XXXTentacion Murder, Suspect’s Grandma’s Cadillac Filled with Incriminating Evidence

The search of a Cadillac owned by the grandma of one of XXXTentacion’s murder suspects revealed crucial pieces of evidence … TMZ has learned. According to a search warrant … cops found 2 dark colored masks in Michael Boatwright’s grandma’s car,…


Demi Lovato: New Evidence of Intravenous Heroin Use Revealed

It’s been over a week since Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life, but we still know very little about the events that precipitated the near-tragedy.

Lovato remains hospitalized and has remained under doctors’ care for much longer than expected, leading many to the conclusion that she came even closer to death than originally thought.

While we know that Lovato was administered Narcan at the scene of the OD — a move that may well have saved the 25-year-old’s life — it’s still unclear what sort of drugs she was using.

At first, it was reported that Demi had been using heroin.

Shortly thereafter, a nurse who claimed to have treated the singer insisted that Lovato was addicted to methamphetamines.

Now, new details have emerged indicating that it was, in fact, some sort of opioid that nearly claimed Demi’s life.

“Demi had evidence of intravenous drug use when she was taken to the hospital after her drug overdose last week,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“The physical signs were on her arms,” the source adds.

While other drugs can be used intravenously, the fact that Demi injected the substance and had to be revived with Narcan indicates that it was likely heroin which caused her overdose.

Of course, the question of what drug Demi was using is almost immaterial compared to the question of what comes next.

Some say Lovato has agreed to go to rehab, while others insist she’s still too ill to even consider her next step.

Whatever the case, family and friends are reportedly well aware that the weeks and months after Lovato leaves treatment will be crucial to her continued well-being.

Demi’s mother has even gone so far as to begin the process of being granted a conservatorship over Demi.

Sources have confirmed to Radar that Dianna Hart “is talking about getting a conservatorship because she does not trust Demi with anything at the moment.” 

The insider adds:

“She feels like this is the only thing she can do to ensure her daughter will not make the same mistake again.”

Obviously, Demi has a long way to go before she’s fully recovered.

But the good news is, she has the right kind of people in her corner.


Jenelle Evans: New Evidence of Child Abuse Shocks Fans!

Over the years, Teen Mom 2 fans have watched in stunned horror as Jenelle Evans ranted, raved, and terrified her love ones with her infamous temper.

But as shocking as Jenelle's tantrums have been, it's possible that the greatest threat to her children's health and safety is not Evans' anger, but rather her negligent tendencies.

In the past week, several new pieces of evidence have emerged which seem to indicate that Jenelle is not performing the basic duties that the law expects of her as a mother.

The outcry from those who follow her on social media has been intense, and many believe Evans is soon to lose custody of her children.

1. One Bad Mom

Peace jenelle evans
Over the past two weeks, video evidence of Jenelle neglecting her kids coupled with some truly repugnant behavior on Teen Mom 2 has led fans to the conclusion that it’s time for CPS to intervene.

2. Couldn’t Care Less

Jenelle evans eye roll
Of course, Jenelle claims there’s no cause for concern, but that’s always her response to fan outrage.

3. All In a Day’s Work

Jenelle and her pills
On the show, Jenelle received a visit from the local sheriff in response to child abuse claims. Viewers were shocked, not only because Evans refused to allow him in the house, but also because she apparently keeps dozens of pill bottles within reach of children.

4. Effing Up in Real Time

Jenelle and sons
But while her behavior on TV has been predictably appalling, many viewers believe Jenelle recently became her own worst enemy by posting even worse evidence of her own shoddy parenting on social media.

5. Pool Crisis

Jenelle evans in pool
It all started when Jenelle began posting photos of her backyard pool. Many fans noted that she had failed to comply with local laws by erecting a fence around then pool.

6. The Fenceless

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Jenelle seemed unconcerned and continued posting pics like this one that show her lounging near a fence-free pool. But, of course, the most damning evidence was yet to come …

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Police Solve 25-Year-Old Cold Case With DNA Evidence, Arrest Wedding DJ

A 25-year-old cold case of the horrifying rape and murder of a young teacher has finally, police say, been solved.

