Angelina Jolie & Justin Theroux: Planning An Epic Revenge Bang?!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have called it quits after two and a half years of marriage.

Based on accounts from those who knew the couple best, Justin broke up with Jen, and the decision was primarily the result of lifestyle differences.

(Justin loved Manhattan; Jen was a lifelong California girl; neither wanted to relocate permanently. Seems like the sort of thing they should’ve worked out before getting hitched, but we digress.)

Anyway, despite – or perhaps because of – the seemingly dull cause of the split, the rumor mill has been running wild with reports that Aniston is planning to get back together with Brad Pitt.

As far as we can tell, those claims are entirely baseless, and of course, the internet is deeply bummed about about it.

Maybe that’s why we’re suddenly hearing rumors about a different sort of rebound hookup:

It’s been almost two years since Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up, and news about Angie’s love life has been scarce to non-existent,

There are those who think that’s because she was biding her time, Maleficent-style, waiting for a hookup that would devastate her rivals and cement her place as the queen badass of Hollywood.

Okay, maybe no one really thought that, but an anonymous source tells Hollywood Life that Angie has her eyes on Justin.

“Angelina is interested in working with Justin Theroux, she actually put feelers out before he and Jennifer’s split,” the source claims.

“Apparently she’s a big fan of The Leftovers. When Justin and Jennifer were together no one expected it to happen, but now that they’ve split the chances of him saying yes to Angelina are way up.”

Oh, man. The appropriateness of Angie scooping up Jen’s sloppy seconds because she loves The Leftovers is simply too much to bear.

Anyway, the source adds that the interest is mutual, and we may see Jolie and Theroux working together very soon:

“Justin’s a very ambitious guy and his star is on the rise,” says the insider.

“Doing a project with Angelina could really take him to the next level.”

Obviously, the situation is not without potential complications:

“Of course it would really hurt Jennifer, so that may be a deterrent for him, but it’s certainly going to be tempting for him,” the source adds.

Yeah, we suppose the possibility of having one’s genitals fed to a pack of starved hyenas would be a deterrent for anyone.

Nothing against Justin, but we’re hoping it happens just so Jen can drop a sick Bond villain line like, “There will be no … leftovers.”


Kendall Jenner SLAMS Scott Disick and Sofia Richie in Epic Instagram Post!

Kendall Jenner is usually the chillest member of the family, right?

Like she’s not out there having meltdowns on social media, she rarely shares nude photos.

In the Kardashian/Jenner clan, she’s practically a nun.

But every now and then, our dear Kenny will break out with some unexpected personality — some sass, or a little bit of humor, that sort of thing.

And boy, she sure did bust a gem out right here!

See, Scott Disick took his girlfriend, 19-year-old Sofia Richie, out to dinner last night, and he actually brought his kids along, too.

It’s a little surprising that he would take that huge step, but a witness spoke to People about it and explained that it was “a short dinner” and that Scott and Sofia “were not affectionate.”

“Sofia acted like Scott’s friend and you could tell she was trying a gentle approach to get his kids’ approval,” the source added.

So that’s good, right? It would be a little inappropriate if Scott just sprung everything on the kids at once — especially since there’s only an 11 year age difference between Sofia and his oldest kid.

But that happened, and a Scott Disick fan page posted a paparazzi image of the whole gang in the car together.

All pretty normal stuff, right?

But Kendall happened to see the photo, and she took the time to comment on it.

What did she write?

“Awww Scott and his kids,” that’s what she wrote. Oh, along with a laughing emoji.

… Yeah, she did that.

It was a weird move, honestly. How did she come across the fan page in the first place? Was she searching Scott or Sofia’s tags? Was she that desperate to find a way to be petty?

It’s hard to say what exactly her motivation was, but it happened, she went through with it, and we can never go back to a time when we haven’t seen this supremely catty side of Kendall.

This is kind of a monumental moment, honestly.

Some people were totally here for this, calling Kendall things like “savage queen” and “queen of shade.”

Those people applauded her pettiness, and her willingness to stand up for Kourtney and call out Scott for his questionable choices in girlfriends.

But many, many more people were not amused.

“Girl u need to look at your own family before attacking your sisters ex and your best friends friends lmao,” one person wrote.

Another told her to “stay in ur lane and leave Sofia alone that’s disrespectful so i hope when kourtney n younes go out with the kids u can say kourtney n her kids! Smh.”

Because remember, it’s not like Scott is the only one in this whole group who’s been in relationships with large age gaps.

Kris Jenner’s boyfriend is almost half her age, and Kendall apparently didn’t have much to say when Kylie was acting like a stepmother to Tyga’s son when she was only 17 years old.

And, like that one person pointed out, if she’s going to say these things about Scott and Sofia, then she should probably say them about Kourtney and her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, as well.

Younes is older than Sofia, but Kourtney was older than Scott, too — there’s the exact same age difference between Kourtney and Younes and Scott and Sofia.

That’s why several people are calling her a hypocrite for this, and really, that’s pretty accurate.

Like, at least Sofia was legally an adult when Scott got with her. We can’t say the same for Kylie and Tyga.

What do you think? Are you loving this sassy side of Kendall?


Briana DeJesus SLAMS Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin in Epic Twitter Rant!

At this point, it feels pretty safe to say that Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are mortal enemies, right?

And what a blessing that is to all of our trashy Teen Mom-loving hearts.

Ever since Briana began dating Javi Marroquin, things have been super tense between these two ladies.

They’ve taken turns being unnecessarily catty towards each other, and it’s been greatly entertaining for us all.

But today, Briana went off on Kailyn and Javi on Twitter. Hard.

