Meredith Viera: Will She Give Evidence in Matt Lauer Divorce?

After months of tense speculation, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque are officially divorcing.

But this lengthy process could turn ugly — well, uglier — at any moment, especially considering how Lauer is reportedly in denial about how horrible his behavior really was.

Now it’s reported that Lauer’s former colleague, Meredith Viera, could become entangled in this $ 100 million divorce … and may be called to testify against him.

For ages, Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer seemed like peas in a pod. In 2013, Meredith defended Lauer during the controversy of NBC firing Ann Curry.

But now, Lauer is the one who’s been fired. He’s gone from a beloved figure to the list of accused sex monsters who’ve been hiding in plain sight for years.

And his wife is, of course, divorcing him.

So how does this involve Meredith Viera?

RadarOnline has an explosive new report that claims that the woman behind Lauer’s ousting was Meredith Viera’s own assistant.

Apparently, it was Viera’s assistant whom he targeted with sexual harassment in 2014, at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

This alleged harassment continued when they returned to New York.

She apparently had difficult-to-deny proof of Lauer’s harassment and generally disgusting behavior, in the form of wildly inappropriate images that he had texted to her.

It was these digital records that she turned over to the NBC higher-ups, which led them to fire Lauer.

Of course, that was what got the ball rolling. The dam broke, and other reports came about about Lauer’s unspeakable behavior.

That’s not the only thing that might tie Viera to this divorce, however.

In 2016, Meredith Viera hinted at Matt Lauer’s sexual fixations.

It’s almost certain that she had no idea that he was allegedly using NBC as a hunting ground for pretty, ambitious young women whom he could pressure into having sex with him.

But Viera specifically mentioned that Lauer had a “bag of sex toys” in his office.

(Again, his work office)

That ties in directly to some of the accusations, as he is said to have gifted sex toys to coworkers along with unsettling messages about how he would like to use the devices on them.

Most people probably interpreted that statement as a joke. And simply having a bag of sex toys at your place of work is not a crime.

But it could certainly come up during Roque’s divorce arguments … and if it does, Viera’s potential testimony could carry a lot of weight.

One could only wish that being a serial cheater were the worst of the accusations that Lauer is facing.

There’s using his position at NBC to pressure young employees into sex, even reportedly luring a woman to his hotel room by asking her to bring something to him.

There’s the in-office harassment, such as dropping his pants when a woman entered his office and later berating her for her refusal to perform a sex act.

And then, of course, Matt Lauer was accused of rape.

He reportedly locked a woman in his office (using the creepy button that did so remotely from his desk) and proceeded to allegedly assault her, bending her over.

He apparently only stopped and unlocked the door after she lost consciousness.

In a better world, someone accused of those kinds of misdeeds would be worried about massive lawsuits and prison time.

As it is, apparently Roque had to force Lauer out of their home because he had simply refused to leave.

It sounds like he’s preoccupied with public perceptions … and it’s been rumored that he believes that he can have his career again.

Perhaps if Meredith Viera or her assistant end up giving testimony during his divorce, it will become more clear to him that he has a lot more to lose than millions in spousal support.

Lauer’s divorce could end up being a test run for lawsuits or, potentially, a criminal investigation.


Maci Bookout: New Evidence of Fake Custody Battle Emerges

Earlier this week, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout was accused of lying to fans of the show in order to create a more dramatic storyline for herself for the show’s current season.

Eagle-eyed viewers claimed that the custody battle between Maci and Ryan Edwards had been faked for the cameras, and the exes had actually reached an amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Now, new evidence has emerged indicating that Ryan and Maci have, in fact, been sharing custody of their son Bentley for several months, all the while pretending to be at one another’s throats over the question of who will raise the boy.

According to the show, the timeline of Ryan and Maci’s custody battle goes something like this:

Back in June Ryan checked into rehab immediately after marrying Mackenzie Standifer.

He left treatment three weeks later, and immediately attacked Maci on social media with a vulgar meme.

Thus began one of the ugliest fights for custody in the illustrious history of the Teen Mom franchise.

Or so viewers have been led to believe…

Maci Conspiracy

The above image was posted in a Teen Mom message board on Reddit earlier this week.

The poster claims it offers conclusive evidence that Ryan and Maci are lying about the severity of their feud.

On the show, Maci and Bentley visited Ryan on Father’s Day at his parents’ house.

Ryan and Maci got into a fight; she left, and he supposedly didn’t see Bentley for several months afterward.

“Maci’s storyline this season is total BS,” the viewer wrote on Reddit.

“Go figure lol. Here are some pictures with dates proving that Bentley has been able to see his dad and grandparents regularly since July. Tomorrow’s episode takes place at the end of October where Ryan supposedly hasn’t seen him since Father’s Day.”

Yes, it does seem that either Ryan is posting old photos of himself with Bentley, or he’s lying about going several months without seeing his son.

The same viewer claimed that changes were made to Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s storyline in post-production.

Meanwhile, Maci has moved on to a dramatic storyline.