The time between Christy Mirack's murder and this arrest was lengthier than the time between Mirack's birth and death.

49-year-old Raymond Rowe, a wedding dj known professionally as "DJ Freez," has been taken into custody.

Christy mirack 02

Police in lancaster, Pennsylvania have announced that they have arrested a suspect on DNA evidence.

The 25-year-old murder case went cold in the '90s after police investigated hundreds of individuals tied to her.

At the time, they found nothing.

Now, police have reportedly said that they had never considered Raymond Rowe as a suspect before.

They were able to identify him after a sample from the murder scene matched a sample in a publicly available geneology database.

The (partial) match came from one of Rowe's relatives, who uploaded to GEDmatch — the same geneology website that helped to lead to the capture of the Golden State Killer.

Police followed up by surveilling Rowe and obtaining a legal DNA sample for a proper match that was untainted by a third party database.

Dj freez mugshot

Christy Mirack was a 25-year-old 6th grade teacher at Rohrerstown Elementary School, a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania school.

On December 21, 1992, after Mirack's roommate left for work, Mirack herself was still preparing for work.

That, police believe, was when her brutal killer struck.

Because she was wearing her jacket and carrying wrapped Christmas presents, investigators believe that she may have been pushed — or dragged, judging by some of the scuff marks — back into her home.

Christy mirack 03

There, she was sexually assaulted. Mirack's clothes were found displaced — her underwear, pants, and shoes had been removed.

She had also been beaten so severely that her face was said to be unrecognizable. A wooden cutting board was found near her body.

Mirack's ultimate cause of death was strangulation.

She was found by the principal at her school when she did not appear for work. He arrived at her home and found the door ajar …. and a grisly, tragic scene within.

Christy mirack 01

Since Mirack's horrifying murder, police say, Rowe has been enjoying his freedom and his life.

As we mentioned, Rowe is a local wedding dj. According to his website, he has rubbed shoulders with all manners of celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan.

The site also claims that he has worked all around the world.

He also says that he performs as many as 150 weddings and parties every year as "DJ Freez."

Rowe also had a weekly mixshow on a local radio station.

At 49 now, he would have been just months younger that Mirack at the time of her horrific assault and murder.

Dj freez

In a press conference on Monday, Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman expressed that the tragedy of Mirack's murder was compounded by the long wait for justice.

"The killer was at liberty for this brutal crime longer than Christy Mirack was on this earth alive," Stedman told reports. "His apprehension was long overdue."

Rowe was arrested at his home. He is now being held at Lancaster County Prison, 

He is charged with one count of criminal homicide and will not be eligible for bail. He may face the death penalty.

Right now, investigators are looking for connections between Rowe and Marick … though with some sexual assaults and murders, the killer and victim never knew each other prior to the crime.

Police solve 25 year old cold case with dna evidence arrest wedd

Meredith Viera: Will She Give Evidence in Matt Lauer Divorce?

After months of tense speculation, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque are officially divorcing.

But this lengthy process could turn ugly — well, uglier — at any moment, especially considering how Lauer is reportedly in denial about how horrible his behavior really was.

Now it’s reported that Lauer’s former colleague, Meredith Viera, could become entangled in this $ 100 million divorce … and may be called to testify against him.

For ages, Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer seemed like peas in a pod. In 2013, Meredith defended Lauer during the controversy of NBC firing Ann Curry.

But now, Lauer is the one who’s been fired. He’s gone from a beloved figure to the list of accused sex monsters who’ve been hiding in plain sight for years.

And his wife is, of course, divorcing him.

So how does this involve Meredith Viera?

RadarOnline has an explosive new report that claims that the woman behind Lauer’s ousting was Meredith Viera’s own assistant.

Apparently, it was Viera’s assistant whom he targeted with sexual harassment in 2014, at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

This alleged harassment continued when they returned to New York.

She apparently had difficult-to-deny proof of Lauer’s harassment and generally disgusting behavior, in the form of wildly inappropriate images that he had texted to her.

