Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: Ties to Child Abuse Scandal Exposed?!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hold a number of controversial views.

In fact, the parents of 20 are almost as well-known for their eccentric worldview as for their love of procreation.

Many of the Duggars’ most hotly debated ideas have to do with their unusual take on child-rearing.

In addition to the famous Duggar courtship rules, Jim Bob and Michelle advocate a number of controversial corporal punishment techniques.

Back in 2015, Michelle was criticized for her espousal of “blanket training,” a practice in which children as young as six months old are instructed to remain seated on a blanket and struck if they refuse to comply.

Blanket training was originally devised by Michael and Debi Pearl, authors of the bestselling parenting book To Train Up a Child.

Critics of the Pearls accuse them of advocating some of the most brutal forms of child abuse and neglect.

The New York Times reports that in 2011, their book was found in the homes of three children who had died from child abuse.

The Duggars effectively distanced themselves from the Pearls following the blanket training scandal, but now it appears they’ve decided its safe to get back in their old friends’ corner.

Last week, their daughter Joy-Anna Duggar’s ties to the Pearls were revealed when she promoted a speaking engagement of theirs that’s scheduled to take place at a facility owned by her in-laws.

On Monday, Jim Bob and Michelle also promoted the appearance on their Facebook page.

“This makes me so sad,” one user wrote on the post. “The Pearls literally promote hitting babies, actual babies. They are child abusers. Why you would promote their evil and cruel practices is mind boggling

“Why are you promoting child abuse?” another remarked.

“I hope every single one of you participating in the Pearls’ abusive ways are arrested and spend significant time in prison. Those poor Duggar children.”

In an impassioned interview with Radar Online, Michael Pearl defended his views and teachings:

“The book has sold well over 1 million copies,” he told the outlet.

“A lot of families are being blessed by the content. They say it’s the best thing that ever happened to their family, including grown people who were raised with the principles in that book.

“Those adults are now training their children.”

Pearl added:

“I teach not to punish your children. It’s a whole comprehensive approach to child training. Physical discipline is a small part of it.”

It seems unlikely, of course, that anyone who believes the Pearls’ are responsible for the deaths of several small children will be persuaded by that argument.

At this time, the post promoting the Pearls’ appearance in Arkansas has not been removed from the Duggars’ Facebook page.

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Michelle Duggar: Her Life Before Jim Bob Exposed!

These days Michelle Duggar is the very picture of peity and domesticity.

But the mother of twenty's past isn't as squeaky clean as you might expect.

Sources say Michelle has cut ties with the family that raised her and is doing her best to distance herself form her upbringing.

But it's hard to keep anything a secret when your one of reality TV's mst famous moms…

1. Jim Bob’s Bride

Michelle and jim bob 1984
These days, Michelle lives a life of quiet domesticity. But her past wasn’t always quite so peaceful.

2. Michelle the Cheerleader

Michelle duggar in high school
Michelle was the one who decided her daughters should only wear below-the-knee skirts. Interestingly, she didn’t always follow such a strict dress code herself.

3. She Wore What?!

Jim bob duggar and michelle duggar on vacation
And it wasn’t just while she was cheerleading that Michelle refused to cover up. “The neighbors used to complain because she would mow the lawn in her bikini and wear short skirts,” a neighbor tells Star magazine.

4. The Rebel

Jim bob and michelle duggar kitchen hug
It seems Michelle’s parents were no fans of her fashion sense. “They were always trying to get her to cover up her legs,” says the source. So THAT’S where she gets it!

5. The Protesant Reformation

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar photo
Michelle has changed so much since marrying Jim Bob that those who knew her growing up say they can hardly believe it. “I’ve seen commercials for the show, but I never in a million years would’ve believed that’s Michelle,” says former classmate Joe Roblee.

6. A Modest Wedding

Jim bob and michelle duggar wedding pics
Of course, Michelle put all that behind her when she met Jim Bob. The two were married on July 21, 1984 after just a few months of dating. But as much as she’s tried to leave her past behind her, reminders of her former life still pop up from time to time.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Surrogacy Exposed

Sunday night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 17, Kim received some alarming news about her surrogate.

