Meghan Markle: Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Baffles Entire World

Before she married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle could do no wrong.

Now that she’s been saddled with a royal title, however, it often seems that she can do nothing right.

To be clear, nothing about Meghan’s behavior has changed.

It’s just that now she’s expected to meet the standards of a bunch of stuffy, pearl-clutching royal traditionalists every time she leaves the house.

As a result, headlines about Meghan breaching royal protocol are not uncommon these days.

Of course, these breaches are generally quite tame, such as the time Meghan’s curtsy was not up to the standards of some Brits.

Even the reports of Meghan’s “wardrobe malfunctions” are generally pretty lame.

The Royals have really delivered in the accidental nudity department in the past, such as when topless photos of Kate Middleton made their way across social media.

But with Meg the British tabloids get all fussy over stuff like this:

Meghan Markle Wardrobe Malfunction

This is like a game you might find on a child’s placemat at an especially perverse family restaurant: Find the Wardrobe Malfunction!

Give up yet?

Part of the problem is that you probably spent too much time focusing on the breastal region. 

We’re not perv-shaming you; that’s just one of the most common areas for clothing snafus.

Meghan Markle Wardrobe Malfunction 2

This time, however, the glitch was much further south — and much, much less interesting.

As you can see, Meghan has some splotches on her tights.

That’s it.

Seriously, there are people on social media trying to make a big deal out of it.

Granted, it’s puzzling — how did those splotches get there?!

But the answer is probably something disappointingly pedestrian, like someone spilled a cup of coffee or Meghan stepped in a puddle.

There was a time when spilling your drink on a Duchess was enough to earn you a trip to the guillotine, but sadly, the Brits don’t behead people for clumsiness anymore. Snowflakes.

Some folks have pointed out that Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose before she got married, which means the tights are likely a concession to the royal family’s penchant for ultra-conservative attire.

But we doubt Meghan just went around spilling drinks on her feet in the pre-Harry era of her life.

Maybe that’s one of the more underappreciated ways in which royal life is stifling — you can’t even walk around with wet feet!

This has been another installment of Ridiculously Boring Wardrobe Malfunctions, starring Meghan Markle. 


Kourtney Kardashian Gets Back With Younes Bendjima, Pisses Off Entire Family

The Kardashian women have never been known for having the greatest taste in men, but it seems Kourtney is now actively trying to outdo her sisters in the bad romance department.

It won’t be easy, but she’s already got a lot of points accumulated from her decade with Scott Disick, and now she’s out to prove that her capacity for bad decisions truly knows no bounds:

As you’ve likely heard, Kourtney broke up with Younes Bendjima last month, a decision that was applauded by just about everyone in her inner circle.

Unfortunately, Kourtney is allergic to smart choices, so now, just a few weeks after she kicked him to the curb, Kourtney is reportedly back with Younes — and her family is less than thrilled about it.

“They are definitely hooking up again,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She just really can’t be alone,” the source adds.

The reconciliation comes on the heels of reports that Younes cheated on Kourtney with Jordan Ozuna, a model who had ties to the Kard clan.

“Younes told her that nothing happened with Jordan and that they are just friends, and she believed him,” says the insider.

Apparently, the most vocal critic of Kourtney’s latest decision has been her sister Khloe, which is more than a smidge ironic, as Khloe took Tristan Thompson back after he was caught repeatedly cheating on her while she was carrying his baby.

“Kourtney told Khloe that she has no room to say anything, because she was humiliated by Tristan and took him back anyways,” the source explains. 

“And she told Kim to just mind her own business.”

And then there’s Kris Jenner, who could care less what sort of awful decisions her daughters make, so long as they result in compelling television.

“Kris just wants ratings for the new season, which they are filming right now,” the source says.

“She told Kourtney to stay unpredictable so she remains relevant.”

That may sound harsh, but in a way, it’s Kris’ way of expressing her love for her daughters.

She’s probably aware that there’s a very good chance that they’ll all wind up single, as they habitually pick horrendous dudes.

But they don’t have to wind up single and broke.

