‘Modern Family” Kills off Significant Character on Halloween Episode

“Modern Family” fans wondering who the “significant” character was to be killed off this season finally had their question answered Wednesday night. SPOILER AHEAD!!! The ABC sitcom’s co-creator Christopher Lloyd revealed one of the series’ familiar…


Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Short and Sweet

The Pretty Little Mamas have been getting their fair share of hate online ever since the series debuted last week. 

But things took a crazy turn on Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 2 when this Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom mash-up threw some Mean Girls into the mix. 

If you watch Pretty Little Mamas online, you know that the series premiere concluded with a blowout fight between Nikki and Nicole after the former brought some uninvited guests to a party. 

Nikki, who was still upset at the way Nicole treated her and her friends, dropped the bomb that there were a bunch of “burn book” websites that dragged Nicole through the mud. 

The person who told Nikki all about it was Nicole’s cousin. What happened to family first? That thought seemed to be lost on the cousin who told Nikki that Nicole’s father managed to get most of the websites shut down. 

There was still one site floating around the internet, and it did not exactly paint Queen B Nicole in the best light. 

Nikki took this news to Cheyenne, who subsequently took the news to Nicole. Nikki wanted to be the one to tell Nicole, presumably to try and get back in her good books. 

But for Nicole, this was yet another heinous act from Nikki. Nicole felt like Nikki was trying to sabotage her by not telling her about the website first. 

Nicole went on to say that Nikki was just as bad as the person who wrote the website. The reason? Because Nikki should have told her about it. 


Nicole is just one of those reality stars who thinks everything is about her. She’s the Kristin Cavallari of this narrative. 

When Nikki finally got to meet up with Nicole, she seemed ecstatic to get to tell the Queen B everything. Oh yes, Nikki had no idea Cheyenne already told their friend about it. 

What followed was the verbal beat down of Nikki. This tame reality series graduated into the big leagues with Nicole yelling at Nikki about being trash for not going to her first. 

All poor Nikki could do was sit down and accept the fact that she was never going to be part of this mean girl’s clique ever again. 

The final few minutes were some of the craziest to hit reality TV in quite some time, but the true test will be whether the series can maintain the momentum. 

We are so in if Nikki goes on a plan to knock Nicole off her pedestal. 

Aside from that, there’s not much to like about this series. The stars desperately trying to ramp up the action for the cameras. 

It feels forced, awkward and scripted all at the same time. 

What are your thoughts on this show?

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Pretty Little Mamas continues Thursday on MTV.


The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 22 Recap: Bethenny Frankel vs. Carole Radziwill

It was the end of the line for Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 22, as the two women admitted it was time to move on. 

Radziwill was quick to reveal that Bethenny’s harsh comments about her in the confessionals were too hurtful to move on from. 

“The season made it over for me,” she told Frankel on Wednesday’s finale.

“When you watch the confessional interviews, I’m seeing what you said about me. About not having a job, not having a husband…”

“I didn’t understand until I watched the show and I realized I was really, really trying to salvage our friendship and you didn’t seem that interested,” Radziwill continued. 

“And I only can imagine because you knew what you had said at all those confessional interviews.”

“I was trying all season to come back from this,” Radziwill said of Bethenny’s comments. 

“At the end, I was like, ‘Thank god we’re done with this season. Thank god we can go back. We can just regroup.’ And then I started watching the show…”

All of the above suggests that Radzwill was on board for another season of the Bravo hit, but it looks like things changed once she watched the season back. 

Bethenny’s comments “made me sad but also angry,” the departing cast member said.

For Frankel, Radziwill was just as bad what with her blog post and Instagram live to bash Bethenny. 

“The season would not have made it over,” Frankel said. “The bashing with the blogs and the bashing with a friend made it over. … It was really mean.”

Bethenny continued to claim that Carole had changed and that was the reason for the dunking of their relationship. 

“You’ve changed too,” Radziwill fired back. “You’ve become catty and gossipy. I didn’t change.

With this being Radziwill’s final episode, she did open up about her biggest regret: Not patching things up with Frankel. 

“My regret was that Bethenny and I could never get to a place where… I thought maybe by the end of the season we would be speaking and then reconnect,” Radziwill said.

“Because that friendship was important to me. And that never happened.” “I wish that we had had some kind of conversation so we could have put it into context,” she added.