On a recent episode of the show Bookout revealed that she suffered a miscarriage, and thus, has concerns about getting pregnant again.

While the miscarriage took place several months ago, fans were not made aware of it until recently.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on Maci’s many struggles.


Amber Portwood: Does This New Evidence Prove She’s Back on Drugs?!

If you’ve been a fan of Teen Mom OG for a while — or even if you just loosely follow reality TV gossip — you’re probably very familiar with Amber Portwood’s history with addiction.

But if you’ve somehow missed that tragic saga, know this: it was bad.

Real bad.

Going all the way back to her episode of 16 and Pregnant, things weren’t looking great for her. Even then, she didn’t exactly get along with her baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

She also admitted then that she never wanted to be a mother, so, you know … that wasn’t the best revelation.

Then, when Teen Mom began, we saw Amber struggle so hard in pretty much every aspect of her life. She couldn’t seem to get through a day without a breakdown.

We also saw her beat Gary more than once, and then there were all the very questionable parenting choices she made, like the time she let some guy she’d met at Walmart who had just gotten out of prison change baby Leah’s diaper.

As the seasons went on, her situation kept getting worse and worse, until finally she went to rehab.

Then, she said that she was going “for anger control issues and depression,” but later she revealed that pretty much every time she was on TV, she was high.

Eventually she went to prison, even opting to stay there after being given the chance to go to rehab.

She’s been out a few years now, and even though she’s definitely made some bad choices along the way — for example, Matt Baier — it really seems like she’s managed to stay clean.

 … Or has she?!

Over on Reddit, Teen Mom fans are speculating over Amber’s appearance in a recent episode. To be more specific, they’re speculating on the size of her pupils.

Amber Portwood's Pupils

One user shared this screenshot of Amber alongside a screenshot of her cousin, and honestly, her pupils are pretty huge here.

If you’re new to the world, pupil size can be an indicator that someone is partaking in a wide variety of drugs — enlarged pupils like hers here are common with some substances, tiny pupils are common with others.

Considering Amber’s history, it’s easy to see an image like this and jump to the worst conclusion.

But if you just consider everything else, you may be able to come to a different conclusion.

As many Reddit users pointed out, Amber was on a few medications at this point to treat her mental health issues. Those kinds of medications will often cause changes in pupil size.

On top of that, she’s got those beautiful pale blue eyes, so with the contrast in color between her iris and her pupil, any change in size is going to be extra noticeable.

And on top of that, the kinds of drugs she liked back in the day are the kinds that make your pupils smaller, not larger like this.

There are many things that could affect her pupils, and obviously her psych meds are the most likely culprit.

Look, Amber has made plenty of mistakes over the years, and she continues to mess up time and time again. But ever since getting out of prison, it really does seem like she’s been able to stay clean.

Can’t we just let her have that?


Jenelle Evans: More Evidence That She and David Eason Are DONE!

Jenelle Evans is known for a lot of things: getting arrested, doing drugs, having children that she doesn't take care of.

But one of the big ones, one of the most iconic Jenelle traits, is her complete inability to be single for one single second.

Because of this unfortunate trait, she's been in terrible relationship after terrible relationship for years now, and it doesn't look like she'll be breaking this cycle anytime soon.

Like, whenever she and David Eason get divorced, she'll be onto the next before we know it.

And looking at all the things that have happened in the past week or so, it looks like that divorce is coming sooner rather than later …

1. Not a Great Sign

Dave and jenelle eason
Last week, David hopped on Facebook and changed his relationship status to “It’s Complicated,” and shortly after that, he deleted his account altogether. This is not what you want to see with a happy marriage.

2. SMH

Jenelle evans david eason st thomas
Yeah, it’s just a dumb Facebook thing, but kids these days take that stuff seriously. For David to change his relationship status from “married” to “it’s complicated” means that something went down between them, something big enough for him to threaten a breakup.

3. Oh, Kieffer …

Jenelle evans kieffer delp pic
There’s a very good chance that that something that went down had to do with Kieffer Delp, Jenelle’s first true love. After all, last Monday was when The Ex Files aired, the Teen Mom special that featured all of her ex-boyfriends. David seems jealous enough as it is, so to watch a parade of guys from his wife’s past and to hear her speak kind of fondly about good ol’ Kieffer may not have gone over well.

4. Reasons for Rage

Jenelle and courtland rogers
David could have also gotten upset about Courtland Rogers’ remarks. Courtland was Jenelle’s first husband, and he’s been pretty open about how he still has some feelings for her, despite the whirlwind of heroin and abortions that ripped them apart all those years ago.

5. Interesting

Courtland and jenelle rogers
Remember the stories of David being in jail with Courtland, and how Courtland told him about Jenelle? Maybe seeing his old buddy talking about his new wife set something off in him.

6. More Signs

Jenelle evans baby bump revealed
Another interesting thing that happened was that Jenelle removed her relationship information on Facebook entirely. She also changed her profile picture from one that featured David to one of her by herself.

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