And it’s not so much entertaining as it is bizarre … and just a little bit embarrassing.

To give a quick bit of background, it seems like Briana is upset because of things that were said when Javi went on Kailyn’s podcast earlier this week.

Which is odd, because while they did mention Briana, it’s not like they trashed her or anything.

Javi actually defended her, saying that she’s a good person and that she’s different than she seems on the show.

Kailyn didn’t even go too hard on her — she just explained that they’d never get along because some of the things she’s said to her in the past, and because she was disrespectful to her.

But still, Briana got pretty heated about the whole thing. Heated enough to make approximately a billion tweets about the matter.

“Since I have some downtime from actually working…let me spill some tea for you guys,” she began.

“I will never ever come out my face just because…I will never come out of character just because…… so let’s get that out of the way…”

She then explained that “Once I am provoked you have given me all rights to get out of character.”

And apparently Kailyn has given her those rights.

“Now once I get out of character and you can’t seem to handle the lash…. dont act like the victim because you were the one who made the issue what it is. I am not the one.”

She didn’t direct all of this at Kailyn, but come on, we all know who’s she talking about here. It’s not exactly a mystery.

“I’ll say suck my dick whenever I want to whoever I want and if you can not handle it ….. Don’t provoke me,” she continued — remember, Kailyn complained during the podcast that Briana had instructed her to do so.

“Don’t sit 15 feet away from me and talk sh-t indirectly cause I’ll approach u just like I did and do go crying in ur dressing room cause u couldn’t handle my mouth,” Briana wrote.

About Javi, she said “Don’t allow someone to disrespect me and think its all gravy mother of ur child or not.”

“I am not the common denominator as to why yall fail to co parent so dont ever use my name in that matter again.”

“And you are right,” she added, “I’ll never say sorry cause I am not the one who started all this mess.”

“You use ur kids as pawns and that is not my fault but ur own selfish reasoning’s.”

That’s a lot to unpack, right?

But Briana isn’t even close to being done yet.

She claimed that “strings were never cut” between Kailyn and Javi, “and once she felt like she couldn’t control him any longer she used me as the problem and I am not the problem.”

“Don’t ever tell me im being shady when u ran to ur ex as soon as u had an opportunity for urself. Learn how to be alone for once,” she wrote, obviously towards Kailyn.

“Don’t send me emails and voicemails saying sorry cause I don’t care for that f-ck sh-t. I am always brought up into a convo and I just don’t understand why cause I don’t talk to anyone about u.’

She then advised Kail to “Keep that same energy that u have cause we are bound to see each other again and don’t send ur friend into my dressing room again tryna pop off……”

Hilariously, Jenelle Evans responded to the first part of that tweet, saying “I’ll be right behind u. #BestBelieve.”

At least now we know that the next Teen Mom 2 reunion show is going to be incredible, huh?

Meanwhile, back on Briana’s Twitter — there are seriously just so, so many tweets — she accused Javi of being fake because he was being wishy-washy about her on Kailyn’s podcast while telling her in texts that he wants to marry her.

Let’s see … she also wrote “U hop on another mans dick but still dont wanna let go of the old one…. u cant have ur cake and eat it to.”

She said that she and Kailyn were never really friends, that she used to text her but when she started talking to Javi, Kailyn changed her mind about her, which seems fair?

She also adorably wrote that “I look like the crazy one now but just remember I tried to keep it off social media.”

“I can go on forever” — and she very nearly did — “but I guess we will see when that Reunion time comes up and dont walk away like last time.”


“Attention seeking ass people lol,” she finished, apparently without irony. “I am done.”

And after that, she deleted her entire Twitter account.

What a wild right Briana took us on today … but unfortunately, she was correct in one of her many, many tweets.

She does look like the crazy one.


Amber Portwood SLAMS Gary Shirley and MTV in Epic Rant!

Amber Portwood is going through a lot right now.

A whole, whole lot.

She's pregnant, and those hormones are never easy on anyone, but on top of that situation, she's also unable to take her usual medications for her mental illnesses.

Throw in the fact that she's on a reality show, and also the fact that she was still dealing with her breakup with Matt Baier when she met, began dating, and got impregnated by Andrew Glennon …

It's a lot, OK?

So it makes sense that all those different emotions would bubble up and explode sometime … and that time was yesterday.

The place of the explosion? Twitter.

The results? Well, you'll just have to see.

1. Bad Times

Amber portwood in good light
On this season of Teen Mom OG, we’re learning what a toll Amber’s breakup with Matt really took on her. It has not been pretty.

2. Oh, Amber …

Matt baier and amber pic
Amber has said that after the breakup, she fell into a deep depression, and that things were so bad that she was only able to see her daughter, Leah, twice during her entire summer vacation.

3. Um

Andrew glennon selfie
She managed to find plenty of time to get into a relationship with Andrew and to become pregnant, but sure, the depression kept her away from Leah. All right.

4. More Drama

Gary shirley at 2017 vmas
On the most recent episode of the show, Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina, discussed the situation. It wasn’t a disrespectful conversation — they just talked about Andrew’s sketchy past, and Kristina revealed that they’d told Leah that her mother hadn’t been around because of her depression.

5. Real Talk with Leah

Amber portwood with leah shirley
But at one point in the episode, Leah asked Kristina “If she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?” From the mouths of babes, right?

6. Rewind

Amber portwood takes a selfie
OK, so all of that, plus Amber’s pregnancy reveal, happened on the episode. But you know how the cast members get to preview the episodes just before they air? It seems like Amber got to see everything just a few hours before we did — and she was not pleased with what she saw.

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