Stevie J and Faith Evans: Married!!

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J managed to avoid jail time for his hefty child support debt, but his life is still about to change forever.

On Tuesday, he and on-again girlfriend Faith Evans were tweeting their love for each other. The two of them got married in a private ceremony.

But there may be a little hitch in their marriage … courtesy of Joseline Hernandez.

TMZ reports that Stevie J and Faith Evans applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas.

The license would be good for one year, so the two could have planned their nuptials for any time before or including the beginning of summer in 2019.

On Tuesday, Stevie tweeted: “I love you Faith Renee Jordan.”

Faith tweeted back: “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan.”

We’re not sure if wedding vows count if they’re on Twitter, but that’s okay …

Stevie J I love you tweet

There’s no mystery of when the wedding ceremony will be.

TMZ quickly followed up with an update: Stevie J and Faith went through with it and got married.

Apparently, Stevie and Faith held their wedding ceremony in their hotel room on Tuesday night, around 10:30 in the eventing.

That was the very same day on which they filed for their marriage license in Clark County (in which Las Vegas resides).

We know that it’s a little sudden — especially since it’s Stevie’s first marriage. But … it’s Vegas.

Faith Evans I love you tweet

(But, hey, it’s not like they just met — just over a year ago, Faith Evans and Stevie J were on the outs)

As we mentioned, this is Stevie’s first marriage.

This is Faith’s third. She had been married to Todd Russaw until 2011 … and, of course, to Notorious B.I.G.

Over the past year, Stevie and Faith have gone from being split to openly flirting on Leave It To Stevie.

And now … they’re married. Though, to be clear, those “I love you” tweets are the closest that these two have come to making an announcement.

But we mentioned that there was a twist. This marriage is off to a rough start.

Why? Because Stevie’s ex, Joseline Hernandez, decided to expose some alleged texts that Stevie appears to have sent her just a month earlier.

In texts from June 17, someone saved to Joseline’s phone as “A–hole,” who is implied to be Stevie J, wrote to Joseline.

The text asks: “Will you marry me?”

Joseline replies: “I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking someone else a lot.”

In a series of replies, Stevie is shown to have written: “Coo. Damn. I love you Joseline. You stupid little b–ch.”

Joseline Hernandez Shares Stevie J Marriage Proposal

Joseline, clearly feeling petty, shared a screencap of this conversation on Instagram, adding:

“Happy honey moon!”

As they say, Joseline had time.

Now, anyone with a few minutes to spare can fabricate text messages, but most people would say that it’s not worth the backlash to fabricate something personal like this.

Did Stevie J really ask Joseline to marry him just a month before he and Faith tied the knot?

If so, that … might not bode well for this union.


Briana DeJesus Opens Up About Javi, Jenelle Evans, And That Kiss With Her Mom

When Teen Mom 2 producers made the decision to add Briana DeJesus to the cast of their wildly popular series, fans weren't quite sure what to expect.

Briana was one of the stars of the short-lived Teen Mom 3, but it had been four years since she appeared on camera.

As it turns out, however, the masterminds behind the franchise knew exactly what they were doing.

In her short time as part of the cast, Briana has helped raise the drama on TM2 to previously unimaginable heights.

Whether it's her ongoing feud with Kailyn Lowry or her rocky relationship with Javi Marroquin, Briana consistently gives fans something to talk about.

And now, she's talking with The Hollywood Gossip about some of the most memorable moments from the show's wildest season to date.

1. Briana Drama

Briana on the gram
Shortly after joining the cast, Briana distinguished herself as one of the most indispensable members of the Teen Mom 2 family. Fans learned early on that Bri was not one to back down from a conflict — or shy away from a little drama.

2. Delivering the Goods

Briana de jesus pic
This season alone, Briana got out of a relationship with one of her castmates’ exes, went under the knife for plastic surgery, and ignited the most memorable feud in the show’s history.

3. Spilling the Tea

Briana dejesus look at me
Bri recently spoke with The Hollywood Gossip and opened up about her feelings on her love life, her castmates, and this rollercoaster of a season.

4. Surgical Summer

Briana and dr miami
As documented on recent episodes, Briana underwent a cosmetic procedure in Miami last year, and the situation tore at the fabric of her relationship with Javi Marroquin.

5. Nurse Dre

Javi lost it upon realizing that Bri would be nursed back to health by her ex-boyfriend, Dre, but DeJesus says that was a complete overreaction.

6. Forget About Dre

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus on instagram
“I definitely think Javi overreacted because Dre is just a friend, nothing more,” Briana tells THG. “That’s all it is — friendship. There is nothing romantic there.”

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Jenelle Evans Risks Her Son’s Life In Terrifying Road Rage Incident

Several months ago, reports of an insane road rage incident involving Jenelle Evans began to circulate online.

As time went on, the rumors got more and more ridiculous, to the point that they would have been impossible to believe — if this were anyone other than Jenelle Evans we were talking about.

Sources claimed Jenelle pulled a gun and chased the other driver to his home.

They said there was a standoff at the man's house that could have turned deadly.

And perhaps most shocking of all, witnesses revealed that Jenelle risked the life of her son Jace, who was riding shotgun the entire time.

Now, we're seeing footage of the incident for the first time, and it seems the chase was every bit as terrifying as we'd been told:

1. Jenelle and Jace on the Road

Jenelle and jace on the road
We now know that Jace Evans was seated next to his mother while she pursued another driver during a shocking road rage incident. Footage from the altercation has left fans stunned.

2. Her Story

Jenelle raging on the road
Jenelle says another driver cut her off, and she became irate due to the fact that he could have killed her son. So being the reasonable creature that she is, Jenelle responded by further endangering Jace.

