The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: The Great Escape

Amunet continued to cause some trouble on The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 as she made her decision about Barry and the other metahumans holed up inside Iron Heights. 

When the episode got underway, Cecile still had mind-reading abilities as a result of recent events and heard all about the warden’s plan to get rid of the metahumans and make a quick buck. 

Thanks to Cisco, Ralph learned that he was able to shape-shift into anybody, but involved a whole lot of concentration. This gave Team Flash the leverage they needed to try and get something done about Barry. 

Ralph tried to bring the deal between the warden and Amunet to a grinding halt, but things took a wild turn, and his likeness to the warden started to waver. 

His failure only served to make Ralph question everything, and a chat with a former friend made him wonder whether leaving his life of crime behind was really the best foot forward. 

Back inside the prison, Barry managed to escape from his cell after things got a little too convenient for him. The warden then dished to the others that Barry is the Flash. 

While a debate ensued about who could really be trusted, DeVoe appeared and tried to take down everyone. However, he managed to take on the form of someone Barry grew close to. 

Poor Becky.

Cisco and Killer Frost made their way to the scene of the crime and attempted to get Barry out of jail once and for all, but the fastest man alive was not ready to leave the life behind bars. 

All was right, however, because Cecile went to the courthouse to appeal the ruling and she was greeted by none other than DeVoe. In reality, Ralph had taken on the appearance of the villain. 

The judge is blindsided, but there’s nothing else that can be done, and Barry is officially let out of his jail cell, but will it be for good?

Marlize was not impressed with the way things were going, and DeVoe took notice of it. He didn’t want anyone to ruin their plans, so he slipped some drugs into her drink. 

Yes, The Flash is trying to be a daytime soap opera, and we’re all for it. If it ups the ante, then who are we to judge? 

While Team Flash celebrated their small victory, Barry got thinking about what was going to come next from the villain because it all seemed a little too easy. 

The episode closed with Barry wondering if The Thinker is going to do something to Ralph. Worse than that, Ralph could have already been compromised. 

And so, the big win became a great paranoia for some of the characters. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Stephen Paddock Planned to Escape With Help From Accomplice, Police Say

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The death toll now stands at 59, with hundreds more injured in the attack.

Gunman Stephen Paddock took his own life before police reached his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, which means questions about his methods and motives will likely remain unanswered.

But while certain mysteries about Paddock and his crimes will never be solved, police investigations have unearthed several illuminating details about the 64-year-old professional gambler in the days since his terrifying attack on innocent concertgoers.

Certain details are being kept from the public in order to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation, but authorities have conducted multiple press briefings and their descriptions of Paddock paint a chilling portrait of a madman obsessed with taking lives.

“Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood,” said Las Vegas County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo in yesterday’s briefing.

Lombardo added that while friends and neighbors saw Paddock as a gregarious high-roller who enjoyed living the good life, he had in fact spent several years of his life plotting a massive terrorist attack.

According to Lombardo, Paddock “meticulously planned the worst domestic attack in United States history” over the course of several decades.

The Nevada resident reportedly stockpiled ammunition and weapons with an eye toward killing a large number of people.

Lombardo also confirmed a number of details about Paddock’s intentions that had previously been reported by various media outlets.

For starters, while Paddock eventually took his own life, it seems he had concocted an elaborate escape plan to evade police.

Lombardo did not go into detail on the escape strategy, but stated that Paddock planned to flee the scene the scene with help from an accomplice.

The sheriff adds that Paddock “would have had to be a superhero” to pull off his ludicrous escape.

Lombardo also confirms that Paddock had initially plotted to carry out his attack at the Life is Beautiful Festival, headlined by Lorde and Chance the Rapper back on September 22.

It is not clear why he changed to a different venue and event.

Lombardo concluded by saying there is little more he can say at this time, but that more information would be revealed at the appropriate time.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more details become available.


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Brianne Muller, Mom of 5, Dies After Fatal Car Jump to Escape Abusive Husband

Brianne Muller, just 33 years old, died this past week after head trauma when she jumped out of a moving vehicle operated by her husband, Michael Muller. 

Fox 59 reported that Muller ejected herself from the moving car on an interstate in Oklahoma to escape her abusive husband. 

Friends of Muller’s came forward after the news, and said that Muller’s husband, Michael has been “abusive for years.” 

The news station also reported that Michael Muller had varying domestic violence and child abuse charges against him, and was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant. 

Local authorities consider Brianne’s death “suspicious,” but have declined to state whether or not her husband would be charged. 

Several of Brianne’s friends came forward after her death to acknowledge that she was continuously victimized by her husband. 

A long-time friend of Brianne’s told the network that her friend “had a big heart,” and that she was “always smiling.”

“We were her family,” Samantha Searle continued. 

In a statement to the late Muller’s husband, Searle continued, “Whether she jumped from the car or you pushed her, she’s dead because of you.” 

The friend continued that the couple’s children considered their father’s abuse against their mother to be “normal.” 

“[Her] babies talk about how their daddy hurt their mommy, like it’s a normal part of life that’s supposed to happen,” Searle lamented. 

“I watched him smash her face against a wall, causing three of her teeth to loosen, and one to fall out.” 

“We concocted plan after plan after plan to get her and those kids out of [that] situation,” she continued. 

“I just wish there would have been some way to break her [away] from him,” another friend, Jennifer Morgan, added. 

“She told us lots of times she was going to die.” 

“She was afraid,” the friend admitted. 

A GoFundMe page was set up to defer funeral costs for Muller’s funeral. 

At this time, it’s reached over half its goal – $ 975 of the $ 1934 goal needed to meet the Muller’s final expenses. 

The page read, “Brianne was a mother of five, who died tragically at the young age of 33 after a head injury.”

“The family is not prepared to pay for a funeral, so we are depending on the kindness of others to help cover the costs to give her a proper burial,” the statement concluded. 

What a heartbreaking story, and if this SOB is in any way involved – which he is; as Muller’s friend said, it didn’t matter whether she jumped or he pushed her – he is, in some way, responsible for the death of his wife, and his children’s loss of their mother.