It was these digital records that she turned over to the NBC higher-ups, which led them to fire Lauer.

Of course, that was what got the ball rolling. The dam broke, and other reports came about about Lauer’s unspeakable behavior.

That’s not the only thing that might tie Viera to this divorce, however.

In 2016, Meredith Viera hinted at Matt Lauer’s sexual fixations.

It’s almost certain that she had no idea that he was allegedly using NBC as a hunting ground for pretty, ambitious young women whom he could pressure into having sex with him.

But Viera specifically mentioned that Lauer had a “bag of sex toys” in his office.

(Again, his work office)

That ties in directly to some of the accusations, as he is said to have gifted sex toys to coworkers along with unsettling messages about how he would like to use the devices on them.

Most people probably interpreted that statement as a joke. And simply having a bag of sex toys at your place of work is not a crime.

But it could certainly come up during Roque’s divorce arguments … and if it does, Viera’s potential testimony could carry a lot of weight.

One could only wish that being a serial cheater were the worst of the accusations that Lauer is facing.

There’s using his position at NBC to pressure young employees into sex, even reportedly luring a woman to his hotel room by asking her to bring something to him.

There’s the in-office harassment, such as dropping his pants when a woman entered his office and later berating her for her refusal to perform a sex act.

And then, of course, Matt Lauer was accused of rape.

He reportedly locked a woman in his office (using the creepy button that did so remotely from his desk) and proceeded to allegedly assault her, bending her over.

He apparently only stopped and unlocked the door after she lost consciousness.

In a better world, someone accused of those kinds of misdeeds would be worried about massive lawsuits and prison time.

As it is, apparently Roque had to force Lauer out of their home because he had simply refused to leave.

It sounds like he’s preoccupied with public perceptions … and it’s been rumored that he believes that he can have his career again.

Perhaps if Meredith Viera or her assistant end up giving testimony during his divorce, it will become more clear to him that he has a lot more to lose than millions in spousal support.

Lauer’s divorce could end up being a test run for lawsuits or, potentially, a criminal investigation.


Maci Bookout: New Evidence of Fake Custody Battle Emerges

Earlier this week, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout was accused of lying to fans of the show in order to create a more dramatic storyline for herself for the show’s current season.

Eagle-eyed viewers claimed that the custody battle between Maci and Ryan Edwards had been faked for the cameras, and the exes had actually reached an amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Now, new evidence has emerged indicating that Ryan and Maci have, in fact, been sharing custody of their son Bentley for several months, all the while pretending to be at one another’s throats over the question of who will raise the boy.

According to the show, the timeline of Ryan and Maci’s custody battle goes something like this:

Back in June Ryan checked into rehab immediately after marrying Mackenzie Standifer.

He left treatment three weeks later, and immediately attacked Maci on social media with a vulgar meme.

Thus began one of the ugliest fights for custody in the illustrious history of the Teen Mom franchise.

Or so viewers have been led to believe…

Maci Conspiracy

The above image was posted in a Teen Mom message board on Reddit earlier this week.

The poster claims it offers conclusive evidence that Ryan and Maci are lying about the severity of their feud.

On the show, Maci and Bentley visited Ryan on Father’s Day at his parents’ house.

Ryan and Maci got into a fight; she left, and he supposedly didn’t see Bentley for several months afterward.

“Maci’s storyline this season is total BS,” the viewer wrote on Reddit.

“Go figure lol. Here are some pictures with dates proving that Bentley has been able to see his dad and grandparents regularly since July. Tomorrow’s episode takes place at the end of October where Ryan supposedly hasn’t seen him since Father’s Day.”

Yes, it does seem that either Ryan is posting old photos of himself with Bentley, or he’s lying about going several months without seeing his son.

The same viewer claimed that changes were made to Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s storyline in post-production.

Meanwhile, Maci has moved on to a dramatic storyline.

On a recent episode of the show Bookout revealed that she suffered a miscarriage, and thus, has concerns about getting pregnant again.

While the miscarriage took place several months ago, fans were not made aware of it until recently.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on Maci’s many struggles.