Thomas Markle Won’t Stop Talking, Enjoys Humiliating the Royal Family

Meghan Markle is happily married to a literal prince, but her disgruntled father Thomas Markle feels like she’s been stolen.

His constant speaking to the press is distressing to Meghan and the Royals, but it sounds like Thomas is starting to enjoy making them uncomfortable.

That’s not speculation — he comes right out and says it. Takea  look.

No one gets to choose their parents, folks. 

Even though he had already given what was allegedly his “last interview,” Thomas Markle spoke to TMZ to warn the Royal Family that he’s not going away.

“I was silent for a full year,” Thomas says.

“And the press beat me up every day,” he laments. “Saying I was a hermit hiding in Mexico.”

It sounds like he is one of those people who has been consumed by media coverage and speculation instead of just ignoring it for his daughter’s sake.

“So,” Thomas explains. “I gave my story.”

Obviously, Meghan and her new in-laws haven’t been thrilled that he’s just saying whatever comes to mind and getting paid for interviews.

“Apparently,” Thomas says. “That interview put the royal family in their silence mode. …”

That would be a cue for a good parent to clam up if he values the relationship with his daughter. Thomas chose a different path.

“So,” Thomas describes. “I gave another interview to break the silence.”

If your actions are upsetting someone, you usually want to stop that behavior instead of ramping it up.

But, as Thomas explains, he is effectively blackmailing his daughter’s family into contacting him.

“All they have to do is speak to me,” he offers.

“Tomorrow is my birthday,” Thomas continues to TMZ.

He reminds folks that he is “74 years old.”

“And,” he says. “I’m enjoying the fact that I can make the entire royal family not speak.”

What kind of sadistic glee is he getting out of this?

“And maybe,” he imagines. “I can get a laugh out of the duchess.”

Meghan is part of that family — and his behavior is putting her in an impossible position.

Does she speak with him to buy his silence … or is that letting the terrorists win, so to speak?

A source close to the Royals tells Entertainment Tonight that Thomas Markle hasn’t been in touch with them.

The source explains that Meghan and Harry “haven’t had any contact” with Thomas during his little interview spree.

“[They] are frustrated he keeps speaking to the tabloids,” the insider explains. “And taking payment for interviews”

“The phone number that I call doesn’t work anymore,” Thomas Markle himself said in an interview with The Sun.

“The, I guess, liaison with the royal family never answers back,” Thomas complains. “And there’s no address I can write to, so I have no way of contacting my daughter.”

“My message would be, ‘I love you, I miss you, I’m sorry for anything that went wrong,'” he claims.

“And I want to be her child’s grandfather and I want to be near them,” Thomas begs. “I want to be a part of their life.”

Thomas Markle also blabbed some claims that Meghan is terrified and miserable.

“My thing about my daughter right now,” he alleges. “Is that I think she is terrified.”

“I see it in her eyes,” he claims. “I see it in her face and I see it in her smile.”

“I’ve seen her smile for years,” Thomas says. “I know her smile. I don’t like the one I’m seeing now.”

According to Thomas: “This one isn’t even a stage smile — this is a pained smile.”

Some people cannot resist digging the hole even deeper.

You can’t choose your parents, but you can choose your friends.

Meghan’s friend Priyanka Chopra tells People that Meghan is loving married, royal life.

“She’s doing amazing,” Priyanka reports. “It’s so nice to see.”

Priyanka, as you may recall, was also a guest at the royal wedding. Unlike Thomas, who skipped his daughter’s wedding for vague reasons.

It sounds like, if you ever (in a fit of adolescent frustration) told your parents that they were the most embarrassing parents on the planet, you might owe them an apology.

That title may belong to Thomas Markle.


Selena Gomez: I Hope Hailey Baldwin Enjoys Justin Bieber’s LIES!!

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin. These two, who were exes until very recently, are now engaged.

But what does the Biebs’ most famous ex, Selena Gomez, think? She was dating him (again) just a few months ago.

Now, a source close to her is sharing exactly what she thinks about Justin and Hailey’s sudden engagement.

A source close to the beautiful and talented Selena Gomez reveals to Life & Style exactly what she thinks of Justin’s abrupt proposal.

The insider says that Selena “knows that he will come running back eventually.”

Well, he certainly has in the past. Again and again and again.

Selena is so confident, the source says, “because she has no doubt in her mind that the two of them will break up, as they did before.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Has enough changed for Justin and for Hailey to prevent history from repeating itself?

Just because Selena believes that Justin will come back to her doesn’t mean that she’s looking forward to it.

“This whole thing with Hailey is the exact reason why Selena doesn’t want him anymore,” the insider explains.

Justin has definitely changed. He might not have the alleged sobriety issues of his past, but he’s swapped that for 100 hours of tattoo work on his body.

Also, in his most recent photos, he kind of looks like somebody’s stepdad. Not a specific person, just the concept of a stepdad. It’s partially the facial hair.

But Selena has more issues than that, it seems.

“He can never be without a woman” the source explains about Selena’s frustrations. “And she does not believe any of his lies anymore.”

If you’re thinking good for you, Selena! You’re free! … well, you’re not alone.

Sources close to Selena’s family, and particularly to her mother, Mandy Teefey, say that the sentiment is a popular one.

“Her family feels that no one has ever gotten under her skin like Justin,” the insider dishes.

That is very difficult to dispute. Between her songs about him to how many times they’ve gotten together, he’s clearly left a lasting impact on her.

(Anyone else suddenly nostalgic for that time when Selena was still shading Justin about being short and they hadn’t so much as kissed? Good times)

“And,” the source continues. “Ultimately, he affected her in a deeply negative way.”

Sometimes, even the longest and most impactful relationships are toxic. And Selena is going through a lot with her ongoing battle with Lupus.

“Mandy really believes that Selena will be able to heal faster without him,” the insider concludes.

Fans were also quick to link news of Justin’s engagement to Hailey with thoughts of Selena.

“I can’t be the only one who thinks Justin Bieber only proposed to Hailey Baldwin to get Selena Gomez’s attention,” one fan tweeted.

That same Twitter user continued, writing: “I feel like he will always love Selena and everyone else is a rebound.”

Perhaps so.

Another person wrote: “Justin is engaged to Hailey Baldwin after a month of dating.”

They continued: “and people making it a big deal because Hailey was his rebound from Selena years ago.”

Some of those folks wonder if Hailey is once again Justin’s rebound.

Selena Gomez has her own life to live. She’s an actress and an extraordinary singer.

She and her life are not defined by Justin Bieber.

But the news of Justin and Hailey’s engagement came as relief to no shortage of Selenators who want to see Selena live her best life.

Jelena, they believe, can remain where it belongs in the ashes of history.