Jeremy Roloff Gets Daddy-Shamed for the Dumbest Reason Ever

Move over, mommy-shaming and fat-shaming.

It’s time to make room for very awful daddy-shaming.

Isn’t that right, Jeremy Roloff

The former Little People, Big World star was on the receiving end of some ridiculous backlash this week after he shared what appears to be a simple and harmless photo of himself and his one-year old daughter, Ember.

The picture was snapped in Nashville and captioned as follows:

Spent a few days in Nashville and now we’re in Franklin, TN. Such a lovely town.

Although it reminds me of Bend – almost too popular to enjoy now! But still, a beautiful town and we always enjoy our time down here.

The people are great and the hospitality is noticed! P.S. If we took a photo with you at some point – tag us so we can see it!

The image itself, meanwhile, simply features Jeremy tossing his infant up in the air:

WHEEEE, right?

Apparently not.

More like, WTH, according to some misguided and cruel trolls.

“Idiot. She’s not a circus act,” one person actually wrote in the comments, while another chimed in with;

Wow. Be careful throwing your kid like that.”

A third person warned the ex-TLC personality about shaken baby syndrome, while a fourth suggested that this move is harmful to “little brains.”

We have no idea what to even say here.

Nearly every parent alive has thrown his or her into the air in this sort of manner.

The kid is never more than, like a foot above the parent’s hands outstretched hands and always falls very easily and comfortably back into place.

(We can’t believe we actually need to spell this out for some people.)

Thankfully, a number of social media users leaped to Jeremy’s defense and called out his critics for being, well… complete morons.

“Accidents can happen doing anything,” explained one individual “Can’t stop living life because ur scared to actually have fun. Most babies like being tossed in the air, so take a seat.”

For the record, Ember is doing just fine.

Jeremy shared plenty of other photos from this same trip, as he and his daughter and wife enjoyed their time visiting Tennessee.

Speaking of that wife, Audrey Roloff can relate to what her husband is now going through.

She’s heard it from followers in the past for the kind of outfits in which she placed Ember and even for the kind of outfit she once wore to the doctor’s office.

We’re not kidding. This actually happened.

Overall, Jeremy and Audrey frequently post pictures of themselves and their child.

They gush over her every chance they get.

They come across as caring and as loving as two parents can possibly be.

Jeremy has not yet responded to this dumb criticism and we hope he never does.

Just enjoy every second you have with that 13-month old bundle of joy, man. She’s precious.


The Voice Recap: Are These the Worst Auditions Ever?!

After some genuinely surprising performances last week, the action slowed down Monday night, and we got to meet a group of middle of the pack performers. 

But where did they end up?

Let’s break down the performances, shall we?

Dave Fenley (Team Blake) – “Help Me Hold On”

This 39-year-old Texan native was such a hoot that he got Kelly and Blake advocating to be associated with him. 

His Travis Tritt cover was solid, but his confidence and personality are what really set him apart from the others. 

Blake seems like the likely candidate to give this one time to shine. His voice matches what Blake generally goes for, so there’s that. 

Audri Bartholomew (Team Jennifer) – “Never Enough”

It was only a matter of time before The Greatest Showman songs did the singing competition circuit, but we wish Audri was better. 

Her vocals are most certainly there, but there were some moments that made it seem like her microphone had some interference. 

She got one chair turn, and that was from Jennifer, but could this be a sign that she’s not the best performer? 

Um, yes. 

Rachel Messer (Team Blake) – “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”

This small-town girl made her way to L.A. with the aim of making it big. The 19-year-old hit the stage with a song that was perfectly suited to her voice. 

She has the vocal ability, but she needs the star quality and confidence to match it. 

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) –  “If I Die Young”

Chevel was another one who probably shouldn’t have made it through. Her vocals were all over the shop, to the point it seemed like she actually wasn’t going to get a turn. 

Being on Team Kelly, there’s a chance she could switch things up. But if first impressions are everything, then this was not a good start. 

Delaney Silvernell (Team Kelly) – “In My Blood”

Was Monday night the sub-par Blind Auditions, or what? Delaney had a heartwarming story, and she seemed destined for stardom. 

There was nothing remotely memorable about her, and that’s problematic on a show that focuses on viewer votes in addition to judging critiques. 

Anthony Arya (Team Adam), “Danny’s Song”

Anthony struggled a lot with the vocal side of things, but the coaches collectively agreed that he looked like someone who would have a big following. 

Adam seemed to find something to like about the voice since he opted to take him on board. Was it a mistake? 

Time will tell. 

Natasia Greycloud (Team Jennifer) – “I’m Not the Only One”

Natasia was quick to point out that she had been inspired by Kelly, but that didn’t mean she was going on her idol’s team. 

In the end, she wound up on Team Jennifer, and that was probably for the best. She was a fantastic performer, but the true test will be whether the song choices will match her voice. 

What are your thoughts on the latest auditions?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Tuesday at 8/7c.


Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Dumbest Prank Ever on Confused Sister

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

For Kourtney Kardashian, however, it's apparently a dish best served… in a very confusing and harmless manner.

Allow us to explain:

As previously depicted in THIS CLIP from Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim will attend one of her sister's workout dance classes…

… only to sort of ruin the entire thing by not actually participating.

"I'm like a notorious non-dancer," Kim says in the sneak peek linked to above. "Like, it's a thing."

Okay, fine. Cool. Fair enough.

But this attitude and this non-action upset Kourtney to the point where she subsequently sets up a prank to get back at her annoying sibling.

Except we're not sure how the event featured in this video really serves as a prank.

This latest sneak peek gives us a look at Kim taking a stroll with Khloe.