3. Keeping Mum

Jenelle evans eye roll
Jenelle has mostly kept silent about the incident, presumably for legal reasons.

4. Angry Evans

Jenelle evans in glasses
But she’s hinted that fans will learn the truth once MTV releases footage of the incident.

5. Along For the Ride

Jenelle evans instagram pic
Yes, a presumably frightened Teen Mom 2 camera crew was in tow and managed to capture most of the incident on camera.

6. Judgement Day

Jenelle hearts drugs
Now, the big day has finally arrived. Does the video evidence exonerate Jenelle or condemn her? Check it out and decide for yourself …

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Jenelle Evans: New Evidence of Child Abuse Shocks Fans!

Over the years, Teen Mom 2 fans have watched in stunned horror as Jenelle Evans ranted, raved, and terrified her love ones with her infamous temper.

But as shocking as Jenelle's tantrums have been, it's possible that the greatest threat to her children's health and safety is not Evans' anger, but rather her negligent tendencies.

In the past week, several new pieces of evidence have emerged which seem to indicate that Jenelle is not performing the basic duties that the law expects of her as a mother.

The outcry from those who follow her on social media has been intense, and many believe Evans is soon to lose custody of her children.

1. One Bad Mom

Peace jenelle evans
Over the past two weeks, video evidence of Jenelle neglecting her kids coupled with some truly repugnant behavior on Teen Mom 2 has led fans to the conclusion that it’s time for CPS to intervene.

2. Couldn’t Care Less

Jenelle evans eye roll
Of course, Jenelle claims there’s no cause for concern, but that’s always her response to fan outrage.

3. All In a Day’s Work

Jenelle and her pills
On the show, Jenelle received a visit from the local sheriff in response to child abuse claims. Viewers were shocked, not only because Evans refused to allow him in the house, but also because she apparently keeps dozens of pill bottles within reach of children.

4. Effing Up in Real Time

Jenelle and sons
But while her behavior on TV has been predictably appalling, many viewers believe Jenelle recently became her own worst enemy by posting even worse evidence of her own shoddy parenting on social media.

5. Pool Crisis

Jenelle evans in pool
It all started when Jenelle began posting photos of her backyard pool. Many fans noted that she had failed to comply with local laws by erecting a fence around then pool.

6. The Fenceless

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Jenelle seemed unconcerned and continued posting pics like this one that show her lounging near a fence-free pool. But, of course, the most damning evidence was yet to come …

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Jenelle Evans Endangers Son’s Life in Horrific New Video

Jenelle Evans … doesn’t the girl ever need a break from being just the absolute worst?

Like, shouldn’t there be at least a few days out of the year when she goes “Man, maybe I should just chill today and take some naps instead of actively trying to make myself look like the biggest jackass in all the Carolinas”?

You’d think so — it really does seem like it would be tiring — but you’d think wrong.

Jenelle has proven time and time again that she has the stamina and the know-how to be awful every minute of every day, and with this new little scandal, she’s doing just that.

See, there’s been a whole lot of focus on her pool lately, what with all the talk about her lack of a pool fence and the possible legal ramifications she may face for being dumb about it

There’s also been a whole lot of focus on Kaiser, what with the most recent round of abuse allegations and CPS investigations.

So considering that, it just makes sense that Jenelle would feel like sharing a video featuring both Kaiser and the pool, both perfectly safe, would be the thing to do.

But alas, it was not, because Jenelle shared this video instead.

The video shows Kaiser jumping into the shallow end of the pool, without a life jacket or floaties or an adult catching him.

In her caption, Jenelle explained that “Now that Kaiser can swim, he loves to throw in his toys and dive!”

Which is sweet, and we’re glad he seems to be having a good time, but still, the video is just a little bit terrifying.

Kaiser is clumsy in his diving — you know, because he just turned four — and the way he jumps in, it really looks like he could be badly hurt.

And while David Eason is creeping nearby, it still looks like the poor kid flounders a little too long before working his way back up to the surface.

Maybe we’re making a big deal out of nothing though, right?

Maybe this is just how lots of people get their kids feeling comfortable with swimming.

But if we’re wrong about how scary this is, then most of the commenters on the video are wrong too.

“How deep is that?” one of her followers asked. “Cause I just saw an almost broken neck there. Jesus Christ.”

“Probably be a good idea not having him dive straight down at the shallow end …” another person pointed out.

Many, many people told her that he shouldn’t be diving straight down at the shallow end of the pool, and several insisted that he could have broken his neck, too.

The video even earned some criticism from her actual fans — one wrote “Normally I would think everyone was just being a crybaby but that jump did make my heart sink. Sorry!”

“I’m not one to really care what someone else is doing with their own child, but this made me say ‘OMG’ out loud,” another normally chill person told her.

This outrage was enough for Jenelle to do one of her traditional early morning Twitter rants, so you know it hit home.

Over there, someone tried to tell her how dangerous diving into the shallow end is, but you know she didn’t listen.

“Yeah so let me have Kaiser dive in the deep end where he can’t swim?” she responded. “You need to recheck your common sense.”

It was suggested that perhaps she didn’t let him dive in at all, but she said “Why not?! We are scuba divers… why wouldn’t we want Kaiser to learn that?! Wow, lol.”

And then when a follower said that perhaps Kaiser should learn to swim better before getting into diving, she replied “Lmfao he knows how to swim….”

Which is funny, because just a few minutes before that she said that he couldn’t.

She finished her little rant with “Not arguing with y’all at 6am,” even though that’s what she’d been doing, and she deleted her tweets.

Classic Jenelle, right?

Look, whether you love her or love to hate her or hate to hate her but still can’t quite look away, this is all ridiculous, right?

But hey, that’s our girl!