“It was just hard. I tried. That’s my regret, that I failed.”

At the top of the episode, Carole got into it with Andy. He was furious that she said he was “full of shit.” 

Andy has the power to hire and fire on this franchise, so he was likely shocked at the way she spoke to him. 

Carole claimed Andy was scared of Bethenny Frankel, to which he replied:

“Yeah, I’m scared of her.”

It was ridiculous, but the most telling moment was Andy asking Carole about her regret from the season.

“Is yours telling me I’m full of shit?” he said with a serious look on his face. 

Could this be the REAL reason Carole is out of the series? 

As for the way this reunion concluded?

Tears. Lots of tears. 

Bethenny turned to look at Dorinda upon being asked what her biggest regret is, and said the following. 

“My biggest regret of the season is if I did say, ‘a drunk’ — because you and I heard it the same way when we saw it on TV — but if I called you ‘a drunk,’ I regret saying that to you on television.”

“Thank you, Bethenny,” Dorinda replied while crying. “That actually means a lot.”

“But I will say for the record, in the moment, we both heard it: ‘You’re drunk,'” Bethenny added. “But anyway, I own what was on the show, and that’s fine, and that’s my regret.”

“Um, I think — that actually means a lot to me,” Dorinda said, pointing at Bethenny. 

“It’s so stupid — it’s at the end of the show,” Dorinda continued, before meeting Bethenny for a hug. “It means the world to me.”

“I tried to be as compassionate as I could while I was there,” Bethenny replied. “And I saw it, and I was like, ‘Oof,’ you know? I really did.”

Dorinda then admitted she could not answer, and Andy moved on to Tinsley. 

She admitted that she was mad at herself for shouting “Shut your mouth and shut your f–king legs!” at Sonja. 

Sonja claimed she also regretted “opening that wound” with Tinsley. 

And that’s another season in the can!

What do you think of the conclusion?

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Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: There’s No C In Disease

In some ways, Kortni Gilson would make a great mother. 

But making a child with the loser that is Logan Fairbanks would probably result in her early exit from the Floribama Shore house. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that Logan has been the definition of stage five clinger ever since he was revealed to be Kortni’s boyfriend. 

Shortly after Floribama Shore Season 2 got underway, we learned that he had been reprimanded for stalking Kortni and her castmates. 

Well, things only got worse from there, and the MTV reality series is covering all of that right about now. 

Before Kortni made her way to the doctor, her mother showed up at the house to check in with her daughter. 

In a truly bizarre scene, she said that if Logan were to cause any problems for her daughter, he would be chained up at the farm. 

She then said that the grizzly bears would lay waste to him. Yes, really. But this mother must be worried sick by Logan’s actions. 

When Kortni was out for some fun with her roomies, Logan showed up. He’s like that shark that appears when you least expect it. 

Kortni returned from the doctor with some news that was either good or bad, depending on whose side you are on.

After revealing to her friends that she would be taking on a healthier diet as opposed to drinking herself into oblivion like the Kortni we’ve watched on TV since the show debuted. 

She followed this up with a stunning bombshell:

She’s pregnant! 

As the shock started to set in, Candace was first to say that Kortni will make a great mother. 

But then Aimee noticed the look on Nilsa’s face, and it said it all. Kortni then confirmed she was pulling a prank and that she learned she was most definitely not with child. 


But this gave Kortni the drive to make things right with Candace. The pair has been bickering ever since Kortni failed to help Candace when she was arguing with Gus and Jeremiah. 

The two bonded over some Irish Car Bombs. From what we can find online, it’s an alcoholic drink that includes Guinness and Irish Cream. 

While the pregnancy plot is over, Logan is likely going to continue terrorizing this close-knit group of friends. 

Nilsa flat out refused to allow him to speak to Kortni when he called the house, leading to her uttering the following:

“Quit calling, you are not welcome here,” Nilsa screeched down the phone at him. 

Will this be enough to keep this shark at bay? 

In any case, Jeremiah was happy to offer to punch Logan if he persists in pursuing Kortni. 

The others in the house figured this meant there was a connection between the two that was not just platonic. 

A drunken Kortni seemingly admitted that if Jeremiah liked her in that way, then she would be happy to go there. 


Can you imagine the way Logan would react if they went there? 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.  


Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Let’s Pretend

MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas debuted Thursday night, and it was filled with everything you would expect from a show that wants to be Pretty Little Liars meets Teen Mom. 

Nicole is the lead of the clique. She’s 24-years old, unlucky in love and a mother of one daughter. She has a new boyfriend Michael, but in true reality TV show fashion, their relationship is not all that. 

Nikki is 24-years-old, new to San Diego, and that means she’s new to Nicole’s group of friends. Nikki is a model who seems to be using the show to raise her profile. 

While that’s not a bad thing, she seems poised to be the person to cause the most drama. She’s still in a relationship with the father of her child, so there’s that. 

Then there’s Alyssa. She’s 25-years-old, and training to be a nurse. Her backstory seemed full of roses until we learned that her mother was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Cheyenne is a 24-year-old mother of two. She’s married, has aspirations of moving out of her father’s home. Will Pretty Little Mamas be a hit and allow her to do so?

Chandlar was friends with the ladies back in high school, but Nicole told her that her boyfriend, Aaron sucked, and she needed to get rid of him. 

For Chandlar, this was a stab in the back, but it seems she’s warmed to the idea of ousting Aaron, the father of her daughter because he has a drug problem. 

Heavily pregnant, Chandlar visited the memorial of the group’s friend, Bree, who was murdered six years before. It was a surprising piece of information. 

The scene with the ladies meeting up at the memorial looked a little too staged to take seriously. It served as a mere way to have them all together in one scene. 

They all seemed to reconnect because they were reminiscing about the past, and while Chandlar knew she messed up by choosing Aaron over her friends. 

Nicole struggled to see why the ladies would welcome Chandlar back into their lives after everything, but we never got to see much more than that. 

The next big event was Nicole’s summer party, and she flipped the eff out because Nikki brought her friends with her. 

This was a big no-no for Nicole, who rounded up the girls to start hurling insults at both Nikki and the girls. 

What’s more one of the girls said that she was sure she matched with Nicole’s boyfriend on a dating app. 

Nikki was happy to take this news to Nicole who decided it was time for Nikki and her horrible friends to make their exit. 

The sad thing is that some of these women seem nice, but when they’re this catty, it makes them look like they’re playing it all up for the cameras. 

What are your thoughts on it the series premiere?

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Pretty Little Mamas continues Thursdays on MTV at 9/8c.


The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 21 Recap: The Truth About the Countess

The ladies continued to battle it out on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 21, and as is always the case with these ladies, it was filled with crazy moments. 

From Dorinda Medley’s drinking to Luann’s drinking, it made for one of the most bizarre outings of this reality series yet, and we loved every single second of it. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you know that Dorinda has been all over the place of late. 

With various outbursts and downright sucky behavior, her co-stars have wondered whether she’s been drinking. 

While she denied that she was drunk all season long, she did admit that she realized last fall there was an issue with her drinking. 

What’s more, she is now attending therapy every two weeks to keep herself in line. Andy wasted no time in playing back the clip of Dorinda going at it with Luann de Lesseps in Cartegena. 

That little outburst was crazy and proved there was something wrong, but Dorinda seemed to think she was sober at that point. 

Her co-stars thought otherwise, but Ramona did come to her defense. Ramona argued that someone who was fresh out of rehab had no right to comment on whether someone else was drunk. 

But Dorinda was still mad and wanted the countess to give her the apology she supposedly deserved. 

A fan even went as far as asking Dorinda whether she needed help, and her response was pretty telling. 

She said she hadn’t been arrested, so she was good until that point. Makes sense, we guess. 

“Luann hit a bottom,” Bethenny said.

“Some would argue that saying to your friend who just got out of rehab is an ex-Countess felon might be a bottom.”

“I disagree,” Dorinda replied. “Next question. Andy.”

Bethenny said that Dorinda should not expect an apology from Luann because, well, Luann is in a dark place. 

But that didn’t sit well with Dorinda, who felt like she tried and tried to make things right with Luann. 

The conversation quickly turned to Luann’s drinking, and the ladies opened up about their thoughts on that as well as her second visit to rehab.

“She had taken a bit of a turn, and I think the recent situation with her family certainly didn’t help the matter,” Bethenny said, referring to the lawsuit filed against her. 