Meanwhile, the life and times of Lord Disick once again took center stage … and there is never a dull moment with him.

As you can see in the clip above, Scott opened up about how he’s dating Sofia Richie, and it was awkward. Very awkward.

Not just because he has three kids with Kourtney Kardashian and any new relationship would be somewhat awkward, but …

Sofia Richie is 19. Scott Disick is 34.

Nineteen. Naturally, eyebrows were raised – no small feat in a family where there are no taboos and Kylie had a baby at 20.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), there were other distractions going on … such as Kourtney’s house being infested with pests.

Just when she got rid of Scott too. Oh!

Most significantly, though, Kim Kardashian’s surrogate’s pregnancy leaked to the media, and this sent the star into a panic.

Incredibly, celebrity gossip site TMZ broke the news about her third child before Kimberly had even told people close to her.

“I honestly am absolutely fuming that there are all these articles coming out about our surrogate,” Kardashian said.

“People started to write me asking if it was true,” she added, “and I just said we don’t want to talk about it right now.”

Her surrogate’s information also leaked, which was a huge breach of privacy for anyone in that kind of situation.

Kim called it “so invasive and so frustrating,” and lamented that this was the reason she wanted to keep this on the DL.

Even Scott didn’t know (above) and he’s not that out of the loop. Then to make matters worse, it was Fashion Week.

That’s right, Kim found herself in front of swarms of media and paparazzi when she was there to support Kendall.

Unwilling to lie about it, but also unprepared to confirm or go public with the news, she was in a really tough position.

Fortunately, she saw Kendall in the Alexander Wang show and was able to dodge the issue … at least momentarily.

It’s not that Kim was trying to be shady or secretive, it was just a private matter – involving a third-party – within her family.

This should have been a happy time for everyone involved and instead it became a huge cause of stress and anxiety.

Sure, it’s par for the course in our celebrity culture, but people like Kim’s surrogate certainly aren’t used to being exposed.

All in all, she handled this about as well as anyone could have, and we know Chicago West is here and she’s beautiful.

Congrats Kim and family!


Josh Duggar: Secret Return to Rehab Exposed!

It’s been two and a half years since the dueling Josh Duggar sex scandals nearly brought down his family’s pristine reality TV empire.

Though the Duggars survived at TLC, their reputation was never the same after Josh’s child molestation and adultery were exposed.

Josh’s downfall and rehab stint came shortly after he lost his lobbying job with the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. 

After confessing to cheating on Anna Duggar and being addicted to online porn, the disgraced Duggar was sent off to Rockford, Illinois.

The faith-based rehab center Reformers Unanimous became his home for the better half of 2015 until his quiet return home in 2016.

Now, thanks to Radar Online, we’ve just learned that Josh made a secret return to the Christian-based labor camp (sorry, rehab center).

Has he fallen back into his old habits?

Not necessarily, according to reports.

The oldest Duggar child was joined by his wife, Anna, as well as his parents Michelle and Jim Bob, in returning to the facility last August.

Three of his younger siblings, John-David, Justin and Josiah Duggar, also made the trip to Illinois. But what was the occasion?

“He visited the men’s home and the church where God changed his life,” said the celebrity gossip site’s insider. “It was a great reunion.”

So it was just a trip there … for fun?

The Duggar source revealed that the family members enjoyed a show put on by a church member from the North Love Baptist Church.

“It was great,” the source added of the Duggars’ big reunion. “In fact, Josh ordered pizza for everybody and it was a good time.” 

So much to celebrate … or something.

This individual dressed up as the character “Patch the Pirate,” and everyone apparently had a terrific time. For whatever that’s worth. 

At the time, Anna was just weeks away from delivering her and Josh’s fifth child, a baby boy they named Mason in September.

Tellingly, the insider revealed that while time had passed since Josh last resided at the rehab facility, he’s still “the same guy.”