Now that’s looking out for your kids.


Kendall Jenner Makes Dumb Comment, Pisses Off Entire Modeling World

Remember the great Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad debacle of 2017?

Well, this isn’t quite as bad as that, but it’s still evidence that you can spend your entire life in the spotlight and still grow up to be totally ignorant of how to interact with the general public.

As you’re probably aware, Kendall is a model — and quite a successful one, at that.

But from the start, there have been rumors that she’s had trouble earning the respect of her fellow models.

Reports of Kendall being snubbed by her colleagues were rampant after her first Victoria’s Secret show, but it seems she’s managed to win some of the skeptics over in the years since.

Now, however, she may have squandered all that hard-earned goodwill with a single awkward interview.

“Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do,” Kendall recently told Love magazine.

“I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f-ck those girls do. More power to ‘em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else,” she added.

“The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back.”

Turns out boasting about how in-demand you are doesn’t exactly endear you to people struggling to make a living in your field, especially when you were born with advantages they can only dream of.

The backlash against Kendall was immediate — and intense.

“This makes me so angry,” Victoria’s Secret model Jac Jagaciak tweeted in response to the interview.

“So disrespectful to literally 99% of people in the industry — yes, they had to work their way up. Please get in touch with the real world!”

Model Vita Sidorkina also chimed in, tweeting:

“Maybe ‘those girls’ need to pay their bills that’s why they are doing 30 shows? No words…”

Kendall quickly got in front of the situation and apologized in a lengthy statement posted on several social media platforms:

“I was misrepresented in a recent interview over the weekend and it’s important to clarify the meaning. It was intended to be entirely complimentary but unfortunately, my words were twisted and taken out of context,” she wrote.

“I want to be clear. The respect I have for my peers is immeasurable!”

Kendall added:

“I get to experience first hand their tireless commitment, their work ethic, the endless days, the lack of sleep, separation from family and friends, stress of traveling, the toll on physical and mental health, yet they still make it all look effortless and beautiful.

“I’m so inspired by so many of these people I have had the good fortune to work alongside! There’s no way I could EVER hate on that. I want everyone to win. SLAY ALWAYS.” 

Hmm … we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because much of the meaning of Kendall’s original statement would depend on the tone in which it was expressed.

Of course, we’re not the ones Kendall is apologizing to.

Her fellow models are obviously pissed — and her apology, no matter how well-intentioned, may be too little, too late.


Billie Lee: Replacing Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules? Accusing Entire Cast of Transphobia?!

Folks, be happy that the cameras are currently rolling for Vanderpump Rules Season 7 because it sounds like sh-t is really hitting the fan in West Hollywood this week.

The drama began with rumors that Kristen Doute had been fired from the show due to her inability or unwillingness to stir up unnecessary drama with her castmates.

If you watched last season, you know Kristen seemed to be content in a stable, committed relationship and wasn’t getting blackout drunk nearly as often.

In other words, she committed each of the reality star cardinal sins, and no one was surprised by news that she’d been banished to Vander-purgatory to await the endtimes in the company of Vail Bloom and Laura Leigh.

“She’s just not crazy Kristen anymore,” one production source bluntly stated.

Kristen denied that she’d been demoted to “friend of the castmates” status, but the rumor resurfaced this week with some new and intriguing details:

According to Radar Online, Kristen will be replaced as a full-time cast member by SUR newcomer Billie Lee.

“She did extremely well,” the source said about Billie Lee’s first season on the show.

“All of the cast loves her — and so did the ratings!”

Of course, it appears the source delivered that quote ahead of the Twitter war that began playing out between Billie Lee and the rest of the cast last night.

It seems the ladies of SUR will be hosting a Tuesday night event at the restaurant called Girls’ Night In.

(What happened to James Kennedy’s See You Next Tuesday? Fingers crossed that shaved ferret got sh-tcanned, too!)

Billie Lee apparently felt that she had been left out of the gathering, and she made her feelings clear in a very irate tweet:

“When yo coworkers don’t include the only trans girl in GIRLS night at your own job! On the night you work! #rudeAF #TransIsBeautiful.” she wrote.

