Jenelle Evans: Getting Rich Off Hurricane Florence Devastation?

As you've no doubt heard by now, Hurricane Florence thrashed the Carolina coast over the weekend, claiming several lives and leaving utter devastation in its path.

As you may have also heard, Jenelle Evans decided not to evacuate ahead of the storm, despite the fact that local authorities implored everyone in her community to relocate to safer territory.

Because she's responsible for three young children, Jenelle was rightly chastised for this decision on social media.

And because her Russian roulette-like gamble didn't result in any deaths or serious injuries, she's currently doing a victory lap on Instagram.

Of course, this is Jenelle we're talking about, so that victory lap involves fake guns and blatant lies.

See what we mean in the gallery below …

1. Hurricane Queen

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
She did it! Jenelle survived Hurricane Florence. So now, she can get back to doing what she does best — being obnoxious on social media.

2. That’ll Teach You to Be Compassionate!

Jenelle evans fake boobs
Jenelle went OFF on fans who dared to express their concerns for her family on social media. And now she’s out to prove that not only did she survive, she did it with flair.

3. Saint Jenelle

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, have taken to social media claiming that they’ve set about cleaning up their community and helping their neighbors.

4. All Talk?

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
The only problem is, for all of David and Jenelle’s talk about rescuing those in need, they don’t seem to have actually done anything of value.

5. The Realization

Jenelle evans gaze
Jenelle was lucky in that her area wasn’t hit terribly hard, but many in nearby towns experienced profound devastation.

6. Turns Out Hurricanes Are Serious

Turns out hurricanes are serious
Yes, eventually, even Jenelle came to realize that hurricanes are nothing to be trifled with. Ironically, she then began doling out safety tips, even though she had attacked others for doing the same just hours earlier.

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Jenelle Evans Responds to Uproar Over Hurricane Florence Tweets: You Haters Can All Suck It!

On Wednesday, Jenelle Evans tweeted about Hurricane Florence numerous times.

We can certainly see why the topic is at the forefront of her mind, as that's probably the case with just about every coastal Carolinian at the moment.

But Jenelle's tweets were different from those of the other folks offering live updates from her region.

While many expressed concerns, Jenelle posted rain-drenched bikini selfies.

While others detailed their evacuation plans, Jenelle announced her intention to stay put … along with her three young children.

Obviously, she took a lot of flak for downplaying this potentially deadly storm, but don't worry, today she offered a detailed explanation:

It seems those who criticized her were all just jealous haters who can suck it.

Jump into the gallery below for her full response, which is 100 percent, uncut classic Jenelle:


1. Jenell-fie

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
Jenelle kicked things off with this selfie. Many of her followers rightly felt that the lighthearted, exuberant tone of the pic didn’t jibe with the seriousness of the situation.

2. Get This Girl Off Twitter

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Jenelle was stunned by the negative reaction to her tweet, but instead of deleting it and offering up a sincere apology, she decided to make things much worse.

3. Mad Mom

Jenelle evans fake boobs
Jenelle, as you may know, is an angry person. Like, you’d have a hard time finding an angrier person who’s not currently behind bars for a violent crime. And she likes to let the hate flow through her on Twitter.

4. Jenelle Evans: Confused, As Always

Jenelle evans confused as always
Jenelle doesn’t understand. But to be fair, the girl’s not feigning ignorance. She genuinely doesn’t understand the situation.

5. Explain It Like She’s 5

Jenelle evans weird bikini pic
When many, many people attempted to make it clear to Jenelle that using an impending natural disaster to call attention to your thirst trap bikini pics is horrendously inappropriate, she got even more upset.

6. Still Missing the Point

Still missing the point
Jenelle can’t see how people could possibly view her bikini pics as obnoxiously narcissistic. And because this is Jenelle we’re talking about, she’s been getting angrier and angrier as the day goes on …

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Jenelle Evans to Hurricane Florence: Bring It On, Bish!

As you've no doubt heard by now, Hurricane Florence is due to make landfall early Friday morning.

Meteorologists expect the storm to hit the Carolinas at category 4 magnitude, bringing with it devastating storm surges and 140 MPH winds.

For obvious reasons, those living near the coast have been cautioned to evacuate.

Sadly, some are forced to stay put for medical or other reasons.

Then there are those who foolishly look at natural disasters as opportunities to put their badass survival skills to the test and inevitably end up begging for help from the same government organizations who implored them to head for safer territory.

Guess which category Jenelle Evans falls into.

Jump into the gallery below for the stirring saga that is Jenelle vs. Florence …

1. Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
Jenelle posted this photo as the Carolinas brace for Hurricane Florence. She captioned the pic “#NewProfilePic #HurricaneFlorence #PrayForNC #PrayForSC” Good to see she has her priorities straight,

2. Give Us the Prayers, Dude!

Pray for jenelle
Despite being wealthy and not having a full-time job, Jenelle Evans doesn’t want to take the basic steps to ensure her family’s safety. She does want you to pray for her, though.