Not exactly a comforting thought, is it?

The source confirmed that Josh is still in Arkansas selling cars, and that “I don’t think his job of selling cars is going anywhere soon.”

His relationship with his family remains complicated, given that he either molested his siblings or let them down in other ways.

Josh has been recently seen on social media along with some of his family members. Gradually, he’s being brought back into the fold.

Not everyone is thrilled about it, though. In particular, we’ve heard talk that Jana Duggar cut Josh off from any contact with her.

As for his troubled marriage to Anna, the insider said that things between them are “beyond beautiful” despite their obvious hardships.

Now that’s just insane.

Anna herself remains a controversial figure of sorts. Some view her as a victim, suffering at the hands of Josh and trapped in a cult.

Others see her as complicit in the Duggars’ behavior by virtue of standing by them through the tumultuous last couple of years.

Pretty large gray area, to say the least, but it doesn’t appear that she’s going anywhere, despite the recurring divorce rumors.

Clues as to what we can expect from the couple going forward are few and far between as the family keeps him at arms length.

Will we see Josh on camera this spring? Or will TLC continue to use every trick in the book (above) to pretend he doesn’t exist?

Time will tell.


Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: Ties to Child Abuse Scandal Exposed

It looks like another scandal is rearing its ugly head for the Duggars, and this one could have lasting and far-reaching consequences for the entire family.

Newlyweds Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have been linked to a couple with some very extreme views on the use of physical discipline to raise children.

Austin works for his parents, who are proprietors of the Fort Rock Family Camp and Retreat Center.

And it seems that the facility will be hosting two highly controversial guests later this year.

According to its website, Fort Rock will feature appearances by Michael and Debi Pearl in June, and again in October.

The couple travels the country offering seminars on child-rearing, and their critics accuse them of encouraging abuse.

The Pearls advise their followers to strike children as young as 6 months old with switches in order to foster a disciplinary environment.

They go into great detail regarding the materials and dimensions of said switches, advising parents to hit their children with a quarter-inch flexible plumbing line.

In cases in which plumbing line is not available, the Pearls offer alternatives that are also less likely to cause visible bruising and scarring.

In 2011, the Pearls’ controversial book To Train Up A Child was found in the homes of three separate victims who died from child abuse.

For obvious reasons, Duggar fans are not thrilled that Joy-Anna, who’s currently pregnant with her first child, has been tied to the Pearls and their controversial teachings.

But it doesn’t look like her in-laws will be removing the Pearls from their appearance schedule anytime soon.

“Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries are nationally renowned ‘practical family-living’ teachers and authors of books such as To Train Up a Child, Created to Be His Help-Meet, and Jumping Ship,” reads a description on the Fort Rock website.

“This dynamic couple has dedicated their lives to educating families on basic principals of cultivating Godly relationships within the family so that their relationships with God and others can be infinitely more fruitful.”

When Joy-Anna and Austin got married back in May of 2017, little was known about his family, but insiders claimed the Forsyths were every bit as extreme in their views as the Duggars.

Now, it looks as though that may have been a massive understatement,

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Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Secret Breakup EXPOSED?!

For weeks now, Teen Mom 2 fans have been abuzz with rumors that Jenelle Evans and David Eason have broken up.

There's been no confirmation from either party, and Jenelle and David are doing their best to assure fans there's no cause for concern.

But as the days go by, the evidence continues to pile up, and these days, it's looking very much like the Easons have decided to call it quits.


1. Life on the Land

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
In the past year, Jenelle and David have bought a house, welcomed a child, and gotten married. But now, it looks as though they may regret having moved so quickly.

2. A Secret Split?

Jenelle evans and david eason pic
Rumors of Jenelle and David parting ways have been circulating pretty much from the moment they said “I do.” Last week, the reports seemed to be confirmed by some suspicious social media activity.

3. It’s Complicated

Jenelle eason david eason
Late at night, David changed his relationship status on Facebook from “Married” to “It’s complicated.” He later deleted his account entirely. Jenelle changed her profile pic so that it no longer featured David, and removed all relationship info from her page.