Billie Lee Tweet

As you can see, it appears that Billie Lee was indeed invited to the event, which may be why Kristen and company were so vehement in defending themselves:

“You better check yourself before you wreck yourself,” Doute tweeted, adding:

“It’s not your event. Don’t make this about something it’s not. #NoH8 … We are not hateful people and ABSOLUTELY support the LGBTQ community. A person is a person is a person.”

Katie Maloney echoed the sentiment, tweeting:

“I’m completely supportive and will always be supportive of the LGBTQ community … EVERYONE is invited and welcome tomorrow!”

It’s possible that Billie Lee was genuinely offended by what she perceived as prejudice among her castmates — but it’s equally possible that she’s stirring up drama to give the people what they want.

And if that’s the case, the girl might have a very bright future at Bravo.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more on reality TV’s most dysfunctional framily.


Jenelle Evans Blasts “Porn Star” Farrah Abraham, Gets Roasted By Entire Teen Mom Cast

Last week, the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards took place in Los Angeles.

The star-studded event was attended by some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood … and for some reason, Farrah Abraham was there, too.

Now, we can understand why the former Teen Mom OG star was on hand.

Farrah may have gotten fired by MTV, but she was one of the network's biggest stars for over a decade.

But apparently, Jenelle Evans doesn't see the logic in the decision.

In fact, as The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports, Jenelle was so enraged by the sight of Farrah on the red carpet that she took to Twitter to express her displeasure — a move she probably regrets right about now. 

1. Farrah on the Red Carpet

Farrah abraham dressed like a magician
The Movie Awards and the red carpet are apparently considered two separate events. Jenelle was pissed to learn that Farrah had been invited to both.

2. Plus One

Farrah and sophia mtv movie awards red carpet
Not only that, she was permitted to bring her 9-year-old daughter Sophia along.

3. Haters at Home

Farrah and sophia mtv movie awards red carpet
The sight of Farrah and Sophia enjoying the event apparently sent Jenelle into a rage. Then again, pretty much everything sends Jenelle into a rage.

4. Tweets of Rage

Tweets of rage
As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Jenelle made her displeasure with the situation very clear in a series of now-deleted tweets.

5. The P-Word

Jenelle evans hot photo
“Porn star going to the MTV Awards with a plus one but I was invited but could [not] bring David?! [Farrah] was fired not me…lmao wowwww. @MTV,” Jenelle wrote, along with a link to an article about Farrah attending the awards.

6. The Clapback

Farrah abraham in a bowtie
Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before Farrah responded to the Jenelle’s remarks. And in doing so, she ignited a conflict that engulfed stars from all over the Teen Mom galaxy …

View Slideshow

Bill Cosby Fires His Entire Legal Team; What’s His Game?

As we all know, Bill Cosby is super guilty. By which we mean that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers for multiple counts in the 2004 sexual assault against Andrea Constand.

He is due to be sentenced in three months … but he has fired his entire high-profile legal team.

What is he thinking?

Bill Cosby still has three months to go before he is sentenced for all three counts of aggrivated indecent assault of Andrea Constand.

He remains under house arrest until that time.

It is quite the surprise to learn that he has dismissed his press-friendly attorney, Tom Mesereau, whom he brought on board to defend him in 2017.

Mesereau is famous for having defended Michael Jackson, but his courtroom strategy wasn’t enough to hoodwink the jury.

Perhaps Cosby is unwilling to continue paying the man who failed to get him an acquittal.

Cosby isn’t going to represent himself at his two-day sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for September 24-25.

He has instead hired Pennsylvania attorney Joseph P. Green Jr. to fulfill that role.

Green is an established lawyer, but not nearly as high-profile as Cosby’s previous representation.

It may be that Cosby simply wants an attorney but is no longer willing to shell out big bucks for high priced representation for another three months — not if he doesn’t believe that it will change anything at his sentencing.

Some have wondered if he may be hoping that, by acquiring a new attorney, the date of his sentencing hearing might be pushed back.