That lawsuit we’re talking about here involved her allegedly being told to set up a trust fund for her children when she sold her house, which she apparently didn’t do. 

“The straw that broke the camel’s back and pushed her over the edge,” said Ramona. 

“Now I can bring it up because of everything,” Ramona said, “but in Mexico, I told her things that I knew for a fact about Tom, and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God. Oh, my God. If Noel knew. Don’t tell anybody because if Noel knew, he’d die!’ I go, ‘I’m not gonna tell anybody, but you need to know this and deal with it and figure it out.'”

“You told her this off camera,” Andy questioned, and Ramona replied, “Yeah, in Mexico, before she fell. That’s why she fell.”

“Well, she had also had 18 tequilas,” Andy added. 

The housewives then detailed that Luann had been drinking on multiple occasions after the trip. 

Hell, even Bethenny who had been defending her all this time admitted as much. 

“I would say that she did not come to [the decision to enter rehab] entirely on her own,” she said.

“There were a few people there, and it was the right thing to do. It was a very, very emotional and crazy weekend.”

While drinking was the main topic of the conversation, we still got to hear more about the feud between Bethenny and Carole. 

Bethenny argued that Carole was the one who switched things up and left her out in the cold. Bethenny even said that she rarey got answers to messages and when she did, they were on word responses. 

That’s when Carole opened up about her thoughts. The issue allegedly stemmed from Bethenny trashing Adam, the younger man who asked to be compensated for charity work. 

Bethenny brought out her go-to response and dragged Carole for having no job. The two then compared messages, and they were equally as horrid to each other. 

It ended with nothing in the way of conclusion for them, and that’s because the final part airs next Wednesday on Bravo. 


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Is Kortni Gilson Pregnant?

Floribama Shore took viewers on a wild ride this week. 

Kortni Gilson, one of this MTV show’s leading ladies got the shock of her life when she tried to book an appointment with her OB-GYN after questioning whether she had something going on downstairs. 

She was told to conduct a pregnancy test because, well, she’d been having lots of unprotected sex with her scary boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks. 

Thankfully, Nilsa was on hand with one for her. That’s when thing took a crazy turn: There was a faint blue line on the stick. 

For those who are not familiar with pregnancy tests, that means there’s a chance someone could be pregnant. In this case, it was Kortni, and she did not know how to react. 

The next step was to visit the doctor to find out whether she had a little Floribama bun in her oven, but she had to wait several days for the appointment. 

Totally dramatic, right?

Nilsa was quick to point out that they should keep it to themselves because, well, even when you’re pregnant, it’s the rule of thumb to keep things on the down-low until three months have passed. 

With eager producers who are thirsty for all the drama, Kortni wasted no time in telling her fellow roomies about her dire situation. 

Aimee took it well but wanted her friend to use condoms in the future. Kortni did not seem too enthused about that thought but later confirmed that she had a miscarriage before and was worried about the prospect of the same thing happening again. 

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Kortni’s boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Logan is not father material and has been reprimanded on multiple occasions for stalking

Thanks to reality TV being filmed months in advance, we’re only just getting to the stalker drama, and boy, Logan is deluded. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he’s made several comments about Kortni’s roommates being around when he is, threatened to fly off the handle, and just generally been a sucky person. 

It all came to a head on this installment thanks to Kortni going out and not drinking with him. Every single time he begs for attention, he does it in such an extra way that it bugs Kortni. 

It got so bad that Kortni had to flee a nightclub and head home with her friends to escape his clutches. 

Once home, she conveniently started doing more pregnancy tests as she awaited her appointment, but her own personal stage five clinger showed up as she was waving the pregnancy tests around. 

Jeremiah decided he would stand next to the room the pair were bickering because he was ready to rearrange Logan’s face. 

Logan flew off the handle and exited the house because everyone knew he was acting out of the ordinary. However, the episode closed with him waiting outside, potentially to go in for another go at it. 


Meanwhile, Kortni brought Aimee to the doctor and found out that the latter had contract bronchitis. That was enough for Aimee to get her own private house, three doors down to recuperate. 

It showed a different side to Kortni, who has punched holes in walls, threatened to beat people up and yelled at people all season long. 

Then there was Candace, and her boyfriend Gaytor, who continued to fight about all the phone calls the former was getting from dudes. 