4. What Happened?

Jenelle evans david eason and ensley jolie
Even if the Easons aren’t officially over, it’s clear that they’ve gone through some tough times recently. So naturally, there’s been a good deal of curiosity surrounding the cause of Jenelle and David’s latest rough patch.

5. The Ex Files

David eason holds jenelle evans bump vmas 2016
The leading theory is that David became angry after seeing the recent Teen Mom 2 special that focused on Jenelle’s many exes. It seems he was less than thrilled by Evans’ kind words and fond memories toward some of her former flames.

6. Crazy … Even By Jenelle & David Standards

David eason picture
“Jenelle and David had a crazy jealous fight after the show aired,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online. And it seems that David’s anger had to do with two of Jenelle’s exes specifically…

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Duggar Family Church: Abuse, Mind Control Exposed By Ex-Member

A man has taken to Reddit to share some of the horrors of life in the Duggar family’s church, exposing what goes on behind the scenes.

The Institute in Basic Life Principles and their ATI teachings, both founded by the Rev. Bill Gothard, have always been extremely controversial.

This new account should increase that several-fold.

Celebrity news magazine In Touch Weekly, which many fans forget was the publication that outed Josh Duggar in 2015, has this exclusive.

“I was part of a fundamentalist Christian cult known as ATI/IBLP,” the former church member said on Reddit, as revealed by In Touch.

Despite the horrific accounts of Gothard abusing more than 50 women sexually, the source says this is barely “scratching the surface.”

The church member says he was abused sexually, and “since the cult taught a strict familial hierarchy,” he could do very little about it.

“My father,” he disturbingly writes, “would twist Bible verses to justify rape, death threats, and more,” and he was powerless to stop this.

“Because ATI is a homeschool cult, it was really handy to cover up the abuse from any prying eyes. My home was a prison for 11 years.”

When he was 11, his father died of a heart attack.

This, he said, gave way to a different horror: “Fast forward two years. I’m 13, with a mother [fixated] on me being a ‘troubled child.'”

This was “because 1. I dared resist my father’s advances and argue against the abuse I was suffering, gaining me the reputation of ‘rebellious.'”

“2. I’m severely depressed because I’m a freaking rape victim and depression is considered sin, and 3. I asked too many questions.”

He says he was later placed in a “secretive program called the ‘Log Cabin’ program” for treatment, the likes of which he doesn’t grasp.

“All I know is I’m about to move to Oklahoma for a while to be fixed by ‘nice counselors’ because I’m a dirty sinner,” he laments.

This “treatment” center served as a “residential childcare facility,” meaning that a parent signs over his or her rights to care for the child.

The result?

“For the next two years, I am tortured, brainwashed, starved, sleep-deprived, threatened with a shotgun, punished, humiliated,” he writes.

He was “interrogated, and terrorized. I lose 40 pounds in the first month or two. They take me off my medications (believing it is wrong to take them).”

“I exhibit severe symptoms of withdrawal and they go ignored. I am worked grueling hours, sent on aimless hikes and marches.”

“Scrubbing floors on my hands and knees until my knuckles are cracked and bleeding from the bleach, punished with hard labor.”

Just sick.

From the moment they became TLC stars, the massive size of Duggars’ brood and facets of their belief system were called into question.

For the record, no one is suggesting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were involved with or support the kinds of activities described above.

You would have to be deeply disturbed and cruel to treat anyone that way, and Jim Bob, Michelle and kids are kind, well-meaning people.

That said, the enormity of the family and the particulars of its church members’ worldview are not necessarily unrelated, either. 

The Duggars belong to a controversial, non-denominational organization that encourages its followers to do some questionable things.

As long as there are bizarre and often dangerous tales of the Quiverfull movement such as these, don’t expect the criticism to abate.


Steven Seagal: Sexist Rant About Female Journalists Exposed

Steven Seagal might seem like too much of a caricature to actually exist, but we regret to remind you that he is all too real.

