Jada acknowledges.

“Sometimes,” Jada says of marriages. “They need to be reimagined and transformed.”

But Jada does admit that: “Sometimes they are simply over …”

That is certainly true. If a relationship cannot adapt to changes, then it falls apart.

“But either way,” Jada writes. “I pray that folks going thru this painful transition find the patience and the love within to not throw the ‘babies’ out with the bath water.”

She concluded with a very simple hashtag: “#family.”

Jada also opened up on Instagram about forgiveness, sharing a Pillowtalk video in which she reflects upon the topic.

“Forgiveness …” Jada begins. “My power to forgive others came from forgiving myself by looking into the shadows of my own heart.”

She takes a spiritual tone, saying that sometimes people need divine help just to heal from the trauma that they have endured.

“But…” Jada writes. “There are acts committed against us that are so horrific our only choice is to give it to the Mother/Father to fill us with a healing needed to find the ‘God Love’ within that gives us the ‘Self Love’ we need.”

Whether or not you would use the same sort of diction choices that she makes, we all know that people can have serious self-love problems after being grievously wronged by others.

Jada doesn’t speak about specific wrongs, but instead coaches her fans and followers on the concept of letting go.

Jada absolute acknowledges that “to forgive” is a “delicate process.”

For some, impossible. Some religious traditions all but mandate forgiveness, but there are others that emphatically do not.

But Jada wisely points out that forgiveness does not mean accepting a person back into your life.

“Also,” Jada says. “I had to realize that just because my heart may embrace and forgive … doesn’t mean that person should be standing beside me.”

Jada and Will have faced divorce rumors for years. Honestly? It’s probably because they’re a Hollywood couple who have been together for a long time.

A lot of people see the divorce rate (and, let’s be real, probably their own relationship troubles) and expect a couple who are so visible and whose lives and careers are so full of potential temptations. They expect a divorce.

But it seems like, just as Jada and Will mastered parenting to raise their amazing children, they also really have a hang on marriage.

It’s great that Jada is imparting wisdom upon her fans and followers.