3. Sympathy For the Devil

Jenelle tweets about flo
Yes, Jenelle won’t lift a finger to improve her situation, but she’s been posting tweets like this one to ensure her fans remain deeply worried about her well-being.

4. Be Concerned … But Not TOO Concerned

Jenelle has issues
Jenelle wants the best of both worlds. She wants the attention that comes with being in harm’s way, but if anyone advises her to save herself, she’s quick to assure them there’s no cause for alarm.

5. Jenelle-splaining

Jenelle is safe
When fans started to get serious and warn Jenelle to get the hell out of Dodge, she became irate, which is her response to literally every situation.

6. Angry Evans

Jenelle evans eye roll
“I do not live in the evacuation zone or a flood area,” Jenelle tweeted. “Not sure what county you think I live in.”

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Colin Evans: Brother of Jenelle Evans Accuses Father of Sexual Abuse

While Teen Mom 2 villain Jenelle Evans is making peace with Barbara, she’s still having plenty of conflicts.

In addition to feuding with other Teen Moms, she has also attracted the ire of her own brother, Colin Evans.

Colin is hitting back at claims she has made about him … and accusing their father of having sexually abused him for five years.

“She lies more than Donald trump,” Colin writes in a scathing post on Facebook.

In case there was any doubt, he makes it clear that he is talking about his sister by adding, in parentheses, “Jenelle Evans.”

In her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, she claims that Colin had developmental problems and that he once accidentally burned down their home.

“My entire house was not burnt down to the ground at all,” Colin insists.

“Keep on all the lies and for ur info lil sis I’m not developmentally challenged,” he asserts.

Colin Evans house

Colin shared a photo of a fully intact house, then demands that Jenelle “stop lieing for ur fame.”

This is when his post takes a much more serious turn.

“I’m PTSD from our father sexual abused me for 5 years and beat me and starved me,” Colin writes.

Colin continues: “and i almost died in prison and all u care about is your money (jenelle Evans) lil sis.”

“And u never say hi u don’t care about any one but your self,” Colin concludes. “So keep up the lies lil sis.”

Now, Colin did accidentally start a fire when he was a boy when one his toy cars caught on fire.

Afterwards, he was sent to live in group home in Texas for two years. Colin was only 9 years old.

Starcasm notes that Colin has had legal troubles as an adult.

His rap sheet includes larceny, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, injury to personal property, and communicating threats.

None of those sound especially serious — a couple of them shouldn’t even be crimes — but they paint an unflattering portrait of Colin as a troubled man.

We have to say that Colin’s history of petty crimes fits a profile of someone who is overcoming childhood trauma.

That of course does not mean that everyone who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse commits a string of petty crimes, or vice-versa.

But it’s not uncommon to see someone struggle to cope with their traumatic childhood as they enter adulthood.

Children are not equipped to handle trauma in the way that adults are, and can suffer lifelong consequences as a result.

Some would suggest that Jenelle’s history of drug use and her relationships with terrible men and her poor quality as a parent are indicators of someone who came from a deeply troubled home.

Colin Evans Illuminati post

Colin has recently shared that he is hoping to avoid appearing on MTV in the near future.

It looks like he has also grown paranoid about “the Illuminati organization.” Sometimes, people who are troubled can fixate on fictitious entities.

He has said that he doesn’t want anything to do witht he Illuminati or with Satan, saying that he doesn’t have a family of his own, but that Jesus is all of the family that he needs.

It looks like he also went through a breakup with a woman very recently, and is heartbroken over it.

Obviously, the accusations of sexual and physical abuse that he has leveled at his father are very serious.

While adults are of course responsible for their own actions, these allegations do help to explain his behavior, if not excuse them.


Jenelle Evans: Is She Still In Love With Nathan Griffith?!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably aware that the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seems to get uglier by the day.

And if you have even a cursory knowledge of how our legal system works, you also know that it would be wise of Jenelle to refrain from publicly commenting on her relationship with her ex until after the courts have had their say.

But for some reason, Mrs. Evans-Eason is chronically incapable of keeping her mouth shut on the topic of Nathan.

We're used to Jenelle making bad decisions, but the frequency with which she repeats this one idiotic choice borders on astonishing.

Some fans have concluded that Jenelle is "obsessed" with Nathan.

And others insist they know exactly why that is.

Check out the gallery below for some information that might help you to make sense of this baffling situation …

1. Happier Times

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith photograph
Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship may have been brief, but it yielded a child — 4-year-old Kaiser — which means these two are forever bound to one another.