The actor, who has openly pondered a political run and shared some of his truly frightening political views, is only the latest to be accused of sexual harassment.

But newly revealed audio of Steven Seagal has him ranting angrily about female journalists in what has been characterized as a misogynistic rant. You can listen below for yourself.

What's the most recent news that we've heard from this guy?

Probably when Steven Seagal slammed the NFL for "disrespecting the flag." There were a couple of problems with his complaints.

One, that's not what the NFL protests are about — they're not sticking up their middle finger at America, they're using the opportunity to protest the killing of unarmed black men by the very police who are supposed to protect them and enforce the law.

At this point, we feel like anyone who honestly wants to understand the situation already knows that.

Two, if Steven Seagal loves America so much, why does he live in Russia?

Russia isn't just another country — it's a hostile foreign power that has actively worked against the United States time after time.

And yet Steven Seagal seems to absolutely adore Russia's shameless despot, Vladimir Putin.

We don't really need to rehash the election interference that almost no one is denying, right? Or the habit of Vladimir Putin's political enemies have of being poisoned or otherwise dying?

(The same happens to journalists investigating Putin and his interests)

So Steven Seagal has some pretty controversial opinions, to say the least.

That is not, however, the most recent thing that we've heard about Steven Seagall.

In the aftermath of the Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, more and more actresses (and actors!) have been coming forward with their #MeToo stories.

In many cases, they've revealed instances of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Some women have come forward to add their names to the lists of Harvey Weinstein's accusers.

Others have, for a host of reasons, declined to name the men who harassed or assaulted them.

Actress Jenny McCarthy, perhaps best known for her ludicrous "medical" beliefs that have mad her name synonymous with the anti-vaxx movement, recently came forward in a podcast.

She alleges that Steven Seagal told her to take off her dress during a casting call for one of his films. Just so that you know, folks, that is not appropriate.

And Lisa Guerrero, who is now a journalist but was once an actress, told The Hollywood Reporter of her own Steven Seagal encounter.

She alleges that in the '90s, Steven Seagal summoned her to his Beverly Hills home for an audition.

That's a little weird, so she insisted upon the casting director also being present, so it should be fine, right?

Well … Steven Seagal not only seemed surprise to see that casting director with her, but he answered the door in a silk kimono.

Now, we're sure that kimonos are very comfy, but if you're not a college student, you should probably put on something other than a robe when people come over. Especially if it's a work thing.

Instead, she describes how Steven Seagal sat on a throne-like chair in his robe and watched her audition for 10 minutes.

It was fine — he didn't touch her or expose himself. But … what would have happened if she hadn't brought the casting director?

While the brief audio clip, which you can listen to below, doesn't provide a whole lot of context, it's pretty damning on its own.

You hear Steven Seagal's own voice as he speaks to a male interviewer.

"The few times that I had a hard time was usually with women."

That's not a great way to talk about … anything.

"When somebody is on tour, a promotional tour, he’s there to talk about his film, not about who he’s f—ing or who he would like to f— or who his wife was with ten years ago."

Those are the explicit versions of normal questions to ask celebrities.

"They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s–t. They're a bunch of a—-."

They should "go into pornography" … what?! Does he mean that they should be porn stars or interview porn stars? Both suggestions are absurd.

He has some lovely things to say about some unnamed woman.

"I won't even dare tell you what I think it is. It was just some dumb b–ch that is a liar and wanted to be sensational."

If someone is saying "some dumb b–ch" and not jokingly referring to themselves or making a totally okay inside joke with a friend … that tells you a lot about their opinions of women.

Steven Seagal's decision to style his home and much of his clothing in an Asian manner is fine. He's a little eccentric, sure. But it's fine.

As we all learned in 2016, an audio recording of a man with extensive Russian ties saying offensive things about women doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be negatively impacted.

Of course … what exactly is Steven Seagal's career these days? So whatever fallout this audio recording might have had during his heyday probably won't amount to anything in 2017.

Listen for yourself:

Steven seagal audio reveals sexist rant about female journalists