Transgender Model SLAMS Briana Renee, Estranged Husband as Totally Dysfunctional”

As previously detailed, Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer are getting a divorce.

News of this split comes as a surprise to exactly no one who has been following the private life of the Little Women: LA star and her mate.

But it’s an especially obvious and welcome development to a transgender model named Plastic Martyr.

(Editor’s Note: We somehow doubt this is her real name.)

In response to Renee confirming she is finally leaving Grundhoffer, following many months of contention as a result of the latter’s admitted infidelity, Martyr slammed the estranged couple when asked to comment by Radar Online.

“If this isn’t all done for most publicity – because they are delusional and attention-hungry – then I say bravo,” the 28-year old said.

She then exclaimed triumphantly:

“The most dysfunctional relationship is over!”

Martyr (pictured below) was actually featured on Little Woman: LA after Grundhoffer was caught sexting her

But whatever feelings Renee’s husband apparently had for the model are most definitely NOT reciprocated.

In this same Radar interview, she refers to Grundhoffer as a “cheating son of a bitch” who “fetishized” her with his disgusting messages.

While it may be clear that Renee and Grundhoffer were not meant to be, their divorce is still unfortunate for one very precious reason:

The stars are parents to a 16-month old son.

They each also have a child from previous relationships that they had been raising together, which explains why the two are actually still living in the same house.

While sleeping in separate bedrooms, Briana and Matt are trying to figure out how to best move ahead with their break-up without damaging these children. 

But Martyr doesn’t have any sympathy.

She says Renee “will do anything and step on anyone to get ahead.”

It’s unclear why she has such a harsh opinion of the short Lifetime star, but her connection with Grundhoffer goes back to July of 2016.

During that time, he sent the model naked photos and made sexual advances toward her via Insgtagram.

Shortly afterward, Plastic guest-starred on the reality show and got into a pretty heated argument with Tonya Banks.

It certainly sounds as if Renee and Grundhoffer are making the right decision in going their separate ways, but a friend of the couple doesn’t think the split will last.

This person tells Radar:

“She’ll back with him a week. She can’t stand to be alone.”


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Ariel Winter: Slut-Shamed by Estranged Mother for Instagram Photos!

Ariel Winter is one of the stars of Modern Family, but she's also known for her provocative photos in bikinis and other outfits that showcase her curvy body to its full effect.

A lot of people who have no business trying to control her body try to shame her over that, but no one seems more opinionated or less justified in trying to talk about Ariel's choices than her estranged and allegedly abusive mother, Crystal Workman.

Crystal Workman sat down for an interview where she spends as much time trying to shame her daughter from afar as she does trying to make people feel sorry for her.

Whether Ariel Winter is floating on a bikini as the world's yummiest pizza topping or giving Levi Meaden a huge butt-shaped birthday cake, Ariel Winter is celebrating her body and making her own choices.

And she also takes the time to continue her one-woman crusade against body-shaming.

(She's such a treasure, honestly)

Sure, some people give her a hard time for flaunting her curves.

But she's an adult, at 19. She could post topless photos if she wanted (on Twitter, not on Instagram) and it would be fine and completely her choice.

As it is, the photos that she shares are sometimes salacious but never involve actual nudity.

And sometimes her "racy" pics are just her wearing normal clothes that become more revealing thanks to her body's natural curves.

Regardless, this is what happens when a young woman who grew up having no choices is suddenly able to control her own image on her own terms.

A lot of the wank about "the selfie generation" and social media is just about women getting to tell their own stories, honestly.

Ariel's story wasn't always one of being a free adult who got to make her own choices.

Ariel was emancipated as a minor — an option that is sadly not available to everyone who grows up under those circumstances.

Ariel accuses her mother of physically abusing her, including slapping and pushing her, as well as of making a lot of cruel and controlling choices.

Recently, we've learned more details about Ariel Winter's escape from her abusive childhood.

Crystal Workman thrust Ariel into the entertainment business when she was only four years old.

Ariel's food was carefully restricted (to the point where Ariel had a tutor who would order extra food so that Ariel could sneak some).

Ariel has also described the way that her mother would have her dressed in almost absurdly skimpy outfits, even as a preteen, and attend late-night parties to mingle when she had early call times the next day.

Though Ariel is now taking classes at UCLA, her education was often neglected during her childhood, because she says that her mother put her career first.

It was, however, through one of her teachers that Ariel first reached out for help in escaping from her mother.

Ariel was successfully emancipated at 14, and her older sister was awarded custody.

Countless millions of abused children don't have the resources or good fortune to escape.

All of this add up to why it is so absurd that Crystal Workman has the gall to try to shame Ariel over how she dresses now.

Firstly, because Crystal Workman is said to have dressed Ariel like this as a child — where now Ariel is an adult and it's not inappropriate for her to wear short skirts or whatever else she likes.

Secondly, because Ariel accuses her mother of abuse, and abusers have no right to complain about anything.

But none of that gives Crystal Workman pause in going on Inside Edition and talking about how she hates the way that Ariel dresses, whether it's on the red carpet or on Instagram.

"I just want to see her have respect for herself and have some class."

Self-respect doesn't equal modesty. Modesty is a choice.

"I feel that Ariel is starving for attention. I feel this is a cry help from my child."

If Ariel Winter were "crying for help" (by having fun with her friends and taking photos), she still wouldn't be seeking help from Crystal Workman.

"That one in particular where her leg is raised and she is holding a martini glass, all I could do was cry and feel sorry for her."

Crystal claims that she feels sorry for Ariel, but it seems clear that Crystal is trying to milk audiences for undeserved sympathy.

Inside Edition then gives you a peak at the storage unit where Crystal lived after selling her house.

"I lived in a storage space. There was no heat, no air for over a year-and-a-half."

That's better than a prison cell, which is where a society that actually cares about child welfare would put abusers for the rest of their days.

She whines that Ariel and Ariel's sister didn't rush to her rescue.

"What was difficult was that my daughters knew I was living there."

There's nothing like an awful person's misery to put you in a good mood, you know?

But we wonder at Crystal Workman's motives.

Clearly, this nonsense isn't going to endear her to Ariel. Is she hoping that Ariel will get tired of getting badmouthed in the press and offer her mom some hush money?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself!








Ariel winter slut shamed by estranged mother for instagram photo

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