But she's then taken aback when a group of people start dancing in The Grove to "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls. Oh, yes, it was a flash mob!

"What the f-ck is going on?" Kim asks, as the camera pans to Kourtney and Malika Haqq being a part of the dancing mob.

(NOTE: The best part of this clip, by far, is Kim holding an ice cone as a prop throughout. She never takes a bite. Because there's no way Kim Kardashian eats ice cream.)

From there, the music ends and the flash mob goes away and Kim enters a store to laugh and embrace Haqq.

And that's it.

Kourtney laughs at her sister in a confessional, acting as if she really got her good with this prank.

But we're simply left to ask and wonder: How the heck was this any sort of vengement prank?!?

Kim just stood around and watched a bunch of people dance.

You sure nailed her, Kourt!

Kourtney kardashian pulls dumbest prank ever on confused sister

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Most Awkward Engagement Ever!

If you’re a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you likely read months ago about Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon getting engaged.

But did the much-discussed and celebrated proposal live up the hype? To many articles written about it? To the hopes and dreams of everyone who has followed the adventures of these reality stars?

We found out on Monday evening.

With Ashley’s ex, Kevin Wendt, standing right there on the beach, Haibon got down on one knee and popped the pressing question to his girlfriend, just as previously advertised and anticipated.

“Isn’t it crazy, three years ago we met right at this spot on this very beach. I love you so much… You’ve always been there for me,” Jared said, as Ashley started crying.

“You’re everything to me,” he added.

A diamond ring by jeweler Neil Lane in hand, Haibon then got to the crux of his romantic point.

“You’d make me the happiest man alive if I got the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Ashley, will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she screamed, referring the stunning sparkler as “perfect,” probably because it was in her contract to do so, and adding:

“You’re my soulmate and I love you.”

Ashley and Jared first met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

They dated for a little while and Ashley was convinced early on that Jared was The One — but it took him a little bit longer to arrive at the same conclusion.

After Jared dissed her on Season 3 of this same show, the stars remained friends until Haibon got jealous that Iaconetti had found a new lover and finally decided to make his ultimate move.

The thing is… Kevin watched the entire proposal called down and called it a “slap in the face” after their breakup in March.

Indeed, he and Ashley for several months earlier after they connected on Bachelor Winter Games in 2017.

The Canadian firefighter evn accused Ashley of cheating on him with Jared on the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise this season.

“That really hurt me,” he said at the time. 

Later on Monday night, while talking to Jordan, Kevin seemingly alluded to Ashley’s virginity.

Was he not only an ex-boyfriend, but the first person to ever go to bed with Iaconetti?

“I am a very monumental part of her dating life, let’s just put it that way,” he said on Bachelor in Paradise. “I’m a big part of her life.”

We wrote three years ago about this possibility, putting it out there online that Wendt may very well have put it to Iaconetti.

But that was then and this is now and the future is the future. It’s all about Jared and Ashley going forward, with fans wondering when the two will get married.

“We wish we could do it on TV, but, you know, we haven’t really had the offer, so we’re doing it on our own right now,” Ashley told Entertainment Tonight of wedding planning last month, adding:

“It’s more stressful than we thought.”

“It’s a little surreal,” Haibon added.

It’s also very exciting!

Congratulations, you crazy and in love kids!


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Closer Than Ever Thanks to Baby-Making Sex!

Even though Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth might never get married, they’re still together and they’re still engaged.

Sources say that the two are closer than ever.

And apparently a huge part of what has cemented their bond recently has been sex. A lot of it.

HollywoodLife reports that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are inextricably linked.

“Miley and Liam have been enjoying each other more than ever these days,” the insider, who says that they are a close friend of Miley’s, reports.

“They’re in a very good place,” the source continues.

We should hope so — they’ve both grown as people, but they’re still in love with each other. And apparently that’s truer now than ever before.

“Miley says,” the insider dishes, that “they’ve never been more deeply in love than they are right now.”

Apparently there’s a secret to their new level of emotional intimacy: physical intimacy.

“They’ve been having a lot of hot baby making sex,” the source reveals.


The insider continues, saying: “that’s part of what’s really brought them closer than ever.”

If you’re excited at the idea of some babies in the near future, it doesn’t sound like they’re actually trying to literally make babies. It might just be an expression.

However, the source does share: “They’ve both agreed that they’re at the place in their lives that they’d actually be ready if she got pregnant.”

Here is Miley, all decked out as a sexy fertility symbol. But in real life, she’s apparently taking her time.

“They’re in no rush,” the source assures fans. “It’s not a case of needing it to happen right away.”

It sounds like either this person is telling us way too much about these two not taking normal precautions against pregnancy, or telling us way too much about how passionate these two are.

Either way … continue.

The insider shares that Miley and Liam feel that “Just making the commitment to each other and to their future has made such an impact.”

“It’s taken their sexual connection to a whole new level,” the source claims.

The insider gushes, saying that “Miley has never felt more loved and cherished by Liam than she does right now.”

“He’s always telling her that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world,” the source reports.

That’s adorable.

Apparently, Liam really likes to see her “without her make-up and just ‘au naturel.'”

This is great to hear — and certainly a lot of their fans, who fancy Liam or Miley or both of them, don’t mind the thought of the two of them going at it.

Other fans, of course, dream of the day that these two pop out a baby or three.

But we like to take reports from undisclosed sources with a grain of salt.

Especially considering that you’d figure that if someone were really that close of a friend of Miley’s, they would not be blabbing to tabloids, right?

And “baby-making” is often a euphemism that should not always be taken at face value.

But still, we wish Miley and Liam well with … whatever they’re up to these days.