Sarah Palin: EVIL Sacha Baron Cohen Duped Me Into an Interview!

Sacha Baron Cohen is the man behind Borat and therefore the man responsible for the catchphrases of all of your most annoying friends over the past decade.

This time, he staged a satirical interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin, who’s been in enough disastrous interviews to recognize them, caught on, and unleashed a scathing attack on Cohen’s “evil” humor.

“Yup – we were duped,” Palin’s post begins. “Ya’ got me, Sacha. Feel better now?”

Sarah announces: “I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick ‘humor’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen, enabled and sponsored by CBS/Showtime.”

Wait, she’s really going with evil for this? This isn’t just a matter of people in glass houses — most people wouldn’t say that a fake interview deserves that label.

“This ‘legit opportunity’ to honor American Vets and contribute to a ‘legit Showtime historical documentary’ was requested of me via a speakers bureau,” Palin says.

Some would suggest that, had the offer been truly legitimate, no one would have asked Sarah Palin to make an appearance.

“For my interview,” Palin explains. “My daughter and I were asked to travel across the country where Cohen (I presume) had heavily disguised himself as a disabled US Veteran, fake wheelchair and all.”

Cohen’s taste has always been questionable, as we’ll explain.

“Out of respect for what I was led to believe would be a thoughtful discussion with someone who had served in uniform,” Palin continues.

“I sat through a long “interview” full of Hollywoodism’s disrespect and sarcasm,” Palin says.

We don’t know what a Hollywoodism is supposed to mean in this context, but we imagine that whatever fans she still has will love the term.

“But finally had enough and literally, physically removed my mic and walked out,” Palin describes. “Much to Cohen’s chagrin.”

Palin writes: “The disrespect of our US military and middle-class Americans via Cohen’s foreign commentaries under the guise of interview questions was perverse.”

“Here is my challenge, shallow Sacha boy,” Palin suggests. “Go ahead – air the footage. Experience tells us it will be heavily edited, not pretty, and intended to humiliate.”

His whole schtick is seeing what people will say and how they will react, so, yeah, of course it’s intended to humiliate.

“The challenge is to Cohen, CBS, and Showtime,” Palin says. “Donate all proceeds to a charitable group that actually respects and supports American Vets.”

We’re not sure how one gauges proceeds from a Showtime series.

“Mock politicians and innocent public personalities all you want, if that lets you sleep at night,” Palin allows.

Interesting that Sarah Palin considers either herself or her daughter to be innocent public personalities.

“But HOW DARE YOU mock those who have fought and served our country?!” Palin asks.

She then says that this was: “Truly sick.”

“And as an aside,” Palin notes. “For further insight into the wealthy corporate enablers of this kind of ‘joke.'”

“The Cohen/CBS/Showtime production team purposefully dropped my daughter and me off at the wrong Washington, DC airport after the fake interview,” Palin claims. “Knowing we’d miss all flights back home to Alaska.”

That’s quite the accusation — of downright maliciousness.

“After refusing to take our calls to help get us out of the bind they’d put us in for three days,” Palin describes. “I wrote this off as yet another example of the sick nature that is media-slash-entertainment today.”

Palin has been frustrated with media and entertainment ever since they asked her questions about government policies in interviews while she was McCain’s running mate.

“Feel good and manly about your M.O., Sacha?” Palin asks.

In Palin’s world, of course, demonstrating masculinity is prized, so she assumes that Sacha Baron Cohen is preoccupied with a desire to feel manly.

“By the way, my daughter thinks you’re a piece of ****, Sacha.” Palin says.

Her daughter, Bristol, thinks a lot of things about a lot of people. She also blogs about it.

“Every honorable American Vet should feel the same.”

Note that by saying every honorable American vet, she brings the No True Scottsman paradox into play.

So the inevitable I’m a vet and I’m thrilled that she got played responses can be countered with ah, then you’re not an honorable one.

Sarah Palin is no one’s favorite person, but Sacha Baron Cohen can be controversial himself.

The arguments to defend him are that he does what he does to elicit genuine responses from people, to see what they will say with the right prompting.

But his work often relies upon shock value, the perpetuation of horrific racist stereotypes, and crude jokes.

That said, whatever you think of either of them, there’s one thing about which we can all agree:

Sarah Palin just gave Cohen’s work, which includes a series of interviews with some very famous politicians on both sides of the aisle, better publicity than anyone could have imagined.

We don’t normally advocate doing nice things for Sarah Palin, but perhaps Showtime should send her a fruit basket.


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Farrah Abraham Shuts Down Mental Illness Claim: My Mom is Pure Evil!

In a recent interview, zero-time mom-of-the-year Debra Danielsen claimed that Farrah Abraham is suffering from multiple mental illnesses.

While mental illness doesn’t deserve its stigma, offering an armchair diagnosis of your famous daughter is … inexcusable.

Farrah is now responding by firing back at her mother.

As you may recall, Debra shared her “compassionate” words about Farrah in an interview.

“If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, if you have narcissism, any of these kinds of things, they’re all highly treatable.”

Whether or not you imagine that someone is having symptoms of something, it’s irresponsible to assign them a diagnosis. Um, especially in an interview.