2. Stuck In the Middle

Nathan and kaiser being tough
Sadly, young Kaiser has been caught in the middle of a custody battle that now ranks as one of the most bitter in Teen Mom history.

3. Airing Her Laundry

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
Earlier this week, Jenelle publicly complained about Nathan yet again, this time alleging that he had skipped a scheduled visit with Kaiser.

4. The Right Move

Nathan griffith profile pic
Nathan is doing the smart thing in this situation by waiting until his day in court to hash things out with Jenelle. But hat doesn’t mean the Carolina Hurricane isn’t getting roasted on Twitter.

5. Ashley Steps In

Ashley lanhardt image
Nathan has been dating Ashley Lanhardt for over a year, and she happily stepped in to put Jenelle in her place this week.

6. What Really Happened

What really happened
“Tell him bc he’s always ‘sick’ u won’t let him see his daddy on his scheduled weekends,” Ashley tweeted in response to Jenelle’s claims.

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Jenelle Evans: Farrah Abraham Made Me the Woman I Am Today!

Farrah Abraham has contributed a great deal to society in her 27 years on this planet.

In addition to some of the most memorable meltdowns in reality TV history, we wouldn’t have such cinematic classics as Backdoor Teen Mom were it not for Ms. Abraham’s artistic vision.

But for all her achievements, Farrah’s most enduring contribution might be her role in bringing the divine energy of Jenelle Evans to the masses.

That’s right, folks, your fun Teen Mom fact of the day is a doozy:

It seems that if it weren’t for Farrah, Jenelle might have never auditioned for the show that made her (in)famous.

Recently, Jenelle took to Instagram for a Q&A session with fans and one follower asked whose idea it was for the Carolina Hurricane to make a play for reality TV fame.

“It was my idea,” Jenelle replied.

“I went to casting calls on MTV’s website after watching Farrah’s episode for the first time. I was 7 months pregnant with Jace.”

But Jenelle drew the line at several media outlets’ claims that Farrah “inspired” her to try out for Teen Mom

“Inspired’ is a big word, lol,” Jenelle tweeted. “The show concept interested me, not her.”

As Starcasm points out, this was the same Q&A during which Jenelle revealed that she’s not planning on having more kids.

While that might be the best news of the 21st century thus far, it certainly wasn’t the only highlight.

For example, one fan asked Jenelle what her “sober date” is.

Ms. Evans replied thusly:

“Go out to eat at STK and stuff our faces. Take some dessert to go for later. Go home watch a new movie and eat the dessert with hubby.”

Now, it’s possible that the person asking the question was genuinely curious about date ideas that don’t involve Jaeger bombs, but a quick Google search of the term “sober date” reveals that it usually refers to the date on which a former substance abuser became sober.

Did Jenelle know that and it was a clever dodge, or the far more common meaning of the term not occur to her?

Somehow, either way, it’s classic Jenelle. 


Jenelle Evans Responds to Kiki Challenge Criticism: Quit Hatin’ on My Twerk Game!

Jenelle Evans has spent her entire adult life in the public eye, and for much of that time, she’s been the subject of near-constant scorn and derision.

You would think she’d be used to it by now, but Jenelle still takes every bit of criticism to heart.

Just last week, for example, the denizens of Twitter suggested that Jenelle might be too dumb to homeschool her kids, and the Carolina Hurricane absolutely lost it. 

Of course, in the ensuing, incoherent Twitter tirade she basically proved them right, but that’s beside the point.

You might think that after an embarrassing debacle like that, Jenelle would give up on clapping back, but still, she’s persisted.

This week saw Jenelle once again butting heads with Teen Mom 2 fans during an Instagram Q&A.

You might remember this group interview as the occasion on which Jenelle revealed that Farrah Abraham made her famous.

It also featured a portion in which Ms. Evans revealed that she’s done having kids, so really, this thing was just chock full of highlights.

At one point a fan asked about Jenelle’s “Kiki Challenge” video.

In case you haven’t set eyes upon this hot mess, you can check out below:

Yes, for reasons that defy explanation, Jenelle randomly pulled her car over, got out on the side of a busy road, and proceeded to twerk in front of her kids.

You can see why the video might still be on the mind of some fans, and one viewer basically asked Jenelle what the hell she was thinking.

“Is it a crime to have fun? Lol. I ignore the negative vibes tho,” Jenelle wrote.

“I’ve been dancing for years and it’s always for fun.”

Hmm … pretty boilerplate response, but as usual, it seems Jenelle didn’t really think this one through.

To answer her rhetorical question — no, having fun isn’t a crime, but dancing in the street totally is.

And it’s not like one of those silly outdated laws that gets on everyone’s nerves.

“No dancing in the middle of the street” is a totally solid rule that should be fully enforced by all local and state authorities.

On the plus side, we guess Jenelle’s dance moves aren’t all that bad.