They managed to brush it under the rug while sipping on mimosas for breakfast. That’s a positive, we guess. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments. 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.


The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 7 Recap: She Said/She Said

It was a tale of two best friends duking it out on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 7, and no, we’re not talking about Kelly Dodd and the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson. 

In a surprising turn of events, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge came to blows during a fun-filled day of golf that quickly concluded with them in a bitter war of words. 

It all started because Tamra wondered why her supposed BFF was not sharing her health and fitness journey with her. 

“I wish Shannon would talk to me,” Tamra said to her mother. 

“It actually makes me mad. She sees the healthy lifestyle that we live. Instead, I’m going with her to pick out gym equipment, and she’s hiring some trainer.”

“We have trainers – we have one who can come to your house if you want. I just wish that she would trust me.”

“I take a lot with Shannon,” she continued. 

“There’s a lot of dumping on me and telling me what’s going on and there’s a lot of negativity. I get off the phone, and I’m drained. She never asks, “How’s Eddie doing? What’s going on?” She never asks. She doesn’t care.”

Shannon has been so focused on her divorce settlement, and how to get back to being a happy person to move on with her life that it seems she’s neglecting her friend. 

We got to see her with her male trainer about how she wanted her stomach to “go in further than my boobs.” 

However, all of this was just a precursor to the main event, which took place on a golf course for Shannon’s birthday. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Emily Simpson’s husband, Shane went off on her co-star Gina Kirschenheiter and asked her to leave his house because she was too loud during a party. 

That reminded Beador of her time with David, and how her marriage fell apart, and she wasted no time in telling the ladies before the event how she felt. 

“When you were talking about that he was yelling or something, ‘get out of my house’ or whatever, I could see that happen in my marriage,” she previously told the ladies while Emily was not there. 

“I walked on eggshells around him because he would be upset if there was loud noise when the kids were trying to go to sleep,” she continued. 

In true reality TV fashion, the comments found their way to Emily, and she thought her co-stars were branding her husband “abusive.”

“It’s upsetting to me that Shannon has an opinion about my marriage,” Emily said during a confessional Wednesday night.

“First of all, don’t even compare the two. You’re divorced, and your relationship is tumultuous. My husband and I are together, and we have a great marriage. So when you make those comparisons, it pisses me off.”

Emily took Shannon to task during the birthday celebrations. 

“Gina and I had a conversation, and she said that you made a comment insinuating something about how you were concerned for my safety or there being abuse or something,” she said. 

“Don’t put words in my mouth, sweetie,” complained Shannon in a confessional after saying she “would never use that word.”

“The only thing you’ve ever told me about David is all these awful things,” Emily said.

“I said I walked on eggshells around him because he would be upset if there was loud noise when the kids were trying to go to sleep,” Shannon responded. 

It all seemed fine, and even Kelly helped them stop the bickering, but then the feud ignited when the ladies stopped for lunch. 

“Can I ask you all a question?” Shannon asked. “Who put the word ‘abuse’ with ‘Shannon Beador’? Because I never said it.”

Emily looked directly at Gina. 

“You said, ‘Well, I think Shannon made some insinuation that maybe she was worried about you because you were in an abusive relationship.'”

“I never said that,” Gina fired back.

“That night after you left, the situation got brought up again. I felt like, as your friend, I should tell you what was going on. What I told her was that you felt like it was something that David would have done to you, and you were concerned about it.”

Gina then said that Shannon was “projecting her own shit” onto Emily, and that’s when Vicki stepped in because she wanted to know whether Emily was lying. 

Emily was furious but adamant that she did not add words to it. Gina and Emily were smart and knew to leave the situation. 

Shannon put Tamra on blast, saying that she brought the whole thing up. 

“Oh, don’t even f–king blame it on me, Shannon Beador! You said what you said!” Tamra wailed. 

“Tamra, I am not accusing you of anything,” Shannon responded. 

“You just did,” Tamra fired back. “When someone attacks your husband, it’s hurtful!”

Before we knew it, the birthday girl had run off, and Tamra was annoyed. 

“This is so typical of Shannon, Tamra continued. “Shannon’s really good at making situations about her. Too bad.”

Yeah, looks like these two are well and truly not friends!

What are your thoughts on the latest big fight?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Mondays on Bravo.