Cosby is 80 years old, and will be 81 after his July 12 birthday.

Some wonder if, comfortable while under house arrest, he is pushing to delay his incarceration as long as possible.

As we said, some find this move surprising, but it is actually consistent with Cosby’s recent history with attorneys.

In July of 2017, Cosby’s jury deadlocked the first time around.

After that mistrial was declared, Cosby fired his attorneys Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa in order to hire Mesereau.

As a result, his new trial date was pushed back from the autumn of 2017 to the spring of 2018.

The #MeToo movement began later in 2017, making millions of people more aware that yes, sometimes the people who seem nice on camera are actually sex monsters who’ve gotten away with it all for years.

In fact, potential jurors had months to soak in story after story about famous, seemingly charming men who terrorized women and used their wealth and influence to cover it up.

In light of that, many wonder if Cosby wishes that his second trial had been much, much earlier.

But this new shift in his legal representation might might that he ends up pushing his sentencing another few months. Perhaps all of the way to 2019.

It is difficult to tell if this is part of a legal strategy, though.

McMonagle and Agrusa themselves had replaced his previous attorney, Marty Singer, in 2015.

Maybe Cosby is just being grouchy or quickly grows dissatisfied with his attorneys.

It is very difficult to tell what exactly is going on in that man’s mind right now.

Aside from, one assumes, fear.

Some rumors suggest that Cosby may need another attorney for a very different courtroom in the near future.

Is Camille Cosby planning to divorce him?

In public, his wife says that his conviction was “mob justice” and somehow the fault of racism.

12 jurors of his peers doesn’t sound much like “mob justice” to us.

And if racism was at play behind that guilty verdict, then why didn’t the jury in 2017 convict?

But if she is privately planning to leave him, he could find himself facing off in two court battles at the same time.

Would he retain a divorce attorney for any longer than he holds onto defense attorneys?

Who knows, with that guy.


Raccoon Scales Skyscraper, Keeps Entire Internet on Edge

The MPR Raccoon is safe!

We repeat: The MPR Raccoon is safe!

As anyone with an Internet connection knows, it was a tense night on Tuesday for those who tracked the unexpected actions of this creature, who sky-rocketed to viral fame thanks to a climb we're guessing he really wanted to make.

The animal was discovered by employees at Minnesota Public Radio (hence the hashtag "#MPRraccoon"), whose building sits next to the 23-story office tower in St. Paul that this raccoon decided to scale after he got scared by a window cleaner.

Climbing higher and higher, the critter apparently realized after awhile that he couldn't simply jump down without risking life and limb…

… so he simply kept going.

My picture from the 13th floor around noon. Hope he makes it down OK! #mprraccoon, read the caption to this amazing photo.

When maintenance workers attempted to coax the raccoon down, he became frightened and scampered so far up the skyscraper that he was out of reach of any human helper.

At various points, the raccoon stopped for a break, sitting on ledges directly outside the windows of various workers and Twitter users.

To wit:

"He is on the ledge on our floor," explains the above individual, who snapped a rather adorable photo of the animal and added:

"He seems to be doing well. We’ve been told that the building has live traps on the roof and are trying to get him to go up there. We all just have to keep our fingers crossed.. #mprraccoon."

Indeed, an entire World Wide Web crossed its collective fingers, unsure how this saga would end, not especially anxious to see a raccoon plummet to his death off the side of a tall building.

(It's here where we must acknowledge the power of a cute face. Because, let's face it, raccoons aren't exactly the most cuddly creatures around.)

Local television station KARE11 in Minnesota started streaming the raccoon’s movements on Tuesday evening, while MPR was constantly updating its story throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook.

The story even reached national levels of attention with a segment on Good Morning America, which we've included below.

So… did MPR Raccoon reach the roof and the live trap set there with cat food safely?


The animal will soon be released into the wild and we'll be forced to scour New York City for the next milkshake squirrel in order to track down the next four-legged Internet sensation.

Check out footage of this wayward raccoon below!

Mpr raccoon scales skyscraper keeps entire internet on edge