As for the decision to twerk in front of her kids, well — it’s a little weird, yes, but this is Jenelle Evans we’re talking about.

That doesn’t even crack the top 100 of ways she may have messed up her kids this year.

Hell, it’s not even the worst way that she’s traumatized them while they were in her car.


Jenelle Evans: Is She Planning on Having MORE Kids?!

In a period of less than 12 months, Jenelle Evans has had CPS called to her home an astonishing 20 times.

If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you’re probably already aware that that’s just one indication that Jenelle has a lot on her plate these days.

In fact, it often seems that her current living situation is more than she can handle.

Worse, it seems Jenelle and her ne’er-do-well husband have no desire to take control of their situation.

They’re content to let their home lives deteriorate into chaos and squalor, despite the fact that five kids rely on them for guidance and support.

In case you’ve lost count, Jenelle and David have one child together — a daughter named Ensley — and two kids each from previous relationships.

It would be a lot for any couple to take on, but when you consider that Jenelle and David really love drugs and hate things like getting up early, putting effort into their lives, and controlling their emotions, it becomes a much more volatile situation.

Of course, Jenelle is young and famously averse to birth control, so there’s always the possibility that the Evans-Eason clan could continue to expand.

It’s a thought that likely keeps many a TM2 viewer up nights, which is why it should come as no surprise that one fan was quick to broach the topic during Jenelle’s latest Instagram Q&A:

“Do you want more kids someday?” the IG user asked.

“No, I think I’m finished! Lol,” Jenelle replied.

See? 2018 isn’t totally devoid of good news. 

Jenelle Evans is done breeding, which means the entire world can breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Of course, depending on how things play out in court in the weeks to come, Jenelle might be “done” raising children sooner than she expects.

As you probably already know, Jenelle has already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who’s been raised by his grandmother since infancy.

These days, she’s locked in a custody battle with Nathan Griffith, who has accused her of endangering the life of their son, Kaiser.

And of course, there’s the famous Jenelle road rage incident that was caught on camera by an MTV camera crew and that may well cause CPS to finally remove Evans’ kids from her home.

Probably a good idea for her to hold off on popping out another one at the moment.


Jenelle Evans: Myself is Very Qualified to Homeschool My Kids!

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans revealed that she's homeschooling Maryssa, David Eason's 11-year-old daughter.

It did not go over well.

But now, everyone's favorite Teen Mom 2 train wreck is explaining why she's qualified to be in charge of this poor girl's education, and there's also a new report detailing why Maryssa was taken out of actual school in the first place.

Guys … this is SUCH a mess.

1. Oh, Honey …

Jenelle evans best picture
Jenelle Evans … well, bless her heart, she’s never been the brightest crayon in the box, you know?


Jenelle evans dude shirt
And that’s fine, really! People can be smart in different ways, intelligence isn’t the most important attribute, so on and so forth.

3. An Exception

An exception
But when someone is responsible for a child’s education, you just kind of hope there’s a little something more going on upstairs than what Jenelle has.

4. How?

Your jenelle evans selfie
Like, Jenelle thinks “dramastic” is a word.

5. Why?

Jenelle evans eye roll
She once shared a picture of some food at a restaurant and said that it was the appetizer she was enjoying before her “on-tray” arrived.

6. Seriously, How?

Jenelle evans jace
After Jace was born, when he was still a tiny, tiny little baby, she called him “clingy” and assumed that she’d still be able to go out at night at party because he’d be sleeping.

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Kailyn Lowry vs. Jenelle Evans: A History of Their Friendship-Turned-Feud

These days, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans are the most bitter of enemies.

In fact, it often seems that the Teen Mom 2 co-stars can't go a day without throwing jabs at one another on Twitter.

But believe it or not, it wasn't always like this.

In fact, there was a time when Kail and Jenelle were not only friends, but kindred spirits.

Dive into the gallery below for a full run-down of how these two went from besties to rivals:

1. Better Days

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry
In the months after they both found stardom on MTV, Kail and Jenelle became close friends and bonded over their difficult circumstances.

2. Kindred Spirits

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry photo
In the early days of the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise, Kail and Jenelle were among the most “at-risk” participants.

3. Always the Rebel

Classic jenelle
Jenelle’s penchant for bad behavior became apparent very early on — and her brushes with the law began before she was old enough to vote.

4. Troubles of Her Own

Classic kailyn
Like Jenelle, Kail clashed with her family beginning at a young age, but unlike Jenelle, she was in no way to blame for the situation.

5. Hard Times

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
Kail received little support from her alcoholic mother or other family members, and she came close to homelessness more than once, often relying on the family of boyfriend Jo Rivera for support.

6. A Bonding Experience

Teen mom 2 cast members photo
It was around that time that Jenelle asked Kailyn for a favor that would strengthen the bonds of their friendship …

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