“All is not lost, but I will say that deep down inside I know my daughter. She is kind, loving and she is sweet and very compassionate.”

Despite her upbringing, we guess.

“I think she works extremely hard, I think she just needs to step back a moment, and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal.”

Farrah tells People that it is “sad to hear my own mother would say these untrue things about her own child.”

We should keep in mind that Farrah has claimed that Debra has Asperger’s … which is also not an okay thing to guess in an interview, and seems better designed to malign the autistic community than anything else.

But Farrah goes in on her mother’s words.

“It’s evil and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart.”

Evil is a very strong word, but honestly … people don’t use it enough. Not for the right things, anyway.

Farrah is perhaps not the best judge of what is and is not reasonable, but she’s right about this being a crappy stunt to pull on her mother’s part.

Farrah goes on to reveal how she views her mental health.

“Clinically & honestly, none of my TV show therapists & personal therapist have all said I’m balanced.”

That’s … an interestingly worded statement, but we think that she means to say that her therapists all say that she’s fine.

We’re not saying that they really said that, we’re just saying that this is what Farrah meant to say. Obviously, we don’t know what her therapists have told her, only how she’s apparently interpreted it.

“I started therapy in my past at the age of 14 due to my mother and I not getting along as our family therapist sided with me about my safety and my life choices that my mother has never been supportive or caring to help guide her own children.”

In the past, Farrah has accused her mother of terrible abuse. Which might explain some of Farrah’s … quirks … but not excuse things like Farrah’s race-fueled rants.

Farrah then shares that her therapists “have come to the conclusion my mother is jealous” of Farrah.

“I always wish my mother the best as I attended her wedding supporting her.”

As Farrah continues to talk about her mother, her sentence structure takes on exciting new forms.

“Saying horrible things about your own child after I’m the only one who has ever strived to overlook her demons she fights daily against.”

You know, Farrah’s said that she’s going into scripted television now that she was fired from Teen Mom OG. “Farrah Abraham: Demon-Slayer” sounds like an amazing trainwreck that I would watch every week. Just saying.

Farrah continues.

“This brings sadness to our family and I wish her all the best for the sake of my health & safety I wish her all the best.”

So … she wishes her mother the best … for the sake of her own health. Not very selfless, but that probably is healthy if Farrah means it.

That said, Farrah says that she and her daughter are getting the hell out of Dodge.

“I hope she has enjoyed the Teen Mom MTV ride that Sophia brought to her life as I’m moving on from that toxic environment she dwells in.”

In other words, Farrah plans to cut off Debra from her granddaughter after this.

“I hope she ceases talking about me since she does not love me she does not need to speak about me to stay relevant in a disgustingly hateful way. God Bless.”

Don’t worry, Debra … at least you’ll always have your bond with Amber Portwood, right?


Blac Chyna: The Kardashians are Evil, Vindictive Liars!

Back in the day, Blac Chyna used her bush to lure in Rob Kardashian.

Now, in excerpts from a lawsuit, the former reality star is not beating around the bush when it comes to her feelings about her ex-lover’s family.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, the mother of two (including Rob’s first and only daughter, Dream) alleges that the Kardashians and Jenners flat out sabotaged the series Rob & Chyna because they didn’t want to see Blac succeed.

This is what Chyna claims in the lawsuit she has filed, regarding E! highest-paid stars:

“The unwritten rule no one told (her) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down.”

How so?

Chyna says the family made sure her television show got “cancelled (despite great ratings)” and that they “spread lies” about her, “even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house.”

Wait… what?

Come again, regarding that last part cited?

In September of last year, Rob went public with the allegation that Chyna once beat him up pretty badly.

This including choking Kardashian with an iPhone charging cable, striking him frequently in the head and, yes, smashing a gingerbread house.

Chyna is saying in these new documents that such an attack, at least against the gingerbread house, never took place.

Blac, who was very good friends with Kim Kardashian a long time ago, goes on to say the famous family was dead set on destroying her career because they feared she would not compete with them commercially and on social media.

She filed her lawsuit back in October, claiming at the time that Kris Jenner and her daughters used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season.”

How have the Kardashians responded?

By asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit for two reasons:

1. The show garnered terrible ratings. That’s just a fact.

2. Chyna has filed for a restraining order against Rob, making it legally impossible for him to film scenes with his baby mama.

The restraining order was asked for due to Rob sharing naked photos of his ex-girlfriend, prompting a discussion around the Internet about revenge porn and whether Rob would actually go to jail for his actions.

It’s been pretty darn ugly between these parents for a long time now.

But that’s the thing: they are parents. They will always be parents.

Little Dream was born in November of 2016 and the most important thing here is that she be raised in as healthy an environment as possible.

Many fear, however, that it’s too late.

Thankfully, to date, Chyna has not asked to restrict Rob’s access to his child. The stars are sharing custody and, at the very least, not slamming each other left and right online.

That is progress to some degree for the pair.

We don’t know what will happen with this lawsuit…

… but we do know Dream deserves to have both parents in her life. Let’s hope Chyna and Rob both keep